17 Best HTTrack Alternatives Offline Browser in 2023

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This article explores the role of web browsers in our daily lives and introduces HTTrack, an offline browser application. Italso lists the best HTTrack alternatives for offline web browsing and content management.


Xavier Roche created HTTrack, a free and open-source Web crawler and offline browser distributed under the GNU General Public Licence Version 3. HTTrack is a program that lets you save whole websites from the World Wide Web on your PC.(1)

The Internet has now become an integral part of our daily routine, empowering most of the services we use. Web Browsers allow us to easily visit web pages of Entertainment sites, Sports sites, Informational sites, Shopping sites and much more. Applications like HTTrack allow you to access content without using a Web Browser for a more professional Navigation and File Management approach. HTTrack is a simple Offline Browser application. It allows you to download websites from the Internet to a local directory, recreate all directories, and download HTML, images, and other data from the server to your PC.

HTTrack – Offline Browser Utility

HTTrack organizes the relevant link structure of the source Web Page. Just open a page from the “Merged” website in your browser and browse the site as you do online. Httrack Set Options allows you to update an existing image site and resume paused downloads. HTTrack is fully customizable and includes a built-in help system. The Httrack application is a great option if you want to download a complete website on your computer. It is easy to use and browse, with a user-friendly interface that anyone can access easily.(2)


HTTrack is a Free and Open source software that assembles the downloaded site to create a replica of the website to preserve the original link structure. It also has the ability to restart interrupted downloads. It will appear in driver C and run smoothly on Windows, Mac OS / X, Linux, and FreeBSD. This is, of course, a wonderful piece of software to work with, but that doesn’t mean its competitors aren’t that good. You can also create a copy website by using HTTrack.(3)

List of HTTrack Alternatives You Should Try

These awesome Httrack Free Alternatives will undoubtedly meet the needs of your site scanning and offline surfing. This tool allows you to download and view entire websites from the Internet, even if you do not have access to the Internet. This is a great benefit for people with shaky connections because you can quickly access your favorite websites even when the network is down. We’ve assembled a list of the best HTTrack Alternatives that definitely meet your web creeping and offline surfing needs.


1. NCollector Studio

NCollector Studio is a Global website extractor and Offline Internet Browser that lets you download and visit any site. Users of this Httrack Alternative program can search certain files, images, movies, and other media in the same way they search other websites. This NCollector Studio is a simple program that includes all the essentials of a website photography program. It offers a free plan as an alternative to the premium upgrade, but the free plan has fewer features than the paid version. NCollector Lite is ideal for users who need to download specific files or entire websites for offline reading.

NCollector Lite has three modes: To find images, videos, documents, and other file types, use Site Crawler mode. Just enter a Search Engine and a search term to download images, movies, and other media. No additional setup is required. You can download a web page for offline viewing or save a fully functional version of a page if you do not have Internet access. Mirror mode, as offline browser mode, does not change the URL for offline use, resulting in an exact copy of the original website.

Download NCollector Studio for Window

2. Webcopier

WebCopier is a Httrack Better Alternative that allows you to copy web pages and save them locally for viewing later. You can access the cloned site from anywhere at any time. On business trips, you can bring websites with you and view them instantly on your laptop. This uses website copy and JavaScript parsing to back up entire websites or specific folders. It has the ability to download up to 100 files simultaneously. It can print entire web pages or parts of them. This is compatible with all new and old versions of Windows and a Multi-function Offline Browser.

This supports proxy servers and allows you to log in with your existing credentials. You can choose which file to copy and which to skip using the document and URL filters. Check out downloaded web pages or surf the web using the built-in browser. This is among best Httrack Alternatives that monitors the relevant routes so that files can be transferred to another computer, disk, or backup medium. This program is easy to use with a simple and handy interface. Wizards guide you through the process of creating every compatibility pack project.

Download Webcopier for Windows

3. Offline Explorer

Like HTTrack, MetaProducts Systems’ Offline Explorer is a valuable program, but it Is a commercial download. On the other hand, its creators justify the price by providing a number of unique features that allow you to access the content you want, even without access to the Internet. Its user interface is one of its strongest features, and it also comes with its own browser, so you don’t need to install anything else.

JavaScripts, Java Applets, Cookies, Post Applications, Referrers, Cascading Style Sheets, Macromedia Flash, XSL/XML Files, Content Files, and MPEG3 List Files are common these days. The interesting point is that the software has been under development since 1995. Offline Explorer is able to download and process them all so that you can access them offline.

Download Offline Explorer for Windows

4. FilePanther

This web crawler allows you to access all the files on any website quickly and is among the authentic Httrack Alternatives. You can use this program to browse all the links and pages of any online website while offline. This application will save the files from the previously provided website to your local system directory, allowing you to use all its capabilities while offline. Not only can you watch it offline, but you can also share it with others. Of course, this will be a great help to web administrators and developers as well as content writers who need data from multiple domains. It uses algorithms to scan the desired web page.

