10 Best Call Center Software in 2022


Communication channels have become vital for every business organization; therefore, there is a dire need for their regulation. Call center software performs the same task of managing communication channels such as phone, e-mail, live chat, instant messaging, SMS text, and many others.

This software is used by the front desk office or customer support sectors of an organization, and their staff responds to clients efficiently. The first call center software was invented in 1950 to manage main operator inquiries in major telephone companies. Till now, many advanced versions of this software have come into the market.

There are multiple purposes behind the use of this software, but inspection of the staff of the customer support sector is a major one. CEOs and higher management of different companies can easily observe the performance of their subordinates anytime.


For example, live call listening, call monitoring, and many other similar activities. A specific group of employees is attached to this call center software that manages all relevant responsibilities.

These call center software can also perform online, but now many organizations have terminated this way because of some issues like no receiving of phone calls, internet issues, weather problems, and a few others.

What is Call Center Software?

Call Center software is generally defined as the system that automates conventional incoming and outgoing calls. These software are divided into two different categories according to their attributes.

One is On-premises call center software that is also known as a traditional or common call center. This software works through in-house servers that are placed at any place in the office.


Similarly, cloud-based call center software does not require any physical place, and it can be used after subscription. This call center software can be used by many small groups of companies. It is considered better than on-premises call center software due to lack of expenses.

There are multiple advantages of this software, for example, call routing, deep observation of employees’ performance, growth in business after removing administrative flaws that are identified by customers.

Its benefits also include low expenses, small remote teams, increased security, easy to manage, best results, betterment of customer relationship and many others.

These benefits are due to some attributes of this computer application such as controlled telephony, automatic call distributors, interactive voice responses, call queues, disposition codes, call baring, best dialers, timely updates, proper reporting, strong interaction system, and a few others.

So, call center software is fruitful for the growth of every business entity.

List of Call Center Software

Nowadays, a single software cannot complete the working of a business entity; therefore, there is a dire need for some other relevant software. So, a list of some best call center software is discussed below that are vital for the better growth of a business.

1. Adversus Dialer

Adversus Dialer is software that assists call centers in formulating the best insight-driven decisions and regulating contact systems in a unique way. It is also helpful in telemarketing, finance generating, and making schedules of businesses.

This software is time-saving because it focuses only on relevant activities. Smart working is done through this software as it picks and assigns leads to the appropriate campaigns. Furthermore, this process is automated for the ease of users.

Managers and other higher officials can get timely information about the working of their subordinates. This software supports a proper reporting system to evaluate the performance of employees. When a task is done properly, it will be shifted in the completed files that can save a user from the repetition of work.

If the features of this software are discussed, it has a smooth call strategy, predictive dialing, inbound call returns, identification of callbacks, call recording, and a few others.


  • Automatic Call and E-mail System
  • Integrated Calendars
  • Proper Complaint System
  • Recording of All Calls
  • Identification of Callbacks


  • Worldwide Availability
  • Timely Updates
  • Information Sharing Through SMS, E-mail, and Chat
  • Identification of Loopholes in Business
  • Easy to Use


  • Not Fully Developed
  • Absence of Option to Hide Sensitive Content
  • Need for Change in Functionalities
  • Expensive for Small Businesses

2. PhoneBurner

PhoneBurner is known as the best dialer and a forum that is helpful in increasing the sales on phones to a very extent. This software is cloud-based and available for free. A person can log in to this application at any place and use a dial session from any phone.

For this purpose, softphone of PhoneBurner can also be used. It is considered the fastest communication system due to the lack of pause, delay, and dropped calls. A user can dial 60-80 contacts per hour.

This software consists of API, sales force, and other integrations that allow its users to filter leads for appropriate dial sessions. Dropped voicemails and sent customized emails are judged to improve customer service.

Moreover, the facilities of scheduled follow-up, taking notes, call recording, call transferring, local ID, and a few others are available. Besides this, PhoneBurner proprietary SmartSender attribute permits its users to include documents, images, videos, and web links in the emails.


  • Multi-Channel Communication
  • Activity Dashboard
  • Email Management
  • API
  • Monitoring
  • Reporting and Statistics
  • Third-Party Integration


  • Webinars
  • Video Tutorials
  • Easy to Use
  • Growth in Sales
  • Make More Sales Opportunities


  • No Automatic Removal of Number
  • Expensive from other Relevant Software

3. AVOXI Genius

AVOXI Genius is a cloud-based software that assists its users of both small and large business entities to manage business communications and customer service tasks. There is a centralized dashboard that is helpful in tracking inbound calls and identifying sales operations with the help of key performance indicators.

