15 Best Android Frameworks for App Development in 2022

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Android focuses on PCs, tablets and automobiles, home appliances, and much more. These gadgets become available with the android framework that allows mobile use for application developers because Android is the most famous operating system in the mobile functional market. Android captures more than 87% of the market share. It is growing more and more during 2022.

This growth of Android leads to designing new development tools for Android. Many mobile applications development frameworks are determined to provide you with the best user practice at your place. But there is a dilemma whether these frameworks are configured with your system or not. To assist the developer in choosing the great framework for your official projects.

Here is a good list of some of the best Android user interface frameworks that the developer can use to develop Android and web apps. If it is about to upgrade your existing mobile application, or you want to attain a sophisticated customized application that can beat your competitors in the app development World. These Android Frameworks for App Development can provide you with a satisfactory development of games and web applications.


Considerations for an Android App Development Framework

These days’ mobile apps are becoming very popular even in your daily life. Whether you have to play an online song or find your loved ones with Tinder, the applications are so smart to accomplish these tasks. Your dependency is getting increased day by day. Have you ever wondered if these apps are only made for iOS and not for Android devices? Thus, in order to resolve this issue, cross-platform applications are introduced in the app development industry.

Many developers are developing mobile and web applications for numerous platforms that they do not even own. They are making many emulators to check and run the developed apps. If the cross-platform applications are not out in the app market, resolving the conflict between Android and iOS platforms would be difficult. Many considerations are out there to develop the Android App Framework. Especially you have to make sure that the framework is cross-platform so that every device can be used to run that program.


List of Android App Development Frameworks

Many Android App Development Frameworks 2022 are available in the market. The given list contains many amazing programs. These software and applications have many advanced features that can make them great from other programs out there in the market. A huge community has been using these tools for so long. There is a hand-picked list of these tools. These are feature-filled software and applications. Let us discuss them in detail.

1. Ionic

This amazing application is a free and open source utility that can be used easily. It is certified by MIT. The framework permits the developers to create many advanced hybrid applications. These apps can be made in CSS3, HTML5, and JAVA Script. This is one of the most popular frameworks that can be used in the development of Android. It has many latest functionalities and abilities to integrate AngularJS. A simple Command-Line Interface can be hosted through this Android framework.

It has many other features like live reload, logging, and emulation. Ionic has gained a vast community because of Cordova and Angular-based features. More than five million developers have developed around 4 million Ionic-based applications, and the process is going on in more than 200 countries. Furthermore, this utility is compatible with many other services provided on the internet, including Instagram, Google Play, and other platforms.

2. React Native

React Native is undoubtedly an amazing framework that can perform better in Android d evelopment. The framework is voted the third most required utility in a recent survey among more than 90,000 developers. It is a widely spread open-source platform that can be accessed very easily. As per a survey, many developers said that this utility is amazing and can customize many applications easily and quickly.

The framework uses a native platform-based interface that is easy to use and easy to understand. It can include a natural look, and its performance is user-friendly. You can easily access and use this framework as per your system demands. This framework solves issues like code-base alterations, iteration period, and imperative programming while creating reusability of custom-code simplified.

3. Swiftic

It is considered one of the best Android Frameworks for App Development available in the iOS platform. The framework contains an easily navigable user interface. Swiftic has 30 days money-back guarantee option, so it is very convenient to use. Furthermore, it has another guarantee scheme of 6-month. If you don’t get its results, then a 6-month service is free for you.

The framework has an interesting push notification. You can become a loyal buyer with a loyalty card. It provides you to build your mobile store. The framework allows you In-App coupons as well. You can use many scratch cards to win many prizes. The framework contains third-party integration and application promotion features. It has many advanced app analytical skills as well.

4. Native Scripts

Native Scripts is enlisted as one of the best Android libraries and frameworks that can easily build many Applications for Android and the web as well. While using this framework, you can easily use JavaScript, TypeScript, and Angular for creating many smart applications. Mobile application developers must be familiar with the latest app development tools like Native Scripts.

The official website is extensively made with many resources and many real-life applications with the help of codes. The application code on the User Interface thread can be easily run, representing the Native APIs to app JavaScript. The NativeScript modules and their plugins ensure many situations that require thread processing in the background.

5. Flutter

This framework is specially maintained and designed by Google. It is a multi-platform mobile application SDK used to create many other apps. But it is slightly different from another framework of Android. The framework is written in the Dart Language, and it also simplifies the development process of cross-platform. Flutter is considered the best choice for the development of hybrid applications. This Android framework used a 2D rendering engine called Skia for illustrations.

These are very similar to the material scheme and the style of Cupertino. This framework also works as solid testing. It enables the users and developers to perform Unit tests, Functionality tests, and user interface tests. Furthermore, it allows for seamless testing without restarting the app. This framework has many first-class functionalities.

6. Xamarin

Microsoft owns the amazing Xamarin framework. It is one of the top agendas of Android. It offers the latest set of tools that allow developers to create many native Applications for multiple mobile platforms. The utility is based upon shared C# code so that it could become easy to understand by the user. The app developed using this Android framework for App development can be tested on various devices. Furthermore, Xamarin is a favorite because of its code-sharing feature.

This framework can reduce bugs and coding time in the software development process. It is considered one of the oldest cross-platform if compared with other Android Frameworks for App Development. Nearly 1.4 million developers use this framework to create many applications and software. It is becoming a major part of the visual industry as well.

7. jQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile framework is an easy-to-use tool for building web and mobile applications. This amazing Android Framework for App Development is HTML based cross-platform utility. The major assurance of this framework is that it allows “writing code once,” and then you can execute it on numerous platforms like iOS, Windows, Android, BlackBerry, and Symbian.

The framework also contains built-in system themes so that users can customize the style of an application for every project to fit the shades and colors preferably. Compared with the other Android frameworks, it is very lightweight, and it is about 40KB when minified. This feature makes it one of the most wanted frameworks in the market.

8. Sencha Touch

Sencha Touch is considered one of the best Android Frameworks for App Development. The main reason behind this scenario is the completely embedded data package. This framework has many latest libraries that can be used for developing virtual mobile apps. It is undoubtedly the most advanced Android framework. This amazing mobile development framework runs many composite hardware acceleration techniques to accomplish high performance.

The framework comes with more than fifty built-in User Interface components and themes. Through them, you can create many eye-catching application experiences. This amazing framework can easily build many applications for Android and the web.

9. TheAppsBuilder

This featured filled framework is a cross-platform app creator for Android, iPad, iPhone. HTML web applications can also be made through this framework. To use this utility developer does not need to know much about coding. This app can make you understand Android development through its user-friendly interface. App Builder is specifically made for non-technical professionals. By a detailed content administration, the drag and drop features of App Builder are highly intuitive.

It allows everyone to build fast and easy mobile applications at any time any place. White label application development features were perceived as outdated by businesses, but it is trending these days. White label apps are a reliable option for every business, whether on a large scale or small.

10. Corona SDK

It is a 2D mobile development platform. Corona SDK is free to use and open source platform. Developers can develop applications for desktops, games, smartphone TV devices on a single code. The framework influences Lua, which is easy to learn, a powerful and lightweight scripting language for mobile development. Through this amazing framework, you can develop projects very fast. These projects can be published on various platforms like phones, tablets, and TVs.

The game developers create corona SDK. But it is also very famous among android designers. This framework is considered a general-purpose Android development framework. It is very easy to build numerous business applications and games through this framework. The framework allows the developer to see the alterations very quickly. This is easy to learn and fast to use.

11. Framework7

Framework7 is the latest and feature-filled Android Framework for App Development. This is an open-source mobile HRML framework that only demands CSS, JS files, and an HTML layout to run. The developers who know JavaScript and HTML can easily Framework7. This amazing Android framework for App Development emphasizes making optimum experience and simplicity.

This framework is very new in the town. This framework is specially designed for developers to create Android, iOS, and desktop applications. Framework7 is compatible with many platforms, but it pays special attention to Google Material Design.

12. Appcelerator Titanium

Appcelerator Titanium SDK is one of the most popular cross-platform mobile developments. It is an open source free platform to develop your mobile applications. Developers can use many technologies to build the required applications. It allows the developer to use JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. This Android Framework for App Development is easy to understand. That is why most of the applications are running under the Titanium Framework. Native code can be written in JavaScript on this platform.

Appcelerator Titanium is a framework that can easily develop mobile applications. It allows the developers to build mobile applications from a single code. This framework provides access to native APIs for your operating system. This framework is very easy to use and has a nice User Interface.

13. PhoneGap

It is an open source framework for mobile development. PhoneGap allows the developer to use HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to create mobile applications for the most famous Android, Windows phones, and iOS. This app is one of the complete resources available in the market to develop Android apps. If you want to develop your very first mobile app, then PhoneGap can be the best suit you.

It can develop an application without using the command line. The framework can instantly display the changes that you made. There are no requirements to maintain native SDKs to make an application. The framework contains a rich library of plugins. This framework permits you to use your prevailing development skills on the web to create hybrid apps rapidly.

14. Realm

This is a database design for mobile devices from the ground up. Realm is an abstraction built on top of SQLite, but it has a completely new database engine. Realm is based on the object store rather than an interactive model. It contains a C++ library and can support iOS, Android, Xamarin, and React Native. With the emerging database technologies.

The database technologies for mobile devices remained fixed with SQLite and the wrappers of SQLite as well. It has been the source of motivation to build something creative from scratch. Moreover, it is very easy to use a framework you can easily make as many applications for Android and the web. Many developers consider it a great tool to develop apps.

15. Onsen UI

When crafting complex mobile apps, Onsen UI is considered one of the most powerful tools. Using this framework, you can build amazing HTML applications with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. This fantastic framework can support libraries including Vue, React, Angular JS1, and Angular 2+. This framework has one appreciating thing: competency with the app’s look depending on the platforms.

For example, if the developer needs a native look for Android and iOS, it can use the automatic styling option present in the User Interface Components. This rich framework component contains a stack, tabs, navigation, lists, and forms. This framework doesn’t have any time setup. This is very simple to use and have easy to learn features. You can do a time-effective and cost-effective development by using Onsen UI.

Final Words

There are many Android App Development Frameworks available in the online market. Developers can create many applications for Android. Web applications can also be made through these frameworks of Android. These things belong to the latest technologies, which can benefit app developers. Games can also be developed by these Android App Development Software and applications. The given frameworks are selected from many of the available frameworks on the internet. If you need anyone, you can easily try and enjoy your game development at your place.

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