15 Best Games Like Feral Heart in 2022


Feral Heart is one of the most amazing and famous MMORPG and animal themed game. The game lets you explore many maps containing obstacles and objects that give you points and strength to play the game. In this game, the character that plays the game is not a humanoid but a cute little lion or a wolf.

This is a low-budget game that provides you with many customization options. You can adjust every part of your character’s body in this game. In Feral Heart, you can experience a vast World and huge lands and explore them. You can make many animals your friends on the way to your explorations.

Lion, Wolf, and Cat games like Feral Heart are very addictive. These games are known as Role-playing games. Mostly the Games like Feral Heart are Animal-based games. These games are played and enjoyed in the fantasy lands and jungles. These Animal RPG Games Like Feral Heart are available to play on the Browser.


In this game, you can customize your animal character. The game offers you a 3D background and environment. The game also allows you to interact with other players as well. You can make new friends in these fantasy lands.

Your friends can be wolves, Elephants, Lions, Cheetahs and many more animals that you like. So in this game, you can explore the massive World, interact with players, complete quests, and earn many points.

The Games Similar To Feral Heart are also very stunning, have amazing visuals and brilliant mechanics. So there are many Games like Feral Heart that you can browse and enjoy on your PC.


List of Games Like Feral Heart

There are many role-playing games on the internet that you can play for free, but Games Like Feral Heart are the best exploration games that you can find easily. This list contains amazing Animal RPG Games Like Feral Heart that you will enjoy. These games include many amazing graphics, colors, and gameplays. Let us discuss all these games in detail.

Following mentioned Games Like Feral Heart are MMORPG Games that you can play with your friends and family. MMORPG Games are Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games that mixes Role-Playing Games (RPGs) with Multiplayer Online Gaming World Gameplay.

1. WolfQuest

WolfQuest is an amazing video game that is available for Windows and Mac. In this game, you can experience a wolf’s life in Yellowstone National Park. This game simulates a complete Wolf ecology. The game has two modes single player and multiple players.

Earlier, this game was free, but the latest for the latest version, you have to pay a little. In early 2007 the game was released and split into some episode and series that contains the life of a wolf who wonders and struggles to deal with the obstacles to saving his life.

The wolf has to compete with all the hurdles for the survival of his life. Usually, Games like Feral Heart can be played to gather up and make maximum groups for the adventure. Beyond this game, there is a community discussing this game. You have to learn the best strategies to win the game. Try to download this cute game and complete all the hurdles to save the wolf.

2. The Survivalists

The Survivalists is Animal RPG Games Like Feral Heart. The game is full of adventures. You have to find the survival sandbox set in a wonderland. The game allows you to explore, craft, and build many things you need.

You can train even monkeys in this game. Your character has three friends who want survival in a desperate bid. Do you know what it takes to be a survivalist? No? Then join the game and enjoy. Here the island is thriving. The newly founded home will change the cycles of day and night.

You can explore and uncover many secrets in this game. The game allows you to hunt the animals to make them your food or if they are your mythical enemies. The mysterious stranger can quest your wolf character. The game is made for walking into a nowhere land with various biomass.

3. Shelter

The list comes with another great game, Shelter. This is also a survival-based game. The game is based on a mother badger who wants to shelter her cubs when they are on a journey. This family is migrating from one house to another.

This game has an amazing survival connection with nature. In this game, many biomes with the players trying to make a direct control of the mother badger who has to survive her 5 badger cubs. All the environment and animals are very wild, so this family’s survival is only possible when you download the game and help them.

This journey starts from the home tunnel of this animal family. They need a safe way to reach their new home. In comparison, the overall game direction is simple and linear. While the game can be easily played on Windows and Mac.

4. Horzer

Horzer is also on the list of Games like Feral Heart. This game is played in a virtual World. This game is a Browser-based video game, and you have to breed a virtual Horse. You will experience meeting 50 different breeds of horses in this game.

You have to select your favorite horse from all these breeds. Sign up for free on the game site and enjoy the features of the game that are famous. You have to customize and adjust your virtual horse among many breeds.

After this, you will enter into an imaginary world of this game where you can immerse in an experience of horse breeding. The game allows you to explore the whole game world and interact with the other players. You can consider the horse as a real one. You have to take care of and feed the virtual horse to keep it healthy.

5. Animal Jam

Animal Jam is also a Game Similar To Feral Heart. This is one of the Best Action Games you can play to spend your leisure hours. This game is a virtual world, especially for children. The game incorporates real plant and animal facts in the form of storylines. National Geographic Education Content supports these stories. Animal Jam – Game Like Feral Heart is very special for the curious little gamers.

This amazing game allows you to travel and explore many game mechanics in the virtual world of this game. The game has many fantastic locations to engage and encourage the little gamer. The fun doesn’t contain any outside advertisement.

You can also take the premium membership of this game to experience more and more features and functions. Through this game, the little gamer can learn about the safety and survival of the animals and plants. The game is all about the security and safety of the planet, wildlife, and global awareness. Through this game, the little gamers can learn teamwork as well.

6. Star Stable

The list comes with another Multiplayer game Star Stable. This is a browser game, and you can experience a virtual horse, and many fantasy lands and objects are here waiting for you to win the game. Start Stable Entertainment AB develops the simulation.

