15 Best Ruby Receptionists Alternatives in 2022


Ruby Receptionists is a remote receptionist technology that makes virtual connections with every business call. It manages complex routing directions and serves professional answering around the clock. It helps to establish remote scheduling for customers who contact for appointments.

It offers analytics, products, and services that the users need to transfer exceptional experiences and handle their interactions in a growing digital world. An engagement solution automatically connects with callers and website visitors, showing more options to enhance trust in their business.

Ruby provides virtual live chat and receptionist service to increase private connections. It manages your calls with care using custom screening and greeting as there are no canned conversations. It is a cloud-based technology that works anywhere because customer dealings are extended.


It finds a way to manage virtual receptionists of small firms with developed call scripts. It includes client intake, outbound calls, voicemail transcription, and call analytics. Its software facilities are Nextiva, Clio Grow, Clio Manage, and Rocket Matte, with additional Spanish language support.

Why Users want Ruby Receptionists Alternatives?

Ruby Receptionist has many features, but it has some shortcomings. It has reduced hold and transfer time of the call in English and Spanish in real-time management. It lacks a free trial version, live webinar training, call recording, premium consulting, and live bilingual receptionists.

It is not designed for high-level businesses and has no clarity in billing. It charges approximately half-dollar of the receptionist for a hand up. There is limited customer support, and when you are engaging in an outgoing call, you have to shut down the app and start the procedure again.


List of Ruby Receptionists Alternatives

Ruby Receptionist is a fantastic software with numerous features to facilitate the users. However, you cannot rely on a single software with some shortcomings; therefore, you have to move towards its alternatives with minor drawbacks. So, 15 alternatives of Ruby Receptionists are presented below.

1. MoneyPenny

MoneyPenny is a cloud-based smart billing and invoice platform that simplifies time tracking, record keeping, business management, and remote invoicing altogether. Its purpose is to overcome freelancers and business owners’ reporting and tracking attempts for future use in real-time.

You can handle payment reminders, credit memos, invoices and send estimates for new customers. You can allot tracked time to numerous projects and records and assign invoices. Its primary services are Xero, Wave, Zoho, Free Agent, PayPal, Stripe, Worldpay, Zistemo, and GoCardless.

It is best for corporate departments, human resources centers, law firms, gyms, accountants, hospitals, garden services, and agencies. It has collaboration tools in the services like milestones, projects, reimbursement, cost-to-completion tracking, and prioritization services in real-time.


  • SMEs Supported
  • Status Tracking
  • Timeline View
  • Kanban Board


  • Live Customer Support
  • High Startups
  • Time-Saving Service


  • No API Supported
  • Limited Web App
  • Lacking iOS Support

2. Map Communications

Map Communications offer a live telephone responding service without a break. ECHO software is an internally developed call-management platform known as ECHO software is a fast call-receiving application that communicates with customers as a comprehensive and professional client support solution.

It promotes businesses by providing 24-hour contact to their agents. It tries to develop innovative models of research that sustain the highest standard by providing a range of study plans, a hub for examination in a collaborative environment, and comprehensive top research centers.

It is united by welcoming student experience with unmatched student issues support, a tradition of southern civility, and several opportunities for experimental service. It aims to improve critical thinkers who drive positive change with mastery of creative expression for users.


  • Order Management
  • CRM Supported
  • Bilingual Call Service


  • Professional Call Handling
  • High Volume of Calls
  • Innovative Services
  • Speedy Answering Facility


  • Inconsistent Representatives
  • Less Brand Reputation
  • Expensive Packages

3. 24-7 Intouch

24-7 Intouch concentrates on offering a solution that boosts your actionable insights and experience while strengthening the technical infrastructure to enhance overall efficiency. It aims to hire qualified staff from front-line managers to cooperate with employees in finance, marketing, sales, and I.T.

The customer care solutions have developed collaboration and flexibility based on the requirements of a brand program. Its professional and personal growth culture integrates with innovative development and training plans that enable you to reach your goals without any inconvenience.

It is a worldwide contact outsourcing company that provides emergency response, order taking, direct and email response, lead gathering, live chat sales, social media dealing, and help desk. It offers value-driven and innovative omnichannel, like office management, to brands across industries.


  • Gaming Support
  • Content Moderation
  • Life Insurance
  • Health Care
  • Stock Options


  • Free Netflix Service
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Career Planning


  • Unreasonable Expectation
  • Limited Training Modules

4. Ambs Call Center

Ambs Call Center facilitates businesses to run smoothly and communicate with clients. It develops a smooth workflow via continuous communication and concentrates on business processes. It offers call center facilities for a marketing agency and a digital scale.

Its team is responsible for providing switchboards and answering calls. It provides off-peak hours answering technology for departments that uses a phone tree and call log. The availability and reliable facilities strengthened the user’s confidence in their department.

It receives calls on weekends and holidays, and its members send data to internal technicians. Ambs keeps seamless communication between teams, and it delivers data regularly. It offers a human point of contact to enable calls to individual staff in an emergency.


