13 Best Auto-Tune Apps in 2022

Reviewed by Sanam Nayab • By Fazeela Faiz • Updated on November 24, 2022

We live in a modern world and love to use advanced technologies in our daily lives. No one is out there who does not love to listen to a good piece of art, music, and songs. Music has become very important in our lives that we want to hear and create music of different genres and types.

One of the basic reasons for doing this is when you lay down on your bed after a long, hectic day and start listening to a song. Then it will help you to release your stress and make your body feel comfortable and relaxed. No matter what you are doing and where you are. You can listen to a song that will help you enjoy the moment or feel stress-free. Now, you can find music of many types like hip-hop, comedy, romantic, sentimental, and many more to listen to worldwide.

You will get tired of using the same music Apps and songs to listen to with the latest sound effects or technologies. That is why auto-tune apps are free to use and will be a good option for you to edit and use the setting or music the way you want.

Auto-Tune is an audio processor or device that will help you alter and convert different sound effects or pitches using modern techniques. It will help you measure various tones and levels of instrumental tunes, audio songs, and voice recordings.

Auto-Tune Apps work the same way that they will help you edit or replace your favorite track by using echo effects and adjustments tools. Moreover, these Apps will keep you updated with the latest changes and trends happening in the music world. You can find many people related to the different music industries and are passionate singers using these Apps to work on a song anytime they want.

Not only that, you can create your own creations and track that will be completely different and unique from other songs of the artist. In this article, you will be provided with a list of the Auto-Tune Apps to use anytime and anywhere you want. These Apps are easily available on the App Store of all your devices and are free to use for everyone.

Moreover, these will help you get out of your inner artists and make changes on a tune the way you want. Later, show the world your creations and music to get opportunities to work with famous artists. If you want to improve your skills, you can get an App on your Mobile Phone and start using it without any problems or errors.

What is the Major Use of Auto-Tune Apps?

Auto-Tune Apps bring an ultimate change in your skills and music creations. By using these Apps, you can learn and understand more about the changes and techniques used in creating good music. You can find a list of the modern features, editing tools, advanced music controllers, and functional settings.

With the help of these techniques, you will be able to get to know more about the trends, versions, and tricks used by famous musicians. Moreover, you can edit and changes your favorite song into hip-hop, classy, sentimental, and old-school soul effects by using different amazing instrumental results.

They will let you show the world your talent and create music that will attract listeners. You will be able to live-stream your own creations and do a live concert to get famous among people worldwide.

List of Outstanding Auto-Tune Apps

If you search for the autotune apps free to use, this list in the article will be helpful to you. By reading this article, you will get to know about the amazing Apps that will not improve your music skills but will also let you express yourself by creating your own songs.

Moreover, you can also edit, alter, and convert already available songs into trendy tracks that will be more fun to listen to at any time. You can replace a tune by using instrumental sounds effects and adjustment tools. These auto tune apps are free to use and will help you use all the advanced techniques professionally so that you will not disappoint by showing the world your talent.

All these Apps are readily available on all the devices and can download from the App Store on your mobile. It will be more fun to use these Apps only if you understand all of their musical functionalities in making a good piece of art that will touch your soul.

1. Voloco

Voloco is one of the best auto-tune apps for Android to make a huge difference in your life. The reason is that this App is outstanding in creating music and soulful sound effects by using bewildering modernized features. Not only for Android, but this App can work efficiently on IOS devices as well.

Additionally, it comes with more than 500 million users enjoying this App without any problems or errors. With the help of advanced techniques, you can be more skillful in creating music like a professional musician.

Platform: Android, IOS


  • Helps you to remove background noises that are annoying you while listening to a recording.
  • Let you correct the pitches of your recorded audio files in your voice to keep you in tune.
  • Includes a fully packed library that will provide you with all the old and new songs.
  • Allows you to create your own beats and use them while editing a track.
  • Import videos of celebrities and edit them by using funny sound effects to add more fun.

2. Tune Me

Tune Me is another one of the amazing auto tune apps free to use and easily available on all Android devices. While using this App, you can find many outstanding record-breaking tracks that will help you to know more about beats, sounds effects, and trendy genres.

Moreover, the App features let you correct your mistakes professionally when creating music or sound. By using different languages and translators, you will be able to write soulful lyrics that will attract listeners from various countries worldwide.

Platform: Android


  • Helps you to set your favorite song as your mobile ringtone.
  • Allows you to browse different outstanding beats and use them while editing a track.
  • Provides you with many audio effects to create your own music and improve your skills.
  • Let you drop, improve, and edit your pitch to get a good tune without unwanted noises.
  • Helps you download and save more than 500 songs and different sound effects.

