12 Best Apps Like Brainbuddy in 2022


Many people in the world are watching adult content every day. Many websites and Apps Like Brainbuddy are free to use for the people who tend to use them. But some people are addicted to that content and want to get rid of it as soon as possible. Then here is the solution to your problem.

You can shake hands with Apps Like Brainbuddy and leave your habits of watching the adult content forever. These amazing apps can rewire the brain and help people reboot their lives. You can be positive and productive by using these apps. If adult content negatively impacts you, these apps are unique and elegant in self-test identification.

The ultra-smooth and elegant rewiring program let you know how to control your brain in a good way. These apps development is based on years of addiction research. Porn addiction can affect your motivation to develop yourself, relationships, health, and happiness. These apps can get you out of this addiction.


These apps help you keep track of your progress, talk to the people of the best nature, grow your family tree, and have a good day every day. Apps like Brainbuddy contain many tools to level up your life and motivate you to perform many productive tasks rather than watching bad content.

List of Apps like Brainbuddy

There are many applications available on the Internet that you can clean up your mind from dirty thoughts. You can prohibit yourself from watching porn. This application offers you the best ways and methods to engage in other activities. The application includes many amazing features. Let us discuss them one by one in detail.



Here we are starting the list from the high-rated application BLOXX. This app has blocks billions of sites and adult content in apps, images, videos, etc. This adult content blocker is specially designed for Android. This app provides you with an elegant way to avoid watching adult content.

You can stay motivated to keep on the right track. You have to download the application while allowing the third-party app on your phone and get a healthy life. This app makes you able to avoid all the sexually explicit pop-ups.

The intelligent algorithm of this application can detect the harm and adult content and secure your screen to show you that content. So now, with the help of this application, you can stop paying money to the doctors. Give this app a chance to change you.


  • Easy Setup.
  • Keep your eyes safe while online searching.
  • Real passcode protection.
  • Swarm intelligence.
  • No sign-up or data tracking.

2. Reboot

Reboot is another pornography blocker application. This app can overcome your sexual addiction through adult content. It makes your porn-addicted brain unplug from that specific content and brings you back to a normal and happy life. You can get your motivation back.

This app almost restores your brain to “Factory Settings.” This app is specially designed for those people who want to conquer internet porn addiction. Your brain admits that porn is good, but this app has a mission to gradually change your concept of porn. So, the end-user considers porn an ugly thing. This application will start by measuring your level of pornography addiction.

There is a new set of challenges for you every day. The app recovers your thoughts by sending messages every day. Your progress can be measured through a set of counter challenges. These challenges can break down your journey into simple and small tasks. So you don’t need any doctor from now onwards. Try this app and protect your health.


  • Measuring your level of pornography addiction.
  • Measure your progress through a set of counters.
  • Break down the journey into smaller tasks.
  • You’ll go through some tough days, “HELP” button is here for you.
  • Dynamic set of tools like exercise, quote, choose your life.

3. Impulse – Brain Training

Impulse – Brain Training allows you to grow your brain, learn positive things and form new neural connections. This method can be said to be brain plasticity, and you need regular training for this purpose. This amazing application offers you one of the best ways to perform the mental activity.

The app trains you by entertaining and challenging mind games. This app contains many quick brain workouts that help keep your mind clear from sexual thoughts. You can be sharp and ready for the day’s challenges.

The app provides a vast range of personalized workout plans for every brain area, such as memory, attention, concentration, mental maths, problem-solving, creativity, and puzzles. These provided games are very challenging to improve your progress. These games are according to your age and expertise. To install the app and secure your mental health.


  • Diversified range of personalized workout plans.
  • Memory, attention, concentration, mental math, problem-solving, creativity.
  • Science-inspired brain games & puzzles.
  • Games are challenging enough to ensure you progress over time.

4. Planet Fitness Workouts

Planet Fitness Workouts comes with many amazing features and functions. It provides you with a judgment-free zone, and you can use this free-to-use app anytime, anywhere you want. The app contains the latest premium workout content with Planet Fitness trainers to help and coach you and Fit trainers.

