10 Best Movie Organizer Software in 2022


Several Entertainment modes can be there and everyone has a versatile style to get entertained. It can be your pets, friends, and family, and it can be T.V. series or movies that you have in your collection. Managing and streaming it according to your plans is essential if you have a vast library of T.V. shows and movies.

Nevertheless, huge libraries can be messed if they’re not appropriately ordered. No doubt, it is a complex task to arrange a considerable collection of movies in files and folders. But it is essential to do so. There are several ways to manage your entertainment data. You can order it manually and by the software’s as well. Let’s talk about the manual ways first.

Organize your Movies Manually

There can be more than four ways, but in general, we will discuss the main four ways to manage your personal entertainments library.

  • Genre or Title

Genre is the terminology for any grouping of artistic work, including literature and other forms of art or entertainment. Genres are molded by agreements that alter over time as new genres are designed and previous ones get obsolete. Frequently, works fit into numerous categories by copying and recombining these agreements.

  • Boxed Sets

Movies, T.V. series, and other video programs are occasionally provided as box sets, having specific titles and formats. This box set might comprise a complete season or seasons, or the comprehensive series, of a famous T.V. program. You adjust and organize your movies into these boxes. But this arrangement will be a very hectic job for an individual.

  • Shelves

Shelves are usually finished with durable tools such as wood, bamboo, or steel, and however, frames are used to hold lighter-weight kinds of stuff. But it can be made of glass or plastic as well. These days’ DIY shelves can be designed for organizing your movies and T.V series as well. These shelves can contain your data safely. But you have to make it neat and clean every day.

  • Alphabetical order

You can put your stuff in an alphabetical order to maintain your comfortability. This alphabetical order can be on shelves or your personal computer as well. You can set your favorite T.V series and movies in this order anywhere you want. If you have a separate space in your house to put all of the movie collections, this way will be suitable for you. Otherwise, this is a super hectic job for an individual.

Organize Your Movies via Software

Let’s talk about the second way to store your movies and T.V. series, which is digital and a super-easy way. Through this, you can accomplish your task less time and more efficiently. These days software market has versatile, and excellent software’s to store your movies. Some of those software’s are given below.

1. moVee8

moVee 8 is planned to provide you with wild access to information about your preferred or upcoming movies and permits you to look at your own movie collection within a Windows 8 style interface. moVee 8 uses TMDb data to offer details about any movie, comprising of info about the release date, the cast, the budget, and so on. It features a search section to aid you in rapidly finding the desired movie and allows you to watch trailers. Also, you can use it to outlook movie metadata for videos stored on the local hard drive.

Its index page shows the latest Box Office. Coming Soon and Trending Movies can also be the scene on the homepage. This software provides Detailed Movie information to be a good option for managing your movie collection. It has the feature of having Detailed Actor information that fascinates you about your interest. You can browse local movies by title or posters as well. Its interface contains a Movie Player, which can be very beneficial. You can rename a movie as per your interest. You can edit your movie details.


  • You can search for a movie from a Poster Searcher.
  • Its user interface contains a Backdrop Searcher.
  • This software can export xml, Posters, and Actors.
  • Its templates contain Large Poster and Actor viewers.
  • You have ease of a single click to go to the movie homepage.
  • You can quickly jump to letter for faster searching of extensive collections.

2. Personal Video Database

Personal Video Database allows you to catalog your movie or DVD collection very easily. You have to simply enter the name of the movie and recover the details from online resources, containing plot, actors, director, and much more. You can also download a DVD cover from Amazon and load local screenshots and movie covers from your hard drive. The program contains filtering and grouping options as well as an advanced search feature to make it easy to find a specific movie.

Personal Video Database is a movie and T.V. series cataloger. Its user interface contains tons of opportunities to adapt capacity and look at the info about your videos. You can select diverse kinds of patterns, add information like actors, cast, director, and IMDB release date. You can arrange them by various criteria and locate them effortlessly to know more about your video collection. Additionally, this software includes many visualization options that make it more attention-grabbing.


  • This software has a colorful user interface.
  • You can mark your favorite movies as “loaned.”
  • You can establish movie I.D. numbers and reset all filters.
  • It enables you to switch to full-screen style, and sort stuffs in a list manner.
  • You can set bookmarks and direct them.
  • It is directly connected to a server; you can protect the server with a password and export it to various file categories, like simple plain list, CSV, HTML table, or XML.

