10 Best Midomi Alternatives in 2022


Midomi is a musical website that is used to search and discover tracks by using the user’s voice. The voices like sing, humming, or whistling can be used to identify the song and it will automatically connect its users with the community of identified track.

It is included in the category of audio and music and is mostly known as a song recognition program. Voice recognition, Music Discovery and song identification are the main features of Midomi. It uses the search engine of Sound2Sound to identify the music accurately.

When the internet connection is available, it will automatically go for a search and provide the available results. It allows its users to bookmark their searches and share their favorite tracks on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.


Midomi app was rebranded as SoundHound in 2009 but their web version is still available with the name It became the first music-search product in 2014 and is available free of cost on the internet.

Its accuracy rate is 70% and it is the only app in the music industry that supports more than two search formats. The iPhone app of Midomi includes two main features that make it different from other companies like Apple Music integration and Google Play integration.

When the song is being identified on the Midomi app it will allow its users to watch the track on Youtube. After that, it will send a query to purchase that song from the music store of iTunes. Secondly, it will allow their users to share their favorite tracks with friends and family and update their id on their online profile.


It supports the operating system of Windows, Mac, and iOS. The interface of Midomi looks modern and stylish with the orange and brown shades. It mainly focuses on the design of its site so that users feel fun communicating with their friends and discovering new music.

Why Do Users Want Midomi Alternatives?

Although, Midomi is rich in its benefits and changes the shape of the music industry due to their invention of song identification through singing, humming, or whistling. Along with its benefits, many problems are associated with it as the accuracy rate of identifying songs is 70%.

It is not able to support Unicode, command line and neither has the ability to fix missing information. Some users also report that if its software is mostly not up-to-date it may crash the iPhone software. That’s why users want alternatives in order to enjoy the best music player.

List of Midomi Alternatives

As Midomi is good in its features but along with its benefits there exist some shortfalls of Midomi as discussed in the above section. Midomi changes its name to SoundHound in 2009 and most people are confused about it.

Many other alternatives are available here which are best in features of song recognition, voice recognition, artificial intelligence, etc. Among the best alternatives of Midomi 10 alternatives are discussed here in detail along with their features, pros, and cons.

1. WhoSampled

WhoSampled is a musical website that is used for identifying and discovering the song through music samples, cover songs, and Remixes. To discover the music provides direct connections among the 778,000 songs and 251,000 artists.

To identify the songs it always scans the music library and discovers an amazing connection that is available in it. It provides a clean and beautiful interface for its users. By using this, users can stream all the songs at full length through YouTube.

It identifies the tracks from samples, cover songs, and remixes while on the other hand, Midomi identifies the songs through its voice like Sing, hum or whistle, etc. Midomi performs better than WhoSampled as it supports Spotify integration features while Midomi supports the features of voice recognition, Music discovery, and song identification.


  • Music Discovery
  • Music Recognition
  • Song Identification
  • Spotify Integration


  • Easy to Discovered Tracks
  • Free to Download
  • Playable Song Samples.


  • Scan Digital Music
  • Spotify Integration
  • Doesn’t Support Mobile Apps

2. TuneFind

Tunefind is the musical website that is used to find the music from the indexes of television (TV) movies, shows, and official soundtrack albums. New video games can be used to discover new tracks in this regard.

It provides the features of voice recognition, song identification, Apple Music integration, Google play integration, and many more. Real-time collaboration of Midi and Wikipedia can also be possible by using this website. By using this site users will be able to stream their video to Apple TV.

Tunefind does not have its own application but it makes the design of its website so friendly that it can be used by anyone. Midoma supports both the app and website while TuneFind only runs its website.

Tunefind supports video streaming and voice recognition like Midoma. Real-time collaboration cannot be possible while using Midoma. It does not support IFTTT Integration and automatic lyrics finders like Midoma


  • Stream Video to Apple TV
  • Music Discovery
  • Real-time Collaboration
  • Community-based
  • Google Play Integration


  • Use TV and Game Content
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Searchable Database
  • Include Video Games Database


  • Issues in Listening
  • Song Verification depends upon Voting
  • Registration for Voting.

3. WhatSong

WhatSong provides the facility to discover new songs from the latest TV movies and shows, unlike TuneFinder. Most of its feature resembles Tunefinder as it is also web-based and has no application yet. Its main drawback is that it does not contain video games in its database.

