15 Best Timer Apps for Android in 2022

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What is meant by Procrastination? Is it the same as Being Lazy? It is Saturday afternoon, and the clock is ticking. You have to complete the task before the deadline, for which you are working hard. You might be regretting for not completing it early. If you do not complete your work on time than you have to leave your work on pending for the next week because, obviously, there are more tasks to be completed in the same time.

Procrastination involves delaying an important task just because you feel lazy to do it at that moment. Procrastination is not like laziness because it is an active process in which you choose to do something else instead of the task that were mandatory for you. Laziness means boredom, inactivity, and a refusal to act.

Timer Apps for Procrastinators

You feel hopeless and energy deficient, making it difficult to start (and finish) the simplest task. OCD(Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder), not knowing what needs to be done, and many other reasons can cause Procrastination. To deal with it, you need to recognize that you are Procrastinator, work out why you are facing Procrastination, and look out for possible solutions.


However, there are many Timer Apps that can assist you in getting rid of procrastination. The Timer Apps can help you record your every activity so that you can save time and become more efficient in your work. These Apps can also assist you in your workout routine, job-related tasks, family and friends time, and even can set an appropriate time for entertainment purposes.

List of Timer Apps for Android

Different Timer Apps would help you deal with Procrastination. Let’s discuss in detail those Apps.


1. Tabata Timer

One of the best sports interval App is a free Tabata Timer App for high-intensity interval training (HIIT timer). It has features more than a stopwatch or countdown clock. In Tabata training, you exercise for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, and repeat eight times.

Features of Tabata Timer

  • It has a very intuitive interface.
  • It has bright, customizable colors.
  • You can create sequence of workouts so that they run one after another.
  • It will work in the background and show the current progress in a notification when your screen is locked or using another App.
  • It has shortcuts you can start with one click from the launcher.

2. Interval Timer

Interval Timer is another App with user-friendly interface, full-screen option, and color-coding abilities. It has a larger font size and bright colors so you can keep a check on your pace. It is suitable for all kinds of activities, including boxing round timer, calisthenics circuit timer, circuit training, and Tabata.

Features of Interval Timer

  • It has customizable sets, high/low-intensity intervals, and rest for your own need.
  • You can save your presets to switch between different activities quickly.
  • You can work great with music and headphones.
  • It has vast sets, set Time, Rest time, Playlist, etc.
  • While using other apps, you can use it in the background.
  • You can get additional audio, vibration, or silent notifications.

3. Talking Stopwatch & Timer

It is another App for Timer with an easy-to-use stopwatch and timer with an intuitive interface. It gives you abundant functions like a countdown timer, count-up timer, interval timer, Speech Time, music, etc.

Features of Talking Stopwatch & Timer

  • You can easily set timers (Count up Timer, Countdown timer, Interval timer).
  • It can be lap time, Split Time.
  • You have a Customizable UI. Color, Display size, Font (Digital LCD, etc…), Button, Measuring units.
  • You can change and fix the orientation.
  • You can export by email or storage.
  • You can Set background pictures wallpaper, which helps you save battery life.
  • It operates with little power consumption.

4. Brain Focus Productivity Timer

This App boosts your productivity and houses a couple of advanced utilities for people who have difficulty concentrating on work. You can produce your sessions based on the Pomodoro technique and analyze statistics for more insights into how you work. You also can generate new presets for specific tasks and categorize them for easier access. It has many themes and is also available, along with customization settings for the timers and associated notifications.

Features of Brain Focus Productivity Timer

  • You can Pause and Resume sessions anytime.
  • You can also disable Wi-Fi and Sound during a work session.
  • You can add extra time if you want in a work session.
  • You can skip a break or the end of a session.
  • You were notified at the end of the work session.
  • It has multiple themes like Red, Green, Blue, Pink, Black, etc.
  • It supports more than 30 languages.

