8 Best Emulators For BGMI to Play BGMI on PC in 2022

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BGMI (short-term for Battlegrounds Mobile India, formerly known as PUBG Mobile India) is a version of PUBG Mobile that is only available in India. Krafton has developed and marketed an online multiplayer Battle Royale game. The game was released on July 2, 2021, for Android smartphones and on August 18, 2021, for iOS devices.

Millions of gamers downloaded it from its official website and Google Play Store and started playing it on their Android devices. However, there are many gamers who want to play it on their PC or laptop. For this, the Android emulators are required. First, we discuss the term “Emulator.”

The emulator is a suite that allows you to operate the software or other programs on your computer from a separate device. Emulators are most commonly used to play video games and run alternative operating systems. Emulators can act as a bridge between different devices, allowing programs to run on different platforms.


For example, you can install the Mac operating system on a Windows computer. Emulators allow you to run apps that would otherwise be impossible to run on your computer. Most emulators are slower than the device they are copying, and they can use a lot of CPU power.

An emulator can be in the form of a software computer program, and it can be in the form of custom computer hardware that mimics a variety of devices. Vine, for example, is a tool that lets you run Windows programs on Linux and Mac machines.


Dolphin is a computer program that enables you to play Nintendo GameCube and Wii games. Even Logic Pro X, Apple’s popular music production software, allows you to mimic the tone of a guitar amplifier inside your computer.

List of Emulators for BGMI

To run BGMI on a PC or laptop, various emulators are available on the web market. However, due to hard competition on the web market, we enlisted the best and more convenient emulators for you. To know their features and details, see the list given below.

1. LD Player

Battlegrounds Mobile India can be run on a PC using LDPlayer, which is an Android emulator. This emulator is not very famous yet, but it does offer some great abilities to play war games. It runs Android Nougat 7.1 and has many useful gaming features, such as multi-instance support, excellent keyboard mapping controls, access to macro software, and much more. Even low-end devices can run LD players. It allows you to download Android Games and apps from pre-installed LD Store or Google Play. It is available for download on the official website. This Android emulator requires at least 2GB RAM and Intel I5 7500 processor.

Supported Platform: Windows PC


  • It assists you in managing your gaming automatically.
  • It offers custom control with keyboard and mouse.
  • It lets you open several games simultaneously.

2. BlueStacks

BlueStacks is considered to be the most comprehensive Android app player available with the best features. Mapping tool, which allows you to create custom control schemes, Instance Manager, which will enable you to create multiple instances of the emulator and play numerous games at the same time, and quality of life features. Like Echo mode, which helps you.

Reducing resource consumption and running the most demanding games are some of its most popular features. It lets you record gameplay as well as provide the real-time translation. In an intense game like BGMI, BlueStacks allows you to have complete control over your movements and the timing of your intent to defeat your opponents.

Supported Platform: Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS


  • It enables you to play multiple games simultaneously.
  • It lets you record and replays any action in real-time.
  • It allows you to do video recordings and screen recordings.

3. GameLoop

Game Loop is an Android emulator for gamers formerly known as Tencent Gaming Buddy. It is amazing that Tencent refers to it as the official emulator for its titles, such as Call of Duty: Mobile and PUBG Mobile. Of course, it has games other than Tencent, although its selection is not as wide as it could be. It is compatible with Android PUBG mobile games and allows them to be played on a computer.

It works with Mac and has custom controls for playing PUBG games on PC. This gaming emulator has a number of great features that will make your gaming experience even better. These include smart keyboard customization, advanced graphics control, and other capabilities. It also has the ability to support 2K resolution games on low-end devices. The best thing about this emulator is that it works well on low-end PCs and laptops.

Supported Platform: Windows, Mac


  • It allows the users to customize PUBG mobile’s control overlay.
  • It doesn’t permit any type of account creation, so there is no need to register on it.
  • This simulator works in a low-configuration computer tool.

4. Nox Player

Nox is another Android emulator for PC that can be used to play games. It includes standard features such as keyboard mapping, Joyce Stick support, and even the ability to control key map gestures. For example, you can map the swipe right function to an arrow key and use it in a game that does not support hardware controllers. Nox is kept up to date on a regular basis. This emulator also has multiple instances, allowing you to play multiple games at once. Even the script is recorded. If you want to share your videos while running BGMI on YouTube and Facebook, you should try Nox Player.