Its database is smaller than Tunefinder as it contains 2100 movies and 256 TV. It provides an integration to YouTube that helps the users to play full-length songs without leaving the WhatSong website.

It includes the feature of music streaming, unlike Midoma which does not include it. WhatSong does not offer the facility of video game-like Midoma and has a smaller database. While using this website it became harder to find older songs, unlike Midoma.

It also provides the facility to its user to save their favorite songs in their own profile. Streaming services such as Spotify and youtube may be used to open new songs.


  • Music Discovery
  • Music Library
  • Spotify Integration
  • Music Streaming


  • Spotify Integration to YouTube
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Save Song from Website


  • Identify Music from Latest Movies
  • Small Database
  • Doesn’t Support Video Games

4. MusicID

MusicID is considered a fast-working app for discovering songs. MusicID challenges its user of finding their discovered music within five minutes. Users can use their mobile phones in identifying the music which they hear on the radio, in movies, in clubs, in grocery stores, etc.

If any song is searched in MusicID, it will find show the result of the song along with the information of the album, lyrics, and its singer. By using MusicID, the song can also be identified by placing the artist’s name, song title, and lyrics phrase.

MusicID keeps on adding new songs daily to date. It contains 28 million songs and these songs can be obtained with a single click. The related content of the song like artist name, bios, similar songs, and lyrics are automatically being picked by this website. It is available both in Windows and App and is being downloaded free of cost it identifies songs by voice like Midoma


  • Music Recognition
  • Powerful Search
  • Lyrics, Bio, and Download


  • Identify Song Quickly.
  • Search Music by Voice
  • Identify Song by Music video


  • Contain Ads
  • Doesn’t Support Non-Mainstream
  • Doesn’t Identify Obscure Music

5. AHA Music

AHA Music is another alternative of Midomi that uses the browser extension in order to recognize songs with the links of Spotify, Deezer, and Youtube. These links are provided for the purpose of Streaming. Just like Midoma in this alternative music is also recognized by the user’s voice.

In AHA Music user will not use the microphone. By using this extension, the user just records the voice and then sings and hums in order to recognize the song.

It is mainly used to identify the songs online. AHA music is considered to be the music identifier after searching the song it will show the result of the song name along with the links of YouTube, Spotify, and Deezer.

It will also support video streaming like Midomi and identify the music with accuracy and provide all the information that is necessary to find this song again. Its rating is so less as the Midomi because of some technical faults it mostly shows the error of the server busy during the searching of the song.


  • Google-Chrome Extension
  • Browser Integration
  • Firefox-Extension


  • Available Free on Internet
  • Provides Video Streaming
  • Identify Music on PC or Browser
  • Provide Songs with Streaming Links


  • Server Unavailable Error.
  • Poor Customer Support
  • Doesn’t Support API Integration

6. ACRCloud

ACRCloud is an automatic content recognition tool, mostly known as an Audio Recognition Service Provider that provides the services of Music Recognition, Cover Song Detection, Copyright Compliance, and Broadcast Monitoring to the music industry.

It contains 40 million tracks in its music fingerprinting database. The response time of ACRCloud is on average 2-4 seconds and it also provides the services of copyright content identification. Smart devices and apps use this for offline identification and audience measurement.

Real-time broadcast monitoring, live TV Channel detection, and second-screen interaction can also be performed by this. Nowadays its services are mostly used by Alibaba, Xiaomi, and Peach companies. It provides the feature of music recognition just like Midomi.

To provide scalable, robust, and flexible integration it gets full suite access of API and SDK, and to control everything on the platform it may use the RESTful API. It is used by Music DSPs and Apps, Advertising and Big Data, Broadcasters and Automotive, etc.


  • Audio Fingerprinting
  • Cloud-Based
  • Music Recognition
  • Broadcast Monitoring
  • Live Channel Detection
  • Copyright Compliance
  • Second Screen Synchronization


  • Easy Integration
  • Top Tier Algorithm
  • Acoustic Fingering
  • Large Database


  • High Subscription Fee
  • Not Ad-free App
  • Issues in Integration

7. MusicBrainz Picard

MusicBrainz Picard is the cross-platform music tagger and provides the facility of voice recognition, music discovery, Acoustic fingerprinting, automatic tagging, Music Library, and Portable, etc. In MusicBrainz Picard, the word MusicBrainz means the database while the Picard is the name of the tool that is used to tag music files.

