10 Best Games Like Ilamentia in 2022

By Sanam Nayab • Updated on November 24, 2022

Ilamentia is a First-person, Indie, Mystifying Hypothetical Puzzle game developed by Anthony case and published by Caiysware. In it, you have to discern the curiosities and understand the purpose of levels before resolving them. Some levels rely on reasoning and others on sharp actions.

It is a weird abstract puzzler which is featuring almost 96 mind-bender levels. The main aim of this game is to initiate all the souls and escapes. Every level of it whirls around the fierce mechanics where you must first objectify the purpose of the level and difficulties before resolving its wishes.

Ilamentia offers you a good simulation experience and is popular among adults to sharpen their thinking and reasoning abilities. It can be played on low-end PCs without any lags and glitches.


Ilamentia Overview

Ilamentia is about deducing the limits of the level’s mechanics which gets evolved as you progress. Few levels of this puzzler need brain-melting logic, few need active and sharp reactions, but most of the level requires the brainstorming faculties.

This game is very difficult to explain as it has a mouse control scheme comprising of 4 additional forms of input: fire, Jump, Restart, and Exit. There are few hints available for the players as it brainstorms the player’s abilities. It can be a bone or curse, depending upon how quickly you pass the stage.


Its functions alter as you proceed from one level to another. Sometimes you might not be able to jump, fly, or fire button behaves entirely different. Basically, it is a series of puzzles where you are meant to deduce what this puzzle is about.

It is played in first-person perspective and when you click the mouse, something while pop-up on the screen which is a potential clue. While playing this game, you will feel yourself in another strange world where you have to survive with your cognitive abilities.

This game boasts the mind of its players with its brainstorming activities and tasks to be accomplished. The player can face many chronological events in this game that can polish his abilities. This game is limited to only four keys: fire, jump, restart, and exit.

List of Games Like Ilamentia

No doubt Ilamentia is the best puzzle game due to its amazing gameplay and brainstorming features. But it has some shortcomings like bad visuals and limited features due to which its players demand new alternatives.

This game needs to be played on Windows operating system, having a processor of 3.0 GHz with a memory of at least 1GB VRAM. The main reason to find the alternatives is that it has no customization feature for its players and cannot be played with multiple players.

The best games like Ilamentia presented below, have the feature of customization. These games are more advanced than Ilamentia and provide a better user interface with 3D graphics.

1. Antichamber

Antichamber is an Action-Adventurous, Indie, Simulation, First-person, Puzzles, and single-player video game which is developed by Alexander Bruce and published by Demruth. It is an intellectual exploration game where nothing can be taken for granted and it relies on simple categorization.

It explores an entire mysterious world, inclusive of very strange pathways that roll around each other. It takes you into an entirely different world where you have to find the way out after passing through different chronological events and weird situations.

This game is one of the most thought-provoking, engaging, and challenging video game ever developed. It gives you an intense intellectual experience that will make you question everything you just saw during the game.

It provides its user brainstorming challenges that will help you in boosting your skills. It makes you explore an enormous and weird world. The gun provided during the game allows you to discover new ways to overcome your surroundings.


  • Deeply Psychological Experience
  • Mind-bending Challenges
  • Psychological Experience
  • Seamless World
  • Mind-bending Challenges
  • Easy Puzzle Mechanics

2. EQI

EQI is a tricky 3D, Action, Exploration, Puzzle, First-person, and single-player arcade game that is published by Chopin et al. and is published by Hyperstrange. It is a 3D platform will you be testified with mysterious puzzles and outrun soul.

You will find yourself in a digital world that is continuously changing around you, tricks your senses, focus, and reflexes. This game serves as an interface between it and a huge enigma.

This game is the best alternative to the Ilamentia because of its very well-crafted Experience with innovative gameplay and millions of styles. This game discovers and resolves more than 20 stages. Each stage gets increasing in size and challenges as you proceed from one stage to another.

In this game, you find yourself in a world where your movement is controlled by the surroundings to pass through the various stages in the 3D world.

In this game, you have a proper hold on your own movement and continuously change the challenges and the world around you. This game is all about resolving puzzles and mysteries, going through mind-blowing illusions, and recurring obstacles. It takes you in the electric pulse of the game’s OST.


