15 Best Anagram Solver Apps [2022]


Are you familiar with the term Anagram? An Anagram is a word or phrase formed by rearrangement of other words or phrases. Various words and phrases can be reordered to make a large number of anagram words. It looks like an impossible task, but many people related to philosophical fragments have to solve the Anagram. But there are also some people who solve them as a tricky thing for their amusement.

Do you want to become an Analog Generator or Solver? If Yes! Then you only need to this article. In this advanced era, there is nothing complicated. Everything has many alternative ways to perform. So, there is no need to think; Can you get better at Solving Anagrams? Because obviously the answer is yes.

List of Anagram Solver Apps

There are many applications and software to solve anagrams quickly, and you can become an expert jumble word solver as well. Anagram solver-free and paid versions are available in the market, so you can install them and use them offline as well. Here is a list of excellent Anagram Solvers which can be used on your Android device.


1. Anagram Solver

The Widespread Anagram Solver uses a massive database of everything to solve anagram puzzles regarding any credible topic. Insert all the jumbled word in the search bar and click the Search option. This simple, straightforward app will get the answers for you quickly.


  • Provides search for over 400,000 jumbled words.
  • Multi-word anagrams Blank letters for board games.
  • Powerful filters to upgrade your results.
  • Gaze at words definition also.

2. Word Breaker

Word Breaker picks out the jumbled words or phrases from the text and stores it via WordSink or PhraseSink objects. It provides you with the right direction when you are really stuck. It improves your score at Scrabble, Spell It, Wordfeud, Words By Post, Crossword Puzzles, and more.



  • Include a new dark and light theme.
  • Have fast Lightning.
  • Screenshot importing trumpets your game board directly into Board Solver.
  • Quickly check missing words.

3. Jumble Solver

A Jumble Solver is a tool that consents to jumbled language and swiftly clarifies the hidden meaning. The fundamental of the jumble solver is a firm anagram solving engine that rearranges letters into words. You also can construct a puzzle to solve it.


  • Jumble Solver has cool games as well as cheats for quick solutions.
  • You can enjoy it without the internet.
  • Solutions are found for words of any length.
  • Word lists are available in English and Spanish.

4. Anagram Generator

Anagram Generator helps you hunt for lexigrams and anagrams. With its fast search engine, you can get any search results in a quick form. The word search matches dictionary words based on wild card characters. It helps solve puzzles and play Scrabble. It is more beneficial for songwriters and poets.


  • Excellent for solving scrabbles and crosswords.
  • Shows rhyming find words that rhyme with another word.
  • It also shows you rhyming words of the selected word helpful for poets and songwriters.
  • Dictionary supported, available in English, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Polish, and Spanish.

5. Crosswords – Anagram Solver

This app helps you when you are trapped on a crossword. It provides the letters you already know by replacing them with any unknown or mysterious letters with a full stop (.). The app will search all results with its comprehensive database.


  • Its database contains over 236,000 words to find all possible words
  • The database is also available offline, so no internet connection is required.
  • You can search out the definition of the words via the magnifying glass icon.
  • You will find all possible words that match your search query easily.

6. 9 Letter Jumble

This word puzzle game is overflowing with many fun word intelligence levels. 9 Letter Jumble is the new word clamber game on the chunk and places a contemporary twist on the classic Word. A built-in dictionary and a detailed breakdown of the words at every level improve the experience of the word challenge. This target game is also found in newspapers and magazines.


  • All words are well-defined in the game dictionary.
  • You can use your clues to quickly see the definition of a word not shown in the bar.
  • It is easy to unlock a new level every time.
  • This is an offline word game and is considered a top free word game.

7. WordFinder

It is a well-known puzzle solver app for Android. This app is an accommodating tool for those who like playing scrabbles or other word puzzles and need prompt solutions. It is a free app, and an ad-free option is available to pay for a monthly or annual subscription.

You can use the app to find word synonyms, word meanings and even learn how to use a word in a sentence. You can also save words that seem exciting or have high scores.


  • It has an advanced search engine that will help you find words.
  • Provide results if you type starting or ending letters or even random letters of a jumbled word.
  • The app operates fast and has a wide range of options to give you the best solution.
  • The app sorts solutions for scrabbles, crosswords, and many more word games.

8. Alphagram-R

The paid version offers ad-free use with innovative searches on anagrams and crosswords. It emphasized spelling in French and checked the definition of each word proposed in the list of your search results on the Wiktionary site. You can now snoop to the pronunciation of the words also.


