17 Best Free Live TV Streaming Sites in 2022


Looking for amazing Live TV Streaming Sites on your device? Stay hooked on this guide.

Some countries impose a strict ban on illegal and unethical online streaming sites, and in most cases, the website designers are incurred some serious penalties. But there are many authentic and legal websites that you can use to stream the content, few of them are free and few needed to be paid to stream online TV.

Basically, the illegal sites do not provide the streamed content from their own server; when you request the content, it redirects you to the other site server to load and show the content. You can get the list of Live TV Streaming Sites to enjoy free stream every time!


List of Live TV Streaming Sites

Many sites are illegal and on the internet just to inject the malware on your device that might will harm your device badly. To avoid such kind of issue, before installing any site, please download a good antivirus software to keep your device protected. Go through the guide presented below to get the best and most authentic site to stream the Live content.


USTVGO is a great streaming app and first on the best Live TV Streaming Sites list. If you want to stream live US programs, then this site is for you. The user interface of this site is amazing and simple, with little or no ads.


This site provides 80 plus live television channels such as History, ABC, Showtime, Science, TCM, CBS, CMT, Cinemax, CNN, Cartoon Network, ESPN, Fox Sports, Disney, WWE Network, Fox, HBO, truTV, Discovery, NGC, NBC, and other popular channels.

The unique point of this app is that it is just a simple video player that runs instantly and provides without buffer streaming with a smooth and stable internet connection. It is a famous and free streaming site that only works across the US.


  • Plus 80+ Live Channels for streaming.
  • Cool and decent Video Player site for free.
  • No redirects or pop-up ads are there to interrupt the video.
  • Simple and easy-to-understand interface.

2. YuppTV

YuppTV is the other great free streaming app that you can use to watch live TV programs and movies. It is among the best Live TV Streaming Sites list just because of its wide range of area coverage. This site is perfect for streaming live Indian video content such as TV, talk shows, and Movies.

This app is available Worldwide to use for free and has millions of users. In this, you will get the famous channels list from entertainment to movies and News to local content. It hosts numerous live national and Indian channels in a separate list. With the limited channels, it is free, but you have to pay if you unlock the extra channels and get the premium version of the app.


  • Offers a seven days free trial with all the features.
  • Charge double for the first month and then half for the next subscription.
  • Required the registration and signed up to use the app.
  • Offers a language-wise list of channels for your ease.

3. Pluto TV

PlutoTV is another site to live stream the video content. It is also considered the best on the Live TV Streaming Sites list. It is a live TV streaming platform containing 100 plus channels, a wide range of Movies, old and new, and numerous TV shows to watch for free. This site has a major source of earnings through video ads.

With live TV, this app also provides on-demand and trendy movies to watch at any time. The content of this site is directly licensed from the content provider. There are plus 80 distributors on this platform as the content provider. This live TV site is compatible with all operating systems such as Android, iOS, Apple TV, Roku, and more.


  • Live TV Streaming and also On-Demand Free Movies to watch.
  • Live Movie space to stream the current launched movie.
  • Compatible with all operating systems and all devices.
  • Offers few Live TV channels with long video ads.

4. 123TV Now

123TV Now is also an amazing live streaming site available for free. Because of its special and amazing features, it is also among the best Live TV Streaming Sites list. This site offers incredible features like no need to register to use this app. No pop-up ads to interrupt your video streaming.

This site offers a categorized list of channels and movies you just have to click on the desired video and enjoy. It works as a smooth video player similar to YouTube. You can also schedule the current and upcoming shows on this site.

The content and channels are mostly related to the UK and US, from entertainment to News. Stream the content with any kind of redirection and video ads. There you also get the different information channels.


  • Free streaming site in Premium mode.
  • No need for a subscription and registration to use this site.
  • Without Ads, redirects, and pop-up videos.
  • Cool and decent Video Player that executes instantly.

5. UStream

UStream is also a live TV streaming site for the US region, especially for free. It is also among the list of excellent Live TV Streaming Sites. You will get the plus 200 premium channels categorized in the list, such as sports, movies, TV shows, and much more. This site provides some informative channels with high-quality streaming.

Like some previous sites, this also supports the video ads that may pop up and interrupt the smooth process of streaming. To stop the ads, you may download the ads blocker. These ads block my harm in the process of video loading, then you have to uninstall it. Accessible channels are Sky Sports, Disney Jr, Eurosports, sports, and more.


  • Live and on-demand video and movie streaming.
  • List of categories to easily access the required content.
  • Compatible with many operating systems and devices.
  • Contain ads that pop up and interrupt the smooth streaming process.

