20 Best Google Gravity Tricks in 2022

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Learn about the 20 best Google Gravity tricks in 2022 to make fun and bluff others while overcoming boredom. Experiment with these tricks to have a good time with Google.


It’s tough to visualize a world where Google does not exist. It is a well-known popular search engine used by millions of users worldwide. Google offers a range of niche features to entertain you, and by using them, you can dazzle your friends and family. Google has loads of cool and exciting things for its users, and Google Gravity tricks are some good examples. (1)

Get Non-Stop Fun with Google Gravity Tricks

Google is used to find information that everyone is looking for, as it is the sea that has anything you can imagine. But other than this, on a different note, Google has a side that you might not have any idea of because it has a fun little visual tricks toolbox called Google Gravity, which you can use in your free time and amuse friends and family.

Tricking someone in something the person doesn’t know is quite fun. Sometimes, we do it to stand out from the crowd, to tease our friends & family, but the ultimate goal is to have fun. Google Gravity Tricks was introduced to the search engine Circa 2009. (2) The original gimmick was that if you typed Google Gravity into the search bar, all the elements on the page would drop. (3)


List of Spectacular Google Gravity Tricks for Fun

Google gravity trick is a collection of hidden features that allows you to do some amazing tricks with Google and is presented wholly for fun and entertainment. (4) Let us start with the details of that tricks.

1. Google Gravity Zero

By this Trick, you can find that the results automatically get overturned when you search for a keyword in the search bar. Simply It will show all the Google elements oppositely as displayed in a mirror. The displayed words are also written reversely and initiate for jumbled. The exciting part you can see is when the content gets back and bouncy.


There are two ways to use a zero-gravity trick

  • Visit Google. Inside the search box, type “Google Zero Gravity.” Click on “I am Fellin lucky” instead of “Google search.”
  • Visit the “Google Zero Gravity” Page.

2. Google Gravity with Mirrored Text

With this Trick, you can grab anyone’s attention. If you like the Google gravity site, callest first, striking that the normal search for mouse movement will collapse immediately. It will display the content of the browser just like a mirror image. These kinds of tricks are pretty entertaining but also challenging.

Ways to use Google mirrored text

  • Click on the icon, which includes Google mirror, and Google search will appear mirror-inverted. The text would appear as a mirror-inverted whenever you entered the text on google.

3. Atari Breakout

Are you feeling bored with normal searches on your google? Try this exciting google game by just going to the google page and typing “Atari Breakout.” You will see a normal page, and then after a few minutes, you will see the game screen on your window, and by starting the game, you can enjoy it. It is an updated version of the legendry Breakout game by Atari, which is played to bat the ball at the shaded blocks until there are none left while ensuring the ball does not pass your paddle. You have to finish all the blocks using the ball.

Ways to play Atari Breakout

  • Search ‘Atari Breakout” on google; the game will start by searching through the images section of Google search.
  • Or you can search, type Atari Breakout into the search bar, and click I am feeling Lucky.

4. Google Gravity Underwater

It is a fascinating trick that can offer you a wonderful experience. This trick demonstrates a beautiful background of the underwater sea with diverse fish species, and your browser will also start floating in the background. This process indicates the antigravity of showing how Goggle works.

Ways to use Google Gravity Underwater

  • Visit the Google Search box, type “Google Underwater.” Click on “I’m Feeling Lucky” instead of “Google Search.”

5. Find Chuck Norris

After searching Find Chuck Norris on the search bar, you will find something exciting and unique. It might not be much interesting compared to other tricks, but you will be surprised by the results you find on this page. You will get a hilarious message that says, ‘Google will not search for Chuck Norris because it knows you don’t find Chuck Norris, he finds you.

Ways to find Chunk Norris

  • Open a browser and go to google. Type “Find Chuck Norris” in the google search bar and click “I am feeling lucky.” Remember that you do not have to click enter but the second button on the screen.

6. Google Guitar

It is an exciting trick that will let you play the guitar on the search engine page and enthrall others with your attitude. It is a unique trick with which you can play guitar on a google search page that will be entirely usable with either IE or Firefox. With this Google guitar, you can play several familiar tunes, like Happy Birthday, Forest Gump, and Twinkle Twinkle, where Google gives you accurate notes for the tunes.

Ways to use Google Guitar

  • Visit the page “Google Guitar.”
  • Visit Google. Search “Google guitar” and click on “I’m Feeling Lucky”.

7. Google Pac-Man

We all are grown up playing these ordinary games. Google has made this type of game for you. You have to type Pac-Man on the search bar, and the game will appear on your screen to play and enjoy. You will experience a thrilling journey with various maze designs with new obstacles and powerups to eat the dots and avoid Ghost Gang.

Ways to play Pac-Man

  • Visit the page “Google Pacman.”
  • Visit “Google.”Inside the search box, search for “Google Pacman.”Select “I’m Feeling Lucky” instead of “Google Search.”

8. Google Rainbow

Google Rainbow is the best choice if you want something more colorful than regular tricks. It brings some colors to your Google search engine. You will see that Google rainbow is blinking in an animated way by which you will get simulated.

Ways to start Google Rainbow

  • Visit the Google Sheet Homepage. Click that green circle with a “+” in the middle to create a new sheet. You’ll get a standard spreadsheet that looks like this:

9. Do a Barrel Roll

It is a trick with which you can surprise your friends very well. It offers a quick spin in the browser with just a single click. With this Trick, you will see the google page is rolling like a barrel. However, the page lands in its usual position after one spin. You can repeat it by typing the words again in the search bar. For the first time the users try this, they will surely panic about something getting wrong with the computer.