  • Event Registration
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Lead Capture
  • Help Desk


  • Secure Text Messaging
  • Automated Attendant
  • Remote Receptionist
  • Multiple Mechanical Contractors


  • Insecure Management
  • High Priced Packages

5. VoiceNation

VoiceNation is a US-based source of call answering facility, and it provides high-resolution remote receptionist services that help large enterprises to ensure customer satisfaction. Its core companies include legal, real estate, medical, and other small and medium businesses.

It meets business demands across other worldwide departments by performing its duty the whole year, including holidays, nightshifts, over-time shifts, and weekends. This platform has many professionals of non-English speaking staff who can manage bilingual calls at a high level in real-time.

The trained agents can control order processing to allow you back up in case of disaster. It offers virtual PBX solutions that grow users’ business, including customized greetings and call forwarding services. It is named a knowledge leader with a revolution in pricing and propriety source technology.


  • Voice Mail
  • Wireless Technology
  • Auto Reports
  • Call Screening


  • Dedicated Business Line
  • Mobiles Compatibility
  • Live Message Relay


  • Expensive Service
  • Untrained Operators

6. My Receptionist

My receptionist is designed to simplify the receptionist’s responsibilities. It is a time-saving platform that redirects users’ calls to departments and offers feasible solutions. This platform focuses on several calls your company gets daily and boosts user experience.

Its main objectives are keeping track of received calls, receiving the incoming calls, processing the received orders, and distributing the responsibilities of essential paperwork. It takes care of customer requirements and cold-calling numerous prospectus for propelling user acquisition.

It is one of the famous tools that sharpen the working of the base of an enterprise and the department that maintains a relationship between the enterprise and its users. It offers business help that expands the outlook of functionality, techniques, and values you need most.


  • Automated Message Network
  • Unlimited Talk Time


  • Good Customer Experience
  • More Language Options
  • Improved Web Chats
    Stress-free Environment


  • Limited Inside Data
  • No Regular Updates
  • High Priced Packages

7. Specialty Answering Service

Specialty Answering Service is an outsourcing provider for fast-developing small businesses and some of the users’ favorite brands. It offers hundreds of facilities your business requires to remain competitive, like appointment setting, outbound telemarketing, lead capture, and many more.

It helps companies enhance loyalty towards customers and strengthen their brand. It does not mislead its clients and levy unnecessary charges or hidden fees. This platform offers a free trial for fourteen days and nights, and it requires no credit card or attached strings.

Its virtual services are associated with features to assist any sized business to improve communication. It can fulfill orders, respond to texts and emails in English or Spanish, and answer customer queries. Its contribution permits you for the assistance to concentrate more on technical questions.


  • Unlimited Usage
  • Brand Showcase
  • Outlook Calendar Integration
  • Rippling System


  • Repetitive Task Handling
  • Cost-effective Productivity
  • Temperature Controlled Environment
  • Secured Data Storage


  • Limited Inside Information
  • Expensive License

8. Conversational Receptionists

Conversational Receptionists is a virtual software that offers a lengthy list of call services for businesses. It supports call routing, customized hold music, detailed message management, and outbound calling. It covers many industries and includes a variety of fully customizable services.

It targets appointment reminders, web forms, online stores, calendar management, and essential CRM fulfillment. It helps user businesses with customer service requires encouraging organization growth. It has some plans like warm call transfers and messages delivered through email.

It manages all telephone relating tasks like incoming or outgoing calls and scheduling. It permits temporary call guidance, professional image, VoIP solutions, and flexible monthly billing. This platform promotes small and large enterprises offering an affordable solution to client service face.


  • Live Call Responding
  • Secured Text Notifications


  • Transparent Plan Pricing
  • Interactive Voice Response


  • Limited Plan Variety
  • Specific Hours Unavailability

9. Call Experts

Call Experts is an operated calling platform that offers office-based facilities to professionals in various industry categories. Long-standing client relationships a corporate culture that promotes professionalism are the services that permit it to enhance outstanding growth.

It approaches companies to develop an efficient plan, overflow call management, answering services, order taking, help desk, and other messaging or telephone needs. All call experts representatives attend a training program followed by quality assurance training and continued learning.

It offers precise analytics of reporting systems, internal call center plans, and user needs management. It can forward a call to any phone number you need, whether a home line or office line. Therefore, the users provide many phone numbers to find several ways to access them.


  • Appointment Setting
  • Live Patching
  • Call Screening
  • Service Reminders


  • Enterprising Spirit
  • Relevant Data Storage


  • Ineffective Cold Calling
  • Unscheduled Calling

10. Centratel

Centratel is a secured messaging application that permits users to deliver messages between devices in an encrypted pattern. The company recipient complies with rules and regulations which ensure that protected health information is secured and covered upon delivery compliances.

It is available for numerous operating systems, including iPad, iPhone, and Android. It offers a full trial version for secure messaging with time stamps, device notifications, and dates. Its features are telephone entry systems, surge protection, voice mail systems, and LAN cabling.

It is one of a handful delivering answering service and catalogs product brochures by offering user guides. It provides TELCO implementation supplies, PBX telephone, and an accounting system. It develops plugins to help users with call logging, screen pops, and click-to-dial.


