10 Best Free Anime Character Creators Online in 2022

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Do you know about Animations? The Anime is a Japanese comic character based on downright graphics colors portraying exciting characters in full of action modes with weird or innovative themes. Internet users have been rapidly increasing in the last few years. Due to the massive use of the Internet, a field that has become more popular is Amine Character Creation. It helps people and businesses to grow into different possible fields to make money or get popularity.

Anime is a Japanese short term used for the expression of Animation. It is in cartoon form or trajectory and created by using the software. Animation addresses a particular type of amazing themes, painted pictures, and energetic characters.

List of Free Anime Character Creators Online

As mentioned above, the increased use of the Internet made it possible to create Anime Online easily, in less time, and for free. Anime is famous for its keen follower base, and people have started using Avatars as their profile image to get the attention of others.


Two world era! Like the real world of humans, there is an another world of virtual characters. The use of Anime characters is much widespread on Social Media. People use their own anime characters on social media because it is more attractive and attention seeking. You can also create your anime character through a free online Anime Character Creator. Do you want the best Anime Character Creator? There is a vast list of Anime Character Creator Online for Androids and iOS.

1. Face Your Manga

Face Your Manga is considered one of the best and first online site to craft your own avatar. Through this, you can create your full-body avatar for free. Manga online website provides you with all tools to create an avatar. You can also get the print of your avatar and ship it to your home. This site is a complete all-in-one solution. On this site, you get the option to make free Stickers.


Even you can add scratches, stains, band-aid, and even birthmarks. This site provides you with all the setting options for your facial features. Face your manga is not just to create avatars, but it is also a Social media site you can see, like, and comment on others created avatars. Its iPhone App is considered not much good as many features are absent. You can craft and amend only one avatar at one time. But its online iPhone site is deemed to be good.


  • Characters are entirely customizable.
  • Easy to create, save and share your avatar.
  • Android and iOS apps are available.


  • iPhone app lacks many features.
  • The hairstyle option is not available.
  • You can not obtain a better resolution download.

2. Crypko

Crypko is an excellent virtual artwork site where you can design an impressive avatar from scratch professionally. Crypto is driven by GAN (Generative Adversarial Network). Through it, you can get professional-quality Anime characters automatically. You get a list of options for face anime. It works as an illustrator for the Anime character Creator.

On this site, you can buy Crypko cards, add them and create avatars more than usual. You can enjoy smooth Animation without having any drawing skills. This site also provides the complete record of work owners and stamped proof of any artist and creator work. It’s a convenient online tool to create avatar.


  • It provides high-quality animation results.
  • Automatic Professional Anime Creator.
  • Own storage space.


  • Suitable for commercial use.
  • Still under creation.
  • Download option is not available.

3. Make Girls Moe

Make Girl Meo is a great character creator site created with the association of some universities. It is considered a professional 2D Anime Character Creator quality site. You can create an online beautiful girls avatar free from pictures. You can use this for fun or non-commercial purpose. You can use all the options that are available in the model. In short, you can create every aspect of the avatar. It is considered an outstanding achievement of that time when it was introduced. You can easily craft your personalized avatar with a list of options to customize it. When you create many avatars, their value is generally diluted.


  • List of designing options available.
  • Powerful AI technology.
  • Anime generation is automatic.


  • Not every option preview is available.
  • Only female avatar available.

4. Avatars Generator

Avatars Generator is considered a 3D Animation Character Creator online available for both Android and iOS. It is a free online site for both Android and iOS. You can create a cute young Japanese face Anime if you are interested. You know! You get thousands of characters to create your avatar with a long list of design features.

You can create original characters. Here you do not need to upload any portrait; select a character and customize it according to your will. You have to select a gender and add details like facial expressions and skin tone; you can also add other accessories like glasses, hats, and flowers. You can send this site avatar to a comic to make your own story. It provides an option to save your created avatar to your phone gallery.


