13 Best Fingerprint Lock Apps in 2022


In this modern era, smartphones are the basic need of every person. The personal phone contains a lot of sensitive information like your pictures and phone numbers and many documents. So it is necessary to make your phone secure from other people. Sometimes we have to share the mobile phone with others for some reason. But as there is your personal information and data on the phone, you hesitate to share your mobile phone with someone. So to overcome this situation, there are many applications available on the Internet that can hide your data and many other things that you want to hide from others.

Furthermore, if we talk about patterns and passwords, many Fingerprint Lock Apps offers numerous protection options along with fingerprint lock. Maybe you noticed that by these applications and their options, many mobile phones that are going middle of the road and had very low prices are now priced higher and furnished with many new features. Moreover, the main purpose of the Fingerprint Lock Apps is to lock or unlock your smartphone applications as well.

Why Should You Use Fingerprint Apps?

Mobile security and bio-metrics need no introduction, and it is used almost everywhere. Fingerprint Lock Apps on tablets, smartphones and portable computers are spreading Worldwide. These apps make your mobile phone secure from other people you don’t want to share your personal information. These apps are authentic feature of today’s smartphones.


Though your mobile phone has an inbuilt app for fingerprint but if it is not working properly, there are many other options to try. You don’t need to worry at all. This place will suggest numerous best applications to lock your data and apps with the fingerprints on your Android phone. You can get the best apps from many available apps on the App Store.

List of Outstanding Fingerprint Lock Apps

Many applications are available on the Internet with many amazing features and lock screen and lock app functions, but the given applications are fantastic. You will probably like them if you need them regularly on your smartphones. With all these things in mind, let us take a quick look that makes you understand why Fingerprint Lock Apps are a necessary thing in your mobile phone.


1. Norton App Lock

In the huge ground of many Anti-virus apps and Fingerprint Lock Apps, it is not easy to forget Norton App Lock. It is a big name in the app industry. It is an amazing app that makes your device free from viruses. However, it is also ad-free Fingerprint Lock App that you can easily use to secure your data on your phone. The app permits you to use a fingerprint scanner or a PIN/Pattern.

This app provides some other features, like it can secure your photos in your gallery. It prevents you from uninstalling your favorite apps by hiding them for a moment. The app also permits you to capture pictures of intruders as well. The main part of this application is that it recommends a list of applications that you can look up. The app contains many other latest features to make your device save and sound.

2. FingerSecurity

This app list provides you with another amazing Fingerprint Lock App named FingerSecurity. This application is highly recommended to use because of its latest and easy to use features. Furthermore, if you talk about locking the application in your mobile phone, this task can easily be done. This tool can also lock your settings and widgets. The make thing of this app is that it can capture the intruder’s picture if anyone wants to access your mobile phone.

This application needs the devices above OS running and compatible with the Android 3.4 version. This amazing application contains a size of 18 MB. So the app can be considered a great app compared with the other applications. Overall the app is very easy to use and compatible. So download it now to make your phone secure.

3. Perfect App Protector

This fantastic application allows you to make your phone secure by a Pattern PIN, or you can also create a gesture password as well. Furthermore, this app also allows you to lock your Bluetooth, Internet data, and Wi-Fi. So this app probably has many latest functions that can be used to benefit your mobile. The app also contains a “Screen Filter” that manages the screen brightness of the numerous applications on your mobile phone.

The app has a feature that blocks the unwanted rotations of the screen. You can easily watch your photos and videos without facing any rotation of your screen. This app also takes pictures of the person who wants to access your mobile phone after the three attempts. This app is completely free; you can use it without any hesitation.

4. Smart Fingerprint AppLock

This app is one of the decent Fingerprint Lock Apps specially designed for Android phones. This application makes your smartphone even more secure. You can easily lock your applications that you don’t want to show others. The app can also close your phone’s gallery so your photos and videos can be secured by using this app. The app allows you to connect your settings and call logs as well. Using this application on your Android phone will feel more secure about your data.

The app contains many other features like auto-start on the reboot. As from its name, it is a smart lock application that has many smart features to secure your information. The app distinguishes itself from other applications on the lock screen. The app also contains a fingerprint reader, but this feature is only for Samsung devices. This app is not free.

5. Applock by DoMobile Lab

This application is also very amazing in its work and features. Applock by DoMobile Lab uses fingerprint. The app is being used among 100 million users from all over the World. The app contains a locking system to make your device secure from intruders. You can also use PINs and passwords to lock your applications and phone gallery. This is also as same as the other apps mentioned in the list.

You can also get numerous themes through this app. These amazing themes can also be made your experience very memorable with this app while you lock or unlock your mobile phone. Thus the app can play a launcher’s role with fingerprint app lock. This application can only be run on Android version 4.0 and above devices to work.

6. MaxLock – Xposed App Locker

This is an open source app and completely free to use. The app is specially designed for Android users. The application has a lightweight and fast recognition method compared to a polling service. The application is really user friendly and easy to use. The most amazing feature of this application is that it doesn’t have any bloatware. So this application cannot occupy your mobile memory. So your mobile is safe from malfunctioning.