You can watch live streaming of hundreds of exercises that you can easily do at your place. The app contains equipment tutorials and progress tracking, especially in and out of the gymnasium, crowd meter, etc.

This application turns your attention towards exercise and brings you to a healthy life. Your mind can be free from pornography and bad content. You can enjoy the latest workouts every day. All you get is you will be motivated and moving. Many trainer videos are here to watch and learn many exercises to relax your body and mind.


  • Crowd Meter.
  • Workout Videos & Filtering.
  • Daily LIVE stream and premium workouts.
  • Exercise & Equipment Tutorials.

5. LIVESTRONG MyQuit Coach

LIVESTRONG MyQuit Coach helps you to quit smoking. That is why many physicians approved this coaching app. The app provides you with your personalized plan to aid you in finally stopping smoking and doing some other activity.

You can choose cold-turkey to skip smoking. Or the app provides you with a method to decrease your daily intake of nicotine that will work for you. The app keeps a record of your carvings that give you a proof to be easy for you to reduce smoking.

Do you need some additional motivation? Then the app allows you to get goal-based achievements to recall your progress. A big community is an expert in telling you how difficult it is to get rid of pornography, but it is not impossible. Many success stories are here that you can read to make your mind clean.


  • Completely New Design.
  • Improved Community Experience.
  • New Progress Rings With Longest Streaks.
  • Progress Section.
  • Personalized Motivation.

6. BlockerX

BlockerX App blocks all kinds of sexual content with a single click. The app also restricts or streams certain websites or applications. Other applications can be turned off very easily, but this application is long-lasting when you log in once. This makes the application more actual and eliminates dependency on willpower.

The app contains a vast community of more than 100k people. They are also facing the same issue as you are. You can post your problems and concerns to the community to get the best-experienced answers. All the community helps you fight the bad habit that will improve your productivity.

Leaving bad habits is a really difficult task, so you can make virtual friends that will help you quit your smoking and pornography habits. The app aids you in staying confident with your goals. The app ensures that adult content will be filtered from search engines. The app also turns on a restricted mod on YouTube.


  • Let’s you browse the web safely on Safari.
  • Chrome by blocking millions of porn sites.
  • Blocks the explicit content present over the Internet.
  • BlockerX helps you to stay focused on your work.
  • It does not let you distract yourself from looking for porn.

7. Truple

A list of Apps Like Brainbuddy comes with Truple that can easily block phishing sites, adult content sites, and mixed content sites. The app also filters incognito mode or the private browsing mode. On startup, the app runs, and safe search runs on most search engines.

You can customize the filters and block the sites you don’t want to watch. The app can send an email or a text to a friend when the filter is locked or when your VPN is forcibly shut down. You can also use a pin to lock the filter. It is very difficult for the app to be shut down during filter.

You can also set a delay before unlocking the filter. This filter locking is specially designed for the Android OS. Hence this site helps you maintain your daily routine and brings you back to your happy life. You can also join the vast community of this app that can also tell you about the app and share their success stories with you.


  • End-to-End Encrypted.
  • Sensitive information redacted.
  • Web History Tracking.
  • Screen & App Time.
  • Randomly captured screenshots

8. BlockSite

BlockSite makes you very focused and improves your productivity. It blocks the websites and apps that provide adult content and waste your time. You can also create a custom block list. You can also schedule your tasks, and you can also start a session to make sure that you are focused, productive, and in control of your time.

It is an amazing self-control application to recoup time. Through this app, you will be able to block the browsing content and block many apps and websites when you want to focus on your tasks. For this, you need to make some clicks, and once you download the app, you will avoid procrastination. You will feel an increase in your concentration and stop wasting your time.

The app makes you more engaged with your surroundings. Through this app, you can evaluate what matters most. So if you are a student or a professional and want to gain some time management and productivity and improve your habits, then this app is a perfect suit for you. If you’re going to block a website, try to remove them from your life by blocking it if you want to stay productive and focused. You can be focused on your school and work.