Ways to use Do a Barrel Roll

  • You have to type on a google web page “Do A Barrel Roll.” One clicking and your entire page begin to roll like a barrel in a circular motion like a ceiling fan.

10. Google Terminal

It is one of the most unusual Tricks which bring you back to the MD DOC days. It does not require using a mouse, but only the keyboard letters that work here. It takes only a few seconds to load the outline, but it’s quite easy to use once it does.

Ways to use Google Terminal

  • Visit the page “Google Terminal.”
  • Visit Google. Search “Google Terminal.” Click on “I am feeling lucky.” Let the page load until it shows the option to choose, and then you can have a retro experience.

11. Google Snake

Google brings this game comes online. You have to write the Snake game on the search bar and play the game with all visuals, controls, and sound. It is one of the exciting games that remind you of your childhood memories. It is also the last game that came on your Nokia phones, and we played with buttons.

Ways to use Google Snake

  • All you need to do is search for “Google Snake” on the search bar. You will find an option to “start play,” and your game will be started, and the snake will move on the screen to eat up all the food provided in the game.

12. Weenie Google

It is a simple extension used to play pranks on your friends, family, or coworkers. Changes random words on the page into ‘Weenie’ and some images to a hotdog picture. This process works by changing the web icons to a minimum price. It is also efficient, which you can try. A third-party Google technique does not connect and collaborate with Google Trademark.

How to play Weenie Google

  • Search “Weenie Google” on the search bar.
  • All you have to do is random swap words on the page with the word “Weenie” and replace certain images with those of — you guessed it — a weenie.

13. Google Space or Antigravity

It is one of the most exciting tricks, similar to antigravity, where the page keeps floating without any gravitational pull. All the contents turn upside down but still keep themselves in a non-gravitational space. If you want to experience gravitational pull, you can search a particular word so that the search results behave in a similar floating manner.

How to use Google space

  • You can either visit the “Google space” page.
  • Visit Google” .search Google Anti-gravity or Google Space on the search bar. And hit the”I am feeling Lucky” option, and you will see your google search page start floating.

14. Google Blackle

It is an internet search engine powered by a Google programming search engine created by Tony Heap of Heap media Australia. It saves energy by displaying a black background with grayish-white text on search results.

Ways to Google Blackle

  • Go to Google. Search “Google Blackle.” After clicking on search, you will find that your google page is converted into grayish-white color.

15. Google Loco

It is another exciting trick where the entire web page falls like an earthquake ad similar to google gravity. If you browse the web page, you will see that the contents of your page fall because of the force of gravity. The page falls and breaks up are very nice to see.

Ways to use Google Loco

  • You can either visit the “Google Loco” page.
  • Visit Google” .Search Google Loco on the search bar. And select the “I am feeling Lucky” option, and you will see your google search page start falling like an earthquake.

16. Google Sphere

It is the most amazing gravity trick which will let you play with the google homepage amazingly. The web page contents will circulate in a sphere pattern as you hover the mouse on the web page. It is very ticky to search anything thorugh this page because the link twirls around with your mouse, and it becomes tough to click on the right link.

Ways to perform Google sphere trick

  • Simply you can go to the “Google Sphere” page.
  • Visit Google. Search “Google Sphere” and click on “I am feeling lucky,” and you will experience the search elements revolve around the Google logo.

17. Google Zerg Rush

It is one of the exciting games that are interesting and easy. You will have several balls that start falling from the corner on the Google page, and you have to remember that balls don’t have to touch the search results. If it happens, the links will start disappearing. Keep in mind there will be several balls from all corners. This trick can eventually make the entire area of a Google search page fill up with zeros.

Ways to play Zerg Rush

  • Open Google.com and search Zerg Rush in the search bar. Results would appear, and you would see zeros falling from above.

18. Epic Google

It is another stunning Google Gravity trick called Google on steroids. Just type Google Epic in the browser and search for it. It will simply zoom in on your text on the google page. The words you are searching for can be seen bigger by this trick, which is quite good to listen to.

Ways to Epic Google

  • Open Google.com and search Epic Google in the search bar.
  • The search results would appear bigger and bigger.

19. Google Tilt

It is a google trick that will display search results in a titled manner. You can easily differentiate between the minimum results and the usual ones. You can also try this trick for your experiments, then type” Tilt” and press enter.

Ways to use Google Tilt

  • Go to Google, Search “Google Tilt,” and hit enter. As a result, it will appear, and you will find a difference between a normal search engine and a titled one.

20. A Funny Search Term

With this google trick, you can compact the logo of Google as you like. It is a new way to show your friends that your name appears in place of the Google logo. When you spend most of the time on Google searching, you will come across some bizarre questions that people are asking. It reminds you that some interesting people are out there.

Ways to use A Funny Search Term

  • Go to Google. Search “Funny Google,” and see the results. After that, a compelling search engine will be displayed, and you can see an option for changing the logo. You can get any name of your choice you want by doing this.

Final Words

Sometimes you feel bored and also want to make fun with google. Now you can bluff anyone with these google tricks. You have to grab the knowledge about all google gravity tricks and start your experiment.


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