It cannot be used without log-in. If a user is registered, the log-in procedure can be done on the official website, while on the other hand, non-registered users can log in through Google.

Both free and paid versions of this software are present with different facilities. The free trial is only for seven days. However, the users of Avoxi Genius can manage their call center employees, contact numbers, customer service metrics, call routing rules, and from worldwide, but internet connection is vital for this purpose.

If the advantages of this software are discussed, it has fast setup, best services, working efficiency, and many others.


  • API
  • Access Controls
  • Active Dashboard
  • Tracking System
  • Timely Updates
  • Auto Dialer


  • Fast Setup
  • Appropriate Services
  • Working Efficiency
  • Responsive
  • Quick Attendance
  • Easy to Use


  • Expensive
  • Sometimes becomes Slow
  • Aggressive Sales
  • Interruption in Customer Support

4. Nextive Call Center

Nextive Call Center is online software that is formulated to manage higher call volumes of a business entity. A business can run from any place through this software, and it also ensures the secure transformation of business.

Timely updates are provided that make it a reliable computer application. A user can easily estimate employee’s performance, business achievements and manage call activities through this software. Customized dashboards and wallboards are also helpful in increasing the performance of every organization.

A person can access this software 24/7 and get timely and quick updates. A complete record of the customer is kept in this software to strengthen communication. There are two main versions of this software that are pro and Enterprise.

The fee for the pro version is $50 per month, while the price for the enterprise version is $100 per month. If the features of this software are discussed, it has centralized trunks with an IP core, data centers, award-winning customer service, access control policies, and a few others.


  • Centralized Trunks with an IP Core
  • Data Centers
  • Award-winning Customer Service


  • Fewer Chances for Fraud
  • Easy Mobility of Business
  • Reliability and Security
  • Best Customer Service.


  • Lengthy Call Recording System
  • Issues in the Use of Portal System
  • No SMS Sending Service

5. Five9 Cloud Contact Center

Five9 Cloud Contact Center is a computer application that helps its users in engaging with customers on their own channel and streamlining business operations to increase the business activities and improve customers’ expectations.

A user can easily contact the workforce through optimization tools that are available 24/7. All members of the workforce have the ability to speak in many languages and streamline critical business operations.

The workforce is divided into three categories for the completion of different tasks; for example, an intelligent virtual agent automates routine activities through conversation, while assistants manage all calls, and the third is teamwork for the improvement of this system.

Call agents are properly trained to provide the best services to the customers. Supervisor desktop manages all the contacts to increase productivity.

If the features of this software are discussed, it has a cloud contact center, integration with multiple systems, working optimization, customization, reliability, security, engagement, empowerment, and many others.


  • Contact Center
  • Integration with Manifold System
  • Optimization
  • Customization
  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Engagement


  • Easy to Use
  • Best Reporting System
  • Customer and Technical Support
  • Browser Adaptor
  • Supervisor Desktop


  • Need for Improvement in Chat Session
  • Tough Procedure of Reporting

6. PureCloud

PureCloud is software that assists its users in managing contact centers and improving customer experience. This computer application lets its users manage customer interaction through different channels of communication and perform collectively to gain the best results.

The interface of this software is helpful in collecting the information of customers and checking the quality of integration with them. There are three versions of this software with different services that are simple PureCloud communicate, PureCloud1 and PureCloud2.

The price for these versions ranges from 12 Euro to 88 Euro.

This software can be used easily due to the availability of video lectures and the option for individual training. If the features of this software are discussed, it has integration, interoperability, communication, collaboration, support, telephony, analytics, and many others.

These attributes lead towards the best interface, quick and easy deployment, fast interaction, proper management, digital training, individual training, usability, scalability, and a few others.


  • Best Integration
  • Interoperability
  • Best Communication System
  • Collaboration and Support
  • Telephony
  • Analytics


  • Best Interface
  • Easy and Fast Deployment
  • Fast Interaction
  • Proper Management
  • Online Training


  • Difficulty in Supervising this System
  • Need For Improvement in Arrays and Tables on Agent Scripting
  • Lack of Recording Features
  • No Timely Updates about Change in Policies
  • Issues in Support System

7. Twilio Flex

Twilio Flex is a cloud-based contact center that is made with top Twilio’s cloud communication platform. It is helpful in making a contact center experience for customers, agents, and supervisors.

Multitasking can be done through this software, for example, customize call flow, call routing, queue assignment, increase in the skills and capabilities of agents, and many others. The best way to operate on a new project is to access the official website of this software.

When an account is created on the official website, a free trial is given to the users. Later, a user has to pay the fee for the further use of this software.

