14 Best Birthday Reminder Apps in 2022


In the modern era, where there is hustle and bustle, everyone is working hard to achieve their goals. There are some festivals or occasions everyone used to enjoy like Eid, Christmas, Dewali, and any occasions made by people for just enjoyment purposes like birthdays. Birthdays are one of the best occasions for which everyone waits for the whole year and makes huge plans for their birthdays.

A few years back, there was not a huge trend of birthdays, as older people did not celebrate their birthdays with full enthusiasm. Even they did not remember the Date of Birth. But now with the changing trend, people love to enjoy a birthday, wishings, giving and taking of gifts on birthday and even surprise birthdays.

Birthdays were a trend made by people to enjoy your Date of birth with friends, families, etc. Birthday is a source of joy and pleasure for people as people love to invite friends, order cakes, decorate their houses with colorful Balloons, Flowers, and many other things. Even now, people hire special Event planners to plan their birthdays. Invite huge gathering, there would be songs, cakes, photographers, and many more.


But now, due to the busy workload, people usually wish on messages and sometimes forget to remember friends and family birthdays. As everyone has a large group of friends and family, recognizing the birthday dates of everyone is quite challenging. But if you don’t wish your friends or family on exact time, they would get angry, sometimes for the whole year.

What are the Birthday Reminder Apps?

So if you want to remember the birthdays of your friends and family and wish them early, bring birthday gifts, and surprise them, then you need to have reminder apps for your ease. There are a variety of Reminder apps to recall birthdays to avoid a situation where your friends ask or get angry about not wishing them.


List of Birthday Reminder Apps

There are many Android and iOS supporting apps to remind birthdays easily and wish anyone instantly. Let us discuss them in detail.

1. Birthdays for Android


Operating System: Andriod

Price: Free

It is an app that already has a complete list of birthdays dates accessed by your contacts and calendar. Even you did not know that some of your contacts have saved their birthdays in their contacts details. It is one of the stunning apps because it will display profile pictures of a person and exact age with the reminder, which will help you to remember the exact birth dates on the cake for the surprises.

With this app, you can get notifications a few days before the birthday to plan surprises or how you have to wish for people. In this app, you will also get the option of uber, which will automatically send cards to other people on their birthdays if you want to do so.


It lets you add the birth date manually if you don’t have that person’s contact number or think the exciting Date is wrong. Moreover, it allows you to see zodiac signs and call or send messages to wish others. It does not have any bugs or glitches that could get operated.

2. HIP

Developer: Celebrate Labs Inc

Operating System: iOS

Price: Free, Paid $ 1.49 for additional features

It is another best app to remind birthdays, get the best ideas, and ways to make birthdays more special. It is an app to keep track of information about everyone’s birthday to wish them an exact day and time. In addition, it enables you to send messages in the form of gifs, texts, phone calls to tell them that you remind their birthdays. It allows you to arrange your contact in the group for your ease. Also, it enables you to wish you in advance, but it will recommend unique gift ideas in other countries.

People living worldwide can also send electronic cards to their loved ones once. It also enables you to share birthday details to plan and throw surprises for others. It also allows you to make notes on a list of things to buy or send to others. It is one of the best apps that gives you a wide variety of ideas to give gifts, cards, and other things to your loved ones easily on their birthday. It has a variety of themes or colors to select for your cards and send them to your loved ones. So if you are out of the country and want to send gifts to your loved ones, It will provide you with this facility to easily wish anyone anywhere and send gifts frequently.

3. Google Calendar

Developer: Google

Operating System: Andriod, iOS

Price: Free

It is one of the popular calendars used by almost everyone to remember your friends’ birthdays. It is an app that is not available on mobile devices, but you can use it on the web. It enables you to use the feature of Google Assistant assimilates in this app to manage a reminder of birthdays with voice support. Also, it lets you set any event on repeat and manually choose the exact date and time.

It reminds you about the birthday a day before or according to your set up reminders. It is one of the best apps to easily connect with friends and family and sends messages and invitations of Gmail ID. Furthermore, it is also called a traditional event app with which you can get a reminder of personal and professional events. It is one of the apps with all-in-one features to get an accurate reminder of birthdays. It enables you to customize as many calendars as you want with different color schemes for the entire week. Also, it allows you to add the location to celebrate your birthday.

4. Birthday Reminder & Countdown

Developer: New Marketing Lab, Inc

Operating System: iOS

Price: Free

It is one of the best and easy-to-use apps to record upcoming birthdays. In addition, it is an app that would enable you never to forget any of your birthdays. It has simple and elegant designs. It allows you to import birthdays easily from the contact list. Furthermore, it has a complete list of upcoming birthdays. It also enables you to add photos, names, and contacts’ ages. It helps you to customize time and Date whenever you want. Also, it has three different styles to choose the best style for your app. It also enables you with dark modes.

