10 Best Bluetooth Software for Windows in 2022

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Are you facing problem related to slow transformation of files or data from one drive to another? If your Bluetooth driver is working slow or having bugs, then you should update your Bluetooth Driver. It is an easy and quick solution to solve related problems for you.

This era is considered as an advanced development region of everything and nothing is difficult to replace. Likewise, there is a wide range of Bluetooth Software available on the Internet. This wide range contained a diversity and can be found for any kind of devices like PC, Android, or even iOS or iPad. So, it does not matter which gadget are you using, this software is compatible with almost all of them.

List of Bluetooth Software for Windows

Below mentioned are few best Bluetooth Software useful for Windows 7,8,10 and Android or iPhone users.


1. Bluetooth Sender Sargon

This is the most convenient tool that allows users to send a wide collection of files to all Bluetooth Devices available in the area. This Bluetooth Device holds approximately 5-6 MBs which is a very minimum storage amount. So you can easily run it smoothly on your small device without any interruption. The file size is small and takes a no larger amount of your device disk. It provides you with Sending files free via Bluetooth. Moreover, the range of sending these files is adjustable.

Bluetooth Sender Sargon is the best source that can provide you with a bundle of information in a quick and easy manner without any data charges. This handy tool is frequently used in the markets especially in stores for sales and purchases. This is also used at exhibition stalls arranged at conventions or conferences where it let people know their location without spending money on advertising. Also, restaurants can send reminders and discounts to everyone present at the restaurant or within a particular room in the restaurant.


2. Intel Wireless Bluetooth

It is an amazing Wireless Bluetooth Device that is compatible with every circle whether you use it at home or in a Business Organization. It is specifically made for Intel Devices. The manufacturer might have altered or replaced the driver or software for your Intel module. So, it will be more convenient for you that you can collaborate with computer manufacturer company before installing this. This will save you from having any trouble losing features or customization.

Bluetooth Technology introduced a wireless connection that enables connections between electronic devices in a specific range wirelessly. You can connect mice, keyboards, headsets, and speakers wirelessly to a laptop using this Bluetooth Device. Most of the recent Intel Wireless Adapters support this technology.

3. WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software

A free utility for working with devices that maintain data transfer via Bluetooth. Additionally, it comprises a bundle of drivers for Broad-com equipment. WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software is certified as free for Windows (32 and 64-bit) Operating Systems, Windows XP, 7,8,10 verified and established without any problems. The efficacy is available to all users for free.

The vast capabilities and functionality of the program make it indispensable in this category. Before operating the program, ensure that your wireless device is attached to the computer and turned on. After launching “Bluetooth Software,” it will detect the all-activated programs automatically and ask for permission to install drivers, even some of them are not digitally signed. Still, you can easily transfer the files and use them simply after installation just by restarting your device.

4. Bluetooth Phone Transfer Software

This Bluetooth Software device is a super fast and easy-to-use Wireless Device. The important data like messages, calls, contacts, notes, books, and apps can be transferred using this software. It supports hundreds of plus running in Android, iOS & Windows Systems. It can move data safely without losing your device’s original data and it is purely designed for non-tech users.

It can use to transfer data easily between two Android devices. It also supports some specific data types like reminders, alarms, photos, videos, music, voice memos, apps, etc. Moreover, this Bluetooth device moves data from iPhone to Android or Android to iPhone devices and Supports 11 data types. In fact, it syncs data between two iOS devices without using iCloud or iTunes like iPhone to iPhone, iPhone to iPad, iPhone to iPod Touch.

5. Bluetooth File Transfer

This File Transfer Management Application can establish a quick and reliable connection between your PC and any OBEXready device that helps you to transfer a File Transfer Profile (FTP) easily. This make sure the compatibility of all those devices that are approved for Bluetooth.

It can help anyone quickly upload and download files between devices, browse, create and delete files, and manage folders with ease. And all of that is achieved wirelessly via Bluetooth communication with a portable device, saving you from the need to constantly bring you USB cables for establishing the physical connection with a target device. You can take full advantage of this App and can explore everything you required. You can connect it to computer hardware by a Bluetooth dongle or an emitter, that can also connect to modern Bluetooth devices around you.

