10 Best EyeEm Alternatives in 2022


EyeEm is an application that allows users to sell their photos and provides an interface to connect with expert photographs around the world. The name suggests opening the eyes and taking pictures of the places or things that users love the most.

By using this app, users can view all the images of their interest around the globe and get new ideas. It is similar to the Instagram app as users can add filters to their photos, and the dissimilarity with EyeEm is that Instagram pays money by selling other company ads.

It offers its subscribers the to turn their inspiration or imagination into money by joining a community of 20 million creators. It can be done by gaining exposure, sharing images, and then selling them. It is the world’s leading technology where users display their best shots and maximize their visibility.


Marketplace, Photographic filter, Photo Sharing, Photo Effects, and Social Networking are all included in the features of EyeEm. This app can improve every aspect of users’ photography by giving them training tutorials.

It offers a platform to discover photos with the selling potential and tools of editing the photography available free of cost here. It is 100% safe to upload images on it as it provides the facility to save users’ photos from any infringement.

Why Do Users want EyeEm Alternatives?

As EyeEm is rich in its features and a great platform for photographers to make money. Initially, many photographers made money by using this app, but its services were not up to the mark with time. Now, most photographers upload their images and the photo sold option can be seen on the screen but no payout will be given.


Most of the time their login through google shows an error and sometimes the app gets frozen by using a login from Google+. That’s why users want an alternative for this so that they can work easily on other platforms and make money from their new platform.

List of EyeEm Alternatives

EyeEm is a platform that allows photographers to share their talent and discuss their photography with others. It works as a visibility medium between photographers and clients. It includes many benefits like money transfers and deposits and a large number of photographers. It also maintains a friendly relationship with bigger agencies and corporations.

Along with its benefits, it contains some shortfalls also as due to large community it becomes harder for Eyeem to send notice to all of the members. To overcome such drawbacks many of the alternatives have been designed. Some of the best alternatives are discussed here along with features, pros, and cons.

1. Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock is getting popular day by day because of the content imagined by the creator every day. It is mostly famous because of its high-quality image and its resources are directly licensed to its application of Adobe Creative Cloud. It is available free on the internet and it is easy to sign up.

After taking the initial step, earning will become passive and make money from it, simple steps need to be followed. First, prepare the photo for submission and then save it as a jpeg file. After saving the file open Adobe Stock and assign a title to the photo then select the location to release.

After that submit the photo for approval. Adobe Stock added the photos and videos files and doesn’t support audio files like the EyeEm application. It is still in the early stages and more changes are recommended in it with the passage of time.


  • High-Resolution Images
  • Royalty-free Images and Videos
  • Content Sharing


  • Easy User Submissions
  • Purchase Individual Images
  • Delete Risky Images
  • User-Friendly Interface


  • Costly Images
  • High Subscription Fee
  • No Audio Files Support

2. Shutterstock

Shutterstock is a photo website that provides high-resolution images and is designed for large-format files. It gives many subscriptions plans to meet the user’s needs by making their price flexible than other high-resolution photo options. It offers its services in 20 languages in more than 150 countries and its starting price is 49$ for 10 images.

It consists of a huge library of images and files and carries most stock photos, videos, audio files, and illustrations. There is a high demand for agencies, publications, and companies that require high-quality images and videos.

Its media library consists of almost 50 million royalty-free stock videos, photo illustrations, and around 2 million video clips and music pieces for the license. From thousands of contributors around the world, it connects creative business professionals with the best photos, vectors, videos, and illustrations.


  • Plug-In
  • HD Images
  • Integrated Search
  • Photo Sharing


  • Extremely High-Resolution Images
  • Subscription Plans
  • Accepts User Submissions
  • Good Customer Support


  • Bad Customer Support
  • No Auto-Renewal Notice
  • High Subscription Fee

3. iStock Photo

iStock is a website that is used to discover royalty-free images, Videos, and Illustrations. It is considered the best stock library of royalty-free content and is available at a reasonable price. It is also known as the provider for online stock photography, media, and design.

It provides a legal guarantee that no one will use their purchase file without infringing on any copyright and trademark. It is run by highly reputable Getty Images and can prove to be a good resource due to its fair prices for image variety, quality, and subscription plans.

