Adventure Games

Tom And Jerry: Jerry Run n' Eat Cheese

Run 2 Live: Great Escape

Max Savior

Dungeon Of Gain

Ancient Escape

Squareman 2

Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack


Koopa's Revenge

Charon Is Waiting

12 Rooms No Escape



Super Mario 3d World

Blind Finned

Ninja Warrior

Pokemon Adventure

Hot Ninja Moon Moon

Ninja Warrior 4: Physical Renewal

Spiderman Rescue Mary Jane

Under Soul

Mario Robot


Hyper Pixel Man

Power Ranger Fight

Stan In The Burger Rush

Brother Mario Rescue Princess

Color Theory

Mario Jungle Escape 3

Duke Washington

Adventure Time Righteous Quest

Thorenzitha Episode 2

Run Run Mario

My Pet Protector 3

Elevatorz 2

Super Soviet Flash

Ninjago: Rise Of The Nindroids

Icestar & Firestar: Go Home

Twin Cat Warrior 2

No clue

Billy Halloween

Cannon Runner

The Adventure of Super Mario Castle

Penguin Wars 2

From Nothing

Independent Miner Expanded Edition

Mario Lost Adventure

Thorenzitha Episode 1

Super Mario Star Scramble 3

Kawairun 2