  • Stay Focused App.
  • Block Adult Content.
  • daily schedules and daily routines.
  • Time Management.

9. Freedom

The list of Apps Like Brainbuddy comes with another amazing application Freedom. You can find Freedom from porn from its name by using this app. Doesn’t matter how old your habit is and how you have tried to get free from this. This app is specially designed for YOU. Of course, the journey is so difficult, but nothing is impossible.

The app guides every step you have to take to stop watching adult content. This app is a free porn recovery program that combines brain science, biblical wisdom, and clinical practices to help women and men find self-determination.

The app completely understands the spectrum of many factors that run your compulsive porn use emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual. If you want to get rid of this evil habit, Freedom Fight delivers many advanced visions. Anyone of you can be free of the critical power of this bad habit. This app provides you with many tools and step-by-step training to clean your brain.


  • Block Websites and apps.
  • Block the internet.
  • Sync Across Devices.
  • Advance Scheduling.
  • Locked Mode.

10. Blocker

Are you worried about your child that if accidentally something wrong would expose to him like adult content? Then here is a solution to your problem. Blocker applications can block many websites and applications that send notifications about porn content. This app lets you and your child browse safely.

You can easily get rid of inappropriate content. This app is a very simple extension of your expedition. This application automatically blocks harmful content and pornography. So you can use the Internet without any embarrassment. This app makes your internet surfing safe from ill-suited pages, images, and videos, especially for your kids.

This app doesn’t require any third-party software or browser. You need to install the application simply. It makes you block any website or web pages related to pornography when you open your iOS device. This app stops the site and prevents your device from vulgar images and links. If you have other applications that enable porn content, you should delete them to improve their performance.


  • Increase your productivity and self-control.
  • Control your phone addiction.
  • Focus on your goals and time management.
  • Reduce screen time..
  • Digital well-being and phone detox.

11. Rewire Companion

Stop your addiction to porn and quit watching adult content regularly so that it could not harm your health and lifestyle. These activities can be huge damage to your life, so prevent yourself from these activities. It can also harm your testosterone levels. If you want to ask how to stop your special addiction, you will answer here.

Rewire Companion is created to break the new age of fapping for the available video on the Internet. Just do one thing that tries to search out the porn addiction that is harmful to your personal life.

This amazing application can be your great partner in the fapping journey. The app has many powerful tracking features and functionality that allow you to control your habits of masturbation. The app provides you with many progress graphs that can count your progress weekly and monthly. Many motivation tips are also here to help you out in this sense.


  • Blocks distracting apps and games.
  • Helps children to overcome their gaming addiction.
  • Empowers parents to block inappropriate sites.
  • reduce social media obsession.
  • Provides a healthy outdoor activity.

12. QuitNow!

Are you a smoker? Or do you want to stop watching the adult content that continuously harms your health and family life? Then you are in the right place to read about a Brainbuddy Alternatives. This app will help you to change yourself. The app has many features about health and fitness.

Here is a feature in this app that can also quit your smoking habit. The application is completely free to use and can run easily on Android. The app can be easily found in the google play store. If you find it hard to stop smoking, then this app is perfect for you.

The first thing is that you have to know that smoking is harmful to your body and health. Why should you quit smoking? This app is the best way to live a smoke-free life. Once you quit smoking, you can have a healthy and long life ahead.

If you want Freedom, try to power up your phone with the quit now app. This app has proven that it enables you to quit smoking. The app aims to stop your tobacco inhalation and give you a picture of yourself. Quitting your smoking can be easier if you focus on your daily routine and nicotine intake.


  • Online community.
  • Social networking.
  • Achievement system for quitting smoking.

Final Words

Many applications are similar to Brain Buddy Free apps. You can download these apps and protect your kids from harmful adult content. If you want to get rid of watching porn, these apps are a perfect suit. If you’re going to save your health and mental level, these applications must be in your mobile phone and regular use. Try out these apps and change your daily routine.