16 Best Color Identifier Apps for Android and iPhone in 2022


Evident from the studies of Chapanis (1965) that women are more able to distinguish minor color differences that look identical to men. For say, all shades of pink seem pink to men, but women can differentiate numerous variations of pink like Champagne pink, Baby pink, Light pink, Dark pink, Shocking pink, and a lot more. Can you identify the colors and the different tones of colors easily?

In case you have low color visions, color blindness, or inherited color recognition deficiency, then you need some kind of Color Identifier Apps that will help you to identify the colors more clearly. These apps will help you to overcome numerous minor color recognition problems.

Also, if you are a graphic designer, UI/UX person, fashion designer or a painter, then you also have to recognize the best colors combinations and for that have to use some tools to get the best results. These tools offers variety of color combinations to help you with better color selection or in adding attractive gradients to your work.


List of Color Identifier Apps You Should Try

To help beginners, graphic designers, and color blind people, following mentioned are the amazing and top Color Identifier Apps that you can use to get the best results. If you are a painter, you can also take the help of these apps. With these apps, you can create the best color scheme to design your own dresses. According to your demand, you have to go through the guide mentioned below to get the best one.

1. Color Grab (Color Detection)

Color Grab (Color Detection) is the first in the best Color Identifier Apps list and was designed by Loomatix. This app is for everyone and free in the basic version that you can use on your Android device. This app is an amazing color recognizer app with a lightweight of 4.8 MB. This app also uses the flashlight option in low light to recognize the color.


But if you like this app and you want to use this app for professional use, then you have to pay to unlock the new features and functions. You just have to download the app and execute it to use it. It is a crucial on-the-go tool; you can select, take the picture, and recognize the color by scanning it with your device’s camera.


  • Offer color palettes and synchronizations themes generation tool.
  • Provide the colors mixing option and tune refiner.
  • Get the real matches and tap to capture.
  • Discover and reveal matching color combinations.

2. ColorSnap® Visualizer

ColorSnap Visualizer is the second app and developed by Sherwin-Williams. It is an amazing Color Identification App, and as it is completely free, it is on the best Color Identifier Apps list. This app is mainly designed for the walls paint combination. You can use the ColorSnap Visualizer option to get the best color option for the wall and the space you want to color by taking the picture.

On the other hand, it has the function through wit you can get the perfect color combination or contrast with the in-depth details about the colors you have uploaded to get the combination. After setting the best combination, you can save it in the gallery of the app. Be confident about your color decisions by using this app, as it improves your color matching skills.


  • Visualize the colors with the quick pane or paint photo option.
  • Use the resources tab to get the details about the quantity of the pane.
  • Make, save the share your own created color palettes.
  • In-app sharing option to share the created pictures from its room.

3. Color Converter

Color Converter is an App that detects color more efficiently and is developed by the ChilliBits. It is also an excellent app that you can use to get the best color suggestions on your Android device. This app is on the Color Identifier Apps list as it is an entirely free app to use. Mainly this app is designed to provide the different shades with their codes and convert them from one color to another.

This app is for professional use like graphic designers, and dress designers can use this app without any issue. The user interface of this app is easy and friendly to use. Along with the basic color combination, it offers four different types of code systems for the colors that can be used in other programs over the World. It is a more efficient app and compatible with many formats, so this is the uniqueness of this app.


  • Select the color and get the complete details about it.
  • Offer the different formats of the color that you are selected.
  • Create a random color to use in the picture.
  • Save or share your own created color palettes with others.

4. Palette

Palette is also among the best Color Identifier Apps list and an amazing app that you can use to get the exact color. This app is developed by LearnDistrict Inc. as a color simulator. It is an open-source app that everyone can download and use this app. it is an entirely free app without the ads support. It offers different color palettes through which you can manage and create new colors or mix and match the existing ones.

Also, it offers the different painting colors of well-known artists. If you are an artist, you have to match all the colors and get the new one for your new painting. It offers the artist to mix and make the new color without wasting a drop of paint just because of this app. Like others, this app also provides complete detail about the color you have selected and the color tone number. You can use this app to get the best color combination for your websites.


  • Offers five primary color models for shade choice.
  • Provides matching color options with similar or other shades.
  • Contain an unlimited number of color palettes.
  • Permits you to use the level of the app according to your skills.

5. Color Picker

Color Picker app is developed by Mikhail Gribanov and is an amazing app that you can use to recognize color. You just have to scan the color with the camera of the device, and this app provides complete detail about the color. Just because of the pallets of this app, it can easily identify or recognize the color shade.

