10 Best Free Elvish Translator Tools in 2022

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Let’s have deep dive in the Elvish language! The author introduces the Elvish language for the communication of Elves. Elves are fictional, somewhat divine, and storybook figures from the novels of R. R. Tolkien. Elvish language grew fastly and now have become more prevalent in this modern era. The main reason to learn the Elvish language is because people have a resilient wish to translate slogans, quotes, and names into Elvish. Many people want to learn the Elvish language and search for the best translation tool.

As you know, the author presents two fully developed types named “Quenya and Sindarin in the Elvish language.”Quenya is considered the more classical and formal form of Elvish than Sindarin. Sindarin considered the Middle-Earth language for the communication of his Elves in the Tolkien world. Nowadays, Elfdalian is another form of Elvish spoken in Sweden and some parts of Alvdalen.

List of Finest Elvish Translator Tools

Learning a new language is not much easy. It depends entirely on your capacity and time to learn with the tool. It all consists of your practice time capacity and how consistent you are to learn the language. You have to keep a daily check on the Reddit thread to learn Elvish, but the Elvish translator is the only option if you want to write a paragraph instantly. Once you have done with Reddit, you can post it on social media.


Are you looking for the best translation tool? There is an endless list of language translation tools available on the Internet. Here we provided a list of the best Free Elvish Translator Tools.

1. Elfic-Elvish Translator

Elfic-Elvish Translator is considered the tremendous app to learn the Elvish language. This app can translate any expression to Elvish from the author’s movies. Using this app, you can understand how to write a phrase in Elvish, the verses of Elvish, and the font style of Elvish. Do you know? Elfic-Elvish Translator is the most prevalent translation app. You can use this app to link the phrases, write, save and translate. It is considered an excellent app to do translation easily. Elfic-Elvish Translator can be downloaded from the App store.


Key Features

  • Translate any sentence to Elvish.
  • Save and share the translated content.
  • You can mail the translated content.

2. Runes

Runes is considered the best and free online translation app for Elvish. It is available for both Android and iOS. Runes is an easy-to-use, very efficient translation app. Using this app, you can type an endless number of words to get translated in Elvish. You simply have to download Runes from the Play Store and open it; you get a drop-down menu. Here you get three translation options named Elvish, Medium, and Dwarft. Select Elvish and start typing. Here you get the facility to translate paragraphs in Elvish. You cannot copy the translated Elvish text; it provides image output. However, you can save that images on your mobile phone.

Key Features

  • User friendly and time-saving.
  • Translate text and phrases into Elvish by itself.
  • Output in images that can be saved or shared.

3. Learn Elvish Free

Learn Elvish free is considered the best free online and offline app for you. It provides the pronunciation option to speak Elvish smoothly. If you are a traveler and want to learn Elvish effectively, you can consider this translator. Learn Elvish Free has its own dictionary with thousands of words and sentences. This app has a display facility in the Elvish and native language. Here you also get the unconditional placement of words and sentences.

Key Features

  • Pronunciation and Offline features are available.
  • Beginner and advanced level app.
  • Copy word and sentence directly and can save in mail.
  • Through it, you can complete any task in Elvish.
  • Categorical placement of words and sentences.
  • You can also get information about animals in Elvish.

4. Jens Hansen

Jen Hasen is considered a straightforward and reliable online translation app. Jen is a user-friendly and easy to handle translation tool. This app is available for Android and iOS and is an online tool or a downloadable app. Jen Hasen can be downloaded from the app store, and then what you have to do is simply type text into the text box. Jen provides an image output of Elvish content only to save and share. The app automatically translates that text into Elvish; you do not need to press any button for results. You can copy the results to save them or take a screenshot if you want native and Elvish both to save and share on social media and with friends.

Key Features

  • Initial or advanced level app.
  • The output shows in the input box.
  • Output can copy and paste on other platforms.
  • Prefer screenshots to share on social media.

