15 Best RoboLike Alternatives in 2022

Edited by Sanam Nayab • By Shan Elahi • Published on December 1, 2022

Robolike is a software that provides the companies a marketing benefit by generating several likes on various platfrom. It has increased ranking and feedback from consumers in real-time. Multiple consumers find it easy as they do not have to search for different items they require.

It plays a dominant role in boosting the companies’ reputation to make a difference in the market. It ensures that the specific products are typically approaching the interested audience. Users can easily convey their products to the required audience through auto-liked service.

It plays an essential role in keeping the deal safe, legal, fair, and fast between customers and the companies. You insert relevant photos and content against your products in real-time. The motives of a company are fulfilled with relatively less initial effort in this way.


This platform has the right to change its parameters, but it manages the initial step to avoid inconvenience. The company can run as many accounts as it can to promote its items. Its products remain in running a sale as Robolike highlights by liking top posts.

Why Users want RoboLike Alternatives?

Robolike generates likes and followers, which helps get an audience’s attention. There are some shortcomings of this software due to which you are compelled to move to some replaceable alternatives. It has a limited premium plan and is unavailable on a web browser.


It only gives a single network plan at a price as there are no good choices for users as the website provides only a basic outline. Another major problem is that it is expensive for small businesses, so users should have a replaceable platform.

List of RoboLike Alternatives

Regarding these best functionalities, the following alternatives of Robolike are selected and explained thoroughly, along with their structure and working techniques in this article. An explicit comparison is provided, which helps the audience choose the best possible software of Robolike.

1. Later

Later is a visual planner for scheduling your social content. You usually schedule the number of posts a week, which is simple as it only includes dragging poles into your calendar and publishing them. In addition, you can grow user accounts at a faster rate for businesses purposes.

You cannot ignore the feedback of the audience. With the link in the bio, you connect your Instagram posts to the desired pages and items. You are driving the traffic by this. It is difficult to search for a social media tool that acts well with Instagram stories, so Later dominates in this respect.

It saves time for creating content as it searches on-brand material content. It analyzes and plans your content within a few seconds and publishes it afterward. It also organizes the best time to post. Therefore, this scheduling happens in batches, and then publishing happens in a moment.


  • Hashtags Tools
  • Important Matrices
  • Built-in Media Editing
  • Stock Photo Library
  • Personalized Insights


  • Controlling Handy Features
  • Finding the Right Content
  • Perfection of Posts
  • Saves Time in Posting


  • Makes Fake Promises
  • High Prices of Packages
  • No Placeholder Images

2. Kicksta

Kicksta uses artificial reasoning innovation to enhance your audience’s reach to your Instagram account with organic growth, and it offers Instagram followers. It focuses on organic development, spam, and bots prevention so your account may not overflow with counterfeit records.

You provide a list of parallel rival accounts against your industry. Some influencers are using this feature with reasonable skill. Your emails and user names are not leaked through Kicksta, and it guarantees safe dealing on Instagram. It runs a hundred thousand accounts of managers and influencers simultaneously.

Its unique approach differentiates it from other software, focusing on organic growth. It avoids all sorts of spam and does not make any false followers. It has used its new technology for fifteen years and avoids large enterprises; therefore, its regular customers are Freelancers and Small businesses.


  • Moderate Growth
  • Video Onboarding
  • Advanced Targeting


  • Instagram Growth Tools
  • Option to Blacklist
  • Live Chat Support
  • Quick Sign up Process


  • Limited Free Trial
  • Lacks Premium Plan Support
  • Less Privacy on Account

3. Combin

Combin aims to provide effective Instagram marketing solutions. It attracts new Instagram followers, keeps them engaged, and grows the audience. It can connect multiple Instagram accounts from a single PC and manage them simultaneously. It is a platform for professionals working in their relevant craft.

It remains active with the community to engage in an auto-activity. It supervises the incoming activities of the audience and sends photos in bundles, and it helps in auto-publishing. It helps to search specific hashtags describing topics of incoming events. It offers the growth of reports and manages its strategy.

This platform controls numerous stories with a few clicks and schedules them. It saves your time in engaging new active followers. It tells who has not followed your Instagram account continuously. It detects and removes all irrelevant profiles and news to interact only with interested users.


