9 Best Restoro Alternatives in 2022


Rstoro is known as the best internet-based system repair software. It repairs the window operating system that increases the working efficiency of the computer. Besides this, Restoro protects computers from many viruses and other sorts of malware.

This technological development has many real Microsoft files which repair or remove any window system file from your computer. It was first emerged in 2018 and now enjoying award-winning status.

There are some benefits behind the success of this software, for example fully developed and updated software, affordable price, easy to use, and many others. A person can repair his PC by himself at home because a team of expert technicians is available to assist him at any time.


As a result, the computer does not only become efficient for working but also damaged files are contracted back. Moreover, it safeguards the computer, because harmful apps are identified. Later, users can remove them.

Users of Restoro are also satisfied with its services because it is working on the basis of fair means of business. If a user is not satisfied with the services of Restoro, he will take all his money back. A team of IT experts is working 24 hours for the provision of better services to the users.

If the price of this software is discussed, it will start from 29$ to 59$ which is affordable for every customer. It can also be used after taking a license that has different prices.


Its method of working is very simple which makes it unique, for example, a free scan takes only 5 minutes on your computer and separately divides the errors of Hardware, Security, and Stability.

A purchaser can take many benefits from this software like repair and rebuilding windows, virus protection, and termination, recovery of the damaged virus, fixation of error texts, complete information about updated files.

It also includes the safety of computers from crashing and freezing, recovery and change of DLL files, optimizes registry, and many others similar to them.

Why users want Restoro Alternatives?

Although Restoro is one of the best software in the world, yet it has some drawbacks. Therefore, many people are going towards its alternatives. As this software supports Windows only, cannot fix third-party applications and interrupt other programs.

Moreover, the absence of the working efficiency of its free version and no fixation of hardware issues are also included in the disadvantages of Restoro.

List of Restoro Alternatives

Although the services of Restoro are good, for example, fairways of business, affordable price, and many others, yet there are some loopholes that are the main demands of users.

So, some best Restoro alternatives are discussed below that can complete the demands of users efficiently.

1. Reimage

Reimage is an online software like Restoro that fixes windows by removing useless files from your computer without damaging your useful data.

There are some working steps of Reimage like scanning of computer, deep analysis, activation of a window, removal of useless files, termination of damaged files, and a few others. The complete procedure takes one hour.

If the features of Reimage are discussed, it can erase viruses and spyware, repair virus damage, applications, window stability issues, and many others. A user can take multiple advantages from this software.

For example, fixation of window errors, removal of damaged DLLs, compromised system setting, registry values, identification of hardware problems, recovery of the computer after malware attacks, and a few others. This software works in three processes, activation, scanning, and repairing.


  • Removal of Viruses and Spyware
  • Repair Virus Damages
  • Repair Window Stability Issues
  • Support Computer Through Healthy Files
  • Security
  • Stability


  • Fixation of Windows Errors
  • Remove Damaged DLLs
  • Compromised System Setting
  • Registry Values
  • Identification of Hardware Problems
  • Recover PC After Malware Attack
  • 24/7 Support System


  • No Fixation on Hardware Problems
  • Changes in the Parts of the Computer
  • Chances of Malware Attack
  • Do Not Fix Virus Damage

2. Outbyte

Outbyte is software for repairing computers like Restoro. It provides complete information about the performance of the PC, including CPU load, remaining space of Ram, and many others. It works to create room in the disk by terminating temporary and cached files. Windows 7, 8, 10, and Mac can be operational on it.

As far as its features are concerned, it has Real-Time Privacy to remove windows telemetry attributes, Real-Time Boost to close unwanted programs, smart file removal, performance amelioration, and many others.

As a result, these attributes give us some advantages like removal of unwanted apps and junk files, amelioration of battery time and performance of PC and many others. The activation process of this software is also very simple.

A license code is given to every user which can be opened on PC Repair. If a user clicks on the register icon, he will be able to use it.