Moreover, it allows you to set a reminder, customize reminders according to your need and want and disable reminders when not needed. It has a feature to apply ringtones. This amazing app assures you the quality of adding birthday dates manually. It also allows you to see upcoming birthday notifications on your lock and home screens. It gives you complete security with which your details would not leak out. You can export birthday details in PDF and other formats. It is also set for other occasions like anniversaries, holidays, graduations, etc.

5. Birthday Reminder Pro+

Developer: FunPokes Inc

Operating System: iOS

Price: $0.99

It is one of the effective and elegant apps to get a reminder of upcoming birthdays and never forget again. It provides you the options to edit your birthdays manually and automatically. It does not require any Ads. With this app, you can get complete suggestions about what you can get for your friend on his/her birthday. It enables you to make a list of upcoming birthdays to get a reminder before anyone’s birthdays.

It provides you with an alert seven days before your birthdate. Moreover, it lets you add as many people you want to your reminder list who were not included in your contacts. It also can customize the Date and time and delete them. This amazing app helps you call, message, and Text and wish everyone Happy Birthday. It enables you to various themes or adds colors and stickers to your birthday cards. It can send gifts in cards and gifs form to make other people feel that you remind their birthday.

6. Countdown+ Widgets Calendar

Developer: Apps Beyond LLC

Operating System: Andriod, iOS

Price: Free

It is an app used to remind birthdays and give a continuous countdown until birthdays. It has an inbuilt calender to remember all your events. This app allows you to set a timer and update it whenever you want. It also enables you to get birthdays from social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Sometimes, you are so busy with work that you do not even know when the app reminds you of your birthday. This app helps you with continuous reminders, with which you will get notifications daily. It also reminds you of other events like national and international days.

It enables you to customize your app with different fonts, colors, sizes, and themes. Furthermore, it enables you to add pictures to customize countdown widgets. It also allows you to share your countdown timers to collaborate and celebrate invitations.

7. Hbd

Developer: Benjamin Edelstein

Operating System: iOS

Price: Free

It is similar to other apps to get a reminder of your birthdays. It will automatically get birthday details from your contacts and calendars. Also, it allows you to enter birthday dates manually. The main thing which is different from others is that it enables you to add 30 reminder details while another app gives 5 to 10. It also does not require any Ads. It is an app with beautiful UI designs and widgets which is not part of other apps.

It enables you to send gifts in form of cards, etc. Moreover, it helps you customize cards according to your desires, like adding text, stickers, photos, or anything you want in cards. It enables you to see reminders on the home screen and lock screens. It does not require any fare to send cards or purchase cards. It allows you to sync your app with the whole device. Suppose any of your friends use this app. Your birthday details will automatically come into your apps. As the name subscribe, it is used to send an exciting and colorful gift in the form of Text, gifs, cards with photos, and stickers to your loved ones.

8. Greeting Cards & Wishes

Developer: 123Greetings

Operating System: Andriod

Price: Free, pay for advance features

It is an app used to send greeting cards to others on their birthdays. It is one of the apps that are not only used to remind you of other once birthdays. But it also helps you to send cards to other people on their birthdays. It will automatically send cards or gifts in case you forget birthdays. It enables you thousands of customized cards to customize your cards according to your desire and wants. Also, it helps you edit stickers, text, pictures with different colors according to your choices.

It is one of the best apps which also allow you to share pictures of your birthday gifts cards on social media. You are allowed to send cards according to your taste, like floral, funny, etc. It also has subcategories like milestones, funny and friends, etc. It enables you to receive a reminder before your birthday. In addition, it has free 40000 ecards to send unique cards to everyone. It enables you to insert Gifs video cards rather than sending just tests to wish. It enables you to create deeper bonds with friends and families. Also, it helps you sync the social media app with this app to update people’s birthdays easily. You have to book cards before one month of your loved one’s birthday.

9. BZ Reminder

Developer: Atlas Proft Incorporated

Operating System: iOS, Andriod

Price: Free

It is all one app with a distinctive and wide variety of features. It enables you to remember everything you want to remember with ease. In addition, it allows you to control all the tasks on your list and ensure that you do them. It is one of the easy-to-use apps and made for those who want to perform anything quickly. It also enables you to set a reminder on your smartwatches with which you do not have to put out your phones. Also, it is used as a notes app.

It will help you get alert about people’s birthdays; It will allow you to repeat the task again and again if there is some problem with one task. Furthermore, it will remind you every hour about the task you have to perform. Also, it helps you mark different tasks that you have to do with different colors. It also has inbuilt calendars for birthday reminders and has a variety of widgets. It enables you to import birthday contacts, keep them safe, and never lose them.


