15 Best Random Video Chat Apps in 2022


A few years back, we used letters to communicate with one another, then mobiles phones took the place of letters, and we started communication in the form of messages. But again, trends have changed, and people move towards voice calls or video calls. Everyone loves to use social media platforms to connect through video calls or voice calls with friends and relatives. It is quite easy to call any relatives worldwide with high-speed internet.

Now, most people are using video calls to meet new buddies. The video calling trend has become quite famous among people as it connects people worldwide. Various apps are there for video calling. If you want to make new friends or buddies, then focus on a new surprise of a video call with which you can call any random person to meet or interact at anytime or anywhere so that you can explore recent trends, new cultures, and also make new friends.

For that purpose, some Random video chat apps are established, but these apps connect people around the globe. You also have some drawbacks in using Random video chat apps: you can get stuck in unwanted activities like crime, blackmailing, etc. So for using this app, you have to be careful.


Why Do You Need Random Video Chat App?

Random video chat apps have many advantages, like you can spend quality time with strangers in your free time to know strangers. Moreover, you can also browse thousands of profiles with the same interest, and later that stranger converts into buddies. That is why everyone needs Random video chat apps.

List of Incredible Random Video Chat Apps

There is a complete variety of video call apps, but some of the apps are not safe for you. Keeping in mind your safety, we provide you with the best Random Video chat for Android and iOS. Let us discuss them in detail.


1. Badoo

It is said to be one of the best random video chat apps, with 500 million users in 200 countries. You can get a user-friendly interface with this app. Moreover, you can communicate worldwide via video calls or messages. With this app, you can communicate through live streaming, and it enables you with different individual broadcasting options.

Furthermore, you can also search for the people of your interest. You can get an updated list of people every day from which you can select the people accordingly for random video chat. If another person wants to connect with you, then a member connects you with that person by granting permission with you.

Platform: Android, iOS

Features of Badoo

  • Helps you to chat in real-time.
  • Provides an option to search for people around you.
  • Give you an instant notification if anyone wants to connect.
  • Enable you to verify your profile.
  • You can also select a person by watching profile likes.
  • You can get a survey feature to connect with like-minded people.

2. Chatous

To get a nice and entertaining chat with strangers, use the Chatous app, with which you can connect to everyone around the world with no strings attached. You can contact any random user secretly and start chatting with them to spend some time with random people or make buddies.

Moreover, you can get an easy-to-use interface as you have to make a profile and add hashtags of your desire or interest. If other users want to connect with you, this app allows you to check your interest and grant permission for connection. But if you want to chat with any one of the random people without any priorities, you can also select them.

Furthermore, you can also start a casual conversation and stop that conversation any time if another person is harassing you or is disrespectful to you. You can also block that person. In addition to all this, you do not have permission to send images, but you can send emojis.

Platform: Android, iOS

Features of Chatous

  • Helps you by tagging and finding people with the same interests.
  • Provides you with full security and protection.
  • Enable you to exchange images.
  • Offers you the best quality of audio and video calls.


It is said to be a famous app with multiple followers. Among other random video chat apps, it is slightly different as people connect through live video, and you can also join live video to connect with random people. You have to open up the app, find a list of people broadcasting live, and select people of your interest to join the live session.

Moreover, you can find any content on each channel, and also you can share any information, different aspects of life, and the best advice regarding fashion, Tv shows, etc. In addition to this, you can also participate in live communication to give your feedback or opinion regarding the topic of your interest. Furthermore, you can also save your favorite channels and always watch videos of your interest. With this app, you can also watch live games like PubG, Minecraft, etc.

Platform: Android

Features of BIGO LIVE

  • Allow you to invite friends.
  • Gives you quite a unique interface.
  • Helps you in making millions of followers.
  • Provide you rewards in gifts, diamonds from your followers or fans.
  • Enable you to send emojis for fun.

4. Holla

It is one of the versatile random video chat apps you can chat with anyone around the globe. If you have a friend using the same app, you can also make a pair with them and start chatting. Furthermore, you can get an easy-to-use interface as you just have to sign up. Verify your account via email or Facebook and after verification, start chatting with random people.

Moreover, it allows you to use diamonds to get the matching gender of your requirement, whether male or female. If you find your desired person, start chatting with them, and for some reason, if you don’t like them, slide up and start searching for others. Also, if you want to talk to someone again, you can request them.

