Best Games in 1MB That Occupies Less Storage on Your Smartphone

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Small size games are always fun to play and give you a lot of happiness. Android allows you to have as many games as you want. But still, there are some Android sets with low space. Due to this you cannot play the games you want and feel sad. Then games under 1MB will surely light up your face and bring in enough enjoyment.

Smartphones have become very powerful nowadays. The Smartphone is gradually taking the place of primary devices for playing games nowadays. People are no longer interested in playing board games and want to play more exciting games on Android. Then there are many exciting games in less storage available on App Store, which can easily download.

Do You Not Have Enough Space for Games in Your Smartphone?

The skillfulness to download and enjoy thousands of fun at your fingertips makes it very interesting. You can enjoy all types of games like Action, Funny, Puzzles, Sports, Thrillers, and many more. Games in 1MB take less space, and also, if you get tired of playing the same game for a long time, you can download more games according to your mood. Suppose you want to improve your gaming skills but do not have enough space in your Smartphone. Then Games in 1MB of storage will be the best option.


If you are a passionate gamer and your Android set does not have enough space for games you like, it is unnecessary to worry about it. This article introduces you to Games in 1MB of storage that will help you to increase your passion and love for games. You can download many games on your device simultaneously due to less space coverage and play any of them according to your mood.

List of Games in 1MB for Your Smartphone

Suppose you are a game lover and want to play more than one game without worrying about storage problems in your Android set. Here is the list of Best games that can be readily available in 1MB of storage.


1. Doodle Cricket

Size: 310KB

Platform: Android

If you are a cricket fan, this game is a good option. It is a lightweight Android Cricket Game that will give you more fun. It has dynamic ambiance, camera angles, incredible graphics, and realistic physics. You can play as many shots as you want because this game has no limits. Some of the features are so incredible that they include challenging tricks against opponents. This game requires slightly 310KB of storage on your Smartphone.

As the Doodle Cricket game contains less space, there is a saying, ‘Good things come in small packages.’ It only requires one tap to play this game. Like a real Cricket game, this game also includes tournaments that make it more exciting to play. Before every match, you can select your team and location. This fantastic game can easily be available on Android App Store.

2. The Ludo

Size: 1MB

Platform: Android or IOS

Ludo is an iconic game that everyone loves. This game reminds me of the good old days when everyone loved to play ‘Ludo,’ the board game. Everyone is so busy nowadays that it becomes difficult to play board games. But this iconic game is now readily available on Smartphones. The Ludo is a cross-platform multiplayer game that supports Android and iOS simultaneously. This game is easy to download because it requires 1MB of storage.

With its incredible features, The Ludo game is more fun to play. It comes with a wide range of fantastic features. You can find many graphics designs, colored themes, and stylish boards here. This game provides you with different modes like play with friends, online multiplayer vs. computer, and local multiplayer. You can add 2 to 6 players, chat with them, and make new friends worldwide.

3. Bubble Shoot

Size: 1MB

Platform: Android

Bubble Shoot is a classic bubble game. This game consists of a total of 1860 levels. Bubble shoot is effortless and fun to play. To fully enjoy this game, you can make combinations of three or more bubbles of the same color so that they can burst. The difficulty rises as you move ahead, making it more interesting. Bubble Shoot is the best relaxing game; you can play with or without the internet.

Don’t worry about the storage problem because the total space required for Bubble Shoot is 1MB. It has many interesting features like burst effects and cool shooting sounds. There are hundreds of puzzles in this game, and these puzzles help you explore more areas like castles and the ocean world. You can also collect rewards and bonuses daily. Later use them to open more challenges.

4. Chess for Android

Size: 960KB

Platform: Android

As you know, Chess is one of the oldest board games. Chess for Android is a mobile version of the classic Chess game in 3D. It is an incredible game that improves your memory, brain functioning skills, concentration skills, and mental health. This game is created very impressively so that you can enjoy it without a single problem. Only 1MB of storage requires to download for an Android user.

This game has many exciting features as you can play with your friends. The rules are the same as in the original game of Chess we play on board. In this game, you can change the size of the board game pieces, test your chess-playing skills and enjoy hassle-free rounds of this game without any need to find another person to play. You can change the piece sets and use many graphic effects. You can download this game from App Store on Android.

