5 Best Websites to Generate Fake Airline Tickets for Free in 2022

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Show your friends or colleagues that you enjoyed your vacations at wonderful locations when in reality you never went to that place. If you are a part of such a group where everyone visits different places and spends all their holidays out at spectacular locations with amazing photographs, and you want to have similar fun, go through the details below.

We know that due to this pandemic situation and having lots of expenses, everyone can’t afford to hang out. Below mentioned is a list of the Top Best Websites which are free of cost to generate Fake Airline Tickets allowing you to create a solid proof of your fake holiday destination.

Why Should You Choose Fake Ticket Generator Websites?

These sites are straightforward and easily understandable for everyone. Unlike Photoshop, they does not require any kind of technical skills or excess time to create the fake tickets. You only need to follow directories clearly defined through Web Authority and get a Fake Ticket easily. These software Generate Fake Airline Tickets and are way more secure than using Photoshop.


List of Websites To Generate Fake Airline Tickets

Following mentioned are the top-quality descriptive list of Websites for you to Generate Fake Tickets free of cost.

1. Trixo.com

Trixo.com is a trouper Website to generate Fake Airline Tickets. It allows you to mention a “From”, “To” and a “When” after clicking on “Book,” the site gives you options of flights that you could select from. Also, it allows you to choose the number of adults and children.


You also can look out the ticket version into a picture format while using this website. In fact, it is an official site for booking flight tickets that will reduce the chances of getting anyone doubted. There is an option for “download now” available for the phony ticket to look more convincing.


  • The Website claims to provide Fake Flight tickets in just three steps within 2 minutes.
  • This is one of the accessible tools to get Fake Tickets for free, which explains all the methods of getting a dummy flight ticket.
  • This Website asks you for a name, from-to city names, a flight date, boarding time as well as the airplane that you would opt for.
  • After that, provide details such as; surname, name, date, boarding time, from, and to. It has several airlines you also can choose the airlines you want.

Steps to follow

  1. “Open” the Ticket-O-Matic website and click on the “START NOW” button to activate the generation process.
  2. Now, the “Click on Done” Button to get your fake airplane ticket as an image.
  3. Here different formats will show as the site offers generated tickets in PNG and JPG image formats. “Select” one you crave.
  4. Just tap on the image and right-click to get “Save” To save the ticket image on Desktop browsers, Smartphone users must “Click and Hold” on the ticket image to save them.

After completing the above procedure, the site shows you a .png photo of the fake ticket that could be either “Saved” or “Emailed to you.” It is an exceptionally suited option the website mentioned.

2. Key Flight

Key Flight is considered an excellent site for phony tickets. This site generates phony Airline Tickets free of cost. Key Flight gives you an option of flight ticket samples, valid flight reservations, and travel visa services.

The page has filled in details of the “From” departure airport “To” arrival airport with the departure date, complete passenger name, add on passenger, PNR, which is also known as passenger name record, and an email for veritable means.


  • One of the best of this site is its impressive user interface.
  • This site will enable you to either download or print the said ticket.
  • The site also allows you to select your preferable airplanes and request a check-in seat.

Steps to Follow

  1. When you “Open the Website” from the above link, it will take you to a page wherever you can see boxes to enter the ticket details.
  2. “Enter the Details” required details. Such as; Departing Airport, Arrival Airport, Departing Date, Passenger Name, Optional PNR number, and Email.
  3. The tool exhibits the airports in the dropdown menu when entering the departure or arrival airport location. So, “Click on Menu” to choose it.
  4. Now “Enter the Departing Date” according to the right format (put the dots after the date and month).
  5. “Click on Add Passenger” option to add passengers as you need.
  6. At last, “Enter your valid email” because this is the email where you will be receiving your fake airplane ticket.
  7. At the top, you can see the “Download PDF Button” to download the fake flight ticket in PDF format.

After entering all the fragments of information, click on the Search Flights button. The website will search for the flights based on the details you added.

3. Fake Flight Tickets

This is a free-to-use Fake Ticket Generator Website with a simple and easy-to-use interface. Try this tool; it will be very helpful for this purpose. You don’t need to expend your money on fake ticket provider websites.

There are countless tools available on the internet that provides fake airline ticket template in exchange for a cost. But this is the one that provides almost all of its features for free. You can choose the number of adults or children who will be traveling with you, and the other given intricate.


  • It offers dialogue boxes to “From” and “To” options as well as a “When” option.
  • You need to click on enter to see the sample for confirmation.
  • This site provides replicas of flight tickets or boarding passes.

Steps to Follow

  • First, “Open” this dummy airline ticket generator website.
  • Now, “Pick” One-way or Round Trip.
  • In the next stage, “Press Enter” and “Add” information (From, To, and When) to obtain the fake aircraft ticket.
  • Click on the “Go option” to discover available airplanes.
  • Now “Select” the flight and “Enter” information as; the name, email, etc.

That’s all to do. After confirming all requirements, you will get your generated dummy airline ticket. Now, you can save the generated dummy airline tickets in PDF format.

4. Return Flights

Return Flights is a website that facilitates you to create fake flight tickets completely fuzzy (visually) from the real ticket. It compacts flight tickets that can be used for all major international flights. This website has declared each and every step of creating a fake ticket and how to act in an airport.


  • This website allows you to mention the flight details by a manual process.
  • You have to say all the details from the “route name” to “time zone difference.”
  • You can find the data with a .html extension, which would hint to a website if you want to send your fake flight ticket.

Steps to Follow

  1. Visit the Website and “Open”
  2. “Type the Details” like name, family name, departing airport name, time of creation, departure time, arrival time, airline flight number, price, taxes, etc.
  3. Filled thee every segment of information to make your fake flight ticket (this site has required you to look at your ticket like an original one).
  4. After completing all the details in the given field, “Tap the Create Ticket Button” in this final step.

Now you can download the ticket. There is an option also available to share it via email to your fellow.

5. Onward Flights

Onward Flights is a Fake Ticket Generator Website that provides an agenda and a genuine digit flight number so your fake ticket looks like original ticket. It also shows the seat number that is reserved with the airplane registration operators. They have a fake flight confirmation email template that you can use to show your friends.


  • It overlooks a transient discount for users.
  • Suitable for groups due to limited finances.
  • For this phony ticket, there is no PNR required elsewhere that makes it easy to generate and identify a fake ticket.

Steps to Follow

  1. Select the “Date of travel” (destination and from where you are traveling).
  2. Click on the “Search Button” to develop a list of upcoming flights with time and name.
  3. “Pick” the flight and click the “Book Button.”
  4. “Enter” the number of persons who are traveling.
  5. After that, “Write Down” the Name, Email, and Currency in the final.

By completing all the key points, you can simply Download your ticket by tapping on the download option.

Final Words

All the best Fake Airline Ticket Generators Online for free are mentioned above. These Fake Flight Ticket Maker Websites offer a lot of options to edit your Fake Tickets and make them look more real. These Fake Airplane Tickets can be certainly used to impress family or friends.

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