7 Best Comic Creator Software in 2022

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In the modern era, the trend for graphic designing, animation, and 3D drawings is increasing rapidly. Many people around the globe are interested in this field for a fun purpose and to take it as a profession to find a pleasant source of income. Comic creator software is the perfect software for you if you are a drawing lover. It helps you to create entertaining stories in less time. The comic creator software merges the funny stories with the native comic strip to design the humorous stories. It mixes up features and professional skills in it. The software will help you to create your own creative stories.

Characteristics of Comic Creating Software

  • It can be considered a Time-saver Software because you can create everything at your fingertips.
  • It provides you with different tools for creating your unique ideas into comic stories.
  • Comic creating software makes your work more precise and organized.
  • This software lets creators make the best comic books and choose different designs and colors according to their requirements.

List of Finest Comic Creator

You can get more choices and select any software freely according to your desire or requirement.

1. POSER PRO 11.3

Major comic-creating software in the World with millions of downloads is suitable for newcomers or fresher’s who want to create something exciting. The company that created the particular TV show “Supernatural” was also the creator of Poser Pro software. This software will provide you with unique attributes and use more writing styles.



  • The best point of POSER PRO software is that you can quickly and rapidly edit your stories.
  • Untrained people do not need to worry about editing funny pictures; POSER PRO now made it easy.
  • You can efficiently use an inbuilt editing process.
  • POSER Pro software makes it easy for you to save your photos in separate documents and use them anytime to make comic stories quickly.
  • Allows you to easily add pictures from this software.

2. Clip Studio Paint Pro



Clip Studio Paint Pro is the software that helps you create valuable things. It helps you with different tools like painting, art, etc. It was the best software for most people, but it was less effective than Clip Studio Paint Ex. Clip Studio Paint Pro has all the characteristics that any comic creator needs, like brushing tools, backgrounds, etc. After a few hours of learning, you can easily use this software for creating comics. The only problem with this software is that it has a shortage of printing tools and does not have the range to compile your pages in a larger project.


  • You can convert 3D images into line art easily.
  • AI technology is used in this software.
  • Clip studio paint pro is best for exciting stories, Manga, etc.
  • Allows you to edit your comic stories with a massive amount of brushes which is part of this software.
  • Good editing quality.


Pixton is the software that highlights the above line clearly with its features. Our young generation, older generations, students, parents, everyone can use this software to draw and make comics because of its extensive attributes like amazing drawing and writing tools. It becomes more accessible for everyone to use. Pixton is the designed software for marketers and designers especially. If you want more accessible and efficient software for comic creation, this tool is best. Pixton software is also giving you a free trial so that after using the basic version, you can buy it. You don’t need any Pc OR Mac book to run this software because it’s browser-based nature; there is no need for downloading.



  • Pixton can easily be used.
  • Pixton will create a format of your choice automatically
  • The features which will distinguish this software from others are Automatic start, Automatic stop, and HD comic preview.
  • You can convert pictures into new comics.

4. Comic Draw

A Comic Draw is specially designed software for IPad users and is user-friendly. This software is suitable for beginners as well as professionals. It gives you free 14 days trial to try their attributes, and also you can purchase this software. Building maps can be drawn with precision with the help of this software. It has an extensive library of tools like typing tools, brushes, pens are available on the Comic Draw. The only negative point with this software is that it is just for Apple users, android users cannot use it.


  • Enables you to create sheets easily.
  • You can draw sites quickly.
  • It also contains a feature where you can also get fully arranged data.
  • Fullscreen and split-screen competence.

5. Clip Studio Paint EX: Best for pro comic makers

STEVE GLOBAL is designed as a small software that helps us plan and arranges the work in our way. According to design and tools, it is just like Photoshop. It is tremendous and efficient, and you can use it to make diagrams easily and quickly. The accuracy you get while using this software is fantastic. This software exists in Mac and Pc.


  • Allows you to create tags, page heading tools, name tags, make custom window names, find by tag, blank window.
  • Clip Studio Paint Ex has an impressive design for learners.
  • Permits you to copy-paste the content easily.
  • Allows you to add Text, moving pictures, colors, and background easily.
  • Some tools will permit you to modify your page to edit every portion.
  • You can view your comics in PDF viewer format available as well.

6. Comic Creator Studio

Specially designed software for kids. Kids can drag and drop art into the already installed backgrounds. This software is best for Editing. Some programs are complex in this software, and extensive training is required to understand those programs. 600+ backgrounds are there to set your pictures. Things are kept simple and more accessible in this software. By uploading images, kids can place themselves into a comic story. This funny software is not accurate for professional users; however, kids might love that software.


  • Many templates are there; you can design your own or buy them as well.
  • Appropriate for the Manga, Sci-fi type of comics.
  • Publish comics online would be accessible by this software.
  • Students would be fascinated by the user-friendly interface of comic creation.

7. Manga Maker ComiPo: Best for simple manga comics

Manga took a step to help beginners by launching the software named “Manga Maker Camipo!” which is very suitable software for people new to the drawing thing. At the same time, the interface of that tools is straightforward and easily understandable for new people. Manga has introduced easy access and a user-friendly interface. The beginners can perform awe-inspiring work in elementary steps.


  • The fundamental attribute which distinguishes it from other software is its 3d drawing helper.
  • Page layout features.
  • Manga Maker Compo can manage albums easily.
  • Facilities that distinguish it from other software are the Printing facility and drop function.

Final Words

By comparing all the essential features, the discussion will close on personal preference. Here, we tried our best to convey our best to help you choose the right software to have the first step in the World full of colors and imagination and sketch your vision to present in front of the World. So that, you could select the one according to your own requirements.

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