  • Thousands of Japanese characters.
  • A lot of colors and other accessories options.
  • Create an avatar from scratch.
  • It is supported to Male characters.


  • Many features in clothing are not professionally designed.
  • Time-taking site for customization.
  • Its Interface is not much good.

5. My Blue Robot

My Blue Robot is an amazing site to create your cartoon character avatar. You get many fascinating and unique options to create an avatar. The outcome of this site avatar is very attractive.You know! Here you get the option to add shapes to eyes, lips, and mouth, size your avatar eyes, change the position of head; in short, you can create a fully customized avatar. Here you can get the download option. You can use an avatar on your social media profile picture to make it attractive. This site provides an excellent opportunity for the designer to earn money by using this site’s avatar.


  • Add different eye sizes.
  • Head positions can change.
  • Download option available.


  • Time-taking.
  • No image upload option.

6. Cartoonify

Cartoonify is considered one of the best online site to create Cartoon characters with a genuine touch. It is a free online site you can use your pictures to make Cartoon characters. It is a time-saving app you can create your own Cartoon from scratch. Cartoonify online site only makes western cartoon models. You can make Cartoon Characters without any software skills. Here you can get more than 300 easy-to-use graphs. It also has a paid version to get extra option access. You can upload, convert and download your Cartoons. You can convert bulk images into Cartoons.


  • You get the Graphs.
  • You can change the Character.
  • Download into SVG and PNG format.


  • Lack visual aspect.
  • Only western characters are available.

7. Kusocartoon

Kusocartoon is a Cartoon avatar creator online web. It is a free and time-saving online website to create an avatar. You can use your pictures to craft a Cartoon avatar. Here you get a list of options to make adjustments. You can use color options like black, white, and fully colored. You can create Cartoons of your selfie, full images, and you can use various filters. You can create funny and personalized Cartoon Characters. You can download the image in JPF or PNG format, but the size of an image cannot be more than 5MB.


  • Different characters are available.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Different color options.


  • Size of an image not more than 5MB.

8. Portrait Illustration Maker

Portrait illustration maker is considered the best website to make avatar free online. If you are short on time and want to create an avatar very quickly, you can use this online platform. Here you can create your own funny, crazy avatar.

Here select your avatar gender, and you do not know how your avatar looks after customization. To save time, you can use its Randomize option, and you will get a random list of your web-created avatars, select one random avatar. You can create an avatar for social media. But here, you have an editing tool to edit your selected avatar.


  • Randomize option to select an avatar.
  • Time-saving website.


  • fewer customization options.

9. Superhero Avatar

Superhero Avatar is considered the best free online web to create an avatar. You can make your own Superhero Avatar by uploading your images. If you are a great fan of Marvel Superhero, you can create your avatar here.

Do you know? It is a simple, easy-to-use website to create a Superhero avatar. It supports both male and female characters. You can mix different Superheros in your avatars like iron and spider-man, and for the female avatar, you can mix female Superheros.


  • No need to register.
  • Download option available.
  • Only for Marvel Superheros.


  • Not having many customization options.

10. Doll Divine

Doll Divine is considered the best avatar creator Online App. It is a free online dress-up gaming avatar website. Here you get both Male and Female characters. It is an easy-to-use and time-saving website. Here, you get many options in hairstyles, haircuts, skin tones, and marks. Here you can use options for other accessories like hats, glasses, and other hair accessories. You can save your manga avatar and use it on social media platforms. You can also enjoy dressing up features for your avatar.


  • Background changing option available.
  • Fully customized.
  • Social media sharing is available.


  • No download option is available.
  • Some features are not supported.

Final Words

Above mentioned is a list of Best Free Anime Character Creators Online with their pros and cons; these best ten websites readily available to use for free. When selecting a Free Anime Character Creators Online, ensure that it is time-saving and have many customization options. Every mentioned website have its unique features. If you want to create Anime Character Online, use any website from the above list.

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