Supported Platform: Windows, Mac


  • It offers open keyboard mapping running with a single click, all gaming controls on the mouse and keyboard.
  • It comes with a default macro recorder to record the complex operations.
  • It offers the best user experience and superior performance.

5. MEmu Play

Compared to other Android emulators, MEmu Player is not so popular. MEmu Player for PC, on the other hand, is probably one of the best options for playing BGMI on your PC. It comes with the drag and drop APK file installation feature and also allows you to edit the controls. It only enables you to exchange files between Windows and Android. For integrated graphics, this Android emulator offers excellent gaming performance. It also includes the ability to customize keyboard mapping, which makes BGMI gameplay much easier. It can be downloaded from the official website and requires an AMD or Intel processor and at least 2GB of RAM to install.

Supported Platform: Android and Microsoft Windows


  • It provides a range of keyboard mapping options to enhance your gaming experience.
  • It offers an option for virtualization.
  • It has various dedicated keyboard settings for a fast gaming experience.

6. Andy

Andy Android Emulator became popular only because of PUBG gamers. It has features that set it apart from other Android emulators. This Android emulator for PC can easily sync your Google Play account data through the cloud, saving you the hassle of downloading unnecessary files. That way, you don’t have to worry about losing track of your progress in the game. Furthermore, the best feature of this emulator is that it allows you to play games using your smartphone as a joystick.

And having Joystick in a match like BGMI gives you a lot of benefits in terms of gameplay. It can be easily downloaded and installed by searching Andy Android Emulator from its main site. Requires at least 3GB of RAM, as well as an AMD or Intel processor that supports virtualization.

Supported Platform: Android, macOS, and Microsoft Windows


  • It gives storage capacity to users and the freedom to play any games available on the Android platform with ease.
  • It provides smooth interaction between mobile and desktop devices.
  • It is compatible with Mac and allows users to download any app from any desktop browser to AndY OS.

7. Genymotion

Genymotion for PC is another great Android emulator that can be used to run BGMI on a computer. It is known to work on both Windows and Mac computers. This emulator is equipped with a number of advanced sensors, including multi-touch guidance and GPS. You can also use your camera to capture your gameplay while playing the game. This emulator features HD pixel compatibility for better clarity. This allows you to drag and drop objects. For the installation process, you will need APK files.

This Ubuntu Android emulator can emulate over 3000 Android device variants, including Android version and screen size. Additionally, you can use this Android emulator to test multiple Android versions without any hassle. Genymotion can be downloaded from the company’s official website. For the installation of this Android Emulator, you’ll need at least 3GB RAM and a Dual Core 64bit processor.

Supported Platform: Android, Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, and Linux


  • It is compatible with Linux that allows you to test the products in a secure virtual environment.
  • It permits you to use a desktop webcam as the video source to record screencasts.
  • It is compatible with Mac and has strong sensors, like GPS and multi-touch.

8. PrimeOS

Since the PrimeOS Android emulator is still relatively unknown, most people are unaware of it. However, if you want to run BGMI on your PC, this is one of the best emulators for Android. When you use this emulator to play BGMI, you will have the same gameplay experience as if you were using an Android smartphone. PrimeOS for PC Emulator includes the ability to support two booths.

It also consists of a DeCaprio key generating tool that allows you to play most Android games easily. This emulator is available for download and installation through the company’s official website. It only takes a minimum of 2GB RAM, an Intel Core 2 Duo2 processor, and 3GB of free disk space to complete the installation process.

Supported Platform: Android, Mac OS, and Microsoft Windows


  • It works on dual boot with a single click with a PrimeOS installer.
  • It combines the Android ecosystem with the system interface to provide a great gaming experience.
  • It provides high performance when compared to the Windows budget system.

Final Words

Battlegrounds Mobile India’s popularity is unstoppable, and more and more people are joining this Battle Royale game every day. And many players do not like to play such a demanding game on the small screen. As a result, if you want to run BGMI on your PC, you need to download one of the top Android emulators. All of these emulators are free to download and will give you a great gaming experience. After installing Android Emulator, you are ready to play.

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