13 Best Games Like CarX Drift Racing Online in 2022

By Sanam Nayab • Updated on November 24, 2022

CarX Drift Racing Online is a Racing, Simulation, Sports, Single-player, and Massively Multiplayer video game developed and published by CarX Technologies, LLC. It is all about realistic driving physics and has different amazing cars in the garage. With amazing and advanced customization features, you can make your vehicle the world’s best-looking car.

Some parts of the cars unlock when you complete different missions in the events. You can control your vehicle with easy on-screen controls and with a joystick also. The more you play the game, you unlock and update different parts of the cars which helps you to play the game more smoothly and ultimately helps you to win the game.

The game needs to play on any operating system with Window XP for PC users, but you need to have at least 8GB RAM, 4GB graphic card of Nvidia Geforce 1050GTX, high-speed internet connection, and dedicated storage space.


There are many cities and physical racing track locations where players can play with their friends and other world players. You can win cups and earn coins to unlock forty sports cars and new tracks in career mode.

In ghost mode, you compete with the other players and make this very best race. You can customize your handling scheme, select different setups for every car, change car colors and discs, and live cameras and replays in the game. In this most realistic mobile racing game, you can upload your best replays on YouTube.


List of Games Like CarX Drift Racing Online

No doubt, CarX Drift Racing Online is the best choice for finding online games due to its gameplay. Race lovers can play this game on their PCs but high specifications are required. Although it is one of the best Online Racing Games with outstanding features yet it has some shortcomings.

Both single-player and multiplayer modes work perfectly, and the gameplay itself is enjoyable and satisfying with many tracks. It is an appealing racing game for those who are into car games and racing games with lots of fun to be had.

One of the main reasons to find CarX Drift Racing online alternatives is that after the 2.0 update, the game gets destroyed and meshed up with bugs, and gameplay is not something that anyone would enjoy.

They ruined the gameplay for graphics, and playing on the controller feels terrible if you do not have controller assist. All other games can serve all the major features and functionalities the same as CarX Drift Racing online, and some are even better than it.

1. F1 2021

F1 2021 is a Racing, Simulation sport. Single-player and Multiplayer Video game developed by Codemasters and published by Electronic Arts. While playing the game, each story has a beginning in F1 2021.

New features of the game include a good story experience, more than one player, and the starting of the latest real season. The game comes as an alternative to CarX Drift Racing online with the best features and amazing gameplay.

In My Team career mode, the player’s task is to take his team to the world’s ranked position, and in the split-screen and multiplayer mode, the player races head to head. The expanded driver stats include Focus and new team critical department events. For the two players racing split-screen mode is used.

The casual race options used for relaxed racing and new expert opportunities give experienced players even more control—meanwhile, ten-year career mode including updated research and development and practice programs.


  • Braking Point
  • Two-Player Career
  • Real Season Start
  • Split Screen and Multiplayer

Download: F1 2021 for Android | Xbox One | Playstation 4 & 5 | Microsoft Windows

2. Wreckfest

Wreckfest is an Action, Indie, Racing, Simulation, Sports, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed by Bugbear and published by THQ Nordic. You can break the rules and take full contract racing to the limit with the game.

The once-in-a-lifetime moments like epic crashes, neck-to-neck fights over the finish line, and brand new ways for metal to bend can be achieved in the game. The game comes as an alternative to CarX Drift Racing Online, with low system requirements.

You can burn rubber and shred metal in the ultimate driving playground. The player can customize and upgrade their vehicles for better performance. While playing the game, you can experience unique racing.

You can reinforce your cars with heavy iron that protects you from serious damage, but this process also adds weight, impacting car handling. Play with friends online and take your racing to the next level while chasing for demolition dominance.


  • Unique Racing experience
  • Awesome Cars
  • Meaningful Customization
  • Multiplayer and Challenging Modes

Download: Wreckfest for Microsoft Windows | Playstation 4 & 5 | Xbox One | Nintendo Switch

3. DRIFT21

DRIFT21 is an Action, Racing, Simulation, Sports, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed and published by 505 Games.

While playing the game, you can tune your dream drift car, change parts, boost the performance and show your skills by competing with the other players in breathtaking multiplayer challenges. Get on the race tracks and test your driving skills in the drifting world’s best and most iconic cars.

You can have 1800 replaceable components in the garage to change your racing car’s performance and win the game. With the visual tuning, like changing body kits, paint color, and decals, you will create a drift car that you like.

You can test your drifting skills by taking part in different demanding challenges. You can play solo or compete with other players in multiplayer mode to show the best drifter.


  • Different Tracks
  • Single-Player Modes
  • Multiplayer Modes
  • Garage Mode and Challenges

Download: DRIFT21 for Microsoft Windows

4. Circuit Superstars

Circuit Superstars is a Racing, Early Access, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed by original Fire Games and published by Square Enix. The competition celebrates the generation of multi-disciplinary motorsport.