6. NFL Stream

NFL Stream is an amazing streaming site and on the Live TV Streaming Sites list. It offers the current and live content to stream with its simple user interface that supports many languages. You can use this site in Arabic, Spanish, French, and Italian. You can use this site to solve the issues related to the playback problems.

Use this app by installing the extension in Google chrome. This offers you an easy stream of live TV content on your smart device with just a few clicks. This site is not ads supportive and offers a smooth video streaming process to its users. You can stream the content based on your wish and mood.


  • Simple and friendly user interface to stream.
  • Offer all over the world channels view the desired one.
  • Content is listed under the different types to ease the searching process.
  • Support both operating systems and national and international content.

7. Stream2Watch

Stream2Watch is also among the best Live TV Streaming Sites list. This site is also a free Live streaming website that has numerous resources to host the links on its space. You can stream live free TV channels from many countries like Canada, Italy, Russia, Spain, the UK, the US, and more European Countries.

This site provides the switching option between the sports streaming channels. Free Live TV Streaming Sites No Sign Up required. It hosts many unreliable sources of content for streaming, some of that may not work properly.

If one host does not work properly, don’t worry, it offers many links to execute one video. There you can get the aggressive type of ads that may pop up during the streaming. As it offers many free streaming channels without a subscription, so you can bear those ads.


  • Offers free numerous channels from Europe.
  • Support high competitive advertisement.
  • Provide the switching option among the different channels.
  • No subscription and sign-up are needed to use.

8. Hulu

Hulu is an authentic live TV streaming site and not entirely free to use. Due to the privacy policy of this site, it is on the list of amazing Live TV Streaming Sites. This site is based on a subscription for online streaming, but this app offers limited content to stream if you select the free resources.

The working style of this platform is like a hybrid of Sling TV and Netflix, which offers both on-demand content and also live TV shows. The streaming content and its presentation is based on the price. This site is also ad-supported, but if you select the paid version, then it blocks ads.


  • Offers live TV with 150 movies and TV shows.
  • Now provides movies and informative programs for free.
  • High-quality streaming material in paid and free modes.
  • Premium content requires a subscription to stream.
  • Free version is ads supported.

9. TVCatchup

TVCatchup is the other one on the best Live TV Streaming Sites list. It is not just a tool; you can download it as a separate app to enjoy live streaming without any interruption. The app’s user interface is similar to the site for your ease of searching the content and using the app. There also you get the list of different contents in different classes and types.

You only get the satellite channels for free on this app, but it offers all the UK channels to watch. You will get the BBC, ITV, Channel 5, Channel4, and many more in free service. You can also enjoy the different limited movies with the pop-up advertisement in the free version.


  • Compatible with both Android and iOS systems.
  • In the budget, paid app to stream the video content.
  • Work well on smart devices and also on laptops.
  • Easy to set and stuns, amazing with soler picture quality.

10. Showbox

Showbox is also among the amazing Live TV Streaming Sites just because of its high-quality video content. There you can enjoy the drama and movies without any ads interruption or in high quality. Like some other sites, this site also offers a gallery filled with rich content to stream for free.

The interface of this site is simple and delightful to use. The home screen has all the necessary options and a menu that helps you in using the site without any problem. It offers a list of categorized content from which you can easily select the desired content to stream. Through this site, you can download the content to watch further.


  • Offers eye-catching graphics with high-quality videos.
  • The performance of the site is great and high all the time.
  • Provides regular updates to be on the top.
  • Select the video quality as per your preference.

11. YouTube Tv

YouTube TV is much more familiar and used over the World to stream the content on-demand also live. It is also on the list of TV Streaming Sites due to its fame and one-touch streaming facility. In the US only, it offers a subscription service. It has unlimited channels and content to stream over the globe.

It contains The CW, Fox, NBC, ABC, CBS, and other networks. There you get the DVR Cloud storage space without limit. It offers six accounts with DVR storage to the individual. The free service offers 80 US channels that you can directly stream on your smart device or laptop without the wire box.


  • Offers sports, entertainment, News, and kid’s corner to stream.
  • Simple and easy to comprehend the user interface of this site.
  • Free with limits and offer subscription in the US region only.
  • High-quality video material is there to watch and have fun with.

12. Hotstar

Hotstar is the best website to stream Hindi content for free. It offers all the 21st century Disney content to stream for free based on your desire. This site has its own library of content to stream. You will get all the Indian Soaps, dramas, movies, and live TV talk shows there.