Artists and designers from around the world upload their media files on the website. It can be a little bit challenging for those who prefer to browse without a keyboard. It is mostly used by online stock image companies like graphic designers and small advertising agencies etc.


  • Chart Filters
  • Stock Photos
  • Photo Library
  • Image Hosting


  • Affordable Subscription
  • Credit Card System
  • Millions of Images
  • Rollover Unused Credit


  • High-Quality Media
  • Not User-Friendly

4. 123RF

123RF is a digital stock agency that offers stock photos, clipart, images, illustrations, and vectors. It is mainly used to search and download the required media file from millions of stock photos, royalty-free photos, vectors, and illustrations.

It is available at one of the most affordable subscription fees starting from $0.85 per photo. It mostly provides low-resolution images having a wide selection of images, videos, audios, and vector files. It has easy to use checkout process that is supported by live chat and phone coverage.

High-resolution images are available at a higher rate and it contains beautiful lifestyle, editorial, and non-cheesy photos that makes them even better. With the passage of time, it grows its business by introducing many new things in it like stock footage and stock audios, etc.

Along with the website services, it also presents its mobile app to search its library and create lightboxes. Its website now includes advanced tech tools like reverse image search and a free online editor.


  • Flexible Plans
  • Built-in Photo Editor
  • Portfolio


  • Lowest Subscription Fee
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • User-Friendly
  • Live Customer Support
  • Accepts User Subscription


  • Limited Filters for Photos
  • Bad Policies
  • Credit Expires
  • Clumsy Website
  • Unresponsive Support

5. Dreamstime

Dreamstime is an application consisting of a large online community of professional stock photographers that provides millions of high-quality photos, videos, audio clips, and illustrations. It is a stock photo agency with a long history of selling stock images, audio, and videos.

It is also available at a low price of royalty-free having extended license stock photos. It offers a 30% discount price on its subscription plan and its website is not as modern as others. It is most favorable among both the customers of big and small businesses, bloggers, and individuals.

Credit packages are available at a reasonable price and users will get the fixed credit, unlike EyeEm. By using that package, users will purchase the photos, videos, and vectors of their demand. The largest credit package is $1.36 and the lowest credit package is $0.616.

It supports two licenses of Royalty-free and Extended License. The photographer will get a profit of 25-60% from each of the sales and it also provides free photos for commercial use. It is safe to use and its free trial is also available on its website.


  • Member of DMLA
  • First to Receive CEPIC
  • European Tech Alliance


  • Cheapest Stock Photos
  • Millions of Images
  • Supports Extended License
  • Reliable to Use
  • Active Blog


  • Generic Stock Images
  • Low Quality
  • Issues in Client Portals

6. Alamy

Alamy is a website containing 256 million stock images, videos, vectors, and 360-degree panoramic images. It is considered one of the most diverse stock photo collections. To work on this platform, no subscription plan, credit, or registration is required. Its subscription and registration are free of cost as it only sells per image cost, so there is no need for a subscription plan.

The cost of the image mainly depends upon its license and the reason why this image has been used. As compared to other shopping sites it is quite easy to checkout from this without an account. It mainly contains the contents of vector images, Illustrations, photography, and videos. It does not include audio files and neither contains royalty-free images.


  • No Registration Fee
  • Search by License
  • Image Sharing


  • Regularly Refreshed Images
  • Buy Individual Images
  • Good Customer Support
  • Strong Live Chat Procedure


  • Does Not Include Audio Files
  • No Royalty-free Image Support
  • Expensive Low-Resolution Image

7. BigStock

BigStock is an alternative to EyeEm consisting of the website having royalty-free and international microstock photography. It mainly focuses on high-quality images and illustrations and it is the only website that sells its images through a credit-based system and all of its images range from $0.90 to $3.00.

In 2009 it was purchased by Shutterstock, which is a subscription-based microstock company. It does not support audio files and its per image cost starts from $3.5. It offers a free trial of 7 days and it provides license-free media files.

It contains a user-friendly interface that is easy to understand by everyone. It includes images, vector images, illustrations, and videos. For the help of customers, it uses the medium of live chat and phone calls.

