13 Best Action Games for Android to have Thrilling Experience in 2022

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An Action Video Game is a type of digital contest video game based on hand-eye synchronization and response-time. This type of games has massive sub-types like beat ’em ups, shooter games, fighting games, and stadium games. These can be enjoyed in Single and Multiplayer mode with online fight ground and real-time game policy. You can enjoy all Action-packed, Fun-filled, Rip-roaring Games mentioned below.

In these Action Games, you are the main player in the role of a hero. Your can transform with the new levels assembling objects, overcoming obstacles, and fighting foes with your skills, missiles and other tactics. You have to fight with the biggest and evil anime boss at the end of every game or at the end level. If you defeat the boss, you are the winner otherwise, you have to play the level again. The end level of the Action Game is more challenging and with more powerful opponents to defeat.

List of Action Games You Should Try

There we are listing down the best Action Games for you. When you start playing these with time, these games provide you with more thrill, engagement, and enjoyment. You have to go throw the list to get your preferred or favorite game.


1. Critical Ops

Critical Ops is among the best Action Games, and themed on a first-person shooter game. It is based on the competitive battle via created maps and exciting game modes. Fight with your group of members, or have a separate scoreboard. When the level starts, you have to reply either you are fighting as a union member or the breach. The results of the fight are based on your skills and plan.


Developer: Critical Force Entertainment Ltd

Publisher: Critical Force Ltd

Genre: First-person Shooter

Mode: Multiplayer, Single-player

Platform: iOS, Android


  • Based on two teams, two goals theme.
  • Two opposite teams fight out in a scheduled expiry match.
  • Two teams, working their way through all the missiles in the game.
  • Enjoy the quick and match-made modes.
  • Compete for points and save position via win of Defuse.
  • Link or host, the room of any game type, allows a password to host rooms.

2. Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s Adventure is considered a new type of Action Game. In this game, you get the Trip over the attractive alpine mounts of their natural desert, via next-door towns, old forests, and long-wild remains. Link Alto and their friends as they board on an infinite skiing journey. This game uses new technology; due to this, it is a new type of addition to this type of game.

Like the way you save giant hamsters, chore rooftops, leap over distressing gulfs and beat the mountain chiefs, all are suffering the eternally-varying basics and passage of time upon the mountain. You get primary music and handy audio for a close and mesmeric experience.

Developer: Snowman, Team Alto

Publisher: Noodlecake Studios, Snowman, Noodlecake

Genre: Platform Game, Endless Runner, Snowboarding Video Game

Mode: Single-player Video Game

Platform: iOS, Android, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, Android TV, tvOS, Fire OS


  • It is based on an unsolidified, elegant, and terrifying game.
  • This game is generated terrain based on real-world snowboarding.
  • Fully active lighting and climate effects, with thunderstorms, blizzards, fog, rainbows, shooting stars.
  • Stress-free to play, complex to master one button trick system.
  • Try your capabilities with the contest to friends. Fight for high success, good space, and top-quality fusions.
  • Achieve the wingsuit from the workplace for a completely new game theme.
  • Attractive, moderate, and redolent visual plan.

3. Ailment

Ailment is a first-person Action Game. The storyline of this game is started as a spaceship wandering in the galaxy. The main player sleeps for three days, and when he wakes up, he finds all his team has become his biggest enemies. One thing that the main player remembers is that he is on a rescue mission for another spaceship. Then he hit that everybody on that spaceship is already dead, and the game starts with that mystery to solve.

This game is full of thrill and enjoyment. The player has to find out what happened in three days when he was sleeping. As a player, you have to fight with your enemies, that are your friends and team members. You have to help your friends that are infected and act as a survival.

Developer: Ivan Panasenko, Ultimate Games

Publisher: Ivan Panasenko, EpiXR Games, Ultimate Games

Genre: Shooter Video Game, Indie game, Adventure Game

Mode: Single-player Video Game

Platform: Android, Xbox One, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch


  • Lots of various gadgets with adjustable game-play methods.
  • Ruthless vibrant enemies and distinctive melody and tracks effects.
  • Vibrant and fluent appeals with decent hilarity are there.
  • Dedicated gameplay to play with an interesting storyline to enjoy.
  • Wonderful modest controls to hold the game.
  • Committed superior enemies match and escapade-like scheme.