  • Samsung Authorized
  • Hosted Phone Supported
  • HVAC Specialty


  • Hospice Answering Service
  • Medical Service
  • Veterinary Facility
  • Disaster Restoration


  • Insecure Calling
  • Expensive Pricing Plans
  • Limited Updates

11. Vicky Virtual

Vicky Virtual is a remote telephone answering platform for small businesses as it manages customer calls and schedules appointments. It can control incoming and outgoing calls by making follow-up calls as it is an excellent website to ensure that no business calls will be missed.

It provides virtual telephone services to help individuals and businesses around the globe. It manages and schedules continuous calls to engage and retain users. It becomes buzzing to answer calls over a day, so this platform motivates potential customers to take the duty on its behalf.

It concentrates on live call routing, appointment booking, and accuracy of message response. It focuses on brand popularity, financing options, customer ethics, shipping policy, and payment options. It allows processed accounts transactions and cheap turnover to multiple users.


  • Speedy Internet Connection
  • Trained Administration


  • Quiet Work Environment
  • Robotic Conversations
  • Consistent Branding


  • Limited Scope
  • Lack of Flexibility
  • Limited Overall Experience

12. ReceptionHQ

ReceptionHQ offers a set of telephone answering and virtual receptionist solutions, and it manages and operates to comply with the responsibilities under the law. It provides a premium user experience for all calls into his business and attempts to exceed his beginner-level expectations.

It provides call scripting, flexible messaging, and CRM integration. It aims to minimize costs, helps to call overflow to view professional images, and saves more time for other things. It selects a remote business address to enhance its presence without relocation and costly overheads.


  • Bilingual Service
  • Processed Account Transaction
  • Personalized Customer Experience
  • SaaS Supported


  • Customized Greetings
  • Live Customer Support


  • No Linux Support
  • Unavailable for Mac
  • No Webinar Training

13. AnswerConnect

AnswerConnect provides the basics of network navigation, time-saving services, and functionality to accomplish research. It offers call answering, chat support, CRM integration, appointment booking, lead qualification, an instant callback to professional customers.

Its main objectives are tracking ruling and cases using Citator, documenting findings and sharing their results, extra productivity tools, and utilizing research aids. This platform provides businesses with remote support from live receptionists in the U.K, and it forwards calls or receives messages.

An essential aspect of its work is offering a human voice to enterprises that otherwise clients cannot attend their calls. It can manage hours-calls with simplicity as it attempts to play a role as an extension of the businesses, and callers think they are contracting with the company rather than any third party.


  • Dedicated Agents
  • Inbound Sales
  • Scalable Solutions


  • Quick Order Processing
  • Cheap Turnover
  • Large Business Oriented
  • Vast Integrations


  • Inaccurate Call Routing
  • Limited Visual Option

14. GabbyVille

GabbyVille consists of a large team of remote receptionists who offer extraordinary client service. This platform is an efficient bilingual remote receptionist call responding service that keeps users’ business running like a lubricated machine with a short-term billing contract.

This platform informs remote receptionists how to welcome callers and chooses pre-recorded greetings. It can conduct a conference call and collaborate with many people on a single line. It returns business calls on users’ behalf by utilizing T1 phone lines against VoIP to send high-quality calls.

It uploads the favorite hold music of users and permits the remote receptionists to learn if a user is at home, in a meeting, out of the station. The users have to pay for the phone calls and their business. Spam calls are not included in the bill; therefore, this platform saves money and eliminates headaches.


  • Call Routing
  • Scheduled Appointments
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Executive Plan


  • Noise Eliminating Service
  • Automated Relay Messages
  • Lenient Work Schedule


  • Slow Customer Service
  • No Windows Support

15. AnswerAmerica

AnswerAmerica is a reliable telecommunication company offering telephone answering and inbound telemarketing. When a call is received, a screen appears in front of the user. A service that emerges as helpful is its online transcript, as users can log in to their accounts and view transcripts of calls.

Remote receptionists provide an opportunity for small businesses to have an administrative support position on call at a reasonable rate than working for someone full-time. It offers a fast and cost-effective telephone responding service, and its receptionists are accessible three hundred five days a year.

It utilizes customer relationship management to provide an inbound telemarketing facility and a toll-free number nationwide. Its representatives take orders for direct feedback throughout the country and simultaneously offer credit card confirmation and cross-selling facilities.


  • S. Answering
  • Online Portal
  • Cost-effective Plans
  • Appointment Scheduling


  • Free Monthly Charge
  • Quick Service Response
  • Short-term Billing Contract


  • No accreditation with BBB
  • Short Range of Application
  • Lack of Control

Final Words

Ruby Receptionist is a call responding service for customers who want to arrange a remote business appointment. It is quick to give feedback and manages the complex routing directions as it offers the potential prospects a valuable experience whenever they contact the new users and business partners.

It has some shortcomings; therefore, users are compelled to find its alternatives. They are reliable in the budget, precision, and available sources. Some of its alternatives are discussed in this article; Ambs Call Center, Specialty Answering Service, and Centratel collectively are the best to resolve the significant issues.