15 Best Grocery Shopping Apps in 2022

Reviewed by Sanam Nayab • By Mehwish Javed • Updated on November 24, 2022

In the past two years, COVID19 has been one of the major diseases, and because of this, many rules and regulations have been imposed on people around the world, and many new trends have come into being. One of those is Digital shopping. But it does not mean that Online Grocery apps were not available before the pandemic, but the usage of those apps increased during COVID.

Online Grocery Shopping apps have made it easy to get anything on your doorsteps instantly without going to the market. Now you can easily get anything in any quantity with different Grocery apps. The most famous apps used worldwide are Daraz, Big Basket, Walmart, etc., which allow you to get anything with just a click. You have to select your favorite items and add them to the shopping carts.

By completing the payment process, get your groceries within a limited period of time. Most online platforms have set up plans according to which you have to pay delivery charges on your order. Also, these Online Grocery Shopping apps allow you to pay monthly fees to get groceries regularly. Most companies also partner with service providers to manage overhead expenses to run their business smoothly without giving extra costs.


However, various apps can work like a marketplace where you can easily sell or buy any products with different techniques like discounts, quality or trust, etc. We can take the example of Daraz, an online platform where you can also sell anything and buy anything as it provides you with different categories to buy your favorite products like groceries, etc.

Why is there a Need for Online Grocery Shopping Apps?

With these Online Grocery Shopping apps, you can easily get what you want because these apps are the easiest and most convenient way to buy any grocery you wish to purchase. Now the need for Online Shopping apps has been increased due to many reasons like:

  • These apps allow you to shop whenever you want from your house.
  • Enables you to save your money by comparing groceries rates with other apps.
  • Purchasing through an online platform also saves your time.
  • Using these apps, you do not need to go to the market again and again to buy any single product.
  • Also, you can get various discounted coupons or gifts daily.

List of Amazing Online Grocery Shopping Apps

Various Grocery apps were there, with which you could get any of your products easily. Some of these apps also give you the option of no-contact delivery. Let us discuss them in detail.

1. Instacart

It is an app owned by Maplebear Inc. and was founded in 2012. It is one of the most widely used online grocery shopping apps in the United States. Also, it is said to be the local store and allows you to get items from various stores in your area. You can get unlimited Groceries like Fresh food, snacks, drinks with instant delivery options. You do not require any delivery charges by ordering for the first time.

Moreover, it is said to be the safest site because you do not have to give contact details. With this App, you can also get free fresh drinks and products delivered on the same day. Furthermore, you can book your groceries in advance or be allowed to order on-demand. You have to give a zip code and select your favorite grocery store. Add any product in the cart and after payment, get your products on your doorsteps easily.

2. Grubhub

It is one of the best online grocery shopping apps, founded by Matt Maloney in 2004. It can deliver its services to almost 25+ cities of India like Lucknow, Kanpur, etc. With this App, you can order unlimited food from your favorite restaurants and perks at your doorsteps. Because it is the safest App and does not require contact-free delivery. Moreover, you can also get various discounts and free items.

But the disadvantage of this App is that you cannot access it in other countries except for India, as it is said to be the best grocery delivery app in India. You can also get limitless free delivery with the premium and a 14-days free trial version. You can also get a curbside pickup for the delivery of your order. Moreover, this App supports multiple regional languages of India. Also, it provides you with local deals with free delivery, and you do not have to pay an additional fee.

3. Big Basket

Big Basket is an online grocery shopping app founded by Hari Menon in 2011. Another India-based shopping store is used in 25+ cities of India to get high-quality products. With this App, you can also get discounts on ordering groceries above Rs 400. Also offers you discounts on the top 5000 products.

With this App, you can get secure payment procedures via banks, e-wallets, etc. You can also get 20k plus products like vegetables, fruits, fish, chicken, etc. With this App, you can get an unlimited number of products and 1000+ national and international brands like Cadbury, Surf Excel, Nescafe, Nutella, etc. This app allows you to take discounted bundle packs, promotions, and offerings with this App.

Moreover, you can get fresh fruits and vegetables directly from the farms on this app to get instant delivery. If you do not get instant delivery, you will get a 10% refund. Moreover, people can search for the name of vegetables or fruits in different regional languages like ladyfinger, bhindi, etc.

