15 Best Games like Meez to Play with Friends in 2022

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Meez offers an exciting mixture of Social Networks, Gaming, and Online Entertainment Websites. It is a 3D Virtual World Game that you can play for free. This game also allows you to create and eventually customize your own avatar before jumping into the wonderful world of Meez. The ground of Meez is divided into “hoods,” and each “hood” has its own theme. In case you enter the “Gym” hood, you can get your avatar to have some exciting workout or, generally, play with many exercise apparatuses there.

This game enables you to customize and invite friends to join you. Meez also includes SoundCloud soundtracks that you can listen to while playing the game. Chatting while playing a game is a unique element of this game. You will be typing most of what you want to say, but a few words will make your character laugh out loud. For example, entering “lol” will double your role in laughter. Of course, the main idea of ​​the game is to meet and make new friends, so feel easy to express yourself, but keep in mind that politeness in the Online Virtual World is still important because you are still talking to real people on the other side of the screen.

Why did Meez Shutdown?

Meez was a Social Network and Virtual Community founded in San Francisco, California. In less than a month, Meez had more than 3,000,000 subscribers. Official Meez has been closed to all users since December 2017, so the status of the virtual world is currently uncertain. Since the site’s domain was not renewed in March 2018, the Meez brand was lost. The company’s founder John Cahill passed away on August 23, 2017. After the founder’s death, there were no further updates. As a result, the game is tragically closed.


List of Cool Games like Meez You Should Try

For players looking for Meez Alternatives, we’re offering games similar to Meez that provide the same mix of Social Networks and Virtual Worlds. Most of the games listed below are available on the market that you can play on the web, and there is no need to download them.

1. Habbo

Habbo is over a decade old, released in 2000 as it is the longest-lasting game in the genre and is one of famous Meez Alternatives. The game gives an excellent experience with chat rooms, furniture, fun, and plenty of other community-adjusted features. You can customize your avatar with an almost overwhelming number of options after the account setup on Habbo. After creating the ideal personality, you can then enter the Habbo Hotel, which is where you spend the major part of your time. The Habbo Hotel is divided into several rooms, which are public meeting places for users to stay and play games.


All Habbo rooms have their own unique identity and consist of restaurants, dance clubs, and other popular social locations. Initially, Habbo had hundreds of rooms, but these have substantially been decreased since 2011 to shift its focus to user-created rooms or guest rooms. These user-created rooms are highly customizable with furniture (known as Furni), floor patterns, room layout, and wallpaper. Room owners can then expose access to this room or keep it private to invite only their friends. It is common for room owners also to host their own games and reward members that participate.

2. Second Life

Second Life is an online free-to-play virtual life reality and a real-world inspired economy game. With the Life account, created players are able to customize their own Second Life Resident. With the impressive “creator tools” available, it is very easy to restructure yourself within the virtual world or choose a completely new look and persona. This contains the ability to craft beautiful 3D content and entrench it into the game world, the ability to add scripts or simply make clothing items for people to buy for their avatars through the virtual marketplace.

Second Life is also a social game at its core, with thousands of players inhabiting the clubs, cities, island resorts, and other in-game localities. Live music localities are mostly famous because live music from real people is played across its Universe with themed locations for chart-topping music, electronic, country, hip-hop, and blues. Its other social settings comprise role-playing (vampires, fantasy, pirates, medieval), gaming, and events.

3. Gaia Online

Gaia Online is a mixture of social and MMO practice Meez Alternative gaming. Its current website has a duplication of Gaia Online, where players can connect with others, chat on the forums, play games and create their avatar while collecting fashionable items. For most players, though, it will center on the creation of their Gaian that offers as their avatar and can be customized with countless options. Gaia Online allows you to select your skin, eyes, hair, gender, clothing, and even your own fantasy enthused race.

You’ll ultimately be able to get additional clothing pieces through the NPC stores with “basic fashion options” with Gaia Cash which are produced from activity or paid for with real money. Events are also the main feature of Gaia Online with its renowned site “wide events” that are frequently paired with the “guild function” and based on real-world events such as Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas. These events give players a second chance to build out their closet of avatar clothing options.

4. Freggers

Freggers is an online, virtual world, MMO, and fictional-based video game where the players can meet old friends and can find new ones. The game takes place in a stunning world and provides a chance for the players to enjoy their second life where they can do whatever they want. The game is played from an isometric perspective and started by selecting the avatar from male or female like other digital world video games.

