10 Best STEP File Viewer Online in 2022

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The STEP 3D file format (.step,.stp) is a data interchange standard used in the CAD Industry. Its primary purpose is to transfer real-world mechanical and architectural designs between CAD software systems. STEP files are solid models and are widely used in reconstruction industry.

What is a STEP File?

STEP is the abbreviation of the standard for the exchange of product model data file format. The ISO technical committee developed this file format in the mid-1980s by the ISO technical committee on automation systems and integration, known as TC 184. The STEP format was created to improve the compatibility of files between different software programs so that designs could be more easily shared and modified.

It is also referred to as “STP,” and that is because it uses the file extensions “.step” and “.stp” interchangeable. Besides cross-platform compatibility, a STEP file maintains a high level of accuracy, especially compared to STL files. A STEP file reads and saves the whole body of a 3D model with great precision, rather than simply basic geometries, and allows you to alter the file later, even in other applications or software.


List of STEP File Viewer Software

Part shape, sketch geometry, supplemental geometry, annotations for dimensions and tolerances, datum targets, point clouds, and finite element models are all supported by the free STEP File Viewer that can be viewed in a web browser. Nested assemblies are supported, consisting of a single STEP file containing the assembly structure and external file references to individual assembly components having part geometry. Here is a list of STEP File Viewer software that are used to open, view, and modify STEP/STP files.

1. Geomagic Verify Viewer

Geomagic Verify Viewer is a freeware program that can be used to view STEP and STP files. This STEP viewer software includes a number of features that allow you to view STEP or STP files in greater detail. You can zoom, rotate, and flip STEP files. Different items can have their visibility turned on or off. Using various parameters, you may modify the viewpoint, viewport, mesh display mode, and body display mode.


You can choose to view STEP and STP files in various viewpoints, such as left view, right view, top view, bottom view, front view, rear view, and so on, using the change viewpoint option. The lines that make up the STEP or STP files are displayed in mesh display mode. You may view it in a point set, wireframe, shaded with edges, texture, and region mode, among other modes. STEP or STP files can be displayed as wireframe, hidden line, shaded, or shaded with edges in the body display mode.

2. Autodesk Viewer

One of the best ways to view STEP files online is via AutoDesk Viewer. Other 2D and 3D file formats supported include RVT, DWG, andSolidworks. To utilize it, you must first establish a free account. It has several additional useful capabilities in addition to viewing STEP files. You can calibrate, measure distance (in X, Y, and Z directions), and measure the angle.

Zoom in and out, orbit, and pan tools are available, as well as the ability to adjust the view angle to any custom angle and set the section to X plane, Y plane, Z plane, and Box. The file name, original system, preprocessor, creation date, and other information will be displayed. A separate box can be used to see file properties. You may also snap a screenshot at a specific angle and save it as a PNG image to your computer.

The following tools are available: pencil, arrow, cloud, text, color, weight, delete, and so on. There is also a markup feature that allows you to annotate the file. When you utilize the markup functionality and save the modifications, a new version of your file is created.

3. VariCAD Viewer

VariCAD Viewer is a freeware STEP file viewer that may be used to view STEP files. STEP files can be rotated, zoomed, panned, and the view changed. STEP files can be converted to VariCAD, DWG, IGS, DXF, and vice versa. STEP files can also be exported as BMP, JPG, PNG, and GIF images. Top, bottom, front, rear, left, and right are some of the viewing possibilities available to you. For STEP files, you can choose between 2D and 3D views.

There are other options to rotate views around various axes. You can shade/wireframe the entire display, rotate the view center to the display center, and so on with several display choices. You can also use it to check and calculate3D distance, distance point plane, 3D coordinates, distance point cylinder, cylinder dimensions, and angle between planes. Some solid calculation options let you calculate volume, surface area, mass, the center of gravity, and moment of inertia of 3D models.

4. GOM Inspect

GOM Inspect is a program that analyses 3D data from fringe projection or laser scanners and coordinate measurement machines (CMM) and other measuring equipment. Product development, quality control, and production all use the GOM software. You must build a new project to see the STEP files with this software. You can make changes to files as needed.

GOM Processional and GOM Inspect are the two types of products available. It is a STEP file viewer that’s available for free, but you need to buy the Pro version to use some features. The Pro version has a 30-day free trial. GOM measures data in an independent system. It can perform mesh processing. It offers industry-specific analysis tools like inspection of sheet metals, cast parts, etc. Its reporting functions are vibrant. It can export as a PDF.

