20 Best Tom and Jerry Games for Fun [2022]


Tom and Jerry is an American Animated Cartoon Film Series created in 1940 by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. These films are known for their 161 dramatic short films by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. The series is about the rivalry among the supposed characters of a cat and a mouse. In its original run, Hanna and Barbera produced 114 Tom and Jerry shorts for MGM from 1940 to 1958. Throughout this time, they won seven Academy Awards for Best Animated Short Film, binding for first place with Walt Disney’s Silly Symphonies with the most awards in the category.

Do you support Tom or Jerry?

If we talk about Jerry the mouse, it is a tiny creature as compared to Tom, the Cat. Tom makes mischief most of the time because he is the big one. Jerry wants to eat his cheesy stuff and Tom has a great rivalry for the little one. So they both are the cutest creature of American media. Both of them are equal shareholders for the series. The series is incomplete without both of these characters.

This question has crossed everyone’s mind who has watched the famous animated series. The story of a cat and mouse followed by diverse adventures has tickled kids and adults for ages. The question of Tom and Jerry being most OK friends has now finally been responded to with some comparatively reasonable expectations and opinions.


List of Tom and Jerry Games

People of every age like to play video games. Since Tom and Jerry’s films come to the market, many famous games comes out for these characters. It is tough to choose one Game among the trail. But these games are exciting.

1. Tom and Jerry in Fists of Furry

If you have not already played ‘Tom and Jerry in Fists of Furry’ action video game, you can download it for free! It was circulated in 2002 by Ubi Soft Entertainment Software, NewKidCo. ‘Tom and Jerry in Fists of Furry’ is still a famous licensed title amongst retrogamers.


Tom and Jerry in Fists of Furry features a total of ten levels, each with themes like the kitchen from the Tom and Jerry TV show and a boxing ring. This gameplay is based on slapstick comedy, players cooperate with the environment and disperse usable objects like chairs, pool cues, and bombs. All seven characters have unique attacks. Power-ups contain invincibility to items or a green gas which can pollute a touched opponent.

2. Backyard Hoops

Tom and Jerry decided to play basketball in the yard, they are trying to establish which of them is calmer. You can help Tom to throw as many balls into the basket as possible to wipe the nose of Jerry, who does not trust in the power of his enemy. You can enjoy the challenge and test out your skills in this fun new basketball game featuring Tom and Jerry.

You can test out your flinging skills in this fun new basketball game containing Tom and Jerry. Can you dare to score the most points and become the basket holder? Are you a hoops chief? Then you are at the right place. You can test out your skill and get the highest score you can. Download it and Enjoy!

3. River Recycle

River Recycling is an excellent way to protect our earth, and the famous Tom and Jerry are prepared to show you all about it in the River Recycle Game! The cute pair were heading off to the park when they observed how dirty the place was. Do you want to help them use their grabber machine to clean up all the dirt? So please hurry up, because the crazy cat and mouse don’t have much time! Garbage should not belong in a river, and your fuzzy friends are equipped to halt the pollution.

Do you want to take out all the trash until only the fish are left? Your mission might seem like a piece of cake, but fishing out every item is not going to be so easy. If you are ready, use the grabber and make the water cleaner! Let’s do it together!

4. Mousetrap Pinball

Here is a famous Pinball game with the popular Tom and Jerry. You can shoot the ball into play and try to preserve it in space for as long as imaginable with the rackets. You can handle the Game with the arrow keys. Of course, Mousetrap Pinball is fun. The beautiful pinball game featuring Tom & Jerry. Master the table and keep numerous balls in play for extra points. It is great fun playing this pinball game with Tom and Jerry because of their cuteness.

5. Mouse Attacks

Tom and Jerry in Mouse Attacks! A platformer video game featuring everyone’s favorite cat and mouse, Tom and Jerry. The game was released for the Game Boy Color (GBC) handheld system in 2000. It features some usual and crazy simulations and gameplay that you would imagine from the license. In this Game, Tom abducted Jerry’s mates, and now Jerry is coming out with an act of revenge! You can play the role of the little brown mouse and release your mates while exhausting the wicked cat.

Tom and Jerry are ready to go beside each other in a new challenge in the Mousetrap Pinball game! The two furry frenemies are always opposing, and this time they chose a classic game. Hey, you can show off your patience and strategic skills, and become the best pinball player! Will you be able to complete this task?

6. Tom and Jerry in War of the Whiskers

In War of the Whiskers, Tom and Jerry is a hostile video game established by VIS Entertainment, published by NewKidCo, and spread by Warner Bros. It is an interactive Entertainment for GameCube, Xbox, and PlayStation 2. It is the sequel of the 3D animation hostile video game Tom and Jerry in Fists of Furry. Four players can play this game simultaneously. It was the only NewKidCo game ever and the only Tom and Jerry game released to collect a T rating. While the PlayStation 2 version saw releases in all major areas, the GameCube and Xbox versions were private to North America.