  • Attracts New Visitors
  • Automatic Posts Publishing
  • Finds Multiple Users


  • 15 Scheduling Accounts
  • Simple to Use
  • Live Customer Support


  • No Unfollow Option
  • Unavailable on Web Browser
  • Expensive Packages
  • Unable to Uninstall

4. Social Captain

Social Captain uses the power of artificial technology that works as a virtual assistant to change the targeting audience into followers. Its automation feature allows for the growth of a wider audience. It takes two minutes to set up the process that ensures access to real accounts.

This platform works on increasing the volume of Instagram’s audience. A personalized fashioned dashboard helps supervise all the activities like attracting targetted visitors for better results. The free trial will end according to its time limit when you sign up now and expect to check its features later.

Numerous services enable you to access more followers. It plays its role in establishing your parameters like posts. It provides you with twenty-four hours of free trials, but time starts when you sign up. It allows everyone to access the profile without putting in a credentials log.


  • Access Data at Any Time
  • Use Artificial Intelligence
  • Automatic Direct Message


  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Drag Slider to Set Limit
  • Build Local Brands
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Works Around the Clock


  • Negative Rating
  • Users’ Accounts Get Banned Later
  • Low Business Practices

5. Twiends

Twiends plays a role in introducing new members on Twitter. Free learning is possible on this platform, leading to social media users. You can search and follow relevant members through it on Twitter. It helps the companies and businesses to grow their respective audience on Twitter.

When you need Twitter followers, it is illegal to buy them, but it provides a direction to add and follow new ones. It has a quick service in growing Twitter account. It is the most accurate for solo business. It is pretty different from other followers’ gainer platforms as it works for social status.

This platform provides the capabilities to enhance your Twitter presence in real-time. It works to get more popularity of profile. Knowing all the followers interested in your page isn’t easy, so it rapidly nominates the desired list and helps in the fast track of your close friends.


  • Long-Lasting Relationship
  • A-List of Loyal Followers
  • Real-Time Statistics
  • Block Fake Accounts


  • Personal Tweet Walls
  • Leads to Specific Audience
  • Access Favorite Celebrity
  • Legal Promotion to Target Followers


  • Limited Plan for Basic Version
  • Expensive Seeds
  • Lack of Special Features
  • Low Retention Rate

6. Lately

Lately is the effective way to create required content for you using artificial intelligence. It publishes, plans, and manages the contents in less than a minute. So there is no need to use spreadsheets. Lately boosts up productivity and confidence with distribution management.

This platform indicates the required and relevant content in unlimited channels. It determines which content is driving traffic to your network. It is also used for multi-user collaboration as its purpose is to convert blogs and podcasts into numerous excellent posts in one click.

It is ready to boost engagement by an average of 50 times. It also maximizes productivity by up to 80 percent. The platform’s artificial intelligence checks the blog posts in a few seconds, and then it creates tweets accordingly. You can control numerous accounts from one PC in real-time.


  • Marketing Schedule
  • Self-Analytics
  • Team Member Invitation
  • Posts Calendar
  • Content Alignment


  • Brand Searching
  • Social Media Supervision
  • Automatic Publishing
  • Task Reminders
  • Good Activity Digest


  • Overestimation of Accuracy
  • Narrow Framing
  • Mismanagement of Control
  • Decision Dissipation

7. BirdSeed

Birdseed provides the guidelines to boost up Twitter followers. It improves all engagement tools, and it is a built-in only button. It is suitable for a conversion ratio of sales websites as it is software for users who wish an easy set-up and personalize call to specific processes on their websites.

Your prospect can access you differently, like on the phone; therefore, the live chat option is available. It has access to over three thousand applications using pebbly connect. This platform is much more flexible in the operational workflow as it stimulates a chat, internal or external linking, and utilizes multimedia.

It has no additional hidden charges. It is a web-supported platform but not for Android and iPad. It has webinars and documentation training options. This software is a third-party modification and has real-time notification. It gathers relevant data and determines whether it provides the desired product or service.


