10 Best Land Survey Software in 2022

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When we talk about land development, Surveying is the one essential element that comes in mind. The surveying work requires software that provides matchless strengths in data collection for land surveyors and other professionals.

Land Survey is a complicated task; even with all the latest technologies that we have today, it is not an easy job. Before getting involved in these tricky software, you must know the precision of these software, monitoring, and calculation types.

Land Survey Software for easy Land Surveying

The computer-aided design and data collection software were started in the 1980s, and today, they are available in advanced GPS and GIS systems. The Land Survey Software were developed and established by Civil Engineers, Construction Professionals, and Land Surveyors to assist them in gathering relevant data through GPS and total stations. The Land Survey Software allows professionals to design, transfer, alternate, annotate and plot for generating the final land survey CAD drawing.


These software helps you to work on your projects more comprehensively by using information collected through precise measuring instruments to create a graphic and a legal description of the property. There are many free software download programs and options available to help you learn landscape design. These software are armed with advanced graphical interfaces and can be used for a trial period from 7 to 30 days.

These software work automatically and helps the professionals to detail the data, geometric forms, and symbols so that the engineers can make fast decisions about what to do next.


1. Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D

Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D is considered the best, exclusive, and effective software created for Designers, Architects, and Engineers. It is supported by BIM (Building Information Modeling) with combined features to improve design, drafting, and construction documentation. This software is inimitable informing geometric shapes that can be previewed in three-dimensional space. Its interface is simple, easy, and intuitive. This software has a unique audience and appreciation from experts.

Remember that your imagination can only limit geometric shapes in development and design in Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D. Data collection is the cutting-edge for GNSS and Electronic tachometers. It is a suitable function for making appropriate improvements to a cartographic project. You can change the design into geographic drawings without concerning the project stage.

This software uses the high-quality option for designing the structure of complex buildings. The automatic display option of the survey allows you to construct a more precise and right drawing in the spaces of the objects. With every new design work, you learn new things that will be useful for you in the future. Before you start working on it, you must have to take proper training to use this software in full manners.

2. X-PAD Ultimate Survey

X-PAD Ultimate Survey is also considered a simple and modern stuffed software that offers you to attain the best results in the fields. It allows you to work with the total stations and GPS. For more detailed work, you can use the Topographic and cadastral functions. More comprehensive interface and contented visualization perception is more worthful of this software.

The flexible and adaptable use makes it a genuine CAD software. In sunlight, large fonts and buttons are its essentials, and the placement of these large buttons is great on the sides of the menu to save the space of the screen. The automatic control function of this software avoids the duplication of point names. The up-to-date drawing system makes it possible to order instinctive shooting and drawing.

It is considered as the revolution in simple fieldwork and graphic designing. You can find points easily due to its widescreen. You can quickly review, refine and make changes to your projects. It allows you to use different geometric shapes during the calculations for architectural structures. This software is available for PC.

3. SurvCE by Carlson Software

SurvCE by Carlson Software is considered one of the best programs for building and architecture. This unique software allows you to gather data in real-time. This software has an easy and multifunctional control system. The main function is COGO that performs the geometric calculation as per need. You can work with GPS / GNSS systems through it. You can collect the data through electronic satellite reception and total stations.

Using NTRIP, GSM, and UHF, you can easily create the communication medium. It is an easy-to-use software having built-in code space with field coding. You can create unlimited designs through this. This software has a built-in feature that allows you to import files, pale out points, and lines. It includes the massive base of abilities of modern equipment. Manage the system and adjust the gauge as you want.

Experts use this software to measure the earthquake volume create Digital Elevation Model. The software contained a comprehensive list of graphics functions. There are many modification options, and you can customize the DXF file according to the requirements of the person. It is also available for PC.

4. GeoPro Field

GeoPro Field is considered an excellent land surveying and graphic designing software. It provides the ultimate way to gather fieldwork and land survey data. This software can join the data acquisition and efficient drafting. It works as the best assistance in the development work. You can do the work quickly and accurately with its high production function without any doubt.

GeoPro has an easy and handy interface, but it seems difficult to use this kind of software if you are a new person. This is created for the experts, but you can learn it in a concise time. It is an unbelievable experience in grasping surveying and measuring land in precise calculations. GeoPro Field comprises all the geometric formulas to measure and design all types of shapes. This software support numerous languages.

Designing is not easy. The good thing is, developers have to care about the accessibilities of the software. Provide yourself with a reliable, enhanced environment for your project requirements. It replaced manual labor with automation of actions that help you to save time and make calculations more perfect. You can apply a 3D design module for a more pleasant and accurate drawing experience.

Modern systems let you for collecting geographic and landform data that combines software. This surveying software help users achieve precision and realism. This software can be your automated friend with a specialized atmosphere.

