10 Best Online Survey Remover Tools in 2022


If you have ever filled up any questionnaire in your college or university life. In that case, you know that Survey is a process of getting detailed information in a questionnaire. The survey is a means of collecting data from different populations to know review people on any topic. If you are an MPhil or Ph.D. student, making questionnaires is demanded from the upper authority to complete your thesis.

The survey is an engaging platform to view different people in different economic issues, business media, political issues, and academics. You can do the best Survey by using various components like methodologists, psychologists, and many other search fields to get extensive detail about the relevant topics. Moreover, you can do surveys in multiple forms like:

  • Face to Face survey in which you meet up with the general public and get a review about your relevant topic.
  • Telephone surveys help you to get knowledge via phone calls.
  • Self-administrated Survey is a type of questionnaire on paper, and that questionnaire will be filled with the general public to get reviews.

But now, getting reviews manually on paper is quite an outdated way. Nowadays, people use online survey techniques, which are quite time-saving and the fastest way to get detailed knowledge. Companies were widely using the online method to get immediate feedback about the company’s environment or any other topic-related knowledge.


Although, sometimes surveys became very annoying, as you were in a hurry and wanted to open up any site, and they asked you for a survey. Moreover, sometimes a different Survey wants your details, like Contact or email ID, and after completing the Survey, you get unlimited spam messages on your email ID. But now, you do not have to worry as there are many Online Survey Remover Tools with which you can remove irrelevant online surveys and experience amazing browsing.

Why Is There a Need for Any Survey Remover Tool?

Although Survey is beneficial for people, sometimes survey’s become irritating because of many reasons, like most survey has incomplete questions or maybe irrelevant questions. Most of the questions you do not understand. Most online surveys took much time in loading. One may require survey bypasser online.


Sometimes the survey becomes very annoying as you want to search for important websites, but you have to fill up surveys before opening relevant sites. Also, most of the time, surveys are not safe as they can use your details for unfair means. That is why the need for Online Survey Remover Tools is beneficial.

List of Outstanding Survey Remover Tools

Sometimes while downloading any file through the internet or reading an article on the online platform, the different survey’s become irritating. There are various Online Survey Remover Tools to bypass the survey and enjoy easy downloading. Let us discuss them in detail.

1. Bypass Survey

If you get annoyed with online surveys, then it is the first and most famous tool among other Online Survey Remover Tools that is a popular tool and gives you a user-friendly interface. It can be used easily by beginners because you do not require any detailed knowledge. Also, it does not require any installation, as you can access it quickly on the internet.

You can easily use it by copying the survey URL you want to remove. After that, paste that URL into this tool, and after processing, it will automatically delete that irrelevant Survey from the linked site. Moreover, it supports multiple sites to remove surveys, so there are no restrictions. It also supports multiple sites to remove unrelated surveys.

Features of Bypass Survey

  • Gives you quite a simple user interface.
  • Enable you to remove any script completely from the URL to access the right article.
  • Helps you in encoding pages or URLs.
  • You can also remove objects allowing cookies to run.

2. XJZ Survey Remover

It is another best tool that gives you a unique and simple interface. With the help of this tool, you can easily remove any survey with just a click. You do not have to install this tool, as it is available as an extension on Google Chrome. Most people also said that it is one of the convenient and professional tools you can remove surveys with just a click.

By adding an extension to your browser, you can use it anytime, anywhere you want, easily and freely. Moreover, you did not get any pop-ups while using it, and also, with this tool, you can get better functionalities compared to other Online survey remover Tools.

Features of XJZ Survey Remover

  • Supports more than 300 survey networks.
  • Gives you a direct download link by automatically detecting and removing survey scripts from any site.
  • Can access locked pages directly without filling up any surveys.
  • Does not require any add-on or key to use this tool.
  • You also do not need any VPN to work.

3. Survey Smasher

It is said to be another best tool because of its simple-to-use interface. You can remove any irritating surveys with this tool. Also, it encrypts any website to get annoying surveys removed. Get a unique and simple interface with which you can easily copy any URL and paste it into this tool to remove the survey.

You do not require any downloads to use this tool, as it requires a direct Mediafire download link to copy and paste any site and remove surveys. Moreover, this tool also saves your time. You do not have to get irritated with pop-up Ads.


Features of Survey Smasher

  • Allow you to get unlimited numbers of downloads.
  • You can download locked files automatically from this tool.
  • Enables you to remove multiple surveys from multiple links at the same time.
  • Compatible with various survey networks.
  • Does not require any restrictions.

4. ShareCash Survey Killer

If you want to get rid of annoying surveys, this app is also considered the best tool that provides you with a better experience than other Online survey remover tools. You do not require any third-party software to access this tool, as it gives you a guarantee of removing any surveys once and all.

So you would not have to get worried about any more surveys on any sites. Works the same as other online survey remover websites in which you have to copy the URL and paste that URL into this tool. Moreover, you can get an easy-to-use interface that does not require additional knowledge. It supports multiple sites to remove irrelevant surveys.