7. Tom and Jerry Food Fight

These cartoons were directed by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera at the metro-Goldwyn-Mayer cartoon studio in Hollywood, California. So Who does not affect foodstuff? We all know that Tom and Jerry can do anything to get the food. The cute Jerry loves cheese very much, and he would eat it all day. Tom’s desired dishes are milk and fish.

They do not share their food with anyone, and both hate when it gets stolen. Jerry is feeling quite starving today and is on a task to eat all the cheese he can find! As usual, Tom has tactics to catch Jerry once and for all. Help guide Jerry towards the cheese while evasion Tom, his friends, and any hot dishes! You can live a day with them in Tom and Jerry Food Fight Game and see how much amusement they can have, even when they fight.

8. Make and Race

This is a fun game for the whole family, where parents and kids can securely shape cars; they can also race and play! You can choose from your favorite Boomerang stars including, Scooby-Doo and Velma, Tom and Jerry, Stunt Happo and Bella the Ballerina Happo, The Crazy Racers Penelope Pitstop, Dick Dastardly, and Muttley, Bugs Bunny, and Tweety Bird. Now, who will you contest with? The competition is on! In Make and Race, not only do you get to race as some of your favorite Boomerang characters, yet you get to make their car too! Check out all the ways you can plan the ride of your dreams!

The race is on! Boomerang characters – you get to make their car too! You can check out all the ways you can design the ride of your dreams! What kind of ride do you like? A smooth boxcar? A huge barrel on wheels? The choice is yours! You know what they say: if it is designed like a circle it can be used as a wheel! You can mix and match with bicycle tires, donuts, saw blades, and everything in between! You can find the wheels that best express you.

9. Jerry Run Jungle Adventure 2020

Do you want to play a funny running game of the most well-known characters in the animation world? Do you want to endeavor to live the hunts between a stupid cat and a naughty little mouse? It is a new game that can get this funny quest with those mischievous characters.

You can aid our friend to gather cheese to get excellent scores and diamonds so you can find a lot of stuff in this game that will help you beat the beasts that can bother you. And don’t forget that you don’t have much time because tom is always behind you. This Game features Running and jumping, cat and mouse chase, lovely theme songs, and H.D. graphics; it is a free game; download it and enjoy your running adventure.

10. New Tom Run – Jungle Dash Adventure

This latest Game from Tom and Jerry is cute and loveable. Spike and his son tried to run from the trackers in the jungle. Come on, and friends help them escape from the hunters. Hey friends, you can choose characters you like and gather as many coins as possible to buy characters you can’t use yet. You can swipe right and left to avoid problems, you can scroll up to jump, Swipe down to roll over, Press the screen double to hit the opponent, and here is a watch out for the enemy that runs towards you.

People of any age can play this game; it is very safe for everyone. New Tom Run – Jungle Dash Adventure has very beautiful features and very colorful graphics. You can adventure many of the obstacles going through each level of this game. This game is enriched with lush green visuals. you have to collect more and more coins to get a bonus and rewards. many hurdles are waiting for you to let you down but you have to be careful about all the obstacles that you are facing.

11. Tom Cat Dash and Mouse Runner

If you like the previous Tom Cat Adventure Mouse Runner Game, this Jerry runner game is what you’re looking for! Once again, Tom Runner Cat Game is back in his most expected adventure jungle runner. This is an exciting jungle game Ever in Google Play for kids! This Game is filled with more amazing H.D. cute characters. The jumping game levels are designed specifically for all Children. They can shake obstacles along the way, deliver the bundle, & gather all coins to shop for new super Tom Cat cute characters! Only you have to use the button jump & slide to avoid all enemies & all difficulties.

12. Tom and Jerry Mouse Chase

Tom and Jerry Chase is a regular mobile game with subtle elements, publicly licensed by Warner Bros. Cooperating Entertainment and offered by NetEase Games. The Game flawlessly recreates the art style of the unique classic. You can choose to play as Jerry or his friends in their energy to make cheese, or you can play as Tom to prohibit them from following.

Who will win in this battle of fun and strength? Joined by over a million players and dive into the ultimate game of cat and mouse. You can feel the thrill of the chase! You can play as either cat or mouse. You can steal cheese and trick Tom with your friends to win. Or save Tom from his fate of never being able to catch Jerry and aid him to become a mouse-catching expert. The action is not going to be stopped.

13. Tom and Jerry Puzzle

Tom and Jerry Puzzle Escape is an entertaining point-and-click puzzle game. In this awesome game, you have to complete a range of levels and help Jerry the mouse escape from Tom, the cat! The experiments in this game are fun and result in some hilarious cat and mouse action between these two iconic characters. Do not forget to try and discover the delightful cheese hidden on each level for Jerry to snack on! How many times can you help Jerry escape from Tom’s plans?