5. Fur-Guardian

Size: 787KB

Platform: Android

The fur-Guardian game is simple and fun to play. You can create your furry character and defend the land of Fur-Guardian in this retro platformer game. Run and jump through different environments and levels to collect gems and defeat monsters from the Realm of Chaos. This game is free to play, easy to download, and occupies less than 1MB of storage.

It has a wide range of incredible features. Different graphics styles, themed backgrounds, animated characters, and sound effects are available in this game. You can choose other animal characters you want to be and change fur color. While playing this game, you can also upgrade your character with gems you have collected as daily rewards.

6. Another Bomber

Size: 531KB

Platform: Android

Another Bomber is exciting and fun to play, inspired by classic airplane fighter 2d horizontal scrolling old games. Your goal in this game is to drop bombs over the enemies before attacking you. The primary purpose of this game is to hit more of your enemies. It will increase your power to the next level. The best feature of this game is ‘Bad Luck Bomb’ or BLB, which continuously kills all your enemies from different types of bombs.

The graphics of this game are outstanding. This game is only 531KB of storage. If you are fond of fun with the army as the center plot, Another Bomber is a must-try. With the help of retouching tools, you can customize your character with different accessories. You can add 2 to 8 players and challenge them. This game is free to download and readily available in Android App Store.

7. Stickman and Gun 3

Size: 1MB

Platform: Android

Stickman and Gun 3 is another exciting shooting game. This game is a simple shooting game and easy to play. To survive, you need to pick your favorite stickman character and fight against dangerous monsters and zombies. You can collect money or gifts by killing the monsters and zombies as a reward and also use the money in the gift shop to buy a lot of different new weapons to make your stickman warrior the best shooter and fighter.

This game comes with interesting tools. With the help of tools, you can upgrade your health points to make your stickman warrior unbeatable and face many enemies. You can also unlock new stickman warriors and buy fabulous attire to customize your stickman heroes. This game is available on Android and is easy to download without any errors.

8. The Archers 3: Bird Slaughter

Size: 1MB

Platform: Android

If you are a passionate gamer and love to play shooting games, this game is undoubtedly for you. The Archers 3 is an impressive game with many graphic designs, different themed backgrounds, and attractive features. All you need while playing this game is to kill the trespassing, colorful birds that attack your territory and collect rewards.

Attack, but don’t forget to defend yourself. Defend yourself from enemies and monsters; do not get killed by them. The game includes powerful defensive tools, shoot arrows, and bows. This game is free and can be played offline too. There is no need to worry about the storage problem because it only comes with 1MB of storage and is readily available on the Android App Store.

9. Snakes & Ladders

Size: 1MB

Platform: Android

We all played the Snakes and Ladders board game at least once in a lifetime. This board is also available in the Android set with only 1MB of storage. It is a simple yet exciting game. Several ladders and snakes are visualized, connecting two specific board squares. All you need is to roll on dice on the board, avoid snakes, use ladders, and cut opponent tokens to win.

This game has many exciting features. This game has different modes, like survival mode and multiplayer mode. You can play this game with family, friends, or computer and with online multiplayer. There is an option that helps you change dice, board colors, and designs. You can play this game with or without an internet connection. After winning, you can collect a reward as coins and share them with your friends.

10. Cooking Master

Size: 1MB

Platform: Android

Suppose you love Cooking Games and do not have enough space on your Phone. Then Cooking Master is surely for you. Only 1MB of storage requires for this game. Here you have to make delicious food and serve it to your customers in the given time. While playing this game, you can improve your cooking skills and learn more about different dishes worldwide.

Many incredible features and tools help you beautify your kitchen with unique themed background, different graphic effects, beautiful furniture, and elegant decorations. It will provide you with 12 restaurants of different designs, 200+ dishes with hundreds of ingredients, and 480+ levels. After completing a level, you can get coins as a reward, and also, you can use coins to explore new places that are provided on the map.

Final Words

All the games mentioned above are best and can operate well even on low storage devices. These games are free to play and readily available on Android App Store. All the games are 1MB of storage and less than 1MB. So there is no need to worry about the shortage of space on your Android set. You will not get tired of playing these games. Because the features, tools, graphics, and themes are all are unique. So, just download your favorite game, start playing it with your friends and family, and have fun.

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