5. FreeCAD

FreeCAD is a freeware that can be used as a STEP file viewer or STP viewer. It allows you to choose different navigational styles to view STEP files and STP files such as CAD, Blender, OpenInventor, Gesture, Touchpad, andOpenCascade. It has some additional options to view the STP file as shaded view, wireframe view, flat lines, and points view, as well as other draw styles. You can choose different views like front view, top view, right view, left view, rear view, bottom view, Axonometric view, etc.

You can also build your own preferred viewpoint. With FreeCAD, you can pan, zoom, rotate, and do various other things with STEP files. This shareware can also be used to edit STEP files. There are a variety of workbenches from which to choose. Red/cyan, quad buffer, interleaved columns, rows, and stereo options are available.

6. 3D Viewer Online

3D Viewer Online is another good website for viewing STEP files. It works on computers, tablets, and smartphones. To store your STEP files, you’ll get up to 5 GB of free cloud storage. You can add OBJ, PLY, STL, and other types of files. You have a maximum storage restriction of 50 MB. You can use the 3D viewer Web API to produce value for your customers. Most 2D and 3D file types are supported by 3D Viewer Online.

You can personalize the viewer to match your company style. It allows you to use your logo, colors and customize the toolbar functions. It allows you to show and hide smart lines with this Viewer. You can take a screenshot easily of your work. It is effortless to define X Y and Z cutting planes. You are allowed to see various change view modes. The platform can be embedded in websites or online catalogs and can be viewed on any device.

7. gCAD3D

gCAD3D is a computer-aided design program that allows you to develop and produce three-dimensional models without having to spend half your salary on high-priced design software. It is simple to use and contains comprehensive instructions, but it hasn’t been updated to the most recent version. It comes with a number of pre-rendered 3D models that you may use as a starting point or even import into your own projects.

gCAD3D has a simple interface that focuses primarily on the work area and emphasizes information and usability. It appears to be an excellent 3D design software to start with, although it may be a little too basic for advanced users. It features a simple UI and obsolete documentation. It contains a built-in 3D OpenGL viewer.

8. AutoDesk 123D Design

AutoDesk 123D Design is a freeware program that allows you to view STEP and STP files. This STEP file viewer lets you make minor changes to STEP and STP files. Moving, rotating, aligning, resizing, scaling, pan, zooming, orbiting, fitting, and setting visibility options for STEP files are all available here. You can also do some tiny sketches and incorporate some geometrical forms into your 3D creation.

Extrude, sweep, rotate, and loft choices all have construction criteria that can be applied. Press pull, split face, fillet, tweak, chamfer, split solid, and shell are all choices for modifications. Patterns, grouping, combining, measuring, adding text, and snap are some of the additional options.

9. EnSuite-View

EnSuite-View is a piece of software that can be used to view STEP files as well as STP files. You can choose to see five files of any supported format in a month in the free version. There are several perspective options to pick from, including front, back, left, right, and isometric, to assist you view in multiple planes. Pan, zoom, rotate, and other viewing options are available.

Other view options include shaded without edges, shaded with edges, wireframe, hidden line greyed, and hidden line deleted, which display the diagram in wireframe form, hidden line greyed, and hidden line removed. It can also be used to calculate length/radius, volume/weight, distance/angle, create a bounding box, create a section, apply the material, change appearances, create references, create an annotation, and manage metadata. You have to specify the dimensions and select the material involved.

10. Sharecad.org

Sharecad.org is a free online CAD viewer that supports a variety of STEP file formats. It supports all browsers, allowing you to view your favorite file on Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and iPhone. DWF, HPGL, PLT, CGM, AutoCAD DWG, and DXF are all supported. It supports a free iframe plugin to view files from your website. You can access previously loaded files from your PC. You can use it as a file repository.

You can upload and view more than 25 commonly used 2D and 3D formats, including DWG, DXF, IGES, STEP, SLDPRT. It is excellent to see 3D Smooth Shading,3D Hidden Lines, and 3D Wireframe. You can embed a CAD viewer into your website with a single line of code. This provides access to drawings from any Internet-enabled device. You do not need to pay for subscriptions and install anything. All work is done on Sharecad.org servers at no cost.

Final Words

For newcomers, STEP files might be difficult. You will find it difficult to handle and maintain those files if you have no prior knowledge. However, you can access and inspect the design using a free step file viewer. You can also utilize an online step file viewer if you don’t want to download any software. This is the list that includes excellent and free online STEP viewers. You can look at all of the websites and decide which one is ideal for you.

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