Tom and Jerry Puzzle Escape was made and owned by Boomerang. It is suitable for kids. It features the famous duo, Tom and Jerry. There are ten levels of Adventure mode gameplay. Here is a new Time Trial mode to unlock. It is inspiring and full of a fun game. Its user interface is straightforward to understand. Its illustrations and graphics are very colorful and very appealing for the kids. Download it and enjoy it.

14. Tom And Jerry: The Movie (Video Game)

In the Game Gear version, Tom chases Jerry to look for an unseen treasure taking them from the house to an island where the treasure is buried. The player controls Tom in the Game. He chases Jerry by long-level stages, Jerry hampering his progress by placing short-tempered traps and going under platforms. Tom can climb platforms, jump gaps, and pounce. Once Jerry is caught, the level ends and proceeds to the next one. Preferably Jerry can be acquired at the end of the station by solving a puzzle, but it is possible to catch Jerry earlier in the level with great trouble.

In this awesome game, you have to complete a range of levels and help Jerry the mouse escape from Tom the big cat! The challenges are completely fun and result in some hysterical cat and mouse action between these two iconic characters. Don’t forget to try and find the delightful cheese hidden on every level for Jerry to snack on! How many times can you aid Jerry to escape from Tom’s plans?

15. Tom cat and Jerry Mouse Run

A very nervous and jealous Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse. Heaven Games will do anything to keep his Tom Cat and Jerry mouse infinite run game. But these Endless Run Game only want to go on an adventure and have fun traveling the world. So it is the time to join Tom Cat and Jerry mouse game the limits of what it means to be a GREAT parent in his endless crazy running quest to take care of your Game! This is an infinite running for all.

The addictive endless runner is FREE to download and play! This gameplay is with easy-to-learn one-tap controls. It has rich, colorful H.D. graphics and stunning cinematic gameplay. They are having lightning-fast aerobics and unexpected fiery twists! Go and check out!.

16. Tom and Jerry Mouse Maze

New Game is now available. Winter is here, and Jerry is very hungry! Hungry! He is on a mission to get all the cheese, but he must be careful as Tom is on the prowl. You can play the classic runner and the new color matching game modes! This game has more than a hundred levels. Many levels of cheese-filled fun to play! There are many objects and obstacles.

You can use all at your disposal to avoid traps, rockets, and other obstacles. This Game has multiple environments. It is the race that you can play through the living room, the garden, the attic, and much more. You can collect bonus cards that aid you stay one step ahead of Tom!

17. The Magic Ring

Jerry has gotten a prized magical ring stuck on his head and must get it off before Tom removes it by force. Based on the home video of the same name, this single-player run-or-fight Game lets you play as either Tom or Jerry. You can use various weapons to destroy your enemy through eight colorful environments, each with its boss event.

Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring features guest appearances by a variety of Tom and Jerry characters, including, in his debut gaming appearance, Droopy the Dog. Let the chase begin magically in this fun action video game, and use many weapons in Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring! You can Explore the powers of the magical ring and Chip’s potions for an even more fantastic experience!

18. Tom & Jerry Matching Pairs

It is an outstanding matching game online and frees kids with The famous Tom and Jerry; every time you do a new game, you discover new images! Tom, the blue cat, and Jerry, the little brown mouse, were created in 1940 by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera; in this cartoon, the cat diligently pursues the mouse without ever catching it.

Tom and Jerry Matching Pairs is a memory training game based on the famous Tom and Jerry animated cartoon T.V. series. In this game, you can test your abilities and determine how many characters you can match with the Tom & Jerry Matching Pairs game on Boomerang. It is a fantastic game for kids. Because of its colorful visuals, kids mostly like it.

19. Cheese Swipe

Hey, welcome back. Did you hear that Tom & Jerry are back in their most fun game? There are pieces of cheese are all over the house. There is cheese all over the place! Jerry wants to eat it all! You have to run and jump through loads of familiar scenes from the show as you collect as many pieces of cheese as possible. But don’t let Tom catch you! How much cheese can you swipe in one time? It is up to Tom to stop Jerry from lifting and eating all the cheese. Would you like to help Jerry to eat as much cheese as he can while dodging all the obstacles in his way and running away from Tom at the same time? Are you ready? Let’s play then.

20. War of the Whiskers

In War of The Whiskers, both Tom and Jerry do not precisely have a strong story running through it. If you are familiar with the old antics of the Tom and Jerry animated series, you know what to expect here. These characters love beating the hell out of each other, and that is what this game is all about. There are two main “villains” in the Game in Monster Jerry or Robot Cat. Overall Game loos excellent. The fighting in the Game is reactive and fun. The sound effects and voices feel like you are right out of the show. It is the kind of game that is fun to play with friends.

Final Words

If you talk about the oldy goldy Tom and Jerry cartoon series. That was hilarious and loved by everyone. No one can reject the importance of these T.V series. After the films, developers began to work on the games. These given games are exciting to play with friends and family. Kids love these funny and colorful games with a very fine and interactive user interface and visuals. These games are very simple to handle.