20 Best Thermometer Apps for Android and iPhone in 2022


Thermometer is a very useful and popular device that can measure the temperature of everything. This device enables you to get indoor, outdoor, and body temperature. You can measure temperature with the help of a thermometer. But if you don’t have a thermometer at some time, you can also use your smartphone to get to know about the temperature.

Many applications can use to measure temperature for free. If you have a good thermometer app, you can easily measure the temperature of any object. In the pandemic, we all need to check our temperature often to be saved from disease. Many places require a temperature check before entering the premises during that time. These reasons persuade everybody to have a thermometer every time time with us.

Nevertheless, no one carries any apparatus in the pocket every time. Fortunately, with the help of technology, the ease of carrying a Thermometer with you is now available. You can put this apparatus in your purse anytime in the form of a mobile application.


There is a huge list of Thermometer Apps, however, all the apps used for thermometers have a primary function of measuring a person’s temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit. Some application contains other features that are also very useful for you. These apps display the temperature in a little different style, but overall, all of these apps are the same in features and functions.

Uses of Thermometers in Our Daily Life

All of us use Thermometers very often in our everyday life. Many types of Thermometers are available in the market, such as air, cooking, water, and body. These apparatus are divided into many other categories, like electronic or infrared thermometers and mercury-based thermometers.


The body thermometers are getting more expensive day by day, and they get very popular these days. If a person has a fever, the body thermometer is necessary to check the patient’s fever.

This platform offers you almost 20 best apps for Android and iOS. Yes, it is really surprising for everyone that many mobile applications are here working as thermometers and are playing an important role in the medical industry and personal lives.

List of Thermometer Apps You Should Try

There are many applications available in the online market to make your smartphone a thermometer. These applications are simple and easy to navigate. In this list, there are almost 20 applications with many amazing features and functions. Let us discuss these apps in detail.

1. Digital Thermometer

Digital Thermometer is very simple and has a very modern approach. All the methods and procedures of this app are easy to understand. The app can easily measure room temperature. It can also tell you the outdoor temperature according to your geological location.

The app provides you with a lot of information, including wind speed, humidity, and geological longitude and latitude. Many thermometers and apps are very hard to read when they run a temperature after taking readings, but Digital Thermometer is very easy to read and understand. Hence this app is amazing. Go and download the app.

2. HD Thermometer

Here is another great Thermometer App is known as DH Thermometer. The app is only designed for iPhones. This application is considered one of the best and easiest apps to use. If you want to use this app more effectively, your GPS should be enabled on your device.

This process allows the application to move from the boundaries and collect the data to provide the app to process all the information and give you the exact temperature. The app goes out and tries to gather information about the weather, reporting news and sources, and then it provides the info to the user easily.

The provided info can be read very easily. HD temperature app can also read the indoor temperature as well. Use this app if the original Thermometer is out of your range.

3. EasyBBQ

EasyBBQ is one of the smart Thermometer Apps with the basic purpose of measuring temperature while cooking food. It is a cooking thermometer that aids you in getting a suitable temperature for your steak.

Its temperature depends upon the type of steak that you are cooking. The temperature you choose to cook your steak, the app accompanies the EasyBBQ Thermometer. You can easily watch the reading on the EasyBBQ app that you have already downloaded.

The device should be connected to the Thermometer via Bluetooth. The application has 8 main food options that you can choose to cook. While making barbecue, you can add your options as well. All you need to do is provide the complete info about what you want to cook, and here you go.

4. Kinsa Smart Thermometer

This amazing app can be used and paired with Kinsa Smart Stick. This device contains a thermometer on its end and includes a jack to plug into your device. Along with Kinsa Smart Stick, this app is one of the best Thermometer Apps.

The app is specially designed for Android. You can raise the question of why not use a regular thermometer? The answer will be enough for you if you once buy the Kinsa Smart Stick for yourself. When you try to measure temperature through a Kinsa stick, it will send all the data to Kinsa Thermometer App, and then you can read all the info to know about temperature.

The app itself also provides you with the temperature info as well. Only you have to make a profile on this app and add family members and their ages to it. Then this app will tell you whether to be worried or not if your temperature got rises or falls.

5. Smerttemp

This is another amazing and popular Thermometer App. It is specially designed for Android and iOS users. The app can be easily used on your smartphone. It provides you with temperature readings for free. This is an easy-to-use and open source app.