4. Dunzo

Another India-based app founded by Ankur Agarwal in 2014 works just like FoodPenda. With this app, you can get your desired products within 45 minutes. You can get unlimited products from this app, including fruits or vegetables and get cosmetics. Also, it allows you to deliver a single item of your desire immediately to your doorstep. This app gives you super-fast delivery options and allows payment online and offline mode.

Dunzo focuses on the fastest or instant delivery, whether a small or large product. You can get anything ordered from anywhere within the city. Also, allow you to get 50% off on your first order. You can also get cashback if you want to pay online from LazyPay, Amazon Pay, etc. The only drawback of this app is that you can use this app in India.

5. Flipkart Grocery

It is also the fastest delivery online grocery shopping app, founded by Sachin Bansal in 2007. Also said to be the largest E-commerce company with unlimited popularity in India. You can get anything you need on this app, like Spices, Cereals, dairy products, etc. One of the major advantages of this app which is quite different from others, is that you can get products on Credit, which means you can pay later for that product.

Get guaranteed high-quality products within less period according to your desire. You can also get home delivery and pickup option on this app for your ease. It offers almost 7000 grocery items and also includes 200 categories. But you can not access this app in any other country except India.

6. Deliveroo

Another best app, among other online grocery shopping apps founded in 2013. Basically, it is an online delivery service that allows you to get anything you want. You can get delivered your favorite food from anywhere like Pizza Express, KFC, etc. Also, you can take away your favorite meal.

You can not only get delivery products from restaurants, but you can get anything from the supermarket. You can easily get anything on your doorstep with Deliveroo because it includes multiple categories. One of the biggest delivery services can be accessed in various countries like Ireland.

Also, you can search for famous restaurants in your area and order from there. This gives you an option to schedule your delivery and get it instantly when you want to eat it. You can also search for the latest takeaway deals. Moreover, you can also track the delivery in real-time.

7. Just Eat Takeaway

Another best Italy-based app founded by Jitse Groen in 2000 is also said to be the delivery service. It is said to be the trusted app among millions of people around the globe. With this app, you can schedule time, start delivery, and accept different offers. You can also get your weekly payback in your bank accounts with this app.

Moreover, if you are taking orders, you have the freedom to deliver orders whenever you want and where ever you want. You can deliver online in that area that comes in your schedule. By getting extra orders, you can make extra money. Also provides you with live support and a tracking option for fees to chat and track the exact payment amount. You can also share this app with friends and get rewards. You can access this app in 23 cities with ease.


DoorDash is an app founded by Stanley Tang in 2013 and is said to be the most widely used app among other Online grocery shopping apps. You can get unlimited local and international restaurants, stores, and supermarts in this app. You can access this app in multiple US, Canada, and Australian cities.

Also, it gives you free delivery in the first month. You can use this app for 30 days trial period, and after that, you have to pay. Moreover, you can get anything immediately after ordering. Furthermore, this app offers a safe interface because you do not have to give contact details.

Also, another best and most convenient site enables you to get a scheduled ordering option. It allows you to access real-time tracking of food time, delivery quality, etc. You can order minimum or maximum products from this app and pay via Credit cards, apple pay.

9. Amazon Fresh

It is a famous household site founded in 2007 in the United States. Also, you can say it is a popular E-commerce platform and add-on service among other Online grocery shopping apps. With this app, you can get unlimited products like vegetables, seafood, almost 360 food items, other toys, electronics, etc.

You can easily get any product with this app because it offers a simple UI. With an Amazon membership, you can also get various products from other categories like Books, Music, Electronics, etc. If you were a paid subscriber of Amazon Fresh, you could also get free deliveries on most products.

You have to add what you want to buy to the shopping cart, and after payment, get that product instantly. Moreover, you can also get high-quality products. It Gives you unlimited discounts, offers quick and convenient delivery, and can be used in other cities across India.

10. 7NOW

It is said to be the best app among other Online grocery shopping apps that commit you 30 minutes to deliver any of your products like Ice cream, groceries, Snacks, Candy, drinks, etc. With this app, you can get unlimited products like wine, beer(for above 21 years people), Pizza, and sandwiches in 43 + areas like Chicago, Portland, Tampa, etc., in the United States.

Moreover, this app gives you 7$ off on the first order or free delivery. You can also get the fastest delivery within 24 hours or if you want to order products like food, drinks you can get it delivered in 30 minutes. If you prefer this app to your friends, you can get a discount or reward.