5. Leica Captivate

Leica Captivate is considered an innovative solution for the field of surveying. It is exclusive automated software for total stations and GPS / GNSS systems. You can solve various construction problems rapidly and expediently. The software provides valuable experience for beginners because of excellent fieldwork software.

Genuine 3D modeling lets you look at the drawing results and details in 3D space. You can access the numerous types of data, dynamic 3D maps, tailor the Displayed menu. In the industry of hypsographic instrumentation, This software is Suitable, modest, and best-of-breed.

It is a high-tech program developed for experts of different stages. The enjoyable functionality of the software met the needs of surveyors. Also available for download on a PC.

6. Navisworks Manage

Navisworks Manage is considered another suitable and modest assistant in design and research. If you are a qualified designer, you can consider this software that lets learners and skilled experts to work with its functionality. This software is designed to direct and precisely design architectural and building structures. You can automatically confirm the accuracy of the designed drawings and simulate all construction processes. It is essential to carry out specific initial designs.

The 3D modeling system of this software that offers you to visualize the completed project. The built-in graph function lets you watch progress changes, make their own shortcomings, and effectively interact with the built project. You can manage crucial programs for the synchronization and analysis of construction projects. Exclusively it is helpful for construction companies to carry out precise and fast calculations of all essential measures.

Experts can implant numerous files into the graphic project with sustaining all the functions for any file type. You can take all the statements you need in various suitable formats. All the prime objects can be linked to the work schedule from MS Project or Oracle Primavera. You can track an additional check to discover duplicate items to avoid errors.

7. TerraSync

TerraSync is another software that assists in the field of surveying based on the modern system for quick and accurate data collection of different types. In the modern world, land surveyor software is considered irreplaceable. Many functions open up additional features such as previews. They simplify a lot of work and do everything exactly.

Comprehensive access to satellites offers efficient and firm operation. It collects all significant information about a geographic object from geographic information systems. As a user, you can preview the building structure through maps. You can edit the interface of the software. You can set the interface that comforts you for your work. This software also provides Configure and control various GNSS receivers facilities.

It provides a valuable and vibrant collection of data on numerous coordinates of the object, practical interface customization, quick and precise navigation to the object. This software covers everything you need for modern building design requirements. The software supports several multimedia files and animations and has fast synchronization with various receivers. This also saves your time for data collection.

You can install it on a PC. Satellite handsets provide high-quality and exact geographic information to create building structures in the study area. You can consider it a reliable assistant in geographic information data.

8. MAGNET Field Layout

MAGNET Field Layout is an automatic fieldwork software. This software is developed mainly to get precise geographic data for any site. Multi-functionality and accuracy can make fieldwork with high exactness and realism. Consider it best if you want software that works automatically and saves your time.

A modern interface for design patterns on the ground allows users to steer rapidly and get a ready-made design model. It is efficient software with an inherent graphical interface. The straightforward operation software has a control panel option. The modern style of buildings requires a flexible plan with consistent design and permanence. You can mark the buildings for your convenience through this.

Hence, many professionals choose this exclusive and simple software. It works as the geologic survey, pleasant to use for tasks. Creating complex designs, placing structures through this is easy. Easy to use on PC.

9. FieldGenius by Microsurvey

This software allows you to consider the construction of a digital drawing to calculate the geometric data. It provides the modern format for data storing, and when you select the project, it automatically provides the options list according to the project. You can export the final file in SDR, ASCII, XML formats. In this, you get the 3 module support to work.

The First Standard module is for beginners with all the functions for comfortable designing. Then the advanced module has some professional functions for the skill learners. To enjoy the automated control process, you can use the robotics module.

10. iCON build Construction Software by Leica Geosystems

The iCON build Construction Software by Leica Geosystems is also a high-tech, modern, efficient software. Due to this software, Planning and Drafting are flexible and efficient. This software improves correctness when performing ethnographic. It is not difficult to comprehend it, even for new experts. The software has an exclusive interface and is easy to navigate. Use it and gets high output and speed in your surveying job. To increase workflow speed, you can add more points to your project.

It supports an extensive range of synchronization sensors. It is software with a separate digital calculation and design system that provides a consistent and correct statement before constructing structures in the proposed area. This software is designed for construction engineers and experts in the architectural and construction fields. If you use this software, your projects are more accurate and functional.

An easy-to-use and adaptable interface allows you to digitalize manual labor and get a precise design for all the features. It is elegant, functional, and lightweight for design work. Users can alter its interface according to their comfort. It is available for PC.

Final Words

Land surveying is not an easy task. A land surveyor needs quicker and efficient software tools to help in the jobs and produce precise land survey drafting results. Above mentioned are the few most commonly used software. Select software that provides you with a reliable, enhanced environment for your project. That software must be easy-to-learn and user-friendly and help users achieve accuracy and practicality.

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