The games start from Jorvik, a fantasy world where you have to choose your favorite horse from any breed. Now you can explore all the lands in the game by riding your favorite horse. Many online players are playing this game like you. You can interact with them to make your game multiplayer.

The game allows you to make new friends. Here you can accomplish some races and complete challenging quests. Throughout the game, you have to take care of your beloved horse by feeding him and training him to unlock other breeds.

7. Marapets

Marapets is another fantastic game that can be considered a Game like Feral Heart. This game is very cool and a multiplayer game. The game allows you to create your character. So you can get into the imaginary game world of Marada. In this fantasy land, you can explore the whole imaginary world of this amazing game.

This game consists of some levels, and all the levels are adventurous and outstanding in features and graphics. Each level is more enjoyable than the previous one. The setting of this game is superb, and this game contains fantastic game mechanics as well. Compared with other Games Like Feral Heart, it is one of the best games.

8. Moshi Monsters

The list comes with the featured-filled Moshi Monster. This is one of the best games that let the player select his character to play the game. You can explore the imaginary and beautiful Monstro world of this game. In this game, you can explore many locations and play many amazing games with the other online game players at that time.

You can also experience an economic system in this game. Through this system, you can earn XP and ROX points through various games during the gameplay. The game contains many customization options as well.

9. Neopets

Neopets is also an adventurous game. The game allows you to customize and select your character. This is also a virtual pet game and engages the player in many stunning games by completing many tasks. After preparing the pet, you can interact with the other game players.

You have to take care of your pet all the time and have to explore the imaginary lands. You have to complete some tasks and earn many Neopoints that let you upgrade and purchase much other stuff. Try the game and enjoy.

10. Club Penguin

Club Penguin is a multiplayer game that provides you with an amazing experience in the virtual World. The character cast is very cute. You can play many online mini-games. You can get many accessories and many outstanding stuff in the premium version.

The game is filled with items that can attract the player, and the decorated rooms are also here that you will like. This game has a series of exciting tasks that you have to perform and accomplish to win the game. This game is also considered a Game Like Feral Heart and a very adventurous game.

11. Secret Builders

Secret Builders is a game full of fun. The game allows you to choose your character and gender at the start. There are many options that you can change the face types and change the hair color of your avatar. Then get into the fantasy world and enjoy the game.

You will be alone on a Treasure Island by default in this game. You have to guide your avatar about all the good things that could be done while playing the game. Through this game, kids can learn art, humanities, creative writing, and many more things. So download the game and enjoy.

12. Guild Wars

Guild Wars is a game where a conflict tears the whole world. This world is destroyed, human kingdoms are no more, and the societies sacrifice for their survival and food. All the people find a chance in the Hall of Heroes. There should be a champion who can free these from this world of war.

He has to fulfill the forecast. This is a role-playing game. A champion belongs to a proud land; he has to come to safeguard the refugees from the ashes. That hero can be your selected avatar, so download the game, choose your character, and save this land.

This is a type of hunting game. Obviously, hunting is prohibited in Real World but why not to enjoy hunting in an Imaginary World with the help of Hunting Games available in the Market.

13. Runescape

Runescape is the Game Similar To Feral Heart. This game allows you to have your journey into the 6th Age of Gielinor. This is the best-ever fantasy RPG game. Black clouds are darkening everywhere because of fire and blasts. Save the land and make yourself a hero for these people.

The game allows you to explore this risky land, you can raid with your friends, or you can also look for fortune and fame as a lone explorer if you like quests or like to make your farm. Then this game is a perfect suit for you. You can be a high-level boss in this game or a gentle soul as well. You can play this game how you want.

14. Fantage

This game has very adventurous gameplay. The game takes you to a stunning virtual world. The game allows you to explore the entire land in the game. You can also interact with the other online player at that time.

The game contains an economic system through which you can earn Gold coins and stars. You have to complete some tasks to win the game in this sense. The game has many brilliant graphics and illustrations.

The gameplay is a little engaging so that kids will like the game. If you want adventurous and multiplayer games, this game is perfect for you. The game contains many fantasy objects, and many multiplayers are here to win the game with you.

15. Monkey Quest

Monkey Quest is also an amazing game that can make you addicted. This is a Browser-based game video game that will take you to the fantasy lands. This imaginary world is called Ook, and the player has to explore it.

Players can get into the fantasy worlds with the help of the monkey avatar. The game allows you to travel around the whole world. During your travel, you can meet thousands of new friends and inhabitants. The game has some sports quests as well.

These quests contain Main Quests, Daily Quests, Multiplayer Quests, and Side Quests. So the game is amazing and feature-filled. You will experience many amazing graphics and visuals in this game, so download the game and enjoy the fantasy lands.

Final Words

Games like Feral Heart are very famous these days. But not all the games are as much adventurous as the games provided in this list. These provided games are very similar to the Feral Heart. All of these games are crafting and building games.

You have to choose or design your avatar and go to the fantasy lands or jungles for your survival. These games are also called Animal RPG Games, Like Feral Heart. If you like to play the games in which you want to feel yourself lost in nowhere lands, these games are best for you. Try them and enjoy them.