You can also get the feature of a Flat Delivery Fee for convenient shopping. It does not require amount limitations, which means that you can order a minimum or the maximum number of orders. You can Pay bills via Credit card, Debit card, etc. You can also track the orders.

11. Postmates

It is another best app among other Online Grocery shopping apps was founded by Sean Plaice in 2011, allowing you to get delivered of your favorite products within 24 hours or 364 days a year. You can get anything from your grocery stores, restaurants, etc. You have to select your favorite restaurants of your choice with various selections like Pizza, Chinese food, etc.

With this convenient and simple app, you can get your favorite local products delivered to you within an hour. Also, you can get a track record of your delivery time, addresses, and instant notifications about the arrival of delivery. It is said to be the safest app because it does not require personal contact details.

You can also get 14 day free trial period. With every update, you can get improved quality and the best reliability. You can also get different offers like 10% off on your registration or first order and get free services in case of any issue. They can also listen to the complaints if products deliver are not fresh.

12. FreshDirect

It is said to be the other versatile app among the best online Grocery Shopping apps founded in 2002 by Joe Fedele. You can get this app for 79$, with which you can also get six months of free delivery options. It is said to be a widely used app in different countries like Washington, New York, etc.

You have to order anything with a tap without calling anyone. It also supports advanced ordering features with which you can order in advance. Because of many orders, sometimes while ordering, it becomes hectic because they can take a day to deliver your products. Also, it is said to be the safest and most reliable platform and can deliver fresh food, local items, high-quality meat, etc., to your doorsteps.

You can modify place and any requirement from the mobile devices easily. You can also get a shopping list by browsing previous orders. Allow you to contact the customer service team in an emergency. You can also get products other than grocery items like cosmetics, clothes, home appliances, etc.

13. Shipt

It is one of the best Online grocery shopping apps, founded by Bill Smith in 2014. With this app, you can also order anything without subscription fees. It offers unlimited free deliveries, but you have to sign up and pay monthly. You can access this app in the United States. Also, it supports the same-day delivery option to get instant products immediately. You can get products like groceries, Beauty, households, and many more.

You can also get delivery with local shops and get it instantly within an hour, which will save your time and budget. Supports thousands of fresh grocery products for your ease. You can also schedule a time of delivery, can also get same-day delivery, etc. This app provides complete instructions on what you want to get.

You can also get memberships to save money. Moreover, you can also get delivery for free on orders above the exact limit. In case of any problem or emergency, contact the support team if you want to order something, not in your area like any cosmetics, home appliances, etc.

14. Farmigo

As people are moving toward online shopping platforms, we can say this app is the best among other Online grocery shopping apps founded by Benzi Ronen in 2009 and is specially made for Phones. You can also get multiple payment subscriptions or memberships in order to get discounts on your every purchase. It is a farmer market that will supply different products to the workplace, schools, apartments, etc., at wholesale rates. You can get this app access in three cities of New York, Seattle-Takoma, etc.

Moreover, with this app, local food producers, and agriculture cooperatives can easily manage local consumers, payments, inventories, etc. You can get a free trial version, but it is not a free-of-cost app. This app offers different benefits, like pricing management, inventory management, order processing, etc. By using this app, you can get fresh fruit, vegetables, baked goods, meat, dairy products, etc.

15. Peapod

You can consider it the largest delivery service in the US, founded in 1989, and owned by Ahold Delhaize. Most people also said that this is one of the oldest using services worldwide. But now, many changes had made to this app, and due to that, this app has reduced its service areas.

You can get unlimited products on your doorsteps with this app. Peapod has its warehouses, and from there they deliver grocery items, but now they get partnered with Stop& Shop to deliver groceries. You can get pickup or takeaway options as well with this app. This app allows you to get unlimited fresh products from this app like meat, food, local items, etc.

Also, it enables you to take a membership to get free delivery for at least six months. You have to order more than 60$, which is quite expensive for normal people, but the products they provide are good quality. You can get the same-day delivery option within 24 hours, but you can get your delivery within a few days if you want to order for any other city or area.

Final Words

Sometimes experiencing different things like different apps is quite good, especially in the case of the pandemic in the last two years when you were not able to go outside, most of the people switched to the online platforms to buy anything like groceries, different other products for there ease.

Moreover, sometimes, you get busy with your job workload and do not find time to go to the market and purchase everything you want. In that case, Online Grocery Shopping apps can be widely used. The above mentioned are a few of those apps, so select one and enjoy happy shopping. Also, share those amazing apps with others.

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