It is considered the best online stock photos website because of its straightforward, inexpensive pricing model and has a wide range of images it will also help in completing digital marketing needs.


  • Credit-Based System
  • Cancel Subscription Anytime
  • Royalty-free Photography


  • Affordable Pricing
  • Easy to Understand
  • Accepts User Submissions
  • Good Customer Support


  • Costly Vector Images
  • No Audio Files Support
  • Limited Free Version Features
  • Issues in Credit Card

8. CanStockPhoto

CanStockPhoto is one of the largest and oldest agencies of microstock photography. Its images are available at affordable prices and it gives fair commission to its artists or photographer. It offers three downloading options to its buyers like Instant Downloads, Credit Downloads, and Subscription Downloads.

Its website contains royalty-free images, illustrations, and picture clipart with licenses. It gets its media files from photographers, illustrators, and videographers and it adds almost 25000 media files on its website daily.

Its media library is less than other alternatives as it does not support audio files and its image is downloadable in one click. It has easy checkout without creating an account and it supports video files and proves to be good for quick and easy purchases.

Its pricing is affordable for small JPEG images and it also contains expensive high-definition video footage. Its main drawback is that its troubleshooting system is more complicated than other competitors. In this platform, Images are available at one Click Without Creating an Account.


  • Image Editor
  • Credit Card System
  • Subscription Fee
  • International Websites


  • Affordable JPEG Images Files
  • Easy to Download Photos
  • Multiple Subscription Services
  • Purchase Individual Image


  • No Audio Files Support
  • Expensive HD Video Footage
  • Complex Troubleshooting System
  • Issues in Creating Account

9. Crestock

Crestock is an agency of stock photos that offers free stock images and photography without licensing. Its website is acquired by Canada photo stock cooperation and it provides high-quality photos at a reasonable price. It only offers Royalty-free licenses with the payment methods of PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Customers can buy their products by direct purchase, subscription, and credit options and it mainly focuses on buyer education, designer resources, and buyer options in order to make its website an admired stock photo agency.

Its credit option is clearly outlined, and easy to understand and it started with 100 credits ($90). It searching tools are quite simple and easy as images are selected from the keyboard. Finding images is easy by using this as it contains only a small database.

Its illustrations and vector images both are available in JPEG files and its supports licensing of Royalty free images only. Apart from being acquired by a Canadian photo agency, its vision and website have not been changed yet.


  • Credit Card System
  • Training Blog
  • Community Forums
  • Free Daily Downloads


  • Immediate Purchase
  • Multiple Download
  • Small Stock Photos
  • Wide range of Images


  • Not Professional Interface
  • No Photo Editor
  • High Subscription Fee
  • Small Database

10. Photolancer Zone

Photolancer Zone is a website-based zone used to connect photographers, artists, and creatives to organizations and brands using digital content in their ads, marketing, and campaign. It is a community-based website having high-resolution images.

It is a reverse marketplace platform that is used to hire photographers for trending photos. Registered photographers and artists submit their requests to the brands and organizations that created these photos on the platform. Its main competitors are EyeEm, Capptu, 123RF, Depositphotos, etc.

It is widely used to get and share digital content and provides online support to photographers and artists and deals with Windows, Linux, Mac, Kindle Fire, iPad, Android Tablet, etc. It is an open-source platform and its website belongs to the category of Photos and Graphics.


  • Supports Digital Content
  • Geotagged Photos
  • Social Media Collaboration
  • Community-Based
  • Images on-Demand


  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Photo Sharing
  • Royalty-free Licensing
  • Best for New Bloggers


  • No Photo Editor Support
  • No Royalty Fee
  • No Funding Program
  • Issues in Credit Card System

Final Words

In this article, EyeEm is discussed thoroughly along with its alternatives. EyeEm is an online stock photo marketplace that provides licensed images for organizations and brands. It also offers the services of photos and videos production.

EyeEm has many advantages but along with its benefits, it also has some limitations. To overcome these limitations, some of the alternatives are being discussed above in the article. Many alternatives have been discussed there along with features, pros, and cons but the Dreamstime alternative is proved to be the best of the others.

The reason for Dreamstime to be the best among other alternatives is that it contains free photos for commercial use and it is safe to use. It is free to join and its free trial version is also available on its website.