How to take a Screenshot on an iPhone 6?

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Almost everyone is familiar with the word screenshot, which is an exclusive and prominent feature in every smartphone. It got more popularity during the last five years. To start this blog, I want to introduce you to the actual meaning of the screenshot and its processing. A screenshot can be explained as a digital image that shows the contents of a device screen. It is created by the Operating System or software running on the device powering the display. In addition, screenshots can also be taken by an external camera, as same as taking a photo of something by photography to clench the contents on the screen.

Taking a Screenshot on an iPhone 6

In the Apple iPhone, the screenshot can also be taken like other smartphones. The screenshot possesses the simplest and handy procedure. You simply press some buttons or screen flash, and the image will be stored in the memory of the device. The saved image has the PNG format and will appear in your ‘Camera Roll,’ or it will appear in another folder named ‘Screenshot.’

In this article, we are going to learn the method of taking a screenshot on iPhone 6. Though iPhone 6 is an old model, it provides different ways of “Screenshot Taking” qualities. Now let’s move to the rest of the article, in which the methods of taking screenshots are discussed.


Methods to take a Screenshot on an iPhone 6

Screenshots provide many benefits like showcasing a problem, capturing an important image, etc. Though the method of taking screenshots is not much different from the previous models, there is something special to note. Let’s discuss the ways of taking screenshots on the iPhone 6.

1. General Method

You can take the screenshot on iPhone 6 by following the following steps:


Step 1: Go to the display to which you want to take the screenshot, and it can be a web page, message chat, or application.

Step 2: Press the power button (unlock key) on the right side and the Touch ID (central button) of your iPhone 6 at the same time, and release both keys simultaneously.

The captured image will appear on the left side, in the lower section of the screen, for a few seconds. Immediately hit the thumbnail for direct editing or sharing the image before it disappears. In case you don’t need to edit or share at this time, you should ignore this thumbnail. When it disappears, you can take more screenshots.

2. One-Handed Method

This method is known as the one-handed method. For this method, you need to follow several steps.

Step 1: Enable the ‘Assistive Touch’ in your phone’s settings by going to ‘General.’ A semi-transparent button will appear on the screen of your phone. It is the “Assistive Touch button.”

Step 2: Next, you will tap on Customize Top Level Menu. Click the Custom icon and select screenshot from the list.

Step 3: This step will be adding the screenshot button to the Assistive Touch Menu. You can also hit on any of the default icons to replace them with an option from the list.

Step 4: With this added screenshot option, you can take a one-handed screenshot anytime by tapping on the Assistive Touch button and the icon of the screenshot.

Step 5: So, take a screenshot, just like before, the phone’s display flashy white, the camera shutter sound will be produced (if your phone is on mute, this sound will not be produced), and the screenshot will be saved in your phone memory.

3. Editing of Screenshot

As mentioned earlier, just click the thumbnail for editing the screenshot. It will open the screenshot editor for you. In this tab, you can edit, erase, cut, add arrows & circles, draw, add text, comment bubble and use the magnifying glass.

Once the editing of this captured screenshot has been done, press ‘OK’ to save it in the photo gallery of your iPhone 6. Here, it will ask you for confirmation to save this capture in the photo gallery or delete this. If you want to send this capture, then press the share button, select the app where to share, and hit the ‘OK’; it will ask for confirmation to save the capture or delete it.

4. Capture a full page in Apple iPhone 6

If you require to take a shot of a complete web page in your iPhone 6, you must first know that this method only works with Apple’s Safari Browser. At first, you need to open the page on which you want to take a screenshot with detail on the Safari browser.

Take a screenshot by following the method described above, and the thumbnail will appear at the bottom left of the Apple iPhone 6 screen when taking a screenshot. After taking a screenshot, to access the screenshot editing application, click on the thumbnail. A text “Full page” will be appeared at the top right; just click on it, and you will see a complete screenshot with a detail to the right of the screen.

Now you can draw on capture, add notes, crop, rotate screenshots, and share by clicking on the arrow at the top right of the screen. Click “Done” to save this screenshot to the photo gallery to finish.

Final Words

This blog provides you with all the methods involved in taking screenshots on Apple iPhone 6. This is a guide having complete details regarding the screenshot on iPhone 6. Hopefully, this guide will be more convenient and informative for you.

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