3. Starmaker

Starmaker is one of the top-rated auto tune android apps to let you record or edit audio and video records to transform them into a piece of art. By using the App, you can improve your skills by using and taking classes from professional musicians and creators.

Later, it will allow you to participate in different musical programs, or talent hunt shows to let the world know about your talent. Moreover, you can find a list of the catchy and trendy beats that will be more fun to use while editing an audio file on your device.

Platform: Android


  • Let you explore the music world to know more about famous artists and music genres.
  • Provides you with many auto-tune and fantastic sound effects that will be fun to use.
  • Allows you to make duet tracks by singing songs with other artists of the same liking.
  • Offers you a platform that will help you personalize popular ringtones the way you want.
  • Comes with a library consisting of more than a million songs from famous artists.

4. RapChat

RapChat is one of the surprisingly phenomenal auto tune apps for android that will allow you to enter the rapping world to experience different vibes. You can find many attractive rap songs trending worldwide and creating a huge buzz in our lives. That is why this App will help you to improve your skills by using many modern voice effects.

While searching for the editing tools, it will let you learn different writing styles and famous sayings that will help you create beautiful lyrics. Not only that, you can share your creations on social media websites.

Platform: Android


  • Comes with many modern beats that you can use on a track you want to edit.
  • Provides you with lyrics and subtitles in different languages to better understand the concept of music.
  • Helps you to collaborate with your friends and make songs of your liking with fun.
  • Allows you to record multiple tracks and voice effects to make them more enjoyable.
  • Includes different quizzes and challenges related to music to earn money.

5. AutoRap by Smule

AutoRap by Smule is the most popular App, better than the other auto-tune android apps. It provides you with high-quality and smooth music records for you to create better songs than the already available tracks. Moreover, the App features provide you with advanced pitch correction settings and beat-making tools to let you make whatever changes you want to make on an audio song.

Additionally, it allows you to use the Phone microphone directly to search for a track by saying some of its verses.

Platform: Android


  • Provides different beats and sound effects to make your creation cooler.
  • Helps you to improve your skills by practicing in different musical shows.
  • Allows you to listen to the famous rap tracks of the artists to create your own rap song.
  • Easily records a rap song by automatically applying changes to the track with a single tap.
  • Offers you a platform to recreate a song by using cool rapping verses.

6. Style Studio by Smule

Style Studio by Smule is one the most high-ranking auto tune apps free to use on Android and IOS devices. By using the App, you can bring a huge change in yourself with the help of professional musicians and creators. This App is a platform to create good music but it will also help you get off your inner artist and let the world show what you have got.

Moreover, it allows you to edit already recorded files using the latest trends and sound effects. You can download and share different styles and musical impacts.

Platform: Android, IOS


  • Helps you to join different communities to get inspiration from other artistic people.
  • Allows you to create and adust as many audio files as you want to add more fun.
  • Offers you a secure platform to publish your creations using different styles on social media websites.
  • Includes various bewildering transitions that will make a video dreamy.
  • Comes with 3d visual and sound effects to create memorable moments while recording.

7. The Voice

The Voice is an app that lets you do what is on your mind and create amazing tracks by showcasing your talent. This App is far better than the autotune apps for iPhone because it has many modern features and advanced functional settings to improve your skills professionally.

Not only for iPhone, but this app is also available on Android App Store. Moreover, you can personalize thousands of audio and videos by using the latest versions of sounds and beats. You can also learn different languages to make a song different from your other creations.

Platform: Android, IOS


  • Allows you to participate in different quizzes and challenges related to the music of different genres.
  • Helps you to vote for your favorite artists to let them win many awards.
  • Offers you a platform to do live streaming of famous musical shows and songs of your liking.
  • Includes high-qualities video and audio effects to add more fun while watching shows.
  • Let you use subtitles in different languages to understand the storyline better.

8. MicDroid

MicDroid is one of the most famous auto tune apps for android with its bewildering features and advanced technical tools. It will be fun to explore online music worldwide to know more about your favorite artists’ trends, music creators, and songs.

Moreover, earning different languages and applying various sounds effects will make you confident enough to let the world know about your talent. Furthermore, you can overcome your fears related to music and use different transitions in making a song the way you want.