  • Real-Time Privacy
  • Real-Time Boost
  • Smart File Removal


  • Erase Junk Files
  • Remove Unwanted Apps
  • Amelioration of Battery Time
  • Increase Performance of PC
  • Privacy and Security
  • Affordable Price


  • No Replacement of Antivirus
  • No Full System Protection
  • Few Options for Subscription
  • No Access to any Specific Website or Program

3. Tweaking

Tweaking is software to erase the errors of computers like Restoro. It is known as a tool to solve many window issues of file permissions, registry errors, Internet Explorer, windows update, windows firewall, and others. Some installed programs like Malware change the default setting of your computer.

There are some features of Tweaking, for example, advanced system, a free toolbox for software technicians, system information tool, data execution prevention, hardware identification, and envelope printers, and a few others.

These features lead towards manifold advantages like validity, navigation, and many others. Tweaking also supports some other programs in which site info, games, and legacy apps are included. An article is also given to help out the users.


  • Advanced System
  • Free Toolbox
  • System Information Tool
  • Data Execution Prevention
  • Hardware Identification


  • Retrieving Application Context
  • API Friendly


  • Very Limited Services of The Free Version
  • Difficult Use for Some Users
  • May Block System Files
  • Confusing Loading Process
  • Rebooting Computer
  • No Efficiency of System Restore
  • Slow Procession

4. Windows Repair Toolbox

Windows Repair Toolbox is also a software program like Restoro which solves all the minor issues of the computer. These minor issues can be solved by the user. Sometimes users have to face many issues, but this software solves this difficulty.

You have to click on the option of the question, the next procedure will be started automatically.

If the qualities of this software are considered, it has installed programs, available options of repair, backup copies, system elements, uninstallers, and others. Furthermore, a user can see the hardware which is in his use.

It has also some pros for the users, for example, free version, portable programs, updated tools, removal of Malware, and a few others.


  • Installed Programs
  • Options For Repairing
  • Back-up Copies
  • System Elements
  • Manifestation of Underuse Hardware
  • Updated Tool
  • Relevant Information About Computers
  • Windows Edition and Installation


  • Free Software
  • Portable Programs
  • Updated Tools
  • Option For The Download Of Tools
  • Remove Malware
  • Cleaning And Repairing Of System


  • Availability of Risks
  • A Third-party Tool

5. Win Tweaks

Win Tweaks is software like Restoro which removes errors in the computer and makes it faster and secure. It is almost in the access of everyone because it is available for free. A user can download and use it.

There are three types of licenses in Win Tweaks, free, upgrade, and pro. A person can use his license on many machines at one time.

Service diagnostics, auto tune-up, manual tune-up, installer version are included in its features. It can give some benefits to the users, for example, optimization of system services, amelioration of performance while playing games, ease to use, safety, customizable, and others.


  • Detect and Solve Service Problems
  • Auto Tune-up
  • Manual Tune-up
  • Boost Performance of the System


  • Optimization of System Services
  • Increase in the Performance of the Computer
  • Easy to Use for Both Beginners and Experts
  • Operate All Standard Tools
  • Creation and Restoration of Registry Backups


  • Require a System Restart
  • Large Download Size
  • Short Functionality
  • Cannot be Used in a Professional Place

6. MacClean

MacClean is software whose function is also similar to Restoro which increases the working efficiency of the computer by cleaning useless data. Sometimes creates troubles in their working, but MacClean scans all junk files and other related flaws from the computer.

This software works on the principles of privacy care, optimization, and security protection. A user can take some advantages from its use, for example, scanning of harmful viruses, removal of the junks, and orderly placement of files for cleaning, termination of FaceTime and I Messages history, and so on.

This software can be downloaded for free.


  • Privacy Care
  • Security Protection
  • Legit App


  • Complete Safety of the System
  • Easy to Use
  • Scanning of Viruses
  • Removal of Junk Files
  • Removal of Malware
  • Placement of Files in Proper Order
  • Database Safety
  • Resistance Against Key Logger and Mining Apps


  • Absence of Mac Monitoring Option
  • Crashing Issues
  • Not Enough Storage
  • Delete multiple Useful Data

7. Magics PC Check and Tuning

Magics PC Check and Tuning is a computer software like Restoro which makes the better performance of your computer. A large space for pictures, videos, and programs is leftover on the computer due to this software.