The app contains many features, just like it permits the user to track the temperature of everyone in your family when you create an account. The application also allows you to set a reminder on it to view and check the temperature history.

You can also add notes to every temperature to remember every temperature and its cause as well. So the application provides you with many amazing features. Just try to download the app and enjoy the features.

6. Thermometer++

The list comes with another amazing Thermometer App known as Thermometer++. This is one of the best apps for Android and iPhone to measure body temperature. The application is very simple and easy to understand in its display.

It can also show local temperature readings based on the location of your place where you live. It also measures atmospheric pressure and humidity as well. The app provides to read the temperature in degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit both.

Overall the app gives you good accuracy in measuring temperature. The app can tell you the best results if you compare it with other available applications on the internet. Hence the app is free to use. Go and download the app to measure your body temperature anywhere, anytime.

7. Real Thermometer

Real Thermometer is another fantastic Thermometer App that allows you to get the right temperature. The app contains a powerful passive infrared sensor, which enables you to measure the temperature of any object very easily.

The app is very easy to use and free for all smartphones. This app can be used at the object’s 3 to 5 cm distance. The app contains many best features, just like you can store all the temperature readings on your smartphone to check them anytime through your mobile phone.

The app can be easily synchronized, and you will be easily notified on your other devices. If compared with other applications, this app has many more features. So don’t hesitate to download the app.

8. Room Temperature

The list comes with another fantastic app that allows you to estimate your room’s environment quickly. The app provides you with a real-time temperature reading. If you want to launch the app, make sure you have a stable internet connection.

The app will ask you some permissions and some questions as well. Otherwise, it can be really difficult for the app to run quickly and efficiently. After launching it, you have to select a necessary option from 3 given temperatures, Celsius and Fahrenheit, and Kelvin.

You have to leave your device for a moment and wait for its automatic indoor and outdoor temperature evaluation. Make sure there is no too cold or hot object near the device; you will get better results through this.

9. Body Temperature App

Body Temperature App is great in its features and temperature measuring. This application makes a track and saves a complete record of the body temperatures that you measured already. This app is especially designed to check the body temperature only from its name.

This amazing application tracks your minimum and maximum temperature and every temperature between them. The app divides the temperature into 3 levels – low, medium, and high. This app smooths you to have a better and healthier life.

You can easily track your body temperature, and the app enables you to understand what is going on inside your body. App has a feature of graphical representation as well. It is a very useful app for keeping your health on track.

10. iThermonitor

iThermonitor app is considered one of the popular and best Thermometer App. The app is specially designed for iOS and Android. The app lets you get your required reading about temperature on your smartphone. The application is really easy to use, so you can quickly get notifications if you have a fever.

iThermonitor app is a personal doctor app that provides you a complete graphical representation of your child anytime, anywhere. Parents can easily use this professional data analysis in the form of graphs and charts. Hence the app is interactive and user-friendly. Try to download the app, as it is free.

11. Fingerprint Body Temperature

The Thermometer Apps list comes with Fingerprint body temperature. This temperature measuring thermometer provides you a medical treatment at your place. This app allows you to get an initial and basic medicine.

This application can be used to get your exact body temperature. If you want to use this digital Thermometer, you have to open it and then try to put your finger on your smartphone screen. Here you will get your accurate body temperature.

After calculation, it will show you on the screen. This application can be used to make a prank with your family by a fake temperature setting. The application is very simple and easy to use. The app can be found on both Play Store and App Store as well.

12. Smart Thermometer

Smart Thermometer is another amazing application. The app contains a good temperature sensor in it. The user can know the temperature near the mobile phone through this sensor. The app works by using your GPS, so you have to make sure that your Android device’s GPS is on when you are using this app.

The Internet connection can also be used on your smartphone to use this simple app. The app is really easy to use and contains many amazing features. You can get accurate temperature results using this thermometer app. The app includes a good user interface and a very simple navigation system. This is one of the most popular apps among temperature measuring apps.

13. Vicks Smart Temp Thermometer

Vicks smart temp thermometer is another amazing application that obtains your body temperature. The application is specially designed for iOS and Android devices. The application has many modern features and functions.

It is a free-to-use app that allows you to get accurately notified about your body temperature. To use this app, you have to create an account on the app. The app will help you to manage the health of your family easily. The app allows you to track everybody’s temperature from time to time.