After this, the next step takes the players to the customization section that offers to change the appearance of their character by picking the skin, hair, and color as well as clothes and body shape. Once the players enter into the game world, then they need to do efforts to make their home beautiful by acquiring furniture, decorating the room, and crafting different items. The players may interact with other players from all over the World during the game and can make new friends to chill out. Freggers is the finest game to play due to its addictive game-play, brilliant graphics, and remarkable mechanism.

5. Migoland

Migoland is a free-to-play, MMO, and fantasy-based Meez Alternative for teenagers. It has exciting game-play, providing a chance to build links among players by making new friends, decorating their house, and playing other mini-games. During the game, the players have a choice to meet with people of other states, find their peers, and add them to their contact list too. The game rewards the players with points when the task is completed that they can use to unlock additional content like outfits, decorations, accessories, and other items.

The game started with the customization of characters with bundles of exciting things. The player can easily move across the area to connect with other players and take part in other mini-games to play. Migoland also has other prominent features like socialization, upgrades, exploration, unlockable achievements, and many more.

6. Moshi Monsters

Moshi Monsters is a British Online Massively Multiplayer, Role-playing game for children of age 6–12, with over 80 million subscribers in 150 territories Worldwide. Players can pick from one of six virtual pet monsters (Katsuma, Poppet, Furi, Zommer, Luvli, and Diavlo) they create their pet’s name and nurture. Once their pet has been customized, players can navigate their way around Monstro City, take daily puzzle challenges to earn ‘Rox’ (a virtual currency), play games, personalize their room, and communicate with other users in a safe environment, although this has been dubious.

The pet monsters keep their own pets, called “Moshlings.” They come in a variety of themed sets, including Arties, Beasties, Kitties, and Spookies. Those who are not paying members can keep two “Moshlings” in their room, as paying members can keep up to six and visit other pets in the zoo.

7. OurWorld

OurWorld is a great Online Virtual World, MMO, RPG action, social interaction game by Flow Play. The game provides online game-play in which you can choose your avatar. It is arranged for a secondary podium where you expose yourself through your avatar and make new online friends and share common interests, likes, and dislikes. It is a site that permits you to play games with genres from puzzles to action.

It also lets you to win prizes such as different items, clothing, furniture, pets, and many more. This game allows you to enjoy with your friends go to exceptional dance clubs, parties, coffee shops, beaches, and shopping venues to amuse yourself. OurWorld gives a chance to the player to develop a link with other players, make peer groups, send gifts, and participate in various contests with them.

8. Chotopia

Chotopia is an extremely elegant free Virtual World Meez Alternative that has been played by younger players who want to experience a vast and attractive game-play. When you enter in the game, you will be guided regarding all the basics by an extremely helpful squid. This game’s world is very immersive and, no matter where you go in the World, you’re going to find something fun and entertaining to keep yourself busy.

There are also many ways through which you can interact with fellow players in the land of Utopia, and this makes for a game-play experience that’s very enchanting. The World itself looks excellent due to the clean style and vibrant colors; all in-game animations are pretty smooth, and the user interface itself is amazingly smooth, so you’ll absolutely be satisfied with the way this game looks.

9. WoozWorld

WoozWorld is a great Online Virtual World and an MMO, RPG plus social game for all teenagers and tweens. It offers an entirely unique way of living in a virtual world in which you can do whatever you want and live just according to your values. The game offers you a massive variety of your online avatars and permits you to pick what best collection and styles you. Once inside the Game World, you can build your own house, socialize with other online players by chatting, make new friends, go to parties, clubs, play games etc.

WoozWorld rewards you with points and in-game currency to buy new promotions, you can also purchase weekly upgrades by spending real money if you want. WoozWorld has a huge player base and is getting more popularity day by day. Do try it out for a great social and community-based game-play experience.

10. Boonie Planet

Boonie Planet is an Online Game in which you discover the colorful and vivid world of fuzzy creatures called Boonies. You need to create a Boonie for yourself before starting the game. You have so many choices you can select from. You can pick different types of fur, all kinds of colors, and even funny hairstyles. A plain coat of fur won’t make you evident in a World people by furry creatures, so refurbish your fuzzy coat with some nice highlights.

Your Boonie character can have different patterns highlighted into their fur as well. You have a bundle of options available in different hair colors. When your Boonie is ready, you can choose one family to join among five other families. Now that you have settled in, your Boonie is ready to go for the many locations on Boonie Planet. You can go to the Plaza to socialize with other Boonies or go to purchase some new clothes for your Boonie at the Shop.