You will get the different color sections like RAL, Material, and others. Select the section from where you want to select the color for you. If you want a simple color suggestion, then you can use the normal color option as its palettes can offer the best simple colors and shades. This app is much different from the others as its interpretation of the colors is different. All the colors in this app are provided for information purposes, and if you want the match with high accuracy, do not rely on this.


  • Offers the function to search and look at colors in the database.
  • Save the color and then work with that colors.
  • Set the camera in the advanced setting mode.
  • Get the modest color data by clicking the triangle color.

6. Color Name AR

Color Name AR is another essential app that you can use to get the best color option. This app is developed by Vlad Polyanskiy and an open-source app. Thus, it is among the best Color Picker Apps For iOS, and primarily, it is free. But if you like this app and want to use it at the professional level in the future, you have to unlock its additional features.

This app helps you in the selection of colors for painting, wallpaper, and other decorative items. Moreover, it is a handy app that you can use according to your desire. When you select the color, it provides the complete detail about the color and also shows the different tones of the colors to select the exact color. To know the color, you just have to select scan the color with the device camera, and it provides the complete details about it.


  • Offers an inbuilt Pantone color scheme.
  • A huge range of colors scheme for selection.
  • Provides search and view color facility.
  • Easy, simple, and friendly UI of the app.

7. Color Viewfinder

Santiago Zavala is the other iOS device app which is developed by Santiago Zaval. It is among the best Color Picker Apps designed for the iPad. If you are a designer, you can prefer this app with an iOS device. This app is free and has a magical effect app that can change the colors of your photos with amazing color palettes and make them more attractive and beautiful.

To use this app, you just have to download it and start using it. Search the color in the search bar ad get complete about the color. To get the color match and combination, you just have to scan the color with the camera of the device and get all the best possible matches and contrast combinations. You can also create different creative layouts of the colors for free with the given combinations. This app is free for basic use, but you have to pay for it if you want to open the special features.


  • Offers paid professional features for the clients.
  • Maintain the special segment for the interior design specialist.
  • Allow you to capture the colors and share them with others.
  • Expert in the pixel and offers high-quality end results.

8. Color Detector

Color Detector By Mobialia is another among the best Color Picker Apps that you can use to recognize the colors in the best manner. This app is also the Color Picker Apps Android platform. Thus, this app is available for everyone and free with the ads support. This app is the most lightweight app that you get on this list.

To use this app, download it from the play store, and this app automatically links with the camera of the device. If you want to get the information about the color, scan it with the camera of the device, and it will provide a complete detail about the color. It shows the color in different formats like HTML notation, HSV, and RGB. This app also supports Speech Synthesis; you just have to pronounce the nearest color, and this app will get this and shows the result about the related colors.


  • Perfect app for the color blinds and designers to use.
  • Offers the white color balance option due to its popularity.
  • Share the created color on the other social media platform.
  • Create the different color codes to learn more about it.

9. Coolors

Coolors is also considered among the best Color Picker Apps and the most widely used app in the world. This app has amazing color palettes with different and new color schemes. Designers have created this app, especially for graphic and designing purposes. Due to the additional features, this app is a little bit heavy in size. Thus, it is a free and open-source app that you can use without any restriction.

It is among the best Color Picker Editing Apps and offers all the options that a designer or graphic person needs. To know the color details scan it with the camera of the device. Upload the picture, get the best color combination, and mix according to the picture. Also, you can create your own color scheme with the fastest color generator. Then you can save your created colors schemes in the handy files and collections of the device.


  • Get the results of the images in PDF format and copy-paste the link.
  • Select the color from your pictures and get the details about it.
  • Option for the layouts and beautifully created collages.
  • Discover the thousands of ready-to-use color palettes.

10. Image Color Identifier

Image Color Identifier is also an app that provides complete information about the colors. This app is developed by Ashish Polai, and it is among the emerging apps for this Color Picker Apps genre. The size of the app is small and open to use for everyone. As it was released in 2018, this is an entirely free app without the ads support. Like others, you scan and upload the picture of the color to get the details, and then in this app, you will get the code about that color.

This app has a section of color palettes through which you get the color choice and the different tones of the colors. You can get the color combinations for the walls and paintings and get an idea about the color scheme for your website. This app offers 1800 shades of colors with the in-app gallery. This app is also not heavy; you can download the app in the shortage of space. This app is best for color binds, professional painters, and designers.