  • Provides a Well-Crafted Experience
  • An Innovative Gameplay
  • Mind-Blowing Illusions
  • 3D Digital world
  • Partial Controller Support
  • Support Multiple Languages

3. Manifold Garden

Manifold Garden is an Abstract, Indie, First-person, Explorative, Simulation, and Puzzle game that was developed and published by William Chyr Studio. It is a physics-defying game where you will rediscover the gravity and prospects a 3D Digital world of overwhelming architecture.

It is an original Puzzle game with exploration elements that take the player into the irrational world where the laws of Physics are continuously being broken. The surroundings consist of Architectural Creations which define the laws of physics.

This game offers the infinity loop in first-person and works on the physics-defying rules. It grows a garden to various enormous new paths, where an endless expansion awaits. Manifold Garden is the best alternative to Ilamentia because of its physics-defying features and effective meditation on the brain.

It is a game that reimagines physics and space, featuring an excellent and visually striking world with mind-bending architectural puzzles. It manipulates gravity to attain more stance. It discovers a mysterious world of huge architectural structures repeating in an infinity loop.


  • Expansive and Visually Striking World
  • Mind-Bending Puzzles
  • Manipulate Gravity
  • New Perspectives
  • Explores an Infinity loop
  • Enormous Geometrical Structures
  • Capture Images with Photo Mode
  • Meditation on The Human Brain

4. Rememoried

Rememoried is an Adventurous, Abstract, Indie, Atmospheric, First-person, Explorative, and single-player video game that is developed by Vladimir Kudelka and published by Hangonit. It is an independent video game in which there is a virtual space.

The theme of the game is that its perspective keeps on changing you move your cursor in a new direction. In this altering environment, you have to keep a track of reality and finish the levels to complete the games. The basic key elements of the gameplay are its ability to adopt.

It is a dream-like discovering first-person adventurous gaming space where your memories change into dreams, and the only possible way to out is to forget. The way of forgetting becomes a solution for proceeding to the upcoming layer of dreams.

The elements in the games changes as the player turn away or leave the game. Completion leads you to another advanced level, while failure leads you to the lower levels. If you fall asleep, then a new path to a world is created between the world of memories and the world of dreams.


  • Varied Environments
  • Living Entities
  • Electronic and Classic Music
  • Spoken Words
  • More than 20 Stages

5. Glitchphobia

Glitchphobia is a 2D, Adventurous, Abstract, Psychological, Experimental, and Puzzle video game developed and published by Apply Damage Companies and Software. The game mechanics are different and unique than other puzzle solver games in the market.

It is a psychological or experimental platform that puts you into an unstable reality where you have to utilize the glitch around your world to get out of a situation. It focuses on self awareness and develops an emotional connection with its players.

In this game, you can be sure of only one thing that the rules you know will no longer be applicable. Basically, this game is an experimental adventure that is totally based on the psychological approach of a player and his conflicting decisions skills.

To get out of the situation, you must have to utilize the glitch around the surrounding world, and for this, you need to exploit the basic accepted standards from games and as well as from reality.


  • Experimental Memorable Gameplay
  • Designed Glitch Reality
  • Focusing on Psychological
  • Emotional and Conflicting Moral Decisions
  • Story Build around Phobia Treatment
  • Hard to Learn
  • Easy to Master


OVIVO is an Abstract, Indie, Minimalist, Puzzle, and Single-player video game developed and published by IzHard Software. OVIVO is an adventurous or hypnotic platform. It contains dramatic music and engaging content.

There is everything as simple as black or white with abnormal mechanics. It explores you to a mesmerizing or metaphoric world where many unusual illusions and hidden messages await you.

There are only two color tones harmonized in the world of OVIVO, which are: Black and White. These two colors are constantly intertwining each other throughout the game to maintain balance.

As it is a single-person game so, a special character played the role of that person named OVO, and that character is created from both halves of the world. This game sharpens your creative ability to find a better angle to move forwards.

This character has the ability to interchange between them. OVO wanders through the world, passes the various hurdles, and collects the mystic symbols. These symbols reveal the story of the world.