Platform: Android


  • Automatically correct a pitch you have selected with just a single tap
  • Allows you to use your favorite songs and tune as your mobile ringtone.
  • Provides you a platform to send requests to remove unwanted errors and viruses.
  • Helps you to transfer and edit audio or video files from one folder to another.
  • Offers you a user-friendly interface that will be helpful to use the App properly.

9. VocaLive

VocalLive is another app with beautiful sound and visual effects that let you engage with it for a long time. This App works more fluently than the other autotune apps free to use on Android and iPhone devices. Moreover, it provides you with up-to-date and trendy news related to the music industry or famous artists.

Not only that, it comes with more than 20 Mic Rooms to interact with people connected to music and art to get opportunities to collaborate with famous artists. It will be fun to create a sound of your liking that everyone loves.

Platform: Android, IOS


  • Comes with a real-time interface that will allow you to make changes in realistic physic.
  • Allows you to choose music studios of your liking to create amazing songs.
  • Includes different live modes to use live sound effects, wallpapers, and trendy music genres.
  • Offers you a platform that has 12 high-quality audio transitions to use on a track.
  • Let you use live freezing mode to pause a show, video, and audio anytime.

10. Learn to sing

Learn to sing is one of the well-known auto tune apps for iPhone that allows you to select famous music and art teachers who will help you become a good singer. It has a wide range of surprisingly remarkable features that include many displays and audio visualizations to add more magic while creating and editing music of your liking.

Not only for iPhone devices, but it also lets the Android devices use a real-time interface to edit a song in realistic physics. Additionally, this App assures you about your privacy and personal data.

Platform: Android, IOS


  • Provides you with daily exercises to learn to sing more fluently.
  • Let you use different musical keys and pitches to let you understand the music efficiently.
  • Helps you to select levels and vocal range to relax your voice to sing sweetly.
  • Includes different games and quizzes to improve your singing skills with more fun.
  • Offers you a platform to collaborate with famous artists and singers

11. Karaoke

Karaoke is a more phenomenal and highly-recommended App than the other auto-tune apps free to use on Android and iPhone. It permits you to host and organize a karaoke party to have fun with your friends and family living in different countries.

Moreover, it provides you with daily task categories to learn how to sing and improve your music skills. Not only that, you will get the latest updates, trends, and versions used to create a masterpiece full of modern techniques.

Platform: Android, IOS


  • Let you participate in different challenges and contests to earn money every month.
  • Helps you select a song and start singing along with it to get points the way you sing.
  • Provides you a platform to record your version of a track by your favorite singer.
  • Allows you to share your creations and recorded songs on social media sites.
  • Keeps you up-to-date with the latest versions and content related to music.

12. StarMaker Lite

StarMaker is one the best autotune apps for iPhone that lets you share your favorite music edited with modern techniques on social media websites. In this App, you can save and download the clips of your favorite moments of the shows and artists. Moreover, by using the drag, drop, and swipe options, you can easily download various media files of your liking.

Not only for iPhone devices, but it is also available on Android App Store that you can download anytime. Additionally, it provides you with a secure platform to protect all your data and creations.

Platform: Android, IOS


  • Comes with a well-organized interface that will help you use the App properly.
  • Allows you to collaborate with your friends to record a brand new song the way you want.
  • Helps you direct chat with your close ones and online friends to share your creations.
  • Let you use the music library with millions of songs of different genres and types.
  • Includes many multi-tasking modes to edit or adjust a track of your liking.

13. OffTop

OffTop is another the most outstanding App of the other autotune apps for android that provides you with a secure platform to save all your data and edited files or creations securely. Moreover, it helps you showcase your talent by singing songs and later posting them on social media websites.

Furthermore, it lets you customize thousands of audio and video files by using modern techniques. You can join different communities and groups to share ideas and songs of the same liking. This App is also available on iPhone devices that can be used anytime.

Platform: Android, IOS


  • Provides you a secure platform to securely save all your data and edited files or creations.
  • Let you host different shows and quizzes to discover more musical techniques.
  • Permits you to use all the advanced editing tools and sounds effects.
  • Helps you to write and record lyrics, poetry, raps, and notes to create a piece of amazing music.
  • Includes high-quality voice effects that will help you mimic a recording with easy controllers.

Final Words

The Apps mentioned earlier are all amazing in their own ways because they have all the modern techniques and tricks that will be helpful to use. These Apps have many bewildering features, advanced editing controllers, and modernized functional settings that will make them super easy to make changes.

Moreover, you can record and edit a song the way you want and share it on different social media platforms to get opportunities to collaborate with famous musicians. Not only that, you can easily search these Apps on the App Store on your devices and start using them after downloading securely.

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