18 Best Apps To Hide Apps for Android and iPhone in 2022

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Sometimes there are many icons of Android apps that you are not using, but they appears on your mobile phone. Do you think that there is an application that can assist you in hiding these kinds of applications? Then you are right. It is very easy to hide your applications that you don’t want to share with your friends and family, and other people.

These apps can do this by covering the specific App with a mask. So the App requires a password when someone wants to access it. You might possess some private documents on your mobile phone. This mobile phone consists of your documents or your company’s memos. This application can use to cover your documents with a mask as well.

These amazing applications can also hide your photos and videos. These apps not only can hide those apps that are not in use but also the apps that you want to keep private from people. These apps provide security so people can no longer see or snoop on your phone.

Because of the application, you don’t need to root the device to vanish your data. It is the intention of app developers to safeguard their reputation or deter others from completely knowing them. If someone asks for your mobile phone and you have some private stuff, you can immediately hide it by masking them with these kinds of applications.

There are many applications available that you can use to hide your private App. You have to install these apps on your mobile phone. This place will give you the best App that you can easily find on the Play Store. Many apps are specially designed for Android devices. These apps can easily hide the apps you want to disappear from your mobile’s screen.

Do you want to hide your stuff as well? If yes, then continue reading this article. This place provides you best Apps to Hide Apps. These apps can completely mask your files and much more data that you want to hide.

List of Apps To Hide Apps

You can use many applications to hide the apps that you don’t want to share with other people. This list contains the 18 best Apps to hide apps that you can download freely and without hesitation. This place will provide you with some preferable apps that are quick and simple in their features. These apps are feature-filled. Let us discuss them one by one.

1. Vault-Hide

Vault-Hide is a confidential app that allows you to easily hide your photos, videos, SMS, and many more things. This tool is perfect for those people who want to keep their phone stuff private. Moreover, this App has many other amazing features like data transfer and cloud backup. You can freely leave your phone in front of other people because your data is secured by using Vault-Hide.


  • Hide and Protect Photos & videos
  • Provides Call Reminder
  • App Lock (Privacy Protection)
  • Allows Password recovery
  • Cloud Backup and Data Transfer

2. Hide Photos, Video-Hide it Pro

Hide Photos, Video-Hide it Pro is another amazing application that can easily hide your calls and messages on your mobile phone. This App helps you to skin your photos and videos as well. The App is completely free to use. The App allows you to hide your gallery items completely.

By using a pin code, you can access your phone Gallery again. So now onward, you don’t need to be hesitating to share your phone with your friends and family or other people. This amazing App is cleverly skinned as “Audio Manager” in the App drawer. So download the App and keep your privacy.


  • Categorize media into hidden folders of your choice
  • Free Cloud backup of your files
  • App Disappears from the recent apps list, can’t be tracked
  • Integrated Video player with support for VLC player, MXPlayer, etc.

3. App Hider

App Hider is one of the best apps for hiding other apps on Google Play. The App is especially used for WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram. This App is an amazing app cloner through which you can access multiple accounts from your device. You can easily hide your photos and videos and hide the App Hider.

You only have to import another App to App Hider that you want to hide, then uninstall that specific application. This App is highly optimized for social apps especially. You can access multiple accounts through this App within a hidden situation. The App allows you to play and view your videos and photos from your gallery.

If you are not using any App to Hide Apps, than you should have a strong password protection or Fingerprint Lock Apps to protect your Mobile phones from intruders and hackers as well.


  • Hide Apps on Android with built-in settings (some models)
  • Use a third-party app hider
  • Use Samsung’s Secure Folder to hide apps
  • Disable apps to hide them
  • Protect your privacy online too!

4. Clock: The Vault

Clock: The Vault is a secret photo and video locker. It is a great privacy protection app to keep your mobile safe. The App can easily hide your photos and videos within a private gallery. This perfect App can lock all your documents and files that you don’t want others to see on your mobile phone.

This App takes a pass-code to enter your data is entirely secure. Your phone gallery and your albums can be easily managed through this Clock the Vault. This App contains a photo crop and rotates feature as well. Videos can be hidden in many formats.

Videos can also be played by using another Video Player App on your smartphone. The App allows you to set your hidden album cover by the image view screen option. Hence App is amazing and efficient in its working, so go and download the App and secure your data.


  • Lock gallery within a private gallery
  • App has a secret time password
  • The App allows you to export and import pictures
  • Videos can be played and hidden in different formats

5. Secret Photo Vault

A Secret Photo Vault is a photo safe that can hide all the private data like pictures and videos with a passcode. This App is the number 1 iOS hide photo app available on Android. Do you have any documents, files, or pictures that you don’t want to share with anyone? The Secret Photo Vault app is the perfect suit for you.