It is considered to be the next-generation tagging application and it uses the language of Python as Picard. It can also be used to remove duplicate music files from the music directory and this can be done by acoustic fingerprinting.

It is a free and open-source application and is used for identifying, organizing, and tagging music or audio recording. Video tagging can also be done by MusicBrainz as CD precise timing is available on its database it simply allows to recognize it.

It is much better than Midomi as it provides services of auto-tagging, and batch editing, and is portable, unlike Midomi. Command-line support, Automatic file renaming can also be performed by this, unlike Midomi.


  • Automatic Tagging
  • Acoustic Fingering
  • Mp3 Tag Editor
  • Fix Missing Information


  • Regularly Updated
  • Multiple Options to Identify Tracks
  • Available for Free


  • Doesn’t find Discs Occasionally
  • Doesn’t Support Apple Music Integration
  • Doesn’t Support Lyrics
  • Uses Specialized Nomenclature

8. Musipedia

Musipedia is another alternative of Midomi that works as a search engine for the musical theme and tunes and it collaborates with the entire music encyclopedia. To search for music on its website user just need to know about the melody of the music. This melody can be sung or whistled to a computer or can be searched on the keyboard.

It includes the category of Audio and Music. Just like Wikipedia, it can be edited by anybody. It offers three ways of searching the first two searching ways are based on melodic contour, pitches, and onset time. It can be based on rhythm also.

For the searching of melodic counter and pitches, the user will have to draw notes and then play them on the keyboard. The search engine of Musipedia is different from that of Midomi as it uses acoustic fingerprinting methods to search for the music. It identifies the melody of the music while Midomi on the other hand identifies the recording.


  • Real-Time Collaboration
  • Support for MIDI
  • JavaScript Piano
  • Discussion Forum
  • Continuous-Based Search


  • Melody Search
  • Flash Piano
  • Different Ways of Searching Music


  • Time-consuming
  • Require Additional Downloads
  • Generate Notes for Composing

9. WatZatSong

WatZatSong is a community-based website that helps musicians in naming the tune that is generated by them. Melody is sung or recorded by users and the members of WatZatSong listen to their music and tell the user about the melody.

It is a fast, easy and efficient way of naming a song and it helps thousands of users in naming songs. These generated songs are also published on its website and now the mobile app version is also available in the market free of cost.

WatZatSong contains a team of members who listen to the melody help the user in naming that melody. Users feel free to ask them anything. Moreover, its website is accessed by multiple languages which mean it can be used from all over the world. It is much different from Midomi and many negative responses are being given regarding this app.


  • Community-based
  • Music Discovery
  • Music Library
  • Music Recognition


  • Recorded Audio Clip
  • Discovers New Songs
  • Large Database


  • Issues in Downloading
  • Issues in iPhone 8 App
  • Complex Interface

10. MusicRadar

MusicRadar is the special alternative of Midomi that performs music recognition on the Linux Desktop only. It is used to identify the songs by title, album, and artist, etc. Through this app, users will be able to record the sound coming from the microphone and other applications also.

The data that users search from its website will automatically be saved on its history box. It mainly supports the dark theme of the Linux operating system. It is also considered as the online platform for providing music gear, information, reviews, and tuitions spot for the musicians.

Midomi supports the operating system of windows and iOS while the other Music radar supports only the Linux desktop operating system. To identify songs Midomi supports audio-fingering while Music radar identifies the songs by title, artist, and albums. It is mostly considered the best website for guitarists, drummers, and producers.


  • Music Recognition
  • News
  • Products Review
  • Tuition
  • Social Network


  • Use Title, Artist, and Albums
  • Saved Search history
  • Preview of Identified Songs
  • Support Multiple Applications


  • Supports Linux OS
  • Supports Dark Theme
  • Support Command-line Interface

Final Words

In this article, Midomi is discussed in detail with most of its alternatives. Midomi is the musical website and software that is used to identify the songs by user’s voice. There are many advantages of using it but along with its benefits, it contains some drawbacks also.

The accuracy rate of the identified song is only 70%. Users face problems in identifying the song. After discussing the alternatives it is found that ACRCloud is the best to use among the others as it uses acoustic fingerprinting technology to identify the songs. It supports all of the operating systems like Windows, Linux, and iOS and is also available free of cost on the internet.