A user can easily restore his removed files at any time. The best feature of this software is that it constantly and automatically provides updates and performs optimization to increase the speed of the computer.

This process of optimization remains continuous even when your PC is off. Magics PC Check and Tuning removes window issues which shows that it is also a security software. So, it is the best software to optimize the computer, increase security and create a large vacant space.


  • Legit Software
  • Copyright Protected Material


  • Clean Up
  • Fast and Safe
  • Find Duplicates
  • Erase Temporary Files
  • Save Power
  • Organize Multimedia Files
  • Optimize Window Services
  • High-speed Mode
  • Performance Check
  • Increase the Security of the Computer
  • Real-time Protection
  • System Restoration
  • Removal of Useless Software
  • Regulate Maintenance Services
  • Removal of Internet Traces


  • Control Many Scattered Sub-screens
  • No Proper Way to Control Automatic Runs
  • Cryptic Information

8. WeCleanse

WeCleanse is an app that removes junk files from computers and increases its speed like Restoro. It is different from others because all process of junk file cleanup is made with one click.

Sometimes the storage of a computer runs out of space and its notifications irritate the users of the computer. If this app is available on the computer, there will be no such issue. Moreover, there is no need for the removal of personal data.

WeClean not only informs users about the programs consuming more data but also cleans them. There are many features of this app in which clean up catch junk, dump invalid IOS Backups, empty useless system logs and many others are included.

Its way of use is also very simple. As it scans the computer and it becomes clear in the next step.


  • Clean out Mail App Download
  • Sketch Caches
  • Remove old IOS backups
  • Clear Cache Junk Files
  • Uninstall Large Programs on Mac
  • Erase other Mac


  • Clean Up the Cache
  • No Toothless System Log
  • Dump Invalid IOS Backup
  • No Long-in Terms
  • Cut Corrupted Preferences
  • Removal of the Apps Creates Junk Files


  • Consume More Battery
  • Consume Unnecessary Space
  • Sometimes Slow Speed

9. PC Bean and Clean

PC Bean and Clean is an efficient app that also increases the speed of the computer like Restoro. A user can remain his computer away from toothless files and data through this software. This app can be placed even on the desktop of the computer.

There are some features of PC Bean and Clean in which computer speed, disk speed, start-up Browser, and system clean are included.

Each of them has its own functioning, for example, if a computer speed section is used, it will clean the computer from toothless files. While disk speed plays a vital role in the optimization of the system. Startup Browser and System Clean have also similar functions to disk speed and computer speed options.


  • Computer Speed
  • Disk Speed
  • Startup Browser
  • System Clean


  • Upgradation of the Computer
  • High Performance
  • Affordable Price
  • Support the English Language
  • Scan and In-depth Analysis
  • Suitable Shredder


  • Low background activities
  • Low hardware consumption energy

Final Words

Restoro software has become a need for the efficient working of the computer. People are going towards its alternatives, because of its some loopholes.

As it supports windows only, cannot fix third-party applications and interrupts other programs, absence of efficiency in its free version, and no fixation on hardware issues. Reimage, out byte, Tweaking, Win Tweaks, PC Bean, and Clean are known as alternatives for Restoro.

They have some common features, like, increase in the speed of the computer, removing junk files and Malware, scanning, fixation of window errors, real-time privacy, amelioration of battery timing, removal of damaged DLLs, registry values, security, and stability of the system.

It also features recovery of PC after Malware attacks, removal of internet traces, disk speed, start-up browser, portable programs, updated tools, and many others.

These alternatives of Restoro also have some drawbacks, for example, consuming more battery and unnecessary space, third-party tools, crashing issues, and a few others. Early described benefits overcome these flaws.