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23 February 2017


In ancient times the kingdom of Egypt was ruled by a wise and mighty pharaoh. Facing death, the old king decided to split the empire between his sons, 'Tiny'Tus and Tiny'Tut'. But the greedy 'Tiny'Tus' refused to share the power and killed his younger brother. Angry and appalled by this betrayal, 'Tiny'Tut' rises from the death and walks restless as a mummy. Trapped between the worlds, 'Tiny'Tut' uses his undead forces to guard his tomb with furious beasts and mean pitfalls. Centuries have passed and although time and sand have almost covered this dishonor it has not been forgotten. Now, a fearless little adventurer called 'Bantam Bobby' enters the pyramid and couldn't suspect what he would have to face. The mummy challenges him to a dead serious game. Collect keys to unlock chamber's entrances and collect all gems. Avoid every dangers.
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