For patients, this application works best because it also shows all the previous records. Hence the app is very useful and user-friendly. Try to install the app and keep your and your family’s temperature records.

14. iCelsius

This amazing application can convert your smartphone into a complete thermometer. The application allows you to record the temperature. All the readings are displayed in graphical representation.

You can easily share your reports with your physician and get a proper analysis. The app can easily measure the temperature of a body. But this process can only be done with the help of smartphones because smartphone contains temperature sensors in them.

The app has a feature to inform you about your daily temperature when it goes low or high. Then the app tells you the normal temperature of the human body as well. You can also use this app to measure the temperature of household appliances. You can also measure the temperature of your tea, coffee, and vine.

15. Thermo

Thermo is one of the best Thermometer Apps available on the internet. The application is very simple and free to use. The app allows you to get informed about the temperature worldwide. The temperature can be measured in two methods, Celsius and Fahrenheit. You only do one thing to activate this app.

Just try to provide the app access to your location then you can easily get notified about the temperature all around you. The app can tell about your location’s temperature and tells you the other places’ temperatures. It is to inform you that this application can only work with Android and iOS devices. These devices have temperature sensors, which is why temperature measuring applications work properly.

16. Fever Tracker

This application is used to make a prank with your friends. The user can easily change and manipulate the temperature history of any person. The temperature that the Fever Tracker collects can be altered.

The application allows you to measure your body temperature in 2 simple steps. Firstly you have to put your finger on the mobile phone on the finger scanning pictures. That scanning image can detect your body temperature.

Do you remember when you or any of your family members got infected? Or when you have had a fever in the past couple of months? No? Then this app will keep all of your records. The app has a feature to track the history of every temperature that is added to the app. So you can notice all the temperature changes in your body at your place.

17. Thermometer & Hygrometer

Thermometer & Hygrometer is another fantastic app that allows you to notify your body temperature every time. This app is considered a very popular app among many Thermometer Apps. This excellent app displays the accurate result of the temperature of your surroundings.

This all happens by using your smartphone. The app tells you about temperature and tells about humidity, wind speed, and atmospheric pressure. The preferred temperature unit can also be selected as Degree, Celsius, and Fahrenheit.

The application uses your GPS service to run. You can also use internet service to get accurate body temperature results. The app itself is very simple, free, and easy to use. Try to download the app and enjoy.

18. Digital Thermometer App

The list comes with another amazing application named as Digital thermometer App. If you don’t know how to read the accurate Thermometer, then try to use this app because this is a digital thermometer app.

This app calculates the temperature and shows it on your device’s screen for your convenience. The reading provided by the app is very easy to read as everyone can understand them. You can easily read the temperature changes in your body for a precise time.

The app provides much information on map-like humidity, altitude, wind speed, geographical latitude and longitude, and many more things like that. This application works properly with Android devices and iOS. So if you have the latest smartphone, you can easily use this app.

19. Smart Thermometer App

The smart thermometer app is undoubtedly amazing in its work. The application works fantastic if your smartphone has temperature sensors. This application is very popular because of its features and functions.

The app displays the temperature in an attractive order that you can easily read and understand. The app needs internet to run and provides you with an accurate temperature. This amazing application can tell you about humidity, wind speed, and air pressure.

This app represents the temperature reading in a very fine pattern that the user likes very much. The app also accesses the GPS to give you accurate temperature readings. Hence the application is very easy to use and has a user-friendly user interface. Try to download the app and enjoy the features.

20. HD Thermometer

HD Thermometer is specially designed for iPhone. But days, this application can be run on Android devices as well. This app is one of the easiest apps among many Thermometers Apps. If you use this app more effectively, you should also use your GPS.

Internet service can also be sued to get accurate results through this application. The application collects data online and then shows you the best results according to the geological locations and environment. The app provides you with the temperature on your mobile’s screen to read it easily. Hence the app is very fine and easy to use. You can get your desired results through this.

Final Words

Many applications are here that can make your smartphone a Thermometer. These apps use your GPS service to tell you about your body temperature. Through these apps, you can find outdoor and indoor temperatures as well.

These applications are specially designed for iPhone and Android devices. These apps provide accurate results by using GPS or Internet service. Try to download these apps to your mobile phone and keep a thermometer in your pocket.