  • Flow Mechanics
  • Fascinating Art
  • Design without words
  • Symbolism and Puzzles
  • Meditative Soundtrack

7. TRI: of Friendship and Madness

TRI: of Friendship and Madness is a 3D, Adventurous, Indie, First-person, Platformer, and Puzzle video game that is developed and published by Real King Entertainment. It is an adventurous game that takes you into a digital world full of illusions and weird structures.

You must have to find a way out through the powers of TRI by solving the queries of that weird world. If you fail to find a way out, then you will be dropped to the lower beginning level. It is a mind-bending first-person adventurous game.

As you enter the world of odd goods, you will get the magical powers of the master TRI. Then these master abilities will allow you to create your own paths by conjuring triangles to climb through them to get the way out from this wondering world of odd goods.

This game is an alternative to Ilamentia in terms of its player’s engagement. It pushes your mind to its limits to find a way out. It boost your creative and reasoning abilities.


  • The Power of TRI
  • GO Anywhere
  • Replay Value
  • First-Person Puzzling
  • Cartoonish Gameplay

8. Construct: Escape the system

Construct: Escape the system is a 3D Platformer, Action, Indie, First-person, scientific, and single-player video game that was developed by Oliver Boyce and is published by Immanitas Entertainment. It offers continuous gameplay that has hidden details in it, so you have to be attentive.

It is a scientific themed 3D platform in which you are trapped into a computer system from where you need to escape out by discovering the whole system and 8 empowering ability orbs.

It is a First-person puzzle game to faciliate the player with a focused gameplay. It has 4 zones, A, B, C, and D and each zone has further four levels and features of orbs. Character upgrades are jump upgrades like double and triple jump and an air boost.

Ability orbs will allow you to change the gravity or to teleport. Its gameplay is a combination of exploring, platforming, and careful thinking. It is perfect gameplay of 4-6 hours with puzzle elements.


  • Multiple Render Modes
  • Excellent Scientific Experience
  • 8 Unique Ability Orbs
  • 5 Player Upgrades to Download
  • 16 System Core Power Orbs

9. Memorrha

Memorrha is an Adventurous, Indie, First-person, Colorful, and Puzzle video game developed and published by Sticky Stone Studio. It is a classic and explorative game in which you discover the remains and traces of the mystic culture.

It explores many landscapes and traces the extracts of the ancient artifacts, and awaken the weird machines from their remains of ancient technologies. This game explores the ancient designed environment to resolve the quests of the ancient technologies and puzzles.

It interacts you with the gadgets of ancient times to scan the catalogs that appeared on them. It has a simple interface and offer high fps to high end PCs. So, that they can explore and discover the hidden items more easily.

This game is all about how you will decode the mechanisms of the ancient technologies. You get to know the truth about the previous generations that used to live there, and search for your destiny in this secretive world.


  • Ancient Styled Environment
  • Solve Tricky Logics
  • Ancient Portable Machines
  • Symbols of Ancient Times
  • Map Exploration

10. The Witness

The Witness is an Adventerous, Indie, First-person, Open World, Colorful, Atmospheric, Walking Simulating and Puzzle video game developed and published by Thekla, Inc. It is an explorative game in which you wake up on a strange island full of challenges and puzzles that will surprise you.

As you wake up, you don’t even know who you are and how did you come here. You don’t even know that where you are. The character has to explore the map to find out his real identify.

You can just wander the island of solving the clues and mysteries to regain your memory, and than find a way to return back home. It is a single-player game with dozens of locations and over 500 puzzles.

This game improves your intelligence and reasoning skills as it is full of innovative ideas. Every puzzle needs to be solved with a unique idea. It is a worth playing game if you are looking for a mystery puzzle game.


  • Enhance Exploring Abilities
  • Imrpves Intelligence
  • Simple Interface
  • Innovative Ideas
  • Open World

Final Words

Overall, Ilamentia is the best online game available. It is popular, especially for adults, because of its mind-bursting puzzles and illusions. The tricky nature of this game enables its players to boost their thinking and cognitive abilities. It comes with weird features and are interesting to play.

The developer and publisher of this game made it for a massive business strategy. The privacy factors are always working and are secured by a highly automated system. Not just Ilamentia, but all of its alternatives serve the same features but with better and advanced techniques.

So, if you want to explore adventerous puzzle games to improve your reasoning skills then you should play these games.

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