This App keeps your data in a password so that only you can view them. It creates your photo locker as well. So that all of your secret videos and images can be secured in that secure folder. So no intruder can reach your data in this sense. You can easily set up your account and create a new pin. You have to use plus button to hide your pictures and apps as well.


  • Create Secret Photo Albums right in the App
  • Import/Export from normal gallery
  • Email Photos
  • Text Message Photos
  • Hide App No Root Required

6. Pic Safe

Pic Safe is one of the best, safest, and most private photo and video apps. It is specially designed for iPad and iPhone. You can freely hide your data through this App. This App is known as one of the top 100 photography apps Worldwide. This App is perfect for hiding the photos of your galley by making a personal gallery.

This App is the best way to hide your data, and this is an ideal solution. The App allows you to create a passcode for your hidden data. So only you can access your files, images, and videos. You can easily export pictures and videos to this App to make them hidden from other people. Hence you should download the App and keep your smartphone privacy.


  • Save your secret photos and videos
  • Import/Export from Photo App
  • Image Gallery, view photos and videos easily
  • Support fingerprint unlock and password unlock

7. Privacy Master

Privacy Master is a professional app, but it is very lightweight. It only consumes 1.7MB. No one can enter your private photos and videos by using this App. The App can entirely encrypt and secure your smartphone’s pictures, notes, and videos. The Privacy Master can lock other apps you want to hide from others.

You can use any app, including WhatsApp, Facebook, and many other apps. The App doesn’t allow any notification about these hidden Apps on the notification bar, so your messages can be entirely secure on your mobile phone. If you need to go to sensitive websites, you don’t need to worry. Just try to use this App and freely use your mobile phone.


  • Lock Apps
  • Protect Notifications of social media apps
  • Cleans your phone History
  • Allows you to Browse Privately

8. Secret Calculator

Secret Calculator is the best calculator photo app used to hide photos and videos. This App can hide all your private files on your mobile phone. This App allows you to hide your gallery by the lock it. After installing this App, your phone looks like a beautiful calculator. This App works very well.

All of your files and photos will be stored secretly in the vault. This App and the other hide apps can be accessed with a pin code. You have to add a pin code on the calculator panel of this application. The App is very easy to use and completely secure. You can install it and be safe in your mobile surfing.


  • Shake the phone to close your phone immediately
  • Encrypt the content that you want to hide
  • Contains an in-built private browser for safe browsing
  • The App can take a picture of the intruder
  • The App contains the fingerprint lock in it

9. Hide Apps

This is another app that has many themes in it. You can make your mobile screen very beautiful. This amazing App can hide other apps you want to hide from others. This App helps you hide your photos and videos and all the files and documents you want to keep in privacy.

If you have some official documents and want to hide them from everybody, use this App. When you hide this App, the app icon can also be disappeared from the front screen. The App is very easy to navigate and very simple. So download the App and make your mobile phone secure.


  • Hide apps (Hide Icon)
  • Support PIN lock
  • Support auto backups and restore the previous hided apps

10. iHider Pro

iHider Pro is an outstanding application that can easily hide your audio, pictures, and documents. This App can hide complete folders as well. This App uses your external SD card to import files. So if your face some problem, move all your files to the external SD card of your smartphone, then import them to this App.

This App is masked as a completely practical Tip Calculator. You have to tap on this Tip calculator to open the iHider Pro. The App provides you with password protection as well. So only you can access your photos, videos, and other important files like your official documents. So download the App and secure your mobile data.


  • App disguised as a fully functional Tip Calculator
  • Hide any file(Pictures, Audios, Videos, etc.) or folder
  • Hidden Pictures and Videos will disappear from your gallery and video player
  • Fast and reliable. Hide folders in seconds

11. Locker: Hide Photos, Hide Apps

The list comes with another amazing app, Locker. This application is very efficient in its work. It is a fantastic privacy and security protection app for your mobile phone. This App can hide all of your photos, videos, and other important files that you don’t want to share with your friends and family, and other people.

The App hides your private data and can also encrypt it very easily. This App can keep your sensitive data from your Android photo gallery safely. The App locks all your data, and it is only accessible through a passcode. The App also allows you to change the icon of App as well. So download the App and save your mobile data.


  • Hide photos, videos, passwords, files & contacts
  • Change app icon
  • Lightweight mobile UC browser with no tracking features
  • Custom album covers & themes
  • Fake password protection

12. Vault – private photos & videos with a PIN passcode

Vault – private hide your photos and videos with a PIN passcode. The App allows you to hide your contacts and many other files and personal documents as well. The App has a private gallery that can hide all of your data. You can use your face id and touch id to access your photos and videos through this App.

