9 Best GEDCOM File Viewer in 2022


Family-tree research has been getting more popular for a couple of decades. Usually, your genealogy information is saved on your computer placed at your home. This info cannot be used to maintain the local record of an area. That is why this kind of software comes in to serve you. So, the GEDCOM file viewer is considered as a file format that is used to view standard family tree files. There are many software and applications with many variations and features that can create family trees. This kind of software can store all the information about many families.

This information can be extracted when it is needed. GEDCOM File Viewer can create many other descriptions about the family and the relationship between the family members. The software can also relate the events and dates with the relations and family members. This software can tell you about the history of a family and many other details. GEDCOM File Viewer can easily recognize GEDCOM files because these files have an extension of “.ged.” If you want to access the GEDCOM file through the internet, you have to download it to your PC first.

This software allows you to easily read and view the family tree as a GEDCOM file. You don’t need to consider the files with a word processor or spreadsheet software. The program can show you the parent-child connection in a vertical file format. Other entries can be displayed as a horizontal tree. All the entries and information is shown person-by-person in this software. The program often offers you the traditional horizontal and vertical family trees.


Other information like date of birth, last name, and other entities can also be shown with the family tree. This software is necessary for the national identification record-keeping organization like NADRA in Pakistan. This software can keep all the records to make law and order in a state. This software can also be used in large organizations to manage the history of their departments and workers in the form of trees.

What are GEDCOM files?

Latter-day Saints initially created this file format belongs to The Church of Jesus Christ. They used to run a free website for the record-keeping of many families. They transfer genealogical data from one website to another in family trees. GEDCOM file description was initially introduced in 1984, and it was the latest version of that time. Now it is GEDCOM 7.0, which is unleashed in 2021. GEDCOM is an abbreviation of Genealogical Data Communication.


All of the main family history websites and platforms support this file format. This means that if you want to create your family tree online or with any software, you can easily export your data to upload it to the website or elsewhere easily. These files need to open a suffix like .ged. If you get a GED file, you have to export it to the family tree website. Or you need to download software to read that file.

List of Best GEDCOM File Viewer Software for Windows

There are many GedCom file viewers in the online market. You can easily manage and store your family histories in these programs. These programs can display your content very easily. These platforms contain many amazing features that you can easily upload and download files through websites or family histories. There is a handpicked list of GedCom file viewers. Let us discuss them in detail.

1. Gedcom Lexer Plugin for Notepad+

Gedcom Lexer Plugin for Notepad++ enhances the handling of GEDCOM files. You can easily and accurately view your Gedcom files through this featured filled software. This software allows you to view GEDCOM files with syntax highlighting. You can easily view the highlighting of many levels like tag, pointer, Xref id. You can also view the value files and escape tokens with Gedcom Lexer Plugin for Notepad++.

The software allows you to customize the colors and shades of your information. You can also adjust the font size and writing style as well. This software highlight grammar errors. The software contains a folding section based on the line level, presenting the GEDCOM files in an outline mode.


  • This plugin is for 32 & 64 bit Notepad++ .
  • It has a feature of syntax highlighting by GEDCOM token type.
  • The software can recognize the file formats like UTF-8 (BOM/no BOM), UTF-16, ASCII.
  • Provides you folding of GEDCOM records and organizations by level number.
  • The program contains basic grammar errors highlighting features.
  • The color scheme of data can be user-defined.


This software is an open source and genealogy record-keeping software. It is a free-to-use program. The software is designed in Python language using PyGObject. This program uses Graphviz to generate relationship graphs of a family. Gramps is a unique example of common-based peer production. They designed it very keenly as free and open-source software. Genealogists especially style the program for genealogists.

It is a multi-featured program that can present a family tree in horizontal and vertical form with all other entities and information attached with the tree. This is not only software, but it is a complete community with many relationship information. This program is very intuitive for hobbyists and featured for professional genealogists. Well, it is a community project.


  • The software allows you to store as many citations about a family tree as you want to.
  • Geography can also be added through this program.
  • It has a dashboard to monitor the progress of your research.
  • The program can keep the place record, like the name and location of a place.
  • A graphic representation is also available in this program.

3. GedPad Pro

GedPad Pro is a free software program. It is a comprehensive genealogy reporter and has very enhanced features in it. GedPad Pro is distributed with a comprehensive genealogy reporter. It is inclusive of GEDCOM viewer software. A navigator and a line editor can display GEDCOM files in an easy-to-read form. The program provides quick navigation through the automatic hyperlink of record orientation.

For instance, if you put your mouse on the hyperlink, it will show you a record description like the name of your father or husband. Furthermore, the program has analytical functions, bookmarking, and copy, cutting, and paste options. These functions are shown on the right side of the interface.


