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2 November 2016


Amulet is an ornament or a small piece of jewelry believed to provide protection against evil, danger or disease. Some amulets have the power to bring luck, others to protect from danger or evil. Many tribes wore their own special amulets like the Pahoja tribe. But mysteriously, their Amulet of Ancients has been lost. So now, the tribe is hit by an incurable disease. The tribe's magician believes that the Amulet of Ancients must return back to the tribe or else the entire tribe will be extinct. Would you like to help the Pahoja tribe to look around the village to find the hidden objects they'll lean to the discovery of the powerful Amulet of Ancients before it's too late? Remember, that if you get stuck, you can press the Hint button for help. Have an incredible time playing this amazing hidden objects puzzle game.
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