10 Best Instant Gaming Alternatives in 2022


Instant Gaming is the platform where you can buy your favorite PC and MAC games up to 70% off. It will provide you with all types of best video games as compared to other gaming apps. Instant Games provide an opportunity for people to play games on any device, mobile or desktop.

You can play instant games without installing them first, with the help of the instant play button. It is a kind of setup, which allows you to download your best video games at a reasonable price. Instant Games buy the game keys directly from the distributor and their stores.

These games can be found by tapping the game controller icon in your Facebook Messenger.


Why Users want Instant Gaming Alternatives?

You can create an account on Facebook by entering your name and email. Basically, it is a legal platform for the players to play their video games. Instant games buy CD keys from an authorized reseller, so you can easily trust this website.

If you want to activate CD keys, just go to the product page and click on it. If you are having some problems regarding CD keys, then a refund is possible.Overall, it is a team of energetic gamers that provides the best video games in store.

Instant gaming preference is to give users rapid access to the best games at the base price. It is a safe and secure platform. Firstly, you need to pay through debit and credit cards, so you will get redeem code on certified platforms like Stream or Ubisoft to get the game.


There are popular publishers on Instant Gaming, which provide valid keys to games. It is the best gaming platform. Actually, instant gaming is a site on which you can buy digital copies of video games, which can be downloaded from external resources, such as Origin, Steam.

This site provides you the security of activation code immediately. Instant gaming provides you the facility to earn Instant Gaming credits, to spend on the purchase of games.

You can earn Instant Gaming credits through affiliations; by tapping on items in the main menu, an affiliate link will create which you can share on social media. If you add funds to your account, then you don’t need to make purchases on instant gaming.

No doubt, instant gaming is the best platform for game lovers to buy their favorite video games. It is the best choice when you are looking to find video games. On the other hand, it has some shortcomings. Instant games have some sound quality and graphics issues. Your gaming experience depends upon internet strength.

A poor connection can result in lag and games crashing. One of the main reasons is that you have to log in every time you want to play. Occasionally, redeeming code creates problems, and it’s very annoying. Most of the time, the website is not able to deliver the original redeem code that causes problems.

Because of this, it has lots of alternatives in the market, which are quite reliable and freely available.

List of Instant Gaming Alternatives

Instant gaming is an open-source downloading video game for PC. It has many features, which help you to buy games. But on the other hand, I have some shortcomings that’s why people want its alternatives.

1. Microsoft Store

Microsoft store is an app that provides you the devices, games, apps, and resources. Basically, it allows you to install or purchase apps, games, and other digital media. Whether you use a desktop, a tablet, the Microsoft store provides you with a better experience that will help you do more.

Microsoft store launching its advanced version with the new categories of apps, games. This tool will connect you with a full range of games in your system.

It provides some special games like Candy Crush Soda Saga, Minecraft, etc. You can give your feedback about apps, games on the MS store. The new version of MS store is now 35% faster to open as compared to the previous one, and also refined designs with animations to easily go from one page to another.

It also provides you with a new search result page that finds the content you look for.


  • Flexible Distribution Options
  • Up-to-Date Apps
  • Office App Launcher
  • Line-of-Business App
  • Information Protector


  • Improve Your Productivity
  • Provide New Search Page
  • Verified Information Available


  • A lot of Paid Apps
  • Apps Produce Bugs
  • After Update it Creates Issues
  • The choice is Quite Limited

2. is a simple tool to find and share individual games online for free. This tool shares the video game normally, created by individuals or smaller developers without any financial and technical support from large publishers.

This kind of game often focuses on innovation, experimental gameplay, and taking risks. Due to lack of publisher support, indie games maintain to sell through automated distribution channels rather than at the market. is a kind of software that allows you to obtain indie games online. This is a safe site, as long as you are aware of what you download. You can say that is an open market where independent creators upload their video games.

This site is very beneficial for people, as they can sell their content easily. provides a proper platform to its developer, such as they are able to set price, choose the timing as well.