4. AnimA

Anima is an action RPG Video game motivated by the biggest school games and prepared with desire by RPG likers for RPG lovers. After the great achievement on mobile, these avatars appear on the PC with a new look and gameplay. You have to discover diverse dark situations, disclose unseen mysteries and Discover exclusive sites.

Defeat the single-player fight with theoretically endless game problems, follow the story, or just go, rip opponents, cash things and recover your appeal. Descend and discover the depth, Destroys Experts, Creature, Dark adventurers, and other demonic individuals that inhabit over 100 stages, and then try your talents with the attractive boss contest.

Developer: Redeev

Publisher: Redeev

Genre: Role-playing Game, Action Game

Mode: Single-player Video Game

Platform: Microsoft Windows


  • Expressive Dark imaginary atmosphere with single-Player battle mode.
  • 100+ dissimilar playable stages, 10+ competitions to try your skills,
  • Undisclosed exclusive stages to play and the biggest enemies battle.
  • Fabulous music to create excitement and find 200 objects of various scarcity.
  • Prepare influential imaginary objects with exclusive control and raise your object controls.
  • Fill two imaginary objects to make an influential novel one.

5. Candies ‘n Curses

Candies ‘n Curses is also among the best Action Games. You, as the main player, hold the game and be aware of gangs of charming flickers in a warped castle persistently creepy by the Ghost Sovereign. Make strong moonrocks with newly created flashlights and upgrade your skills with every successive stage. With every annoying lamp to charmed ray weapons, every light offers a diverse way to enjoy the game and be ready to conflict besides an enormous manager at the finale of every stage.

Players can kit Gems to their lights, attractive moonrock with a mass of dissimilar skills, and power-ups. Also, you have to create your own team to fight with ghosts and other enemies. You and your team have to work together to get the victory. After finishing a phase, players can select from a random group of candies and curses that offer lasting authority extras for the balance of that trip. Some gems even allow moonrocks with friends to assist ghost-clumping ventures.

Developer: Tako Boy Studios

Publisher: Tako Boy Studios

Genre: First-person Shooter Game

Mode: Single-player Video Game

Platform: Android


  • Evaporate ghosts with an extensive collection of dissimilar, upgradeable lights.
  • As the main player, you need the authority to pass stunned a problematic stage
  • You have to reinstate all of your cores, expecting a former slower, earlier, and premature demise.
  • Check 6 diverse areas of the Ghost castle, every swarming with various unsafe flickers and specters.
  • Take part in Everyday Tests that propose numerous prizes.
  • Like attractive, hand-created pixel work with attractive animation that secretions indistinct attraction.

6. Dandara

Dandara is also assumed as the best game based on action. The storyline of this game starts as the World of salt hangs on the edge of failure. The people, with free feelings, now stand worried and lonely. But not everything is mislaid; out of this wave of terror rises a star, the main player, and a ray of hope named Dandara.

Welcome to an exclusive 2D Metroidvania stage full of secreted beings and unlimited examination. Challenge seriousness as you fence crossway bottoms, walls, and roofs. Solve the secrecies and riddles unseen through the world of salt and various array of charms. Allow the main player to fight and exist alongside opponents fixed on domination. Stir Dandara to carry freedom and balance to this aimless world.

Developer: Long Hat House

Publisher: Raw Fury

Genre: Metroidvania, Indie Game, Role-playing Video Game, Shooter Video Game

Mode: Single-player Video Game

Platform: PlayStation 4, Android, iOS, Xbox One, and more


  • The Trials period added 3 novel parts to discover, a novel boss, new controls, and procedures.
  • Discover new images discourses for current appeals and situations.
  • The new control system provides new thrills.
  • Start to powerfully play with a Microsoft Xbox Controller for Windows.
  • Created specifically for touchscreen and gamepad effort.
  • Measure and fight cooperate easily and flawlessly.
  • Practice a mixture of speed and skill, intelligence and responses, and approach sites before.