Platform: Android

Features of Holla

  • Provides you features of live video chat.
  • Offers you an option of live voice chat.
  • Gives you various options. You have to swipe and find the person of your desire.
  • You can also call free internationally as well.
  • Helps you in finding a safe community for chatting.

5. Flirtymania

It is one of the fastest-growing webcam chat platforms, with millions of users around the globe. You can easily make new friends, and also you can talk to strangers. Moreover, you can also create a group chats room that various people around the globe can join. You can get the web interface and app version with this app, among other Random video chat apps.

This app’s content is well maintained and allows you to choose a category of your choice from different categories like Live Only, Photos Only, Videos Only, Recent and more. Furthermore, because it is available in various languages, it can be used by people around the globe. The most important thing about this app is that it is a secure platform as no one can access your data.

Platform: Android, Windows, iOS

Features of Flirtymania

  • Provides you simple and unique interface.
  • Gives you a lot of interesting content.
  • You can also get notifications when your friend comes live.
  • Free to sign up.
  • Helps you in making your content unique.

6. Qeep

It is said to be one of the older apps and is still used by people because of its unique interface. With this app, you can talk with anyone around the globe, but the major part of this app is getting interest-based matchmaking procedures to get Single people of your interests. Moreover, you can get a quick, easy and free app to connect with the people of your desire.

Furthermore, this app is used by 35 million people around the globe to find the perfect match for them, and more are added regularly. You can also play games during online video chatting. In addition to all this, you can get a function of photoblog with which you can share photos of your own and see pictures of others.

Platform: Android, iOS

Features of Qeep

  • Provide you easy-to-use interface.
  • Allow you to register for free.
  • You can also see the people who liked your profile.
  • Location-based app.
  • You can get a new community regularly to find the perfect match.

7. CamSurf

If you want to connect with people around the globe, then yes, it is one of the best apps among other random video chat apps. With this app, you can connect with any individuals around the globe in a funny environment. The best part of this app is that you have to follow some rules and regulations to chat with anyone and this app ensures that individuals are following the terms and conditions of an agreement or not.

Furthermore, you do not have to log in, open this app and start chatting with anyone anonymously. By following three easy steps, you can start chatting: agreeing with terms, getting permission to access the webcam, and getting energetic random individuals. Anyone can use this anywhere because it supports multiple languages.

Platform: iOS, Android

Features of CamSurf

  • Provides you with various filters to select while chatting.
  • Gives you a simple-to-use interface.
  • Enable you to use emojis and text chatting during a video call.
  • Does not require any sign-up to start.
  • Offers you languages and location-based matches.

8. Twoo

It is another app with quite a similar interface to Badoo. Among other Random video chat apps, you can easily connect to everyone around the globe. Moreover, you can also see the people near you. This app provides you easy interface as you have to open the app, create an account and add common information about you like work, study, and relationship status.

In addition to this, you also have to add one or two pictures of yours. After completing the sign-in process, you can start exploring other people and finding people by gender or age. The distinctive feature of this amazing app is that it offers you to check the popularity meter to know how popular you are within other communities.

Platform: Android

Features of Twoo

  • Enables you to meet people of your desire.
  • You can explore the live streaming experience.
  • Allow you to have group chats.
  • Provide you an option to see who views your profile.
  • Enable you to check other people’s profiles before sending a request for chatting.

9. Hitwe

It is one of the famous apps used by 100 million people around the globe because of its unique interface. With this app, you can find random people worldwide to make new friends or loved ones. Moreover, you do not have to sign up or register for this app. You can send messages directly and start chatting.

Furthermore, you can also send photos of gifs to one another while chatting. In addition to all this, you can talk with anyone worldwide without any restrictions. You can also get social and networking experience with this app.

Platform: Android

Features of Hitwe

  • Allow you to discover thousands of people.
  • Offers you a game to play and get a match of your desire.
  • You can also find people by using maps.
  • Provides you with a free trial.
  • Allow complete verification in the form of Captcha and email.

10. Wakie

It is said to be an interesting app among other random video chat apps. With this app, you can connect with people around the globe to get knowledge about something interesting. Many people say it is the best app for those who want to increase their knowledge. Moreover, it provides you an easy interface like other apps in which you have to select the language you speak and select the topic to be discussed in chat.

You can talk to strangers and also someone to cheer you up. In addition to this, you can also share your things with strangers. You can speak about culture, new languages, educational topics and many more. If you want to send any messages, that message is sent in a group, and every user can see it.