5. Sindarin Dictionary

Sindarin Dictionary is considered the best and effective language translator tool. Its word searching feature is excellent and easy. It is also considered a fun way to learn the meaning of Elvish Sindarin. Sindarin Dictionary also provides some advanced features to learn Elvish quickly. Here you get the option to learn how to write the Tolkien Elvish. You also get the phrasebook of Sindarin Elvish. This app is for Android. In this, you enter the words to search into the search box, and it starts to show you the results in Sindarin. You can download it from the app store and start learning.

Key Features

  • Easy and smooth learning.
  • Input and output boxes are different.
  • Phrasebook of Sindarin feature.
  • Free and pro versions are available.

6. Angelfire

Angelfire is also considered the best tool to learn Elvish if you are a new user. Its results are considered more accurate and sound. Here you get few options to translate the word or phrase into Elvish. It is a one-page App with few options. You just have to type the text in the input box and press the button. It takes a few seconds to translate the input into Elvish. You can copy the sentence and paste the whole sentence to get Elvish results. It is a free language that can be downloaded from the app store.

Key Features

  • One-page advantage.
  • Fewer options and easy-to-use.
  • Click on the “Translate” button and get instant output.

7. Parf Edhellen

Parf Edhellen is considered one of the classy Elvish translator web-app, mainly used as a channel for learning. It provides the users the best ever experience in learning the Elvish language. The web app provides an Elvish words dictionary. In this web app, you have the option to get the explanations of the terms that are available on this website app. Here you also get the security options list. The main feature of this website is a dictionary.

Key Features

  • Built-in Dictionary.
  • When you type a word or sentence, you are provided with a list of input options to save typing time.
  • It shows the star sign to identify that the word stems source is doubtful or outdated.

8. Flamingo Elvish

Flamingo Elvish is an Android considered the best app for Elvish. Its interface is easy-to-use and straightforward without any elaborated options. It is a fast output provider app in the Elvish language. The best thing is, you get the memorize option to save words and expressions. Here you get the results in seconds for long sentences. This feature increases the learning experience of the learner. It is a free app available, but it also has a purchase option for pro. Download it from the app store and open it to use.

Key Features

  • User-friendly interface.
  • Words and sentences Memorization option is available.
  • No registration need and sign in.
  • Identify the repetition of the words.

9. Arwen Undomiel

Arwen Undomiel is also considered the best suggested tool. This translation website is dedicated to the Lord of Rings and Hobbit and its followership. It is a simple and easy-to-use online website. Arwen Undomiel web has its storage space for Elvish movies and books. Here you get a list of options to learn Elvish and Elvish pronunciation on the first page. It also contains clarifications of the ‘Middle-Earth’ languages terms. The patois is given as a graph, with the different terms from Elvish.

Arwen Undomiel is a free online app to learn a language. It provides both Elvish to English and English to Elvish translations of words and sentences. Here you also have options to understand terms and songs lyrics. Here you also get the girl and boy names lists translated into Elvish.

Key Features

  • Arwen Undomiel translation tool dedicated to movies and their fellowship.
  • It clarifies middle-earth language terms.
  • Free to use for Android.

10. The Rune Generator (derHOBBIT)

The Rune Generator is a free online considered the best and entirely different translation tool from others. It is not an automated translation device. It provides you the various options to set the background, colors, font color, and size of translated results. In the Rune Generator, you can type the text in the input box and set all output options because you get the output in image form character-wise. After that, you have to select the Alien Character option then click on Run. Then the translation image appears after a few seconds. If you are using this tool through a mobile phone, you have to hold the image to save it.

Key Features

  • Output image saving and saving options are available.
  • Simple user interface.
  • Share that image with your friends through social media.

Final Words

As mentioned above, learning a language by using only a tool is not easy. But any tool does not provide 100% accurate results. Above, we describe the tools that are considered the best. These tools provide the results according to the terms and phrases sound. These tools are designed based on some algorithms that are competent to check the correctness and accuracy of these tools. You can use any translation tool from the above list as these are free.

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