Fighting Games

Bohun Revenge

Captain America Nightmare

Kfed: Dancing With Fire

Wolverine The Last Stand

Newgrounds Rumble

Nerd vs Zombies: Just Survive

Zuckerberg Fight

Showman Fight

Punch Tom Out

Stickman Steve

Ben 10 Brawl

A True Legend 2

Thug The Bunny


Heroes Defence: Captain America

King Of Assassin 6

Fighting Spirit

Mario Boxing

Through The Wars

Regular Show: Street Fighter

The Arena

Fight Man

Geek Adventure King

Nunchuck Charlie: A Love Story

Rise Of The Defenders

Naruto Adventure

Fear Less

3D Fighting

Street Hero Fighting

Cursed Dungeon

Backyard Brawl

Alien Discipline

Ronin Spirit Of The Sword

Super House Of The Dead Ninjas

Kung Fu Rumble

Street Law

Moral Combat

Ultraman Space Battle

Yan Loong Legend

Pencak Silat

Slime Slayer

Infected Blood

Samurai Asshole

Figher King 3

Mixed Heroes Great Escape Defence

Supah Ninjas: Hero Of The Shadows

Ultraman VS Alien

99 The All Blacks

Ringside Hero

Armor Hero Hard Battle