If you are ready to take the world, you have to focus on your driving and improve the skills to succeed in your mission. Game starting is very simple like other games, but with the passage of time, you will face difficult challenges.

The game comes as an alternative to CarX Drift Racing Online with more interesting events. As the fans of classic top-down racers, your goal is to take core concept, add more depth through tactile vehicle traction and modernize the whole experience.

The pit stop strategies like optional tire degradation, fuel consumption, and engine wear, you can choose these strategies dynamically. Challenge up to three of your friends and skillful AI single races, or you can create your tournaments.


  • Online Multiplayer
  • Celebrating Motorsport
  • Arcade Tournaments
  • Weekly Time trials

Download: Circuit Superstars for Microsoft Windows

5. Drift King

Drift King is a Racing, Early Access, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed and published by Giorgi Abelashvili. While playing the game, you grab your favorite car, tune it and challenge other players online.

Start the race by drifting on the track to cross the finish line, but remember one thing: do not hit the barriers and side; otherwise, you fail in your mission. The game comes as an alternative to CarX Drift Racing Online with cool visuals and gameplay.

You can customize the car in your way, like upgrading the engine, changing aims and colors, and creating custom liveries. Through this customization and upgrade, you beat the other players of the world in multiplayer racing mode.

Become the Drift king by climbing up on the leaderboard and conquering challenges on drift tracks. The game has different tracks to show their quality racing and drifting skills to dominate the world.


  • Challenge other Players Online
  • Customization of Car
  • Climb up on the Leaderboard

Download: Drift King for Microsoft Windows

6. Project CARS 3

Project CARS 3 is a Racing, Simulation, Sports, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed by Slightly Mad Studios and published by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment.

It introduces more customizable cars that are available to race over 140 global circuits. Career mode has been rebuilt in the game, with artificial intelligence being enhanced. The game features an advanced multiplayer mode.

The game comes as an alternative to CarX Drift Racing Online with many interesting features. You can battle your way up from weekend warrior to racing legend, and daily challenges make the game very exciting and funny.

For racing, 120+ global tracks and 200+ elite brand race cars are available. The game has fully scalable assists for all levels, unrivaled controller experience, sense of speed, intense crash effects, and car contract. You can play this game in low system requirements and for fun.


  • 24-Hour Cycle
  • Various Seasons
  • Weather Effects
  • Career Mode

Download: Project CARS 3 for Microsoft Windows | PS4 | Xbox One

7. DIRT 5

DIRT 5 is an Action-Adventure, Casual, Racing, Sports, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed by Codemasters and published by Codemasters, Electronic Arts. It is a funny, amplified, off-road arcade racing experience game. GT heroes blaze trail routes, covering gravel, ice, snow, and sand with roaster cars ranging from rally icons to trucks.

The game comes as an alternative to CarX Drift Racing Online with advanced features and astonishing events. Players take a trip worldwide and race on over 70+ unique routes across ten other global locations in dynamic and stunning environments.

You can play local split-screen up to four players on offline modes. Through detailed photo mode, you can capture your biggest jumps and best moves and show your creative flair for all cars. The game is the next generation of extreme racing because of earning sponsorship and unique rewards.


  • Photo Mode
  • Star-Studded Career
  • Off-road Action
  • Trail across Globe

Download: DIRT 5 for Microsoft Windows | Xbox One | PS4

8. Engine Evolution 2021

Engine Evolution 2021 is an Action, Casual, Free-to-play, Indie, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed and published by Petr Simunek. It is a multiplayer racing game that uses similar principles to World of the tank in each race.

By playing, you gain experience and credit after winning against eleven players. After earning or winning game points or credit, you can buy various upgrades for your bike or unlock the next bike. The game comes as an alternative to CarX Drift Racing online with an amazing multiplayer feature.

It is a short dynamic race with high action density and has seventy real historic vehicles from seven nations. The game has realistic graphics and a simplified racing life simulator. You can save your gameplay data through the cloud save option and start the game where you left off. The online PvP races are with balanced matching.


  • Multiplayer PvP Races
  • Short dynamic Races
  • Varied Customization
  • Simplified Racing Life Simulator

Download: Engine Evolution 2021 for Microsoft Windows

9. SRX: The Game

SRX: The Game is a Racing, Simulation, Sports, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed and published by Monster Games Inc. It is the official game of SRX: the Superstar Racing Experience. It is an overall new racing league led by a 3-time cup series champion and hall of farmers.

In the mix of dirt and asphalt short tracks, it features 700 horsepower action. The game comes as an alternative to CarX Drift Racing Online with more advanced graphics and facts.

In motorsport history, the game allows you to compete against some of the greatest champions. The short track is racing against the best players such as Tony Stewart, Helio Castroneves, Bill Elliott, etc.

You will compete on six licensed tracks with other players of the world. After winning the game, you will have to become a superstar yourself. You can play with your friends in online multiplayer or local split-screen mode.