6. BlueSoleil

BlueSoleil is a fully-fledged program that provides you full and quick wireless access for all devices you want to connect. This application makes you able to detect and connect any Bluetooth device surrounding your computer only by having a Bluetooth adapter plugged into your PC. No matter whether they are mobile phones, PDAs, Headsets, Digital Cameras, or any other device, it will take a maximum of 5 seconds to connect it. You can use this device with diverse HCI interfaces like USB, UART, PCMCIA, and Compact Flash.

It is an adapter that can be used to connect any Bluetooth device to your PC. It permits you to easily attach a headset, mobile phone, digital camera, printer, mouse, or wireless keyboard to your PC without needing any cables. The Software is well-suited for the latest SIG Bluetooth and can manage more than ten devices at once.

7. WMouseXP

WMouseXP Bluetooth Device is perfectly made for you if you are Nokia or BlackBerry user. You can remotely control your Powerpoint Presentations via this smart device. It is a unique, simple, powerful, and easy-to-use application that can boost productivity, enjoyment, and efficacy. With this program, you may amendment PowerPoint Presentation slides wirelessly from your phone.

The Software can be found under the Presentation Makers section of the Photo & Design category. The compatible variants with Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 are 2.3 and 2.2. However, the most widely used installer is WMouseXP.exe. You can have a mouse regulator from your phone’s joystick, as well as Media-Player and bulk control. It requires 1.45 MBs to install and is considered as a light-weighted Software.

8. Bluetooth View

Bluetooth View is a minimal utility that can sync all Bluetooth devices running in your device’s background. It can detect all the information displayed on the device i.e., Device Name, Bluetooth Address, Major Device Type, Minor Device Type, First Detection Time, Last Detection Time, and more. You also can replace the name of the Bluetooth device and set your own short description that allows you to detect the device in the future easily. The description you place will also be displayed in the taskbar balloon when the device is seen as a new one.

The program keeps all the work confidential. It shows the notification when discovering a new device through a pop-up banner. It provides you with full control of all functions of the device. You can change the settings if feel any interruption in your work. It is an easy-to-use device that displays all its functions openly for your ease so you can perform any task with a single click. It also has an addition of Added ‘Hide Paired Devices’ option that is usually detected even when they are not active, so this option allows you to hide them. Moreover, it makes connecting to Bluetooth devices much more manageable by working quietly and discreetly.

9. Medieval Bluetooth Network Scanner

This Bluetooth Network Scanner is an open-source, free-to-use Windows program. This is a unique and valuable software that contains a wide variety of subcategories published by Medieval. It is considered a highly downloaded Bluetooth device. The main reason for its popularity is its accessibility range. It is accessible for users with the operating system Windows 2000 and previous versions. Furthermore, it is available in many languages e.g. English, Italian, and many more.

It is useful for you if you want to scan or analyze detailed information about local and remote devices that are connected to your Bluetooth network. You can also browse the supported services of each found Bluetooth device in a simple, clear, and straightforward user interface. It can be said that Medieval Bluetooth Network Scanner for Windows belongs to the Social and Communication category. And it is a compatible device for your operating system.

10. Microsoft Bluetooth Software

This application allows direct access to Bluetooth settings from your home screen. You can pin Bluetooth settings to the Start Screen, allowing you quick right use of this function. The Software provides an advanced Bluetooth shortcut tile feature. It provides you with one-touch access to your Bluetooth device so that you can easily perform every task without taking much time. In short, it is one of the best Bluetooth devices with many advanced features that can help you a lot to quickly share data without any charges.

It can run on all Windows 10 devices, Mobile phones, Windows Phone 8.1, 8, and 7.5 Devices. This is the only Bluetooth device that is founded as the fastest Bluetooth software in the market with broad tile support. There is no configuration required to run this App. Just start the App, and you can see and edit your entire Bluetooth settings. It is an ads-free application with efficient features. Moreover, it saves the battery life of your device. The most interesting thing about it is you can use its trial version for free and forever.

Final Words

We provide you with all the best Bluetooth Software so you can enjoy a fast and easy transformation of your data now. All these Software are available on the App store and can be used simply by installing the software driver. For a smooth, bug-free Bluetooth connection, you can try any of the above mentioned Bluetooth Software.

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