  • The app can be used in portrait or landscape mode for more comfort.
  • Download this free application to find the words corresponding to your prints on most letter games.
  • A crossword search module and a learning module incorporating a slight sense of humor.
  • The advertising in this application allows me to finance its development and the different tools that enable me to create it.

9. Word & Anagram Finder

It helps you find many different words from a single word you have typed. If you want to use an app with a simple user interface and simple features, then check out this app. It is a good jumble words solver app to make you better in the English language. This application is not very hard to use with straightforward instructions and answers.


  • Anagram Finder is a free app with no ads.
  • It helps you find all the words from a scrambled or unscrambled word that you have typed.
  • The app’s interface is very colorful and lifts your mood when using it.
  • It will save a lot of your time with its fast search engine to find problem solutions.

10. Crossword Solver King

Crossword Solver King can solve all kinds of crosswords, scrabbles, and jumbled words, whatever you need. With its fast search engine and quick results, the app is one of the favorites amongst many people. You can download the application for free and access its comprehensive vocabulary database.


  • Crossword Solver King can search more than 500,000 words, synonyms, and phrases.
  • If you enter crossword clues, you get to search the built-in thesaurus.
  • An online user guide is available to you for properly using the app.
  • The app finds words for missing letters, crosswords, codewords, etc.

11. Word Solver

Word Solver is a rich word database search engine that assists you with Crosswords, Scrabble, and Words with Friends, Jumble, Anagram puzzles, etc. It is a word search anagram solver app that offers solutions to all your word puzzles. It is fast and easy to use. It will give you quick answers to your word problems and has an advanced search engine to provide instant answers to your crosswords, scrabbles, and puzzles.


  • Word Solver does not require you to create any user account.
  • It can solve scrabbles with a maximum of 16 letters.
  • You can also solve crosswords with unlimited wildcards.
  • It searches words according to length.

12. Unscramble Anagram

Unscramble Anagram is an amusing new anagram game that Twist, whirl, mix, and de-crypt your way through text to find as many words as you can. You can exercise your brain and stab to beat your own or your friends’ top scores on the leader-boards. It can be said that Anagrams are more amusing than ever.


  • Compete on the google play social and global leader-boards.
  • Two great game modes, i.e., Classic and Puzzle.
  • Earn google play achievements
  • Increase your vocabulary and knowledge by analyzing definitions of words you don’t know right inside the game.

13. Wordplay Software

It is a software development company specializing in iPhone applications which organized different products and currently working on many others. They have several apps published and available in the iTunes store, both for the iPhone and the iPad.

The unique addition to their products is Anagrams solving games. It creates unique anagram logs and provides a proper direction to solve them. So, just try it and have fun with words.


  • It exerts Play Boggle, Text-Twist, Word Sudoku, and Solve Word Jumbles.
  • Wordplay app also translates Pig Latin to make creative Anagrams.
  • It provides clues to find all the answers to crossword puzzles in the allotted time.

14. Word Generator App

It is the perfect tool to create words that help you search for a Scrabble word generator or just in need of some random words. The device creates all conceivable words from the given letters. It also transforms random letters into winning words.


  • A helpful tool to quickly solve word puzzles in competitions, newspapers, or homework.
  • It is a high-speed generator of words.
  • This app arranges beneficial cheat sheets that you can use to get onward in enigmas.
  • The tool comprises word lists in English, French, Bulgarian, Swedish, Italian, and German.

15. Word Expert

Word Expert (for SCRABBLE) is a free app for Android available in the Puzzle & Word Games list of apps that is a part of Games & Entertainment. It enhances your word skill by building your own word lists and winning your games. It can search up to 15 letters of a word, and you can also use wildcards for faster solutions.

The app supports different versions of dictionaries like NASPA Word List (the USA, Canada), SOWPODS/CSW (the UK and other countries), YAWL (Wordsmiths), NASPA School Word List (the USA, Canada), and ENABLE.


  • Word Expert performs fast searches for your queries.
  • It can find solutions for starting letters, ending letters, 2 or 3 letter words, words with vowels, and no vowels.
  • You can install the application on an SD card.
  • The app displays hundreds of words on a single page, so you do not have to scroll much.

Final Words

All Anagram Solver apps are available on our list. It becomes beneficial for you to saturate your searches for the best solver apps to solve anagram puzzles and jumble words. You can simply enjoy these apps by installing them on your device without following any lengthy procedure.