Features of ShareCash Survey Killer

  • Without completing any survey, you can get access to any site or locked files.
  • With an auto-update system, this tool is updated regularly.
  • Does not require VPN connections.
  • Does not require any additional downloads.

5. Survey Remover

If you want the best alternative to Online survey remover tools, consider Survey Remover, one of the most versatile and unique tools. Get this distinctive tool for free without any additional downloads. With this tool, you can get a page lock bypass function in which you can easily bypass the survey’s irritation while surfing different contents.

Moreover, it also enables you to unlock important content and download it whenever you want. You do not require any extra knowledge as it gives you an easy-to-use interface with which you have to copy the URL from the relevant site and Paste it into this tool to remove surveys.

Features of Survey Remover

  • Supports any file on the online platform to remove surveys.
  • Enables you to install files that can not be possible due to the online Survey.
  • You can unlock unlimited files at the same time with this tool.
  • Allows skipping of any survey to visit any page instantly.
  • Provides you with the free trial version.


One of the most popular and widely used sites among other Online Survey Remover tools that give you quite a distinctive interface. Using this tool, you do not require any additional downloading or knowledge. Most people said that it is one of the best software available on the internet for free.

Various unlimited site is compatible with this tool, like CleanFiles, ShareCash, File locker, etc. It does not only allow you to remove surveys on an online platform but also allows you to remove surveys to download any software Online like Torrent, Compressed files, etc.


  • Compatible with 100 of the survey’s networks.
  • Free of cost, so it does not provide you with a trial version.
  • Enables you to download unlimited locked files easily.
  • Allow you with easy to navigate interface.


One of the best online survey remover tools provides a simple and unique interface. You do not require any installation because it is a google chrome extension and allows you to remove any annoying surveys while surfing the internet instantly. So by using this site, you can easily get rid of unlimited surveys that disturb you while downloading or streaming any online site.

Moreover, this tool automatically removes surveys of any site without copying/pasting links in this app. Also, you can save time by using this app. To use this tool, you do no have to copy or paste the URL of any link. Also, it supports multiple sites to remove irrelevant surveys.

Features of SCRIPTSAFE

  • Remove unlimited surveys that is creating problem while downloading any content.
  • Does not require any extensive knowledge as you can remove any survey with just a click.
  • Not limited to a single platform means you can remove surveys from any site.
  • Compatible with Chrome and Firefox surfing sites.


It is another best tool compared to the other Online Survey remover tools and it is also said to be a particular browsing extension. Do Not Survey is one of the fastest and most widely used extensions if you were using the Mozilla Firefox search engine. If you are browsing any website using the Firefox browser, you could get automatically blocked survey pages for surfing and downloading easily.

Just add this extension to your Firefox browsers, and it will automatically detect and remove irrelevant surveys. The drawback of this tool is that it is used online in particular browsers and sometimes also remove important data from your Web pages. With this tool, you can get survey free surfing and downloading experience.

Features of DO NOT SURVEY

  • Helps you in securing your Windows from irrelevant surveys or scams.
  • You do not have to wait for long in processing.
  • You do not have to copy or paste the URLs.
  • Versatile tool if you use the Mozilla Firefox browser.

9. All in One Survey Bypass Tool

With other best Online Survey Remover tools, it is also considered an amazing app with distinctive features. It is said to be the best, simple, and most powerful tool that can be considered an alternative among other tools. By performing simple steps, you can easily remove irrelevant surveys.

Firstly, you have to enter the relevant site URL. Secondly, choose the file source. Thirdly, click on the Bypass button and the Last download Survey free file by clicking on the download button. The drawback of this site is that you have to wait because it takes time to process the link. Also, it supports multiple sites to remove irrelevant surveys.

Features of All in One Survey Bypass Tool

  • Enable you to remove an unlimited number of surveys from different sites.
  • With latest updates provides you with more effectiveness.
  • Gives you a good interface and navigation tool.
  • Allow you to enter the URL and survey network name.
  • The software automatically completes the download process.

10. Rumola

It is another best tool among other Online survey Remover tools with quite a distinctive interface. It is considered an extension on your browsers with which you can remove CAPTCHAs on your screens while surfing any site. Also, people consider it a handy tool because while browsing, you encounter captcha’s repeatedly.

Captchas are a type of code to test whether you are a robot or a human. Sometimes you can get this captcha more tricky, time-consuming, and irritating, and for that purpose, you can use this stool to remove unlimited Captchas. The drawback with this app is that you can remove Captchas but not other surveys. It also supports multiple sites to remove irrelevant surveys.

Features of Rumola

  • Free of cost tool.
  • Prevent disturbance, and unwanted delay’s on any site.
  • Provide you with an incredible interface.
  • You are not allowed to copy or paste URLs because it can detect captions automatically and remove them.
  • Compatible with any browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.

Final Words

Sometimes while downloading any file through the internet or reading an article on the online platform, the different survey’s become irritating. So, if you want to get the hassle-free experience of surfing or downloading important data, then use Online Survey Remover tools. The above mentioned were a few incredible tools that people can use to remove irrelevant or annoying surveys while surfing the internet. Try any one of these tools and share them with others as well.