5. Impetus

It is an advanced interval timer App for all type of training with intervals or other timed repetitions like Crossfit, Running, Breath-hold training. With this App, you can get training fast and build all your training plans. Copy presets to create new variations quickly. You can also Customize your cues with your alert sounds, colors, and interval titles.

Features of Impetus

  • It is a clear and comprehensive timer display with portrait and landscape modes.
  • It has home screen shortcuts to presets for quick access.
  • You can configurable a countdown before the next interval.
  • It has an option of auto-pause at any stage of the training set.
  • It can be run in the background.
  • It has a mute option for a background music player alerts.

6. Stopwatch Timer

It is a simple, easy to use App for Android that will help you measure the Time of any activity like sports, cooking, games, education, etc. It has a mode to start and stop the stopwatch. You can start and stop the watch by pressing the button on the center of the screen. You can see lapsed Time on the display and the analog view like an old-school, add a lap hand to the analog view and press the right button reset.

Features of Stopwatch Timer

  • It has a stopwatch and countdown timer modes.
  • It gives you digital and Analog feedback.
  • It has an Infinite laps count.
  • It Sends laps through email.
  • It has different Color themes and supports multiple screens.
  • It has a customizable alarm duration for the Timer.
  • It supports custom ringtones and multiple audio outputs.
  • It has a control Stopwatch and Timer with volume keys.

7. Exercise Timer

It is a highly customizable App used globally for interval training, HIIT training, Tabata, and even yoga. It can customize your workout routines like warm-ups, group exercises, interval periods, etc. Unlike most interval training timers, you can add as many exercises & intervals as you wish to your workout routines. With the help of this, it is much easier than ever to create your custom workout routines.

Features of Exercise Timer

  • It has HIIT Interval Training Timer.
  • It has an Amrap stopwatch to perform a set of exercises as many times as you can in a set amount of time.
  • You can Crossfit clock to keep track of your exercises.
  • It also has a gym Workout Tracker.
  • It has a 7-minute workout timer.

8. Engross: Focus Timer, To-Do List & Day Planner

It is a combination of Pomodoro Inspired Timer with to-do list and planner. It suggests a familiar collection of features for a Timer App, but it sets itself distant with a tab for your to-do’s. It allows you to start timers and link them with your tasks. It will help keep your work/studies more organized and finish things faster. It offers you a comprehensive screen for statistics on the left, showing you an analysis of your focusing capabilities.

Features of Engross: Focus Timer, To-Do List & Day Planner

  • You can turn off WIFI automatically during the session.
  • You can add your goal to keep yourself organized and focused.
  • It has an additional black theme to increase the battery life of your phones.
  • It warns you about work and break during the session.
  • You can add custom quotes to show during a session to keep yourself motivated.
  • You can also pause a work session.
  • It has Automatic and Manual modes for Timer. You can also fast forward to the next session/break.

9. Timer Plus

It is a free app that can configure entire interval training sessions with options for breaks, and It will configure the number of rounds you would like to go through and the number of total sets. You will also find big, bold designs so that you can view the status without any hassles while exercising. It has an App flash with which your phone’s screen triggers the rear LED flash.

Features of Timer Plus

  • It can display the number and duration of rounds and cycles.
  • It is an Interval Stopwatch, and it works in background mode.
  • It has an Informative screen flash.
  • It has to create an infinite number of timers save them in the history of workouts.
  • It also has voice guidance.

10. Minimalist Pomodoro Timer Goodtime

It is one of the powerful Pomodoro timers to keep you focused. It is designed to keep you focused and free of distractions. It is an alternate between focused work sessions and short breaks the App handles. You can split work into sessions of focus followed by short breaks. You can also get rid of Procrastination and improve your time management.

Features of Minimalist Pomodoro Timer Goodtime

  • It is an open-source app that is lightweight and without Ads.
  • It has colored labels and manually added sessions.
  • You can translate it into 43 languages.
  • It has a lot of themes and screen sever modes.
  • You can separate notification sounds for work and break.
  • You can disable sound and Wi-Fi connection(until Android 10) during the work sessions.