  • Pre Orders
  • Selling Rewards
  • Bundling Your Content
  • Creating Early-Access Content


  • Exciting Library
  • Lots of Browsing Option
  • Tools for Game Creators


  • Embed Your HTML Game
  • Purchase Require Launchers
  • Search for Good Game will be Hard

3. Origin

Origin is a digital supply platform for buying and playing video games. This tool contains features like profile management, networking with friends. This app is free, safe, and verified by EA. Origin doesn’t cost to buy games and other resources.

There are broadcasting features in origin that allows you to easily telecast your gameplay. Origin provides a platform for all gamers to play into a single application. People can securely purchase and play their favorite games at any time and any place they want.

This software allows you to chat with your friends while you play. Origin contains a few features, which allows people to save their progress online, and also provides live streaming demos.

This platform is available on your mobile devices. If you are purchasing a new game, you will never have to wait. An origin is a fast-growing tool.


  • Project Management
  • Batch Processing
  • New Plot Highlight Mode
  • Graph Types
  • Data Management


  • User Friendly
  • Offers Curve Fitting
  • Publication Quality
  • Process Data Fast


  • Hard to Fix Little Things
  • Inability to Process NMR, FTIR
  • New Version Causes Problem
  • Plots are Difficult to Manipulate

4. Eneba

Eneba is a rapidly growing game store in the market for gamers. This platform provides you to get games and gift cards for PC, Play station, Xbox at low prices. This website is becoming a very large platform to find the best game deals. Eneba is a safe and affordable site.

This site is unofficial but still an online marketplace because of Eneba’s strict policies for its sellers. It is a store where you will find a large collection of action, adventure, puzzles, and more games from small and big developers.

Each game lover will find the game they want at a great price. Eneba tries to resolve complaints within 14 days after receiving any issue from its user and refunds their purchase.

If you want to create an account on Eneba, be over 18 years old and verify your account by adding the necessary information. Eneba is a newly established store for video games as compared to other game stores.


  • Instant key Delivery
  • Ratings
  • Games key Availability


  • Low Prices Games
  • Simple to Use
  • No Extra Fees


  • Can’t See Previous Comments
  • Only Few Payment Methods
  • No Direct Contact with Seller

5. Ubisoft Connect

Ubisoft connect is a free service for Ubisoft games across all platforms. On any device, it gives you the best environment to enjoy games and connect with each other. If you play on PC or mobiles, you will be a part of a global network of Ubisoft players with all the same services.

This platform will provide you access with your friends, that you can share your achievements. The advanced features of Ubisoft connect are so easy that you won’t lose a step if you change or switch your PC.

New releases and live games of Ubisoft will support Ubisoft connect services. Ubisoft connect provides its users more than 1,000 rewards for free to enjoy.

Features update of Ubisoft Connect will provide you with more ways to link with an ever-growing community. This service will provide you with a better experience as compared to other services.


  • GPU Availability
  • Display Tech Compared
  • News Feed
  • Digital Right Management
  • Epic Game Store


  • Online Mood with Ranking System
  • Random Track Generator
  • Double Driver


  • Replay Editor Option
  • Reset of Controls
  • Unlocking of Track Difficult

6. Direct2Drive

Direct2Drive is a digital site where you can buy and download the latest PC games. People can directly download games from the Direct2Drive store. It allows users to purchase Mac games online on this platform. Direct2Drive offers old, new, and pre-orderable games and sells video games to its users.

This site will allow people to play games with their friends in an easy way. If you use any part of the D2D site, you must give all your accurate and perfect data.

People must have the internet to use transactional portions of the Direct2Drive site. D2D is an online digital marketplace site. Direct2Drive provides steam keys at a very reasonable price; if you are having any issues with keys, you can easily refund your purchase.

Direct2Drive is becoming a part of Gamefly because they are aiming to increase the features of this site.


  • Free to Play
  • Community-Based
  • Integrated Chat
  • Nonlinear Editor


  • Lightweight
  • Low Memory Usage
  • Media Streaming


  • Invalid Codes
  • Login Issue
  • Worst Form of DRM Ever

7. Nuuvem

Nuuvem is like a store for digital games for PC, Mac, and Linux. In this store, you can find, buy and download your games instantly. Basically, it is a PC gaming platform that provides a new way to have a game on the web. Here you can easily purchase your favorite games every time.