Platform: Android

Features of Wakie

  • Provides you with complete safety and security.
  • Allow you to create a unique profile by adding pictures, badges, and amazing background to attract users.
  • Allow you to promote the topic and take it to the top of Live Feed.
  • Create your groups and add a person of your desire.

11. Whisper

It is another amazing app among other random video chat apps with which you can share your secrets with other random people and also respond to their secrets. You can also start a conversation with the people of your desire. Moreover, you can check popular posts and respond to that post immediately. Furthermore, you can create a post similar to that post by just writing short text and selecting pictures that go with your post and can be seen by anyone.

In addition to this, you have to set your profile with two interesting filters. In the first filter, you can select your organizations or universities to find people from the same institutions. In the second filter, you can choose the distance to find the people nearby you.

Platform: Android, iOS

Features of Whisper

  • Does not require any personal information to start.
  • You can not use the search functions to search for others.
  • Allow you to make a group and start group chatting.
  • Provides high-quality globe calls.
  • Allow you to send text messages, pictures, or voice messages.

12. MeetMe

It is another best app among other random video chat apps with which you can find people nearby you and get in conversation with them to make friends, set up meetings, and learn anything else. Moreover, you can easily use this app by getting registered with Facebook or directly through the app.

You have to set up your profile by adding a profile picture and any other information of your desire with which other people see your profile to start the conversation. You can decide whether to talk to them or not by looking at their profiles. Moreover, people use this app to get in touch with other people to make new friends or buddies.

Platform: iOS, Android

Features of MeetMe

  • You can join it for free.
  • Messages can be sent and received from all the members without any restrictions.
  • Allow you to see live video streams and make your own.
  • Allow you to like photos and also comment on them.
  • You can also send multiple emojis or GIFs.
  • Get notifications about feed updates, friend requests, etc.

13. RandoChat

It is another secure app with an easy-to-use interface and is specially designed for smartphones. With this app, you can communicate with other registered users to this app only. Moreover, you can download it for free without any registration. Most people take it as a normal SMS sending app with which you can send normal messages and share images with others.

Furthermore, you can get many features with this app. The most important components are that it provides you with complete security as no data is stored in this app after a few minutes of sending, just like in Snapchat. You can also add any of the users to your favorites list, you can also block any user anytime if they are misbehaving with you.

Platform: Android, iOS

Features of RandoChat

  • Does not require any charges to download.
  • Quite similar to the SMS platforms.
  • Enables you to delete offensive content.
  • Allow you to meet new people with complete security.
  • Messages will be deleted within few times after sending.

14. Livu

Another entertaining app that allows you to make new friends easily. It is one of the best Random video chat apps with which you can start a video call with anyone around the world. Moreover, you can get an easy-to-use interface as you can start it for free. You can view different users and start chatting with one of your desire.

You can also avoid a person if that person irritates you and go to the next user by just sliding up. Furthermore, you can also search for the people of your desire. In addition to all this, you can also get full security as long as your camera does not focus on you; your image will become blurry so that no one can share unpleasant content.

Platform: Android, iOS

Features of LivU

  • Enable you to customize your matching preference according to region, etc.
  • Provides you with real-time translation to understand any language easily.
  • Offers you exciting video filters and beauty effects.
  • You can chat via text and can send emojis, Gifs, etc.

15. Chat Roulette

It is another best app in the list of the favorite Random video chat apps with which you can meet people all around the globe to make new friends as it connects you with other active users using audio or video. You can launch this app easily. As you have to select the option connect and start searching for the people. You can also see how many people are connected to this app at that moment.

Moreover, you can not search for the people you desire but can move to the next users if you do not like the person. Furthermore, you can practice new languages without any limitations. In addition to all this, you do not allow to get registered to use this app. This app provides you with complete security as no one can break the rules. If any users are trying to do this, you can immediately report that user.

Platform: Android

Features of Chat Roulette

  • Allow you to filter people according to your desire.
  • Gives you a feature of live broadcasting.
  • Enable you to filter people from around the globe.
  • Give you the feature of group chat.
  • Provides you with image recognization algorithms to filter irrelevant content.

Final Words

If you want to get random video chat apps to connect with strangers and make new friends, you are on the right platform. The above mentioned are the best apps with various features, and most of them are used for free. Most of these apps also provide you with complete security, so take a bit of time searching for the right app to connect with Random people and share these apps with others.