Because it crawls every web page behind, this operation will take some time to complete. Users may also prefer scanning tasks based on their comfort level. After that, the system will generate a local cache file to keep the files downloaded from the website during scanning. A complete scan of any website, saving the downloaded file to cache files, integrated download manager, automatic cache file upload and download system, multi-language support, highly adjusted, and so on. File Panther has some important technical features and functions.

Download FilePanther for Windows

5. GNU Wget

This small tool, which is part of the popular GNU project, supports HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP protocols for downloading. It is comes under Httrack Free Alternatives and has a lot of great features. For example, this file name can employ wildcards and dynamically mirrored directories. It can run on Operating Systems like Unix, Windows, and other platforms. GNU Wget is a great tool for restoring frequently failed downloads as it was built for obviously unreliable and faulty network connections.

Download GNU Wgt for Windows

6. UnMHT

UnMHT is a program that allows you to read and save complete web pages, including text and graphics, in MHT or MHTML web archive format. It is a program that can combine HTML, images, and CSS into one file. Almost all popular web browsers can open the files that this utility downloads. The ability to access any MHT file, the availability of information panels for information on ongoing procedures, and the option to save a web page as an MHT file are just a few of the essential features.

It is the best Httrack Alternative Windows that allows you to save a site as an MHT or an original file in its stasis, save a dynamic image of a website, save a static image of a web page, and save the original files downloaded from the server. Allows you to save a web page with a single. Click Save the linked page, save the selection, keep multiple tabs, and store the file format in MHT, among other things. To use all of UnMHT’s capabilities, you must first enable JavaScript in your web browser.

Download UnMHT for Windows

7. MetaProducts Inquiry

MetaProducts Inquiry helps you collect, organize and view the information found on the Internet. It works seamlessly with Microsoft Internet Explorer and can be used alone. Inquiry saves a variety of web resources, including complete web pages, selected text and images, shockwave flash clips, and more. It can also import documents from MSIE Favorites and export them in various formats for sharing with friends and colleagues. With the autosave feature, you can also save websites for offline browsing. Managing your saved pages is easy and fast. Just click a button on the MS Internet Explorer toolbar or the inquiry sidebar to open the inquiry.

With one click, you can save the current page you are on, as well as any selected text or images. You can choose to show or hide the inquiry sidebar by selecting the menu entry in the Internet Explorer toolbar from the View menu and selecting the inquiry bar. In addition, you can drag and drop web page selections to save selections or all related pages. Inquiry holds pages much faster than the standard Save As feature in Internet Explorer. Inquiry data never disappears or disappears.

Download MetaPtoducts Inquiry for Windows

8. Save Page WE

Save Page WE are a Chrome extension and among best Httrack Alternatives that lets users save a web page in an HTML file. This file is compatible with all browsers. It allows users to save data on websites in a very simple way. You can save multiple pages by selecting multiple tabs or using a list of page URLs. The recorded data is accurate and is a copy of the original representation of the website from which it was obtained. The user can specify the location of the saved files. By default, a saved file can contain several default fields.

Users can enter a character in spaces and set the maximum length of the file name. Users include HTML image files, HTML video and audio files, HTML embedded files and objects, CSS style files and image formats, font files and scripts, and CSS style sheets and image files. And save font files. Users can combine CSS image copies and set maximum depth limits for their stored nested frames/iframes.

Download Save Page WE for Windows

9. Cyotek Web Copy

Although your system can save individual pages for offline reading, Cyotek WebCopy saves entire websites. Screening rules and other features of WebCopy make it easy to manage large-scale websites. Operating System compatibility has been improved, as well as recognizing and recognizing header options. WebCopy’s UI is basic and easy to understand, even without consulting the multi-resource support section of the menu.

In fact, the Forms and Passcodes next to the Rolls Box, as well as the split log view, point to more complex options. Our Internet connection allowed WebCopy to work faster. Cyotek’s WebCopy, a great free Httrack Alternatives for jobs, would be ideal for researchers, professors, and others with large jobs but limited resources.

Download Cyotek Web Copy for Windows

10. Local Website Archive

Local Website Archive is a tool that allows you to save multiple web pages or even entire websites to your computer’s hard drive. This third Httrack Alternatives specializes in working with browsers based on Opera, Firefox, and other Internet Explorer, as the name implies. It can also work with other Internet tools such as newsreaders, email clients, and other similar apps. PDF documents can also be saved using the local website archive. Another important function is that it can easily compress data, allowing you to take your offline websites to someone who needs immediate access.

Although the program comes under Httrack Free Alternatives, there is a Pro Edition with additional features. It downloads the contents of the webpage to your hard drive. WebSite-watcher keeps track of the pages you have opened in your browser and the sites you have visited using the web application. The Local Website Archive can be used as an add-on to Website Watcher or a stand-alone application that does not require Website Watcher to function.

Download Local Website Archive for Windows

11. Mozilla Archive Format

MAFF is an older site protection format that Firefox offers as a plugin. It combines web pages, music, videos, and other Internet content into one document. MAFF, unlike MHTML, compresses the page into a zip file. This free program, like HTTrack, saves one page, multiple pages, or the whole website. If you want to save a site or page, you need to save all related assets in one document, including video and music. Its distinguishing feature is that it is not based on MHTML.