  • Supports Multiple Accounts
  • News Feedback List
  • Helpful Tools
  • Audio and Video Meta-data


  • Increased Customer Volume
  • Sharp at Business


  • Limited Zapier
  • Scattered Chat Inbox
  • Limited In-Person Training

8. Stim Social

Stim social improves all the essential elements to increase your followers on social media accounts. It then controls the traffic of the number of new followers. Most Instagram has allowed automation to their follower services, and it is the best side of things in attracting and keeping engaging visitors.

It enables your account gets to develop with active and engaged followers. It also leads to a targeted audience to convey your goals. It hides all the essential information providing TikTok services. It does not demand any credit card information, and the continuous use of eight hours may get you banned.

This platform improves your exposure and engagement with new customers. It is an Instagram bot where most bots do not work efficiently and may get your account suspended and interrupted in real-time. It offers five days free trial having an algorithm that can catch suspicious reports and events.


  • Dashboard Speed Control
  • Dozens of Growth Analytics


  • Numerous Filters
  • Story Views List
  • Appropriate User Interface


  • Mostly Negative Reviews
  • Inaccuracy of Performance
  • Vague Suspicious Webpage

9. Gramista

Gramista utilizes bot technology to monitor the Instagram account. It performs many automatic tasks, which you expect to do manually. This platform performs many automated duties, which users hope to do manually. One package of Gramista in the old version was applicable for a single account only.

It also captures followers, leads to more likes, and conveys your message to a large audience. It keeps all the records of Instagram in your absence by mentioning some hashtags. It uses a proxy to create activity on users’ Instagram profiles like most Instagram automation services.

It ensures fast growth when you use their service. A single-day package is not feasible for results creation, so you must install a thirty-day package. It uses artificial intelligence to copy human error. Its boost feature works very fast to engage with relevant people and keep them engaging in their visits to its platform.


  • Presence of FAQ Page
  • Security of Web-link
  • Remote Access


  • Verified Payment Procedure
  • Easy to Register
  • Clear Pricing Packages


  • Risk Associated
  • No Live Service
  • Expensive Packages

10. Viral Content Bee

Viral Content Bee plays a role in social media campaigns and helps to convey your message to the desired audience. Its purpose is to advertise your content so that your content goes viral. There is a facility to improve website traffic, increasable promotion of events, secure social media plans and techniques.

It is free for social media marketers to grow blog posts. It expands the posts on social influencers. It also works on quality content. The authors of Viral Content Bee improve your quality content with Twitter and Facebook. The excellent quality of posts leads to more social sharing content.

This platform helps you spread your posts on large networks like google and Stumble-Upon. It permits you to choose the relevant Twitter five accounts to share your content with online members in real-time. It provides a way to earn credits by sending others’ posts on your social networks.


  • Social Media Tools
  • Squeeze Marketing Strategy
  • Dozens of Marketing Channels


  • Monitored Contents Manually
  • Free Influencer Tools
  • Exposure To Posts
  • Connected with Niche Influencers


  • Limited Promote Automate
  • No Specific List for Niche
  • Fewer Resources of Driven Page

11. Blog2Social

It is software that predicts what the marketer will likely do in the future. It provides a basic version that is comprehensive having advanced features. It conveys your blog posts without continuous directions at various platforms like Insta paper as it is compatible with Bitly and Sniply.

You can share your content on thirteen different networks as it auto shares your content across Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and many more. It speeds up social media management by providing many options. It crosses shares on all social media platforms and holds open codes for users.

This platform customizes social media posts with hashtags, handles, and emojis. It can select any individual image to share on multiple social media networks. It determines a unique structure for social media. It tracks the activity with matrices on retweets and reshares its content for the users.


  • Cross and Auto Posting
  • Incredible Platform
  • Friendly Interface
  • Prime quality feedback


  • Real-Time Scheduler
  • Automatic Social Posts
  • Time-Saving Software
  • Auto Sharing Files


  • Slow Users Service
  • Numerous Harmful Pop-Ups
  • No Continuous Purchasing by Customers
  • Least guidelines


Jarvee ensures online brand victory and gives output 24/7. Its purpose is to automate accounts like Tumblr, Quora, Reddit. It covers all social media responsibilities. It is the same as a mass planner as it helps in scheduling and sharing posts for Pinterest and other websites in real-time.

It makes targets only the audience to which we want to listen. Adam Briggs founded it in October 2014. It currently utilizes forty-four technologies for a specific website, including Meta and iPhone. It is associated with facebook automation, which reaches out to an audience with growth hacking tools.