This App can hide other apps from your Home Screen. You can easily put your photos inside this App rather than in your mobile gallery. The App also allows you to keep your messages as private as your photos.

This App facilitates you and maintains your privacy so your data can be protected and secured within your mobile phone. Only you can access your data with the help of a pin code. So go and download the App and secure your mobile data.


  • Password Protected App Entry
  • Pin Lock
  • Password Protected Photo Albums
  • Break-in Report: Photo + GPS

13. Photo and Video Privacy – Gallery app

Photo and Video Privacy app is another excellent application that lets you save your albums and everything you want to hide and protect from other people. This amazing App allows you to guard your personas like photos, videos, and other official files and documents that you want to keep secure from your friends and kids as well.

This App is regarded as one of the most secure applications that support all of your files. All of the media files you want to keep safe you can easily import into privacy can be easily encrypted. The App allows you to set a pin code to secure your data. So that only you can access your files and photos.


  • Create Albums right in the App
  • Import/Export from Photo App
  • iTunes Syncing
  • Wireless Photo Transfer
  • Hide Text Message Photos

14. Clock Secret Vault

The list comes with another amazing app, Clock Secret Vault. The App provides great privacy and protection to your mobile. The App allows you to easily secure your photos, videos, and other files in a secure folder.

The App can lock your folders and files. This App can also lock the other application you want to hide from other people and maybe from kids. The App also provides a feature of setting a password to secure all of your information related to your official documentation or your personal pictures and videos.

You can secure the entire gallery or your Android phone. So don’t hesitate and download the App to make your mobile phone secure.


  • Hide Pictures, videos, and other apps
  • Strong Applock Protector
  • Launcher Icon Change
  • Private Browser
  • Themes for Applock

15. Private Photo Vault – Pic Safe

Private Photo Vault is another special app that can make you secure your mobile data. This App can completely protect all your files, documents, photos, and videos. The App provides you a facility to protect your data with a passcode so that no one can see your content if you give your mobile phone to anyone.

Suppose someone tries to access your mobile and enters the wrong password. The App captures a selfie of that person so that you will recognize it. The App also features a decoy password that is not real. So the App is entirely secure. Try to download the App if you want to secure your mobile data.


  • Create Albums right in the App
  • Import/Export from Photo App
  • iTunes Syncing
  • Wireless Photo Transfer

16. Apex launcher

Apex launcher can lock all your social media accounts like WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Snapchat, SMS, Instagram, and all the other apps you want to close and secure. The App can hide the data in your mobile gallery like your photos, videos, other files, and official documents.

The App prevents your mobile from unauthorized access and keeps your privacy. Apex launcher provides complete security to your mobile phone. This amazing application can help you to protect your privacy whenever and wherever. So try to download the App and secure your mobile data with the passcode and fingerprints features.


  • Personalized Customization
  • App Lock–Secure and Protect
  • Hide & lock apps to protect your privacy
  • Lock social media accounts

17. Nova Launcher

The list comes with another wonderfully versatile, powerful, and customizable application in its working. The App has very efficient and amazing features to easily hide your mobile gallery and many other applications as well. The App can replace your home screen with many themes.

This App is a very user-friendly choice for everyone. This App can entirely overhaul your mobile screen. Nova Launcher brings some of the latest features and functions to all other mobile phones. You can customize icons and themes through this App.

This pap supports many icons themes that are available on the Play Store. The App allows you to launch a night mode on your mobile screen. Download the App and make your content private.


  • Customizable App Drawer
  • Provide Backup and Restore data
  • Custom Icon Swipe Gestures
  • Night Mode and Dark Theme

18. Safe lock

The safe look is a must-have app to protect your privacy by hiding your media files. The App allows you to set passcodes. You can download photos and videos and hide them with the Safe Lock App. Your mobile gallery can be managed easily by hiding all your secret images and videos.

On installing this App, you will see what exactly safe lock means. This App has a private place for your photos and other files. You can completely secure your official documents through this App. Even the app itself doesn’t have any access to your private data. So download Safe lock and make your mobile safe.


  • Shake or flip to lock your photos & hide files
  • Secretly store your content inside the App
  • Secret photo camera with zoom option
  • Variety of protection for a single photo album

Final Words

If you always share your mobile phone with your friends and family members and you have a lot of stuff that you don’t want to share with them. Then many applications can make it possible for you to hide your data.

You only have to download one of the apps and import the files in this App that you want to hide, and here you go. These apps can hide other apps as well. You can also hide your WhatsApp, Instagram, and other social media accounts. So download these apps and make your mobile data secure.

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