This fantastic all has simple and easy options to lock your apps and mobile gallery by using password protection, Pin Protection and Pattern lock. You can also use fingerprint lock and knock code to make your device secure from accessing. This app has an amazing feature that can immediately crash the app if someone tries to access it. So use this app without any hesitation.

7. AppLock by IvyMobile

The list comes with another amazing Fingerprint Lock App that can easily make your device secure from the people who want to access your data. This application is specially designed for Android phones. The app allows you to use a PIN or a pattern lock to secure the many applications you want to hide from others. The AppLock by IvyMobile is ad-supported, and it is free to use.

Like many other applications mentioned in the list, this app can also take a picture of the person who tried to use your phone or tried to unlock your mobile device. The app also allows the user to replace the icon of Applock with a fake icon like an alarm clock or any other built-in application of your mobile phone. The app is very simple to use and contains many amazing features.

8. LOCKit

The LOCKit is a fingerprint lock app for mobile. This is also an amazing application and is exclusively designed for Android devices. The app allows you to secure your data and private files. You can also lock your phone screen by using this application. This app contains an in-built file scanner, phone booster and a notification cleaner. To secure your data and file, you only have to use a PIN code or a pattern to generate your master password.

Furthermore, this application locker permits you to hide your pictures and videos from other people like your friends or classmates. So you can secure your mobile gallery by using this app. The app also allows you to get a picture of the person who wants to unlock your mobile phone or want to access your data. The app also turns into power saving mode so your mobile battery can be secured in this way. Overall the app is really easy to use.

9. CM Fingerprint Applocker

It is a complete security application that blocks access to various applications and file types. It is a reliable application, so you can easily trust its functionality. The application also allows you to lock your social media application to feel secure through your side. This application is really easy to use and offers many easy steps to change the fingerprint lock locations. The app also allows you to lock your call logs and messaging applications.

The size of this application is different for the different Operating Systems. The app uses the sensor of your fingerprint. The app uses a fingerprint sensor so that you can lock your smartphone’s screen. The application can also lock your mobile photo gallery to make your data secure from other people. The app also provides some anti-theft features for the users. So you can locate your lost mobile phone as well.

10. Fingerprint Locker

This Fingerprint Lock App has a very good and user-friendly user interface. If you are looking for an easy-to-use application, it is completely for you. Like many other applications, this app also contains a PIN code, pattern, and fingerprints to lock many applications in your mobile that you want to hide from other people. The best thing about this app is you can easily create many passwords for every locked application.

Furthermore, the app allows you to create fake icons for the apps that you want to skin so that the intruders can be confused about these apps and will not open them. The app can take a picture of the person who tried to access your device and send those pictures to your email address. Moreover, this app is available in more than 30 different languages. You can easily use it anywhere in the World.

11. KeepSafe Applock

This amazing application safeguards the security of your videos and photos. The app can lock your mobile’s gallery with a PIN connection, military-grade encryption and fingerprint authentication. Using this app can also save your phone space and many other things regarding privacy. The app required some simple steps to work on Android phones. You only have to open your mobile phone’s gallery and click on the file you want to secure, import those files to the attached folder of Keepsafe Photo Vault.

These imported files can be easily deleted from your gallery. So your data can be easily secured by using this application. But these photos and videos can be easily viewed in the folder of this application. The data can be secured by using a PIN lock, pattern lock, or fingerprint lock. This process can be encrypted Private Cloud that synchronizes your photos or files over all your devices. Backup of your data can also be made through this application.

12. Private Zone

This is a fingerprint lock app for mobile. This amazing app allows you to protect your privacy. This app uses a smart app lock function to lock applications to shield privacy with patterns, passwords, and fingerprint locks. The app allows you to hide your private data by hiding your videos and photos, and many other important files in the private zone. So by using this application on your mobile phone, no one can see your secrets. The app also allows you to lock up your Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media applications.

So it would help if you were not worried about leaking your personal information. With this application, you can secure your favorite application using password protection. You can lock numerous applications under different circumstances. The app can also prevent your children from buying games or purchasing unnecessary things. The app can easily hide photos and all of your mobile’s gallery. The app has amazing features to keep the snooper away from your device.

13. LOCX App Lock

This app is known as one of the best applications to lock your photos and videos, specially designed for Android. The app allows you to lock the apps, private photos, secret videos, text messages, and many other things that you want to hide from your friends and family. Go and download the perfect LOCX App Lock, especially for your Android phone, so that no one can enter your privacy.

This app allows you to safeguard your privacy with its brilliant app lock features completely. This app can lock a confidential app rather than you lock your whole phone to protect your data. A PIN code can do this process. The app can easily hide or encrypt your private information, files, and images. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the private pictures or your private data after using this application.

Final Words

Many applications are here to protect your personal information, files, photos and videos from intruders. You have to install these apps on your Smartphone and make some folders to secure your data to those folders. This application allows you to protect your phone’s gallery and protect your social media app by using another skin to change the icon of a specific app. So many fingerprint lock apps Android are here in the online market of application. Hurry up and make your device secure from intruders.