  • The program has a view and edits option to review your record.
  • Contains an indented demonstration of the GEDCOM data levels.
  • This software has hyperlinked record link references with tooltip descriptions.
  • This software has old, and new copies of different lines are displayed.
  • Full Undo and Redo functions are available.

4. Family Analyzer Tree

This portable program can analyze a family tree in GEDCOM file form. Firstly you have to save your information in the GEDCOM format. If you already use family tree software, you must export your data to this program and run your files in trees. Suppose your data is placed on the web. Check out the web features to display your info at the Ancestry option. Here you can open and export your file. Then the program will parse and import your data.

You can sort your data by any field; for instance, you can order your list by name, date of birth, birth location, or many more options. The latest version of this software is fault free and feature-filled. Your provided data will analyze under various tabs before exporting from the platform. It is very basic software but very useful at the same time.


  • It has automated searching of fining past information.
  • Contains features for bug fixes as well.
  • It is compatible with the latest versions of windows.
  • The software has a lost Death list as well.
  • Allows you to view many fact types in your GEDCOM.
  • Has a data error list like date or relationship errors.

5. GEN Viewer Lite

This program is a free form of GENViewer. This software allows you to analyze and read numerous file formats related to genealogy. It can support some file formats: GEDCOM, Master Genealogist, Personal Ancestral files (PAF), and family tree maker. This software also has some limitations, and users can access only three kinds of views from the complete version, including general, Individual, and family views.

But this software is enough to investigate the data of large files. In this software, a General tan is provided, allowing you to locate all the details about genealogy. If there is a need to find a specific person, you have to use the “Find Individual” tab, a comprehensive search option.


  • The software allows you to read a lot of genealogy file formats.
  • GENViewer Features are available in a separate tab for a complete version.
  • Includes the features to display the data adjustment as well.
  • Comprises of multiple search tools.
  • The software can store a bulk of data and manage it easily.

6. GedView

No doubt, family tree research has been getting famous for decades. This software can store an entire tree of your family on your mobile device like iPhone, iPad, and iPod as well. The user can rapidly check up on your family relationships and prevailing descendants at your fingertips. You can also keep a check on your family events, dates, or locations as well. This software allows you to add any special occasion to record your current locations.

You can add up your photos and videos to your events and locations. Moreover, you can add up a complete moment capture of the important events of your family. This software can be used anywhere anytime without any heavy internet connection. This software is undoubtedly very amazing so use it freely.


  • GedView is a fast and efficient GEDCOM importer.
  • It is a defacto standard for GEDCOM files.
  • GedView does not lose your information when it is stored.
  • Many genealogy apps include their own extensions to GEDCOM to transfer info.

7. Genalogy J

This amazing software is an international, peer-reviewed, and scholarly utility software. It is also an open-access program that is devoted to the investigation of genealogical stories. This software can store family, race or ethnicity, gender, migration records, and study records like scholarships. These events use genealogical theory and methodologies to observe historical procedures.

The software can store data and edit your information on your need. This is a genealogy researcher software that is useful. Geng supports the standard Gedcom is written in Java and provides many options like trees, timelines, geography, table, and many more options.


  • It is open-source software, so free to use.
  • This software has a high visibility database.
  • Provides a rapid publication of your data and information about your family.
  • You can get your data published within 28-29 days.
  • The software can recognize the reviewers who provide timely reports.

8. Legacy Family Tree

This is a leading Windows-based genealogy software from the Millennia Corp Company. Your important family files can be easily transferred to your mobile and android devices. This program makes these files enable them to be viewed and edited whenever you want. You can make any of the changes to your mobile. This program can be synced back to your genealogy file on y our Personal computer or mobile.


  • Many manual tutorial videos are available to learn about this program.
  • When a file opens, all the lines can be changed and dragged.
  • The program includes search, replacements, and spell check as well.
  • The software includes legacy charting and can locate all files.
  • Provides you to explore your unique heritage.

9. RootsMagic Essential

This is the best free Gedcom file viewer, a family tree, and genealogy software. This is an amazing GEDCOM file viewer software. You can easily trace your family history. This software allows you to upgrade the version without losing your data. By using this software you can design your family tree very easily. Many core features can be found in RootsMagic essentials.


  • Software is originally developed for Windows.
  • It is designed as a single-file database.
  • The software can easily import and export data from the website.
  • This tool contains four navigation tools.
  • Provides you with to access the backup of your data.

Final Words

Many applications and software are available for Gedcom file viewers. They are specially made for windows 10. The upper given tools are free Gedcom file viewer for PC. You can easily make your family tree and view this tree with pictures and other information. This kind of software can include legacy files. According to your life history and events, you can easily maintain your family information in the software. Every detail can be put into this software. This information is editable as well.