3. Collectorz

By using Collectorz you can organize your collection of CDs, DVDs, books, comic books, or video games. You can download the software for PC. You can install the mobile app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device, or just use the Connect web-based edition. Its home screen is highly customizable so that you can make it look the way you want. This software contains multiple layouts for the home screen folder.

You can use, Images or Card Views for your movie lists. It contains different patterns for the movie details panel. It has numerous skins like Light, Dark, and System skins for all screens. It has full movie details like Year, Studio, Cast, Crew, Plot, Genre, Duration, etc. You can convert movie posters, art, trailer videos, backdrop art For T.V. It contains series, complete episode details, and screenshot pictures.


  • Collectorz always has an online gridlock (backup) of your movie database.
  • This is software completely synchronizes your data to other devices
  • You can share your movie list online with friends and family.
  • Manage your data by using pitch defaults, batch editing, and direct editing in the home screen list.
  • You can add lost cover pictures by searching the Internet with the in-built Find Image Online tool.
  • You can customize your database by re-titling current pitches or generating your own User Defined Pitches.

4. Filmotech

This movie collection software can store movies on Blu-ray, CD, DVD, DivX, VHS, and more. It is not flashy, but it works fine and won’t charge you a dime. If you are a movie buff, this is an efficient way to keep your collection.

It has internet research over ten websites, allowing you to effortlessly and automatically fill in your movies database. Filmotech supports loan management, search, statistics, and printing your lists and catalogs. There is also a combined cover production tool, and you can set up collection profiles to track films of various set-ups distinctly.


  • The software stored data locally in an SQLite database or used a MySQL database server.
  • Film catalogs can be transferred to the iOS and Android apps for mobile Access or published to a database-driven PHP/MySQL website.
  • Import from and export to XML, CSV, and XMBC is also maintained in Filmotech.
  • It originates with provision for PHP/MySQL publishing mode.
  • It has an automatic recovering technique for movie information from the Internet.
  • It contains mobile exporting options, a cover printing function, a lending system, and statistics.

5. Ant Movie Catalog

Do you want to arrange your collection of DVDs, videos, laser disks, or C.D.s? But don’t have the time or stamina to master Access? Then Ant Movie Catalog is a perfect fit for your need. This pre-formatted app is prepared to use for entering info according to your collection or by entering data by hand or importing it from online fonts or other files.

Its user interface translated into nearly thirty languages. It can store catalog in two file set-ups, binary format or XML. You can import information from the Internet; it includes scripts for IMDB (U.S.), DVDFR (F.R.), Allociné (F.R.), Cultural (E.S.), and a lot of others. This software contains user-customizable links to search movie websites.


  • You can import data from various media files (audio & video bitrates, codec, framerate, resolution, size).
  • It is Scripting Technology, using Object Pascal language, permitting to adapt catalog, find & replace, moving field values.
  • Printing, using customizable patterns.
  • You can store images inside the catalog or link to external files. Supports PNG, JPEG, and GIF.
  • The statistics are given with chart and pies.
  • You can display the movie list as a tree diagram.

6. GrieeX

While the lucky movie fan might be contented to keep the movie collection on a shelf and pay a little consideration to it, real film buffs have a habit of being a bit more practical when we talk about organization. GrieeX Movie Archive Program is a catalog that permits people to keep track of the films that they own and import a diversity of corresponding data from the Internet, too. You will like the idea of the package, but in practice, it plants a lot to be looked for.

This program has a plain, fair, and easy interface to navigate, though some of its features are not wholly instinctive. This program has user-friendly interfaces. It possesses metadata criteria (Director, Original name, Release date, etc.). Take information from (Movie Name, Release Date, Director, Genre, Runtime, Language, Plot, IMDB Rate, Imdb Vote, Cast, Writer, Country, Imdb Photos). You can make your places by giving an individual’s score.


  • File Formats reinforced:
    Video: MKV, OGM, AVI, DivX, WMV, QuickTime, Real, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DVD (VOB)
    (Codecs: DivX, XviD, MSMPEG4, ASP, H.264, AVC…)
    Audio : OGG, MP3, WAV, RA, AC3, DTS, AAC, M4A, AU, AIFF
  • You can share the movies you saved in your database by clicking on only one button as Excel set-up.
  • You can import files and films saved in Excel format to GrieeX.
  • Easily update Imdb-date info with the assistance of Multi Update Component with IMDb movies recorded automatically until you choose all or just one key.
  • You can take general info regarding your protected movies by statistics.
  • You can play your movies on GrieeX not by searching between the files more rapidly.