You can go to explore every part of the world. You might even find materials and particular objects. Then head back to your home to rest up. You can buy new items, different kinds of furniture, and other fabulous materials to decorate your house so that you can make your home the reflection of your personality. Boonie Planet builds and maintains a friendly setting for all players. So you may enjoy the companionship of these fluffy characters, take your Boonie out on a journey to discover your environs, and have fun playing mini-games.

11. Club Penguin Island

Club Penguin Island is a free-to-play, adventurous, fantasy game for kids. You will find the adventures of a lifetime on Club Penguin Island with your friends. You may explore the experience by calling all treasure hunters, style seekers, party penguins, foodies, social butterflies, rock stars, and show your style. Club Penguin Island offers the feature of creating custom clothing items using a feature called clothing customizer, by using a blueprint as a base and fabrics and decals as optional design elements.

Its other fantastic feature is the quick chat that allows you to communicate by using pre-defined phrases, as well as emojis quickly. Its catalogs feature will enable members to sell their clothing and buy clothing submitted by other players. Penguin Level is a degree of player progress that can be earned by completing adventures and daily challenges.

Some characters allow the players’ experiences to be complete, which consistently rewards coins and large amounts of XP for completing them. Gear is a type of element that members can use to do various tasks. Its online safeguards and live moderators ensure that the game is safe for kids of all ages, all the time. You can also visit the magical land of Club Penguin anytime, anywhere, on your mobile device.

12. The Sims FreePlay

The Sims FreePlay is a fantastic MMORPG, Virtual World, and strategic game created by EA Mobile and published by Electronic Arts. Like the other Sims games, The Sims FreePlay allows you to choose and customize your online avatar and go into an attractive and quite engaging Virtual World. You can build your own house and decorate it as you want. You can meet new people, interact with other online players, make new friends, chat, and engage yourself in many fun activities.

You can select the best personalities (Rocker, Villain, Sporty, Party Animal, Creative, Bookworm, etc.) and live your life according to your levels. Once you do, you will be able to go through fun-filled activities like managing your own needs, decorating your own home, and interacting with other online players. The Sims FreePlay is a beautiful game to play and enjoy with its excellent visuals addictive and engaging procedure.

13. Virtual Family Kingdom

Virtual Family Kingdom is a free to play, Virtual World, MMORPG, and Social Networking Game. It is all about families, and it allows you to become a part of the game as a family and build an exciting and stunning environment in which you can thrive. The game gives you a chance to create a place where you can live with the imagination of your own family and enjoy an eccentric Virtual World experience. It permits you to discover the Game World, create and customize your family members’ avatars, join parties, and go shopping.

You can make interaction with other online players, make new peers, have a conversation with them, and play the game together. You can get promotions on the game currency. The virtual Family Kingdom has the best mechanism, outstanding visuals, and addictive game-play. You can live your second life in this virtual world where you can do anything without any permission, whatever you want.

14. Touch

Touch is a great online, free-to-play, MMORPG, Virtual World game. It is a community-based game that is a minute different from all other traditional games of the same genre. Touch provides the best mechanism, outstanding visuals, addictive, and immersive game-play. The game enables you to move freely around the world. You can select and customize your online avatar.

After that, you can get into the Game World where you can interact with other online players, make friends, and play the game together. The game allows you to be a part of the game and permits you adopt the role of the musician, who works for his career to reach the top. In the game, you have to complete many goals and perform well to become a music star. Now you need to help your character to become a rock star.

15. Twinity

Twinity is a Virtual World, MMO, RPG, and Browser-based game. It offers 3D graphics, the best mechanics, immersive and addictive game-play just like other Meez Alternatives. The game allows you to experience the real-life cities of Berlin, New York, Singapore, and London. Twinity lets the player to discover an astonishing and attractive world of the game. In the World, you can be linked with other online players, make new friends, enjoy with people of the same interest, chat with them, and engage yourself in several fun-filled activities.

Like other MMORPGs, it allows you to create your avatar and customize it. The game lets you to upload your photo and makes a cartoonish avatar who looks like yourself. In the game, you can build or purchase your house, go for shopping, purchase clothes and other things, join clubs and parties, etc. You can buy the things you want and style each and everything you like using the game currency. You can earn game currency by doing various jobs in the game.

Final Words

Suppose you’ve already strode in a funky avatar and explored areas like Uptown, Chillville, Dockyards, Posh Heights, Arcadia, Barbia, Outlandia, and Hales Kitchen. Why not try some new games like Meez. Such Meez Alternatives enable you to create personalities online, earn money in the game, play fun games, meet new people, and even start new adventures. You can spend hours on your computer screen with many alternatives at your fingertips. However, we encourage you to check each of the above names.

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