  • Different Series
  • Different Tracks
  • Online Multiplayer
  • Custom Car Creator

Download: SRX: The Game for Microsoft Windows | Xbox One | PS4

10. Crash Drive 3

Crash Drive 3 is an Action, Casual, Indie, Racing, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed and published by M2H. In this, you can experience ridiculous fun in cross-platform multiplayer and free-roaming games.

While playing the game, you drive monster trucks, tanks, and more amazing vehicles in a huge open world. You can unlock new cars, earn cash, play events, and discover the game’s secrets.

The game comes as an alternative to CarX Drift Racing Online with competitive events. The game events destroy a gigantic beach ball, catch robbers as a cop or steal the king’s crown. You can participate in these competitive events, beat your opponents to earn more cash, and buy new cars.

Through nitro boosts, you increase the car’s nitro capacity. Collect fifty-plus vehicles and customize your car with amazing parts. Thanks to cross-platform support, you can always play with your friends no matter which platform they are using.


  • Competitive events
  • Crazy car leveling
  • Open-world exploration
  • Play on any platform

Download: Crash Drive 3 for Android | iOS | Microsoft Windows | Switch | Xbox One | PS4

11. Ultimate Racing 2D

Ultimate Racing 2D is an Action, Indie, Casual, Racing, Simulation, Sports, Single-player video game developed and published by Applimazing. It is an ultimate top-down racing game with thirty-five racing classes, over forty-five visual tracks, extensive career mode, champion mode, and online/offline multiplayer mode.

The local multiplayer mode is up to eight players ad you can customize the teams. The game comes as an alternative to CarX Drift Racing Online with advanced features.

In an extensive career mode, you can make your way from karts to formula racing. Besides the road courses, the game contains ovals, dirt ovals, and speedway tracks. You can always choose a variety of racing disciplines like open-wheel, oval racing, and historic racing.

Drive your favorite vehicles like trucks, supercars, stock cars, tractors, and more, from formula cars to motorbikes. The game has realistic car physics, visually stunning 2D graphics and sound effects, and a spectator mode.


  • Thirty-five Racing Classes
  • Customize Teams
  • Spectator Mode
  • Weather Effects

Download: Ultimate Racing 2D for Android | IOS | Microsoft Windows | Switch | Xbox One | PS4.

12. RIDE 4

RIDE 4 is a Racing, Simulation, Sports Single-player and Multiplayer video game developed and published by Milestone S.r.l.

While playing the game, the player chooses from hundreds of officially licensed bikes and rides on dozens of tracks worldwide and carefully designed with an extraordinary level of detail. Every asset has been created, starting from CAD data, laser, and 3D scanning.

The game comes as an alternative to CarX Drift Racing Online, with low system requirements. In the professional leagues, you can choose your path and jump into an amazing and dynamic adventure that interacts with the decision.

You show your riding skills through challenging races, ability tests, and track days in a huge set of events. In character customization, unleash your creativity and design your helmet, suit, and other things in a new graphic editor. Moreover, enjoy the most complete and lag-free multiplayer experience; all credit goes to the dedicated servers.


  • Choose your Path
  • New Enhanced Contents
  • Online Competition
  • Customization

Download: RIDE 4 for Microsoft Windows | PS 4 | Xbox One

13. Forza Horizon 4

Forza Horizon 4 is a racing, Adventure, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed by Playground Games and published by Xbox Games Studios. In the world’s greatest automobile festival, the different amazing seasons change everything.

You play alone or team up with other players in a shared open world to discover the beautiful and historic game world. You can collect different items used to modify the cars and divers over 450 vehicles in the game. The game comes as an alternative to CarX Drift Driving online, but it has much exciting and amazing gameplay.

You play and enjoy the largest and most diverse cars, including more than a hundred licensed manufacturers. In the game, everything you do progress your game, and real players populate your world.

When time passes, seasons and weather change, and the player experiences a very good time while playing. You can discover lakes, valleys, castles and breathtaking sceneries on this Britain map and enjoy the most.


  • Explore the Shared World
  • Collect as many Cars as you can
  • Race, Stunt, Create, Explore

Download: Forza Horizon 4 for Microsoft Windows | Xbox One

Final Words

Overall, CarX Drift Racing Online is the best streaming game, and it is growing its features with every update. Almost thirty million people downloaded and played this game. It gives you a unique experience in handling sports cars. The separate handbrake button is used for drifting, and while playing, you have an insane feeling of powerful sports cars.

The developer and publisher CarX Technologies made the game CarX Drift Racing Online for online streaming. It comes with the best features and usage. The privacy factors are always working and securing the game’s data on the server. CarX Drift Racing Online is not only the game, and there are other alternatives to it.

A few names for the game CarX Drift Racing Online are; Drift king, Forza Horizon, Wreckfest, and more. The CarX Drift Racing online alternatives for the operating system windows 10 are Drift21, Drift King, and Crash Drive 3. As for playing these games, the user will require a standard working PC.

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