Unlike MHTML, MIME encoding is used in HTML files. Key technical features and functions are: Create excellent snapshots, create archived pages, open source platforms, save music and video files, and selectively open, fast, and easy to use. This is the most useful extension for saving and processing pages. Without using a file type or save command, its saving system allows you to recover all saved pages in their real state.

Download MAFF for Windows

12. PageNest

You can use PageNest to view your favorite websites even if you do not have Internet access. You can visit specific websites at any time without an Internet connection because this Httrack Free Alternative downloads them to your hard disk drive. This tool will come in handy if you have limited access to the Internet, want to save a site locally or go somewhere without the Internet. It only takes a few seconds to download a website. After saving the Web page locally, you can view it anytime. PageNest is also able to manage all your saved web pages. After downloading, the software’s main pane will display multiple tabs.

In the Site Viewers tab, the Content tab page displays all items retrieved by Nest, and the Reports tab displays any issues. Users can download website content using PageNest. To access offline websites and web pages, save entire websites and web pages to your desktop. Just enter the URL and click “Download” to access all the information, media, and features. You can either download the whole thing or just bits or web pages that interest you.

Download PageNest for Windows

13. SiteSucker

SiteSucker is the first tool designed for Mac users to download their favorite websites on their PC. The user-friendly interface has just a few but required options for you to choose from during the download process. Offline Browsing is possible with the websites that this program has downloaded. It stores all website data on the local hard disk, including pages, audio, videos, photos, PDFs, style sheets, and more. This is similar to creating a local hard drive clone of a site directory.

After installing the program, all you have to do now is type in the URL of your website and press the return key, and SiteSucker will start the download process and show you the download status to keep track of. Websites in languages ​​other than English can be downloaded, and local copies can be made to your system.

Download SiteSucker for Windows

14. Fresh Websuction

Fresh Websuction is an HTTrack Alternative with an Offline Web Browser that allows you to download and discover any site offline. It is one of the most effective tools for downloading important things like reference material, news, online books, articles, etc. You can use this tool to share file content with as many people as you like. You may want to download web apps to create a permanent record of data.

This way, you can save money on your Internet connection while you have access to the downloaded content without going back to the site. It can straightforwardly organize itself. It provides several options for selecting the type of file extension that the software should work with. It is possible to add or remove file extensions. It offers an easy-to-use UI. The Fresh WebSuction tool can be used to replace links.

Download Fresh Websuction for Windows

15. WebZip

WebZip is a terrific application and Httrack Alternative for downloading entire sites and extracting content from websites. Once the download is complete, you can access the file with all its contents offline without returning to the site. This download file can be a video, image, song, or other file format that you want to save to your computer. The files you download can be saved in all HTML formats. The FAR system, a new integrated feature in WebZip, allows users to create HTML-supported text that has been downloaded.

Users can save the downloaded content in a single compressed file using the FAR method without losing important data. This WebZip feature is great for storing and sharing files with others. It helps you save time by effectively retrieving all the information you want. The program has a simple UI that allows you to access content offline.

Download WebZip for Windows

16. BackStreet Browser

Backstreet Browser is an Offline browser that lets you download your favorite websites and then discover them on your PC in offline mode. It provides a compressed version of the downloaded website. You can browse the content of the site. Everything, including HTML, images, sound, Java applets, and more, is downloaded and offered for your viewing. Access to password-protected websites, filters system to filter websites by type/size/date modified/by text, proxy support, retrieval threads system and support for timeout.

For user Selectable recreation levels, the option to copy the original directory structure of the website, review it before downloading the print file, built-in file viewer system, system backstroke browser for downloading modified and new files are some important technical features and functions.

Download Backstreet Browser for Windows

17. Darcy Ripper

Darcy Ripper is a Java-based site downloader and crawler that is fast and efficient. You can easily download web and web-related data on the go with this software. The current version includes session features such as saving and downloading. Now it provides default application filters. The package files stored on this platform are self-generated, which means you can share them with anyone and anywhere. It is a multi-functional and universal online downloader that runs on virtually every major Operating System, including Mac OS/X Mavericks and UNIX-based platforms.

Darcy Ripper’s features are configuration, easy job package control, a free platform, and job package statistics view. Configurability is a sophisticated feature for such a tool as it provides users with a wide range of configuration settings, allowing them to select settings for the download process to obtain accurate online resources.

Download Darcy Ripper for Windows

Final Words

If you want to try something different, there are many HTTrack Alternatives to choose from. We’ve put together a number of HTTrack Alternatives for you to review and select from. The purpose of these programs is to copy content from websites and web pages. Once the download is complete, they can be used offline. The above options are the best so far, and we can speak for them because we have used them and will continue to do so. However, it is possible that we overlooked some of the fantastic HTTrack Alternatives you are familiar with. So, you can install any program but make sure it is safe for your system.


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