7. The Amazing Spider-man 2

The Amazing Spider-man 2 is also considered one of the good Action Games to enjoy. Go outside the Sony movie and into the cartoons with new typescripts like a dark cat and oddball. The story of this game starts as New York is below the risk from a city-inclusive corruption binge, and only the hero Spider-Man can break this violence. Spider-Man has to reinstate order and secure Manhattan.

You act as the main player of this game. You, as the main player, have to fight with well-known scoundrels like Venom, the Green Goblin, Electro, and Kraven the Tracker. While in his way is Bitterness, the Green Sprite, Electro, and other wicked enemies. Genius at the awesome quality, attractive animations as you swipe easily over the city like never before. This game is based on your skills how technically you plan and save your city from enemies.

Developer: Beenox

Publisher: Gameloft, Activision, Square Enix

Genre: Shooter Video Game

Mode: Single-player Video Game

Platform: PlayStation 4, Android, Xbox One, iOS, PlayStation 3, and more


  • Spider-Man is web-drape, wall-hike, and web-fire as the wild and rapid-witted.
  • The unique story enlarges on the extremely predictable genius movie.
  • Reveal Spider-Man outfits like Symbiote, Iron, and Conclusive Comics Spider-Man.
  • HD quality voice substitute and 3D filmic action carry the film practice to life.
  • Combo-focused solid crime contest, beating the highest opponents.
  • Use action-packed airborne battle and take the combat to the sky.
  • Uncheck shocking combos via improved icon panels for a strong action game skill.

8. Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider is another one of the good Action Games based on action and thrill. This game is an explosion against mobile. Play as the mythical player like you have never got before. Stirred by the unique Tomb Raider games, exercise Lara’s iconic identical guns and be prepared for a journeying venture.

You have to travel via the excellent roguish-formed gates of the unfaithful secretive graves through hazardous crag caves, thriving forests, and luxurious waterfalls. On your mission, you have to ignore unseen tricks, hunt antique ruins, resolve an extensive change of mysteries and face diverse new and well-known enemy kings in the series with cruel wolves, venomous snakes, impressive golems, and mystic elemental beings.

Developer: Core Design, Crystal Dynamics, Eidos-Montréal, and more

Publisher: Feral Interactive, Square Enix, Ubisoft, and more

Genre: Action-adventure Game

Mode: Single-player Video Game

Platform: Android


  • Artificial animation graphics that you have never got before.
  • Unique classical soundtrack with revised definitive notches.
  • Symbolic features of the main player are shoot, run, and handstand in definitive Croft style.
  • Blunder upon possessions and unlockable having rested.
  • This offers improved injury and curative stats and designs that allow you to skill influential new guns.

9. Call of Duty: Mobile

The Call of Duty is among the best Action Games you get on your smart device. This is the game based on the team mode to play like the match, control, and Complete the kills on special maps like Delivery, Attack, and Impasse. Also, 100 players fight Royale, all in the smart device.

Each season, this game issues new content with new modes, maps, background actions, and prizes that never becomes ancient. Each season increases the story in this game world and carries new unsealable content for all to love. Admirers identify numerous essentials from all the series called Call of duty: Modern warfare: Black ops and call of duty: alongside exclusive features from this smart device game.

Developer: TiMi Studio Group, Tencent Games, Infinity Ward

Publisher: Activision

Genre: Action, Shooter Game

Mode: Multiplayer Video Game

Platform: Android, iOS


  • Install it for free to get thrilled and enjoyment.
  • Modify your exclusive loadout.
  • Modest and collective play mode.
  • Adored game styles and maps to get the way.
  • Less download size, with discretionary add-ons.
  • In gameplay, mobile provides difficulty and complexity in an ever-varying experience.

10. Zooba: Zoo Battle Arena

Zooba is an animal fight-based game to play and among the best games. This game is themed on the fight with the protectors and 45 additional players crosswise fun game modes. The animals are free in this game to move and eat. And you, as the main player, take place as the king of the zoo. Enjoy 20 fun and exclusive appeals with different powers and special skills in this game.