11. Interval timer – HIIT Workouts

It is a handy interval timer that helps you keep track of your work and rest periods during your HIIT interval training and workouts. It is an excellent training timer whether you are working on cycling, running and lifting weights, exercise, workout, stretching, boxing, etc. It will prove to be a priceless asset for your HIIT interval training.

Features of Interval Time – HIIT Workouts

  • It has customizable sets, high/low-intensity intervals, and rest for your own need.
  • You can continue to run even when the screen is locked.
  • It has several Sets and a countdown time.
  • You can set Time, whether low interval time, high interval time, or Rest time.
  • You can auto-lock this App.
  • You can also pause during rest.

12. Runtastic Workout Timer

This App is for you for your HIIT or Tabata workouts, circuit training, interval training, or at-home body weight workouts and is a perfect interval training timer and a free-of-cost App. It is more than a stopwatch, countdown, or timer clock. It has a practical, simple, and easy-to-use interval timer with voice feedback. You can set as many times on your phones as you desire, save these settings and use your customized timers again and again.

Features of Runtastic Workout Timer

  • You can customize your timer clock with various activity phases like a workout, Rest period, Reps and sets.
  • It has Voice feedback with constantly looking at your smartphone, and the clock is a past problem.
  • It created an infinite number of timers, saved them, and used them repeatedly.
  • It determines sets of workout phases, rest periods, and how often you want to repeat your routine.
  • It displays both total Times and remaining Time right on your interval training timer.

13. Boxing iTimer

It is an App with an almost fully functional free version of the paid boxing iTimer. You can use it for boxing training, MMA, HIIT, Tabata, Yoga, or any other sport requiring rounds or intervals. It is simple, just enough configurations, works from the background, and with a locked phone, you can listen to iPod music simultaneously. It is a top-rated app on App Store.

Features of Boxing iTimer

  • It supports saved presets and can change round ending notice.
  • It has a screen that never goes dimmed by itself. You can always see the status, go to any other app, or lock your phone.
  • It can work in the background and on a locked device.
  • It has a session progress chart showing the number of rounds, current and remaining time.
  • It has different colors like red for breaks, green for rounds, and orange for round endings.
  • You can round intervals without breaks, just one interval after another.

14. Visual Timer – Countdown

It is a minimalistic App with a clean design with which you can rapidly start a timer. It has a large clock interface on the home page which you can interact with to set the duration. The visual representation of Time enables a quick perception of the current state. It allows you to set up a timer with a single tap quickly. It has many tools you might find handy, such as custom presets for sessions you regularly need, concurrent timers, a night mode, audio options, and many more.

Features of Visual Timer – Countdown

  • It can change the background image to match the time of day.
  • Use it simple setup for common tasks in your daily life.
  • It has a quick and easy Setup.
  • You can add your own Presets for timers.
  • You can configure and adapt Alarm settings to your needs.

15. Stopwatch and Timer

The most popular free App on Android has a beautifully clean, simple, and reliable interface. Notification of time elapsed can be viewed without opening the stopwatch and Timer App. It is easy to read significant digits and full-screen mode. It has a timer that remembers your last three countdown times for quick re-use. It can customize the look of the stopwatch and timer with a choice of several colors and fonts. Millions of people have chosen it since 2009. See the App menu for options.

Features of Stopwatch and Timer

  • It has Multiple timers/stopwatches.
  • You can Rename timers and laps.
  • You can Export by email or Countdown them up.
  • It has a countdown and repeat (loop timers).
  • It has hundreds of options.
  • It will show you the current lap.

Final Words

As mentioned above, Timer Apps offers the best set of functionalities in their areas of expertise, and most of them are free of cost. Many Timer Apps are available on the Play Store and each one of them have distinctive features that you can utilize to save your time. Select one and enjoy your activities in minimum time consumption.

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