If the features of this software are discussed, it has custom channels, customization of User Interface, integrated data, custom routing logic, call flow control, and many others.

These features provide multiple advantages like sending updates through SMS, texting through SMS, easy to use, reliability, usability, and others.


  • Custom Channels
  • Best User Interface
  • Integrated Data
  • Custom Routing Logic
  • Call Flow Control


  • Updates are shared through SMS
  • Conversation through SMS
  • Easy to Use
  • Reliability
  • Usability


  • No More Visible logs
  • The issue in Log Data Rows
  • An issue in searching SMS and Phone Numbers.
  • Sometimes Message Sending is delayed

8. Ytel

Ytel is software that simultaneously communicates with all customers of a business organization. A visual designer is used for the involvement of customers at this single forum. This software is also supported by mobile phones; therefore, users can get an idea of business anytime.

Its users can easily contact management because a 24 hours support system is available. The experiences of customers are collected through a proper reporting system. Data of the customers is kept confidential, and communication is done through a proper code of conduct.

A unique feature of this software is that it can be used through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The price of this software starts from $99, in which call routing, custom scripts, and customer integration services are provided.

Similarly, separate charges are received on the provision of other services. If the features of this software are discussed, it has source analytics, local and toll-free numbers, call recordings, inbound SMS, call routing, and many others.


  • Source Analytics
  • Local Numbers
  • Toll-Free Numbers
  • Call Recording
  • Inbound SMS
  • Call Routing


  • Best Dialer
  • Easy to Use
  • Proper Reporting
  • Best Customer Support System
  • Judges Performance of Employees


  • Complex Reporting System
  • Need for Improvement in Chat System

9. CrazyCall

CrazyCall is the best call center software that is helpful for contact centers and sales teams to increase the performance of their under execution projects. There is no need for downloading or technical abilities in the use of this software.

When users make their account, they directly receive calls in their browser after a few moments. The automatic dialer of this software enables its users to get rid off of the conventional dialer. Moreover, a call schedule can also be formulated through an automatic dialer.

Users can select phone numbers from over 60 countries. Higher management of business entities adds their clients to this software and then observes the performance of their clients through call listening and dashboards.

As a result, the functional performance of the employees is improved. If the features of this software are discussed, it has an agent panel, live analytics, a cloud-based app, intelligent power dialer, conference call, open API access, follow-up schedules, and a few others.


  • Live Analytics
  • Agent Panel
  • Cloud-Based App
  • Best Dialer
  • Conference Call
  • Workforce Management


  • One-Click Dialing
  • Local Numbers Increase the Number of Connections
  • Affordable Price


  • Issues in Inbound Calls
  • Very Limited Reporting Features
  • Slow Process of Downloading Reports

10. Freshcaller

Freshcaller is one of the best call center software that lets its users give the best voice services to their customers. The support system of this software is best due to the attributes of no missed calls, lower wait time, and always availability.

The queries of the users are addressed as soon as possible. It can be used easily because users can make their own affordable contact center in a few moments. A user can buy a phone number from more than 90 countries. All calls are regulated with developed inbound routing.

It is known as the best forum for the collaboration of the sales team and the solution of working issues. All the conversation of employees is saved in this software, and higher management easily calculates their performance.

Moreover, live dashboards describe the satisfaction of the customer with the business organization. If the features of this software are discussed, it has a phone system for a global business, call handling, monitoring and management of communication experience, and many others.


  • Buy Local and Toll-Free Numbers
  • Call Routing
  • Supervision with Dashboard


  • 24 Hours Support System
  • Easy to Use
  • Migration of Numbers on other Platforms
  • Call Monitoring
  • Identification of Employees’ performance


  • Issues in Caller ID
  • Issues in Call Rotation

Final Words

Call center software is helpful in managing communication channels that are mobile phones, e-mail, live chat, instant messaging, SMS text, and a few others. It automates the conventional incoming and outgoing calls.

There are many relevant software, for example, Adversus Dialer, PhoneBurner, Freshcaller, CrazyCall, Ytel, PureCloud, AVOXI Genius, Nextive Call Center, and a few others.

These software have some features like call routing, proper dashboards, live analytics, agent panel, conference call option, workforce management, optimization, customization, reliability, security, engagement, call recording, inbound SMS, API, third party integration, reporting, and statistics, and many others.

There are also some common benefits of these software, for example, 24 hours support system, easy to use, migration of numbers on other platforms, all monitoring, identification of employees’ working performance, fast setup, appropriate services.

It also includes working efficiency, responsiveness, quick attendance, webinars, video tutorials, increases in sales opportunities, and a few others. There are also some disadvantages of these software. So, these software are available with both advantages and disadvantages.