Call your friends to play this game with you in different multi-player modes. Fight to be the king of the scoreboard, complete the missions, and gather new rewards in every season. You have to improve your appeals, open many objects, and excite your rivalry with many skins and hundreds of fun emotes.

Developer: Wildlife Studios

Publisher: Wildlife Studios

Genre: Shooter game, Action Game

Mode: Single-player, Multiplayer Video Game

Platform: Android, iOS


  • Select one from 20 characters, from cunning tricks.
  • Fight against many players in multiple different modes.
  • Enhance your appeal and objects to power you up.
  • Earn the ranks to get special free trophies.
  • Zoo VIP complete with prizes.

11. Fortnite

Fortnite is an exciting Action Game for you and among the best action-based games. In this game, players have to cooperate to live in an open-world atmosphere by fighting other players who are organized by the game and by other players. The strength of this game is animated, but some appeals and extracts might disturb younger players. This game is available for free to enjoy.

This game is based on a single-player and provides the cooperative mode containing combat off zombie-like beings. But the general mode of this game is free to play. There are 100 players in this online gameplay, fighting separately as a part of the team. The offline mode is based on the shooting mode. And be the last player in the ever-falling fight stadium.

Developer: Epic Games, People Can Fly

Publisher: Epic Games, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Genre: Battle Royale Game, Third-person shooter, Sandbox, Action Role-playing Game

Mode: Single-player Video Game

Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows


  • Create a team with your fellows to discover and go near to the creative Hub.
  • You have to fix your trip to your preferred area.
  • Create your shelter and try to defend them while abolishing the other shield.
  • Crown to head in contradiction of your opponents by gathering resources.

12. Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2 is a decisive Zombie game and one of the best Action Games . It is a heart-preventing First Person Shooter (FPS) journey. You have to upgrade and fight for yourself in this game. In this game, you find yourself in fighting mode ever. There is the edge to visuals to your exact FPS control system, more than hundreds of players to fight with others. This provides the original approach and quality.

The creator of this game series, and makes any kind of gamer excited to play this game. It is unique gameplay to enjoy. Through this, you get the experience of first-person shooter controls. You can enjoy some vivid visuals and atmosphere that make you feel the zombie apocalypse for real.

Developer: Madfinger Games

Publisher: Madfinger Games

Genre: First-person shooter, Survival Horror, Action Role-playing Game

Mode: Single-player Video Game

Platform: Android, iOS, Web browser, Windows Phone


  • It is not an FPS shooter but also a months-long game.
  • Open 10 areas and enjoy a plan for 33 various fight grounds.
  • Protect the World from Zombies.
  • More than 600 game themes and an exciting storyline.
  • Over then, 70 kinds of weapons are there to kill enemies.

13. Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is an Action Game and among the best games. In this game, the players are depths in the contest against other players in the beat them mode of the game. This game is mostly based on the three vs. three fight mode. But you can play this game in two-player mode also. This game ranges players to get prizes.

It does not take time to get started the game because every mode opens quickly. In this game, the online mode can create irregular practice more than fun, but this is only when you are playing PvP mode. You can also escalate the modest procedure and rapid games.

Developer: Supercell

Publisher: Supercell

Genres: Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, Action Role-playing game

Mode: Multiplayer Video Game

Platform: Android, iOS


  • Open and gather novel, robust Brawlers, everything with a special attack and skill.
  • Get new levels and game modes every day.
  • Fight single or with friends in team mode.
  • Slog to the top of the scoreboard in inclusive and local positions.
  • Link or create your own Club with players to share guidelines and fight composed.
  • Modify brawlers with not able to open tones.

Final Words

These are the best Action-based Games listed above. These games are packed with thrill and excitement. Once you start playing the game, it creates a link with you, and you never leave the game in between without finishing it. All these games have different story-lines to enjoy. Through these games, you can enjoy your idle time in enjoyment. You can play one and more games for your enjoyment and share these games with your friends and family. You can share your achievements on your Social Media account to get like-minded people for discussion.

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