5 Best WiFi Names Generator for Funny WiFi Names (SSID/Router) in 2022


In today’s World, the Internet is a “must-have” thing that allows your PC, smartphones, or tablets to interact with the World digitally. Then, there comes the term “Wi-Fi,” which allows these gadgets to get connected to the Internet. Now, if we dive deep into the term Wi-Fi, you have to give it a name in order to get it distinguished from the other Internet Wi-Fi connections.

Most of the people usually get confused while giving their Wi-Fi connection a name, and of course, they search out for a unique name. For this purpose, there are so many options available as Wi-Fi Names Generators, which help you out in finding an innovative name for your Wi-Fi. Well, here in this article, we brought you up with some top “Wi-Fi Name Generators” through which you can easily get a cool Wi-Fi name.

Are Your Neighbors Stealing Your Wi-Fi?

If you are feeling that your neighbors are stealing your Wi-Fi, check it through your router by logging into it and checking the section where it shows which gadgets are connected to it. If you find any other device which is not in your home, then the very simple solution is to change your Wi-Fi password.


How to Change Wi-Fi Username?

While talking about the change of Wi-Fi password, which you probably might know how to get it changed, there are a few steps to change your Wi-Fi username.

  • Open up a browser and put up your router’s IP in the search bar
  • Then enter your router’s username and password to get logged it
  • Click on wireless, and change your Wi-Fi username

Few Hilarious Wi-Fi Names

If you are looking out for some unique and funny Wi-Fi usernames, then have a look at the following names.

  • The password is….
  • Silence of the LAN
  • RIP NET Neutrality
  • Password is Password
  • Nacho Wi-Fi
  • Blind Sight
  • Wi-Fi Fever
  • Searching
  • Enter the Dragon’s Wi-Fi
  • Wi the Figer

List of Wi-Fi Names Generator for Creating Funny Names

No doubt, there are so many options available for Wi-Fi names generators online, through which you can generate some incredible and unique names for your Wi-Fi connection. Here are some top picks regarding these efficient generators, which you will find much helpful, for sure. Now, let’s discuss the following Wi-Fi names generator tools.



If you are looking out for some really cool Wi-Fi names, then you must need a generator, and for that sake, “” comes in the very first place. This is the top generator in the list and can generate really cool and innovative names for your Wi-Fi connection. All you need to do is just search that generator on your browser.

There you will find a button “click here to generate names.” Click on that button, and you will get a unique and awesome Wi-Fi name every time you do that click. This is one of the best generator tools you will use.

Some of the names that this website generate are as follows,

  • Hack if you can
  • Out of Order, Try Later
  • My own damn internet
  • Password is you
  • Why don’t you take bath?
  • Stop stealing your internet
  • McDonald’s Free Internet
  • 404 not found
  • Virus Infected
  • You are blacklisted


It is one of the top funny Wi-Fi name generators through which you can easily create some hilarious names for Wi-Fi. These names will freak out your neighbors but make sure to get your Wi-Fi secured so that they cannot steal it. It is really easy to use.

All you have to do is just click on the genre that which type of names do you want to set up for the Wi-Fi connection. And this bewildering name generator tool will provide you with a complete list of the related names, thus allowing you to choose a name as per your own preference.

Following are the genera on which when you click, you will get a complete list of Wi-Fi names,

  • Best Wi-Fi names
  • Funny Wi-Fi names
  • Cool Wi-Fi names
  • Clever Wi-Fi names
  • Good Wi-Fi names

Also, there are some Wi-Fi names mentioned below so that you could have an idea about the names this tool generate,

  • Undefined
  • Virus Loading
  • Try Again
  • Access Denied
  • Connect to die
  • Touch here for Virus
  • Get your own net bro
  • Not a public Wi-Fi
  • Virus Affected Wi-Fi
  • Wi-Fi in rest mode


It is just another amazing website option to generate funny Wi-Fi usernames. This platform is a little bit different from using than above-mentioned websites. It will not create the names automatically like “” Instead of that, it will require your idea first in order to get processed and generate the names.

When you put your idea there, it will generate the complete list accordingly. Hence, you can easily find a name for the Wi-Fi as per your own choice. You won’t get disappointed by using this generator tool as it really provides you with distinctive names for your Wi-Fi after getting your idea about it.

Get the idea of this awesome Wi-Fi names generator tool by having a look at the following names,

  • Landing Ping
  • Sir no more Wi-Fi
  • exe
  • Area 51 Test Site
  • Starbucks Wi-Fi
  • Boring internet
  • Do not even try
  • Titanic Syncing
  • Wi-Fi is not available
  • Dora Internet Explorer 404

4. Nickname Wi-Fi

Coming forward in the list of these amazing Wi-Fi name generator tools, here comes “Nickname Wi-Fi.” Ideally, it is the best funny Wi-Fi names generator tool. This awesome website will provide you with a cool and distinctive nickname for Wi-Fi. It will even generate some special symbols, stupendous fonts, unique tags.

Hence, it will provide you with a versatile range of innovative ideas for your Wi-Fi names so that you can set up a name accordingly. In addition, you can also vote for your own liking, which is the most admiring thing about this tool.

Following are some stupendous nicknames for Wi-Fi connection,

  • For Netflix use only
  • Wi-Fi arrives
  • Click this
  • Login here
  • #### is the password
  • Do not spy
  • Call me for the password
  • ?????
  • Research….
  • Hell Wi-Fi

5. Wi-Fi Password Generator and Wi-Fi Analyzer

Unlike, all the websites mentioned above in this article, it is an application that is pretty awesome and can generate really eccentric and ingenious names for the Wi-Fi connection. This application is a great tool for Android users. Not only will you get the names for Wi-Fi but also this outstanding application will provide you with strong and unique passwords.

Therefore, by using this awesome app, you can set a strong password in order to get your Wi-Fi connection secured so that the neighbors could not steal it. Also, find out a good name for Wi-Fi connection to get it distinguished from all others.

Some usernames and passwords that this platform generates are following,

  • It is not free
  • You cannot steal my Wi-Fi
  • Come to me and get the password
  • Want to fly
  • Child touch
  • Click here for viruses
  • I am your boss
  • Delicious
  • Total hear
  • Accio Internet

Final Words

You can use the above mentioned tools to generate some distinctive and cool names for the Wi-Fi connections. These are pretty awesome and generate the names efficiently in no time. They are easy to use and require nothing but just an idea and a click on the button.