Developer: IFTTT

Operating System: iOS

Price: Free

It is one of the cool influential apps that can connect with hundreds of apps, websites, etc. It does not use the birthday reminder app. Also, it has come with various recipes for social networking sites like Google Calenders, smart home devices, etc. It enables you to remind yourself about important events and birth dates. It also allows you to set birthday dates with google calendars and send messages via different social media apps.

Furthermore, it is one of the best apps without any Ads or glitches. It also allows you to open up on the web. It enables you with 700 popular services to perform your tasks. It has inbuilt 100000 pre-built automation to create your designs. Also, it gives you the backup option as well, with which you can backup your complete data, even the dates of birthdays. It includes many apps in it to get updates. It also enables you to save time and money with smart homes.

11. Birthdays

Developer: Birdays

Operating system: Andriod

Price: Free

It is one of the cool apps that will also remind you about your birthdays. It enables you to check by month who’s birthday is coming. In addition, it also lets you check the birthday updates of famous personalities. It has a clean and easy-to-use interface. It is one of the open-source apps but with fewer features than other apps.

Furthermore, it provides you with a complete interface with the dates and the name of the person whose birthday is coming. It also enables you to make birthday cards like gifs, etc., for your loved ones. You can also customize cards based on zodiac signs, age, edit option, etc. It has a favorites section to put the personalities you loved the most. It has a notice field option to plan birthdays, gift suggestions, and many more. Also, it offers various card editing options such as stickers, text, colors, photos, signs, etc., to make attractive cards for birthdays.

12. Birthday Boss

Developer: Christopher King

Operating System: iOS


It is one of the apps to remember someone’s special birthdays and anniversaries. It enables you to keep all the updates of every event in one place to get reminders of what next is coming. In addition, it allows you to import manually and automatically contacts from the address book. It enables you to group based on friends and family. It allows you to get a pop-up reminder when the event comes. Also, it helps you to add yearly events for your ease.

Moreover, it can share details from email, text, print. It also allows you to see the exact age of friends and family. It allows you to send Happy birthday messages quickly. Furthermore, it enables you to use 3D touch options. It will be let you add birthday boss widgets. It also allows you to sync your information on all devices. The name suggests an app with all-in-one functions and an easy-to-use interface.

13. Birthday Calendar Elite

Developer: FunPokes Inc

Operating System: iOS

Price: Free

It is an easy and increadible way to easily get a reminder of your birthdays. It has many built-in features which will let you never forget anyone’s birthday. It enables you to view all lists of birthdays. Also, it allows you to import birthdays from your contacts or automatically add contacts. It also allows you to add birthday dates for those who did not use social media apps like kids, etc. It has the features of editing and deleting birthdays.

Coming forward, it helps you call, email, and Text to wish you’re loved once a Happy birthday. It lets you get notifications on your birthday before 7 days or on the exact day with pop-up notifications. It has an option of pop-up that will always remind you about the latest event, even if you forget it will again pop up after a few hours. Also, it helps you to backup your birthday dates on iCloud.

14. To Do Reminder with Alarm

Developer: App Innovation

Operating System: iOS

Price: Free

It is an app that will make your life easier. It has a simple and easy-to-use app. Moreover, it is an app that will remind you of everything about it frequently, and that’s all you have to do daily. It will help you with different tasks like Meetings, homework, assignments, Important calls, birthdays, policy bills, etc. Moreover, it includes easy and quick-to-set reminders. It can help you customize your reminder according to your desire, like dates, hours, minutes, etc. It also allows you advance alerts about birthdays. Also, it will remind you about birthdays with favorite sounds. You can also set a voice text recorder to send a greeting on birthdays.

This amazing app helps you manage notifications while driving by sending wish messages to other people. It enables you to add birthdays on your phone, calenders, or this app. It helps you with amazing and colorful messages via SMS, Gmail, etc. It also helps you to regular backup updates into SD cards and mails. Moreover, it has different themes to apply to your app. It allows you to set the alarm for the meet-up. It also set the alarm of how much money everyone has to pay.

Final Words

Birthday is one of the best occasions celebrated by almost everyone nowadays. Birthdays are a source of joy and pleasure for people nowadays. But if you forget someone’s birthday, they will get angry with you. So in order to remember birthdays, you have to download one of the birthday reminder apps for your ease. Above mentioned is some of the Birthday reminder app with features, operating systems, and prices. Select one of these apps to get updated about birthdays. These apps will help you stay connected with your loved ones even if you are anywhere around the globe.