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How to Preview HTML in Notepad++?


Notepad++ is a highly efficient programming language editor. It allows users to write or edit any language. These languages may include HTML, PHP, JSP, ASP, Java, JavaScript, Python, CSS, C, C++, and many others. If you want to write some codes, as well as want to view HTML code in notepad++, there is no better option for you rather than HTML notepad++ plugin.

Why Should People Prefer HTML Html Notepad++ Plugin?

  • People prefer this plugin because it’s a free programming language editor with all upgrade qualities.
  • It has an easy-to-use interface so that beginners also can write higher program languages in a well-professional manner.
  • Professionals obtain help for adding high-end language scripts like ASP, and JS even for free.
  • Users can check the preview HTML in Notepad++ itself effortlessly.
  • They even don’t need to open any browser to view HTML code in notepad++.
  • Notepad++ originates with lots of plugin support, which is also a reason for its excel.
  • It also comes with a few by default plugins that are able to perform many significant tasks.
  • Notpad++ can do anything from ASCII to HEX conversion, etc.

Which Plugins Are Required to Install to Preview HTML in Notepad++?

Preview HTML itself is a plugin that is required for Notepad++ that lets users preview HTML files in Notepad++. Due to a variety of reasons, most people don’t want to change or update this plugin anymore. Maybe the reason is they want to avoid going through any hectic procedure. So if you are also among them, then this article is very beneficial for you.

With its help, you don’t need to rely on a single source to view HTML in notepad++. because this article will introduce you to several methods to preview the Html notepad++ plugin, So if you face a problem viewing HTML code in notepad++, then easily move to another one to Preview HTML in Notepad++.


Methods to Preview HTML in Notepad++

In this article, we will introduce you to some of the easiest methods to view HTML in notepad++. These methods can also be helpful for you to view HTML code in notepad++. There is also a preview HTML notepad++ plugin, and you can utilize them too via going through these methods.

1. Preview HTML in Notpad++ Manually

This is an already existing method in your Notpad++ administration setup. You only need to go to that setup with the help of mentioned method to easily preview HTML in Notpad++.

Step 1:“Go to Plugins Menu” first.


Step 2: “Search out Preview HTML entry” here.

Step 3: “Click to the latest version” and “Refresh it” now.

Step 4: “Read out the Instructions” appears on your screen carefully.

Step 5:“Tap to the Accept Cookies” and “Switch to the Install Menu.”

Step 6: Now, finally, “Click on Install Button” and “Download the updated preview file.”

Now you only need to wait for a few minutes until the file is installed on your device. Once the file is installed, you can now easily Preview HTML files inside your Notepad++ as well as in a floating window, even without doing save them first. Furthermore, the latest preview will automatically appear while switching tabs or the document will be changed.

2. Install Preview HTML in Notpad++ Using Plugin Manager

Notepad++ contains a plugin manager that lets users check plugins. They can install any of them to preview HTML in their Notpad++.

Step 1: “ Tap to the Plugins > Plugin Manager > Show Plugin Manager” at an instant (a popup will appear here with all the available plugins).

Step 2: “Scroll down,” and find out Preview HTML.

Step 3: “Make a tick to the Check Box.”

Step 4:“Give a final Click on Install button” to download or install the corresponding plugin from the manager.

Within a few minutes, Notepad++ will install the plugin and restart automatically. Now you can use the plugin easily and take advantage of getting an easy preview in Notpad++.

If the HTML code is saved in .txt format through pressing Win + S. Then this save file in TXT format will not be able to open, and you also will not be able to Preview the HTML plugin. So be careful and save the file as a .html format file to get the preview.

3. Download and Install Preview HTML in Notpad++ Via Third Party Site

With this method, you can now download the Preview HTML through the resultant plugin repository. So, just go ahead and follow the fewer steps to utilize this method.

Step 1: First of all, “Go to the plugin repository.”

Step 2: “Shuffle to the Downloads Section.”

Step 3: Now, “Click on Plugin Option” is available there.

Step 4: “Unzip the File” and “Copy the Preview link” (PreviewHTML.dll file).

Step 5:“Paste it to the Program Files.”

Now you can use the Preview HTML plugin simply from the Plugins menu of Notepad++. Probably, you also can change the browser version only with a single click on the edition. After that, it will change automatically.


There are some requirements or precautions that are essential to successfully utilize all methods mentioned above and view “HTML in Notepad++.”

1. Supported Language

The plugin shows only a preview for some specific supported languages, like HTML and XML. Besides, it will just notify “No preview available.” You can modify the “Language Mode” for each file in the main Language menu of Notepad++. In addition, you also can add support for several languages to the plugin by means of defining filters.

2. Open the Preview Window

To get an appropriate preview, you can simply compress the preview icon available on the toolbar or apply the menu editorial Plugins, Preview HTML, as well as the associated shortcut key. The preview now must appear in a window.

3. Troubleshooting

If you are facing any hurdle in opening the preview window, then it may be possible there is a troubleshoot problem, and your internet connection is not working properly. Try to refresh the connection by clicking the refresh button. By doing all this, there is a chance to solve this problem and do the process without any interruption.

4. Docking/Undocking Preview Window

As the preview appears in a typical ToolWindow. So there are chances to be ‘docked’ within the Notepad++ window or pull out as a separate window. To avoid this problem, there is the easiest way so that you can switch between both docked and undocked. You can simply do it by giving a double-click to the title bar of the preview window. Moreover, you can drag/drop the window by its title bar. The window can also be docked by the base of Notepad++’s main window, which may be present on the left, or the right side of the Windows.

Final Words

Here you will find multiple varieties of methods to Preview HTML Notepad++ in less time; select any of them as per your convenience. Now you don’t need to waste your time anymore viewing the file again and again or open the HTML file by putting them in a browser to view the output. Hopefully, these methods will make you able to avoid all of these headaches. Even from the shifting of the browser’s user agent to open any other browsing site or additional plugin to preview HTML code in notpad++, you don’t need anything. If you want to preview your HTML in notpad++, this article gives you a free hand to pick the related method per your requirement and ease. So that it does not matter whether the code is too short or lengthy, you can easily preview HTML in Notepad++.