It searches, joins, or disconnects niches groups. It works on Twitter automation, turning autopilots on to speed up growth with Jarvee services. It auto-follows and unfollows Twitter mentions, and it extends professional networks having the quality to join or disconnect niche groups of businesses.


  • Private and Reliable
  • Good Refund Policy
  • Experienced Developers Working
  • Comprehensive Design
  • Secured Bots


  • Countless Accounts
  • Free Trials
  • Grows accounts safely and quickly


  • Difficult to Use
  • Costly Subscription
  • Slow Email Support
  • Complicated Design

13. Nitro

Nitro performs heavy lifting and only interacts with existing members. It is not a bot but utilized account managers who interact with real people. It annotates and activates seamless review. This platform is a mixture of artificial intelligence, human touch, combination, and actual phones.

You can select your required audience after your Instagram account connects with Nitro. It views dozens of stories in a single day and helps companies remove the paper and maximize business processes. Its improved OCR activity turns file scans into editable and searchable PDFs with greater accuracy and detail in layout.

It is worldwide document productivity offering PDF productivity and business intelligence. It creates and edits innovative document solutions that overcome workflow challenges. It runs digital transformation, providing e signing in a single reasonable solution and merging PDFs or other documents into a single file.


  • Targeting Settings
  • Gender Targeting
  • Flexible Parameters
  • Whistling Parameter


  • Smart Suggestions
  • Quick Access to Engaged Audience
  • Optimize Improvement
  • Quick Set-up


  • One Way Encrypted
  • No Free Trial
  • Expensive Speed Plan
  • No Incentive To Grab Account

14. Follow adder

This platform is suitable for users who want to succeed in online marketing and businesses as it quickly modifies and exports their content. Follow adder uses new technology to access the target audience. Entrepreneur builds their brand using it as this software uses the advanced feature to sell products in real-time.

Its primary purpose is to grow the rapid organic Instagram account and its popularity. This platform is associated with follower count, Instagram likes, and chart tracking procedures. Its progress analytics include several follows and likes and support twenty-four hours a day.

It finds the list of users that is relevant to your Instagram pages. It creates a list of required profiles containing the targeted keyword. Its quick sign feature lets you sign documents digitally without printing a single page. It whites out images and text for easy form filling and editing or redacts them to delete permanently.


  • Able to Customize
  • Simple Installation
  • White List Command
  • Black List Command
  • Create and Import Auto List


  • Automatic Service
  • Proxy Support
  • Advance Support Service
  • Continuous Updates Added
  • Free Initial Trial


  • Slow Customer Support
  • Only One Week Free Trial
  • Useless Direct Messages
  • Less Tag Scraper
  • Questionable Situations
  • Risky Business

15. Crisp Thinking

Crisp thinking is a worldwide authority with effective technology with human analysis to convey social media activity. It is a management software that combines artificial intelligence with human behavior to detect critical risks. It is versatile to moderate comments and is also associated with cyber security.

This platform stops harmful content so that it cannot damage social media. It controls critical issues rapidly, sets limits for the enabled clients, and prevents any damage. It may combine artificial intelligence with human discoveries to refrain from the associated risks of attacking harmful content.

Expert combinations containing crisp thinking are analyst-oriented lists that determine the organization techniques you need to know. Businesses and industries are growing and getting popularity in West York Shire, Oregon, and Beaverton to maintain an effective management program in real-time.


  • Some Famous CMS
  • Unlimited Plan
  • Feasible Pricing
  • Simple Configure


  • Good at Custom Setting
  • Accurate Integration
  • Improved Chats
  • Free License


  • Slow Function
  • Unloaded Chat Widget
  • Settings Difficult to Search
  • No Hubs Pot Integration

Final Words

Robolike provides the facility to enhance followers and likes. The audience is very concerned with delivering content. They do not compromise its quality. When users are more concerned with numerous accounts, the contents remain engaged, which is the priority of users.

In this article, the alternatives of Robolike are discussed as it lacks all the features that a user wants. Jarvee, Follow adder, and Viral Content Bee can meet the demands of users as they collectively resolve the issue of this platform. They are reliable in the budget, precision, and available sources.

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