These all types of content make it is a premium app place for Indian serials and content lovers. This also has a separate place for international movies and other content. It is designed for the USA and Canada and has a content gallery to stop digital rights violations. This site is for Android users till now, but soon they will release the iOS version.


  • Specially designed for Android users but works for iOS compatibility.
  • Indian drama lovers prefer this site to stream Indian content.
  • Provide access to all the Indian channels for free.
  • Simple and friendly user interface makes it among the top streaming site.

13. Squid TV

SquidTV is also among the best TV Streaming Sites. It is a simple and cool live TV search engine. This site contains all the streaming material from all over the Globe. All streaming material is categorized according to the country, language, and type to search the required one easily.

Most streaming content is legally available from all over the World. From there, you can access any channel from any country with just one click. Also, it offers the strep-to-step guide to using this site comfortably. You will be redirected to the main website or player to enjoy the required content.


  • Simple, cool, and easy-to-use user interface of this site.
  • High-quality video material is there to watch and have fun with.
  • The free version is ads-supported.
  • No subscription and sign-up is needed to use it for free.

14. Sling TV

Sling TV is an incredible live TV streaming site available on the best TV Streaming Sites list. The user interface of this site is simple and cool, with numerous channels and low pricing, which favor this site. This site is compatible with all devices and Operating Systems. It offers a list of channels categorized by type for your ease.

You just have to click on the desired type; this site shows the content of that type, select the wished content and start streaming. There you get the live plus on-demand content to stream. Its pricing packs are named differently and with different prices. You will get sports, entertainment, information, and movies to watch.


  • Both are free plus paid versions with different pricing policies.
  • Simple, cool, and easy-to-use user interface of this site.
  • Offers a list of content with different types category.
  • For paid version needs a subscription and sign up.

15. Airtel TV

Airtel TV offers the plus 350 live channels, unlimited movies, and video content to stream without any problem. This site fulfills all the requirements of entertainment in one place. You can easily approach any content, such as the huge variety of sports, dramas, movies, and much more. It is the incredible Free Live TV Streaming Sites For Android users.

It has a wide range of blockbuster movies and dramas for your entertainment to make your weekend entertaining and relaxing. This site is specially developed for Indian content and provides 15 numerous channels of Indian content. To use this site, you have to pay a one-time yearly subscription fee.


  • Connect the five devices with one account.
  • Offers content from all over the World, especially Indian content.
  • You have to subscribe to the site to use and sign up.
  • Authentic site that has its own material gallery to stream.

16. Epctv

Epctv is also among the best Live TV Streaming Sites that is specially designed for US channels and provides you with a range of entertainment. The interface of this site is similar to others and friendly. It also offers a list of content to get the desired content easily. But this site is also ads supportive in the free version.

It is a Free Live TV Streaming Sites For Firestick and offers the streaming service from ESPN via the link as EpvTv. You can sort the content as per your choice, like country, language, movies, and drama. It offers many channels to stream content like entertainment, News, kids, sports, etc.


  • Simple and amazing site especially for the US people.
  • Offers rich content to stream with high quality.
  • Provide many options like sorting and ad-blocking.
  • No need for registration and sign up to use this site.
  • Contain ads that pop up and interrupt the smooth streaming process.

17. Time4TV is an online site that allows you to stream video content from all over the World. It offers almost all region content to the best Live TV Streaming Sites. You can enjoy the US and UK channels, sports, Hindi, and news channels, all for free without any interruption. It offers a list of content to select and stream. It is a Free Live Tv Streaming Sites Sports for sports lovers.

Mainly this site is best for sports lovers. There you get plus 60 sports channels that contain Fox Network, ESPN, MU TV, NFL Network, MLB Network, WWE Network, NBA TV, Sky Network, BT Sports, Sony Network, Star Network, and more. Every channel is backed with multiple resources; other links may support it if one fails to load the channel.


  • Great and amazing source to watch live content without any restriction.
  • No need for registration and sign up to use this site.
  • Support aggressive ads that pop up during the video and interrupt.
  • Required Proxy/VPN if the site is not working properly.

Final Words

The incredible free Live TV Streaming Sites list ends here, Hope! You will get the best solution for your need from this guide. We gather the top sites that offer the legal and authentic streaming content for you, some for free and some paid. Sites that have dedicated space for Indian content are free to use.

Some sites are ads supportive in their free version, but if you want smooth streaming, you have to pay for it. You can use one or more sites based on your need and get the best one. Also, you can share this guide with others to pass their idle time with enjoyment by streaming the content from authentic sites.