EMDB is an abbreviation of Eric’s Movie Database. It is an easy-to-use but influential utility to shape your movie and T.V. show collection. The use of EMDB is simple. The package doesn’t need any exterior plug-in or archive and can be installed in a few clicks. The interface looks like a wooden shelf where your movies are presented as thumbnails, though they can also be demonstrated as a list.

All data like Movie posters, Actor Photos, Trailer links, etc., are spontaneously imported from several sources in this software. You can manually enter your titles. You can scan Disks or Folders.


  • You can use a Barcode Scanner.
  • You can import data from existing files.
  • You can manage already seen movies or T.V. Series episodes.
  • This program keeps track of advanced titles on your wish list.
  • You can play Movies or Episodes from EMDB.
  • You can get all types of data.

8. My Movie Library

Whether digital or DVD, movie collections can become a little awkward if you don’t have a way to manage them. My Movie Library is an easy-to-use package that creates a keeping track of your films pretty modest. Using the Add Movie dialog, you can enter the film’s title and have the package recover info, comprising a cover picture, from IMDb. Movie titles are shown in a grid that contains their release year, genre, actors, director, and IMDb rating, and the list can be organized by any of these titles so that you can rapidly find what you’re looking for.

You can browse your group of disc titles (DVD and Blu-ray) or digital copies. You can watch playback MP4, M4V, MKV, and many other movie formats directly from storage (SMB shares). You can add or import playback through a My Movies desktop application. Its playback media is converted using the My Movies video converter. It is Audio bit streaming of Dolby Digital and DTS over HDMI to external interpreters. It contains a feature of audio passing of unencoded audio, such as PCM, in multiple channels.


  • You can view it with an outline, a complete cast list, and more.
  • This program has high-quality front and back covers as well as theatre posters.
  • Using My Movie Library, you can watch trailers.
  • Its interface has many sort options.
  • This program uses a similar collection on numerous devices and platforms with automatic online sync.
  • This software can automatically update your profile to update the latest and most accurate data.

9. Data Crow

Using Data Crow, you can catalog all your collectibles, no matter how extensive your collection is. You can rapidly recover data about your books, software, games, and movies by using outstanding online facilities. Data Crow has a cross-platform comprising of a portable version. It is an entirely customizable software and an outstanding organizer for movies, audio, software, books, photos, stamps, etc.

This information, joint with the file import, which can examine data from your e-books, software, images, music, and movie files, means no need to do a lot of typing. It is not complicated! Moreover, customize a current module by adding fields you want or doing your module completely. Once your collection exists within Data Crow, you can even track your server permit your family and friends to view the data by the web or even by using a complete Data Crow client. It is a feature-filled product that fortunately comes with an internal assistance system (F1) to monitor you on your journey through Data Crow.


  • It has documentation for the creation/export of new modules.
  • It has a loan administration feature in it.
  • You can retrieve online info from well-known services such as IMDB, Amazon, MusicBrainz, etc.
  • You can import information from famous multimedia formats: AVI, XVID, MP3, DIVX, MP4, OGG, PNG, JPG, and others.
  • It is advanced reporting available in PDF and HTML.
  • It can support numerous languages such as Spanish, English, French, Italian, and Dutch.

10. jMovieManager

jMovieManager is a permitted software product developed to accomplish your media files effortlessly. It started as a pastime project, and this software was first released in 2011. Meanwhile, tit has nonstop been designed and today comprises some exclusive features. jMM is written in Java and can be started directly, deprived of any installation. Presently, three operating schemes (Windows, Mac OS X, and Ubuntu) and two languages (German and English) are maintained here.

It has a simple and intuitive graphical user interface. You can get advanced search to browse your files. Its calendar functions correctly and never miss a movie ever. Its advanced statistics get detailed data about your collection. You can rename your files on your hard disk drive.


  • It has two main languages, German and English.
  • Calendar for new cinema and Blu-ray releases.
  • It has a search function for movie titles.
  • You can sort functions for movie collections.
  • It has Drag & Drop function for file import (presently only on windows systems).
  • You have prolonged search functionality to browse your movies.

Final Words

Organizing things is an art, whether it is about organizing your domestic thing or your movie collection. These days it is effortless to compile your T.V series and movie series with the help of this software. This software provides you with a compatible and complete package. You can not only organize your collection but also can get updates about the latest movies. The cast of every movie is also mentioned in this software.