  • Provides colors and their codes and different formats for color images.
  • Use the app with the existing one and get the details about it.
  • Discover the color gallery with more than 1800 diverse color shades.
  • Find and discover the types of a single color with the instant power gallery.

11. Color Harmony

Color Harmony is the most powerful and designed by Powsty. This is among the best Color Picker Tool Apps for Android users. You can find the best-suited color for the combination easily. You just have to point the camera toward the colors and scan it.

This app is provided the complete details about the color and gives you the code of the color. You can search for a diverse variety of colors, adjust the color scheme and save the one that looks best. Get the four-color suggestion and use ten diverse algorithms to select the set of colors according to you.


  • Range of diverse colors and a variety of algorithms to create the color.
  • Get the results in a different variety of formats.
  • Get the perfect match of the color with the cameras.
  • Translate the different formats of the colors to provide the details.

12. Adobe Capture

Adobe Capture is also a color recognizer app developed by Adobe. It is among the amazing Color Picker Apps that is basically for Android and iOS users. This app is also linked to the camera; you can scan the color, or also you can upload a picture of the color to get the details about that. You can view the different patterns and fonts through the camera.

After that, you can change the patterns into digital materials. This app is linked with all other apps of this company. If you are a designer, you can easily create the pattern from this app and then finalize it with adobe photo or from other adobe Design apps.


  • Get the Vectors and patterns of different shapes and colors.
  • Create Beautiful Digital Brushes for your ease.
  • Search your exact font by Adobe Capture.
  • Effortlessly sync creative cloud gallery to save the items.

13. Pixolor – Live Color Picker

Pixolor is also among the excellent Color Picker Apps that you can use to identify the different colors. This app is developed by Hanping, and it is a free app. This is an App For Identifying Colors efficiently, and it is also for Android users.

With this app, you can zoom the view of the color and different palettes to get the best one. It provides information about the colors if you scan it with the camera or upload the picture. Keep in mind that this app is not ad supportive, but it is entirely free.


  • Copy the RBG color by clicking the outside of the circle.
  • Instant Tile to toggle on and off settings.
  • Pick the color from the wheel and use it.
  • Notify you about the newly added shades and colors to check them.

14. Color Meter Free – Color Picker

Color Meter Free- Color Picker is considered the best app developed by the Vistech.projects. This app is designed for Android users, especially for free. You just have to scan and upload the color around you, and this app offers you the use of that color in creating wallpapers and other pictures. Like others, this app is also linked with the camera of your device.

When you pick the color from around you, you can save it in the palettes of this app as the new color if it is not already there. Shows the result of colors in the RBG and HTML codes that are useful for professional designs, web designs, and photo editors. You just have to point to the different items and get the actual results on display. You can use the color of apps and other real-time scanned colors around you.


  • Actual color checker and customized app.
  • Offers the white balance and makes a snapshot accordingly.
  • Upload from the gallery option to get the color.
  • Use the average window pro size function of the app.

15. Color Detector by RamelTec

Color detector by RamelTec is also an excellent app that also allows you to get complete information about the chosen color. This app is initially free, but you have to pay for the additional features if you like this. It works as the best color recognizer and has the speech feature to help blind people.

Just be attentive to the part of the picture that you have uploaded to detect the color. An amazing app to understand the color code and providing the exact details to designers, painters, and artists. This app supports the three languages and translates the information into these languages.


  • Quick color detector and support speech synthesizer.
  • Use the camera or flash of the device.
  • Recognize the different formats like HSV, CMYK, Hex, RGB, RYB.
  • Multi-language supporter with talk-back accessibility.

16. Color Identification

Color identification by MAX- INVEST is the last in the list and an excellent app. This app can read the codes of colors in the HTML, RAL, or RBG format. Also, you can scan the color with the camera around you can use it where you want.

This app also provides you with the names of the colors and shades of tones. This app has 1500 colors with all possible shades and tones of that colors. You can search the color from this app by the name and it shows the complete palettes.


  • Actual color recognization app.
  • Understand the different formats of the colors.
  • Provides 1500 color pattern to search the exact shade.
  • Search the color by name and get the examples.

Final Words

Hopefully you have selected the one color app for you after reading this guide easily. These are the best and most amazing apps that you can use to identify the colors. Many apps are free to use with the basic features, and some needs to be paid for the additional features. If you are an artist or painter and want the additional functions, you should go for the paid versions. You can select one or multiple apps for better outcome. If this guide helped you in selecting the best app then you can share the guide with those who face difficulty in differentiating the colors or with the beginner artist to help them in selecting the best color scheme.