Nuuvem is offering more than 4,000 games from the world’s biggest publishers. New features of this store offer a new platform, which will deliver a much better and efficient cloud gaming solution.

If you want to buy a steam code for the game, then you need to pay from PayPal and credit cards, etc. if you are a fan of digital games, then Nuuvem is just for the best of you.

This gaming store has different categories of games starting from sports games to treasure hunts, car racing, sword fight, hidden object games, etc. Nuuvem always keeps providing new games on their website.


  • Content Distribution
  • Ricing
  • Localization
  • Payment


  • Keys Directly From Publishers
  • Fair Prices
  • Wide Array of Games Available


  • Restrictions
  • Doesn’t Respond to Emails
  • Invalid Codes Sometimes

8. is a digital gaming service where people can easily download and play unlimited PC and Android games with the help of an active library card. This service allows a better platform for game lovers to play free and efficient games via desktop or app.

Before starting this site, we recommend an internet connection with at least 10MB/s. is giving you the best quality on the fly for your desktop and phone. is a kind of site, which will give you the facility of cloud. With the cloud, you can start your game from where you left off. has the ability to play your games in stunning 4K. provides you with a subscription service; this site will give you unlimited access to its library of more than 2,000 popular games for the next two years. Overall, is the biggest platform for game lovers to play and enjoy their time.


  • Online Services
  • 4K Quality
  • Game Download
  • Games Library
  • Cloud Library


  • Compatibility
  • Broader Reach
  • Support and Maintenance


  • Worst Purchase
  • Convenience
  • Offline Access

9. 2Game

2Game is a site of all CD keys for the latest PC games. 2Game provides the CD keys like Cheap Steam Keys, Xbox Live Gold, Buzzing gaming. This is a free online games site. 2Game updates its site to provide new games every day.

2Game is an official website where the world’s largest publishers upload their games. It provides you trusted services, all your keys coming directly from authentic publishers. 2Game allows you safe access to your video games at a very low price.

It provides you a very fast and the best customer service. If you are having some issues regarding keys, then customer services will sort out your problem as soon as possible. It is an online platform for users to play their favorite video games with CD keys. There is a refundable policy as well if your key is not working properly.


  • CD keys Option
  • Gaming Community
  • Customer Services


  • Cheap Games and Helpful Support
  • Professional Publishers
  • Refund Policy
  • Very Cooperative


  • Some Keys are Region Locked
  • Small Issue of Order
  • Offline Access

10. is an online store that sells digital comfort games at Ultra keen prices. This website is an online platform for users to sell or play their games with ease. provides you with a CD key for your game; from this, you can easily play your favorite games.

It is an official website where you can create an account to buy any game you want. is the fastest growing place to buy your Xbox, Play station, and steam games.

This website allows you safe access to video games at low prices. If you are having some problems regarding keys, services will reply to you back. will secure your account details; if you wish to use steam, you must create a steam account for your own.

If you haven’t originally created an account, you will not be considered as the rightful user. Overall, it is the best online platform to provide online games for its users.


  • Protection of Personal Data
  • Liability
  • Warranty
  • Online Shopping
  • Payment Method


  • Games at Low Prices
  • Fast key Deliveries
  • Steam Games


  • Customer Service is Not Supportive
  • Refund Problem
  • Not Much Secure for Few Accounts

Final Words

Instant gaming is the best platform to buy PC and Mac games. It supports multiple features and allows the user to play and buy their games according to their requirements. Instant gaming is user-friendly and safe to use. This is a trustworthy website where you can buy Keys and play games whenever you want.

Instant gaming allows users to play on desktops and phones as well. With its countless features and usage, this website is growing day by day. This website gives full security to its users, as your key code will remain secure.

There are a few alternatives to this website, which help you provide more features related to games. It provides the best platform for its user to play video games in the right spirit.