12 Best Dekstop Widget and Gadgets in 2022

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A desktop widget is a particular GUI widget deliberate to run on a PC desktop for a computer. These widgets could be able to add to the Windows Vista or Windows 7 desktop. Additionally, these desktop widgets also can be added to Windows 10. But it would be best if you had to use third-party apps for this purpose.

Simply widget in a general term can be defined as a small gadget or device responsible for performing any particular task. For Example, USB Connector – responsible for a laser mouse as well a text box or button- to display information or settings. Interestingly, all the widgets are also able to modify or enter by the users.

What is the Use of Desktop Widgets and Gadgets?

There are some fundamental facts described here to explain to you the usefulness of desktop gadgets revived so that you could easily decide whether you have to install third-party apps for your Desktop Widgets Windows 10 or Desktop Widgets Windows 11.

  • Desktop gadgets are useful to improve the productivity of your PCs.
  • Allow users to control basic utility functions like clocks, messaging services, calendars, etc.
  • Like any other Windows application, these desktop gadgets can be easily placed around the desktop.
  • It’s also capable of attractively displaying other influential tasks at the front end like the sticky notes, weather broadcast, time, and even CPU speed as well.

These widgets are essentially considered “mini-apps” that can enhance your desktop functioning from every aspect. So now, after getting an insight into the utility of these gadgets, you might also want these desktop widgets windows 10 or your desktop widgets windows 11. For that purpose, it will be better if you stay on this article. Here you will find all the latest and wonderful desktop gadgets 2022. These desktop gadgets revived will be proving a great help for you to manage your Desktop functions appropriately.

List of Amazing Desktop Widgets and Gadgets for Windows

Only through scrolling down the article, you will find a wide collection of the top trending desktop gadgets 2022. These Desktop Widgets or Gadgets will surely operate-able on both Windows 10 and Windows 11 even. So it can be said that all the mentioned Gadgets are Desktop widgets windows 10, and Desktop Widgets Windows 11 too.


1. 8GadgetPack

GadgetPack is a utility that enables you to install the inventive Gadget program files. It’s very easy to install and run on your device. The application provides quick access to the manual where all the gadgets are placed. This is the most trending widget pack out there. This tool is created upon the source code of the innovative Windows Desktop Gadgets Engine.

Therefore, you will catch the classic look as well as the feel of the inclusive UI and functionalities. Additionally, it derives with up to 50 widgets preinstalled. Besides, all of the heritage gadgets are maintained to be mounted in this gadget pack.


Price: Free

Developer: Helmut Buhler

Operating System: Windows 8/Windows Vista/Windows

2. XWidget

XWidget is a prevailing desktop widget customization engine. The application is a handy, light-weighted, and easy-to-use tool with smooth animations. It also contains a built-in potent visual widget editor plus widgets online gallery. You also can download 1600+ widgets that are available by default in the gallery only through a single click.

In addition, it provides a new technique for DIY widgets even for Android as well. Some of the widgets can be sorted online by the users so that they can assimilate to the software productivity, multimedia player, system monitoring, software shortcuts, and more. It also offers users the competency of setting up manifold widgets on a single platform. So these widgets are very convenient for those users who aim to do multi-tasking through organized space.


Price: Free

Developers: XWidgetSoft

Operating System: Windows, Android

3. Rainmeter

This is an extremely customizable performance meter to organize Windows desktops in an appropriate manner. This open-source project shows various crucial system information like CPU, RAM, RSS feeds, network, weather forecast, picture, battery power, playlist, and more like that. It obliges as a personalization tool due to its highly customizable features such as; skin themes.

You will be capable of picking from a variety of covering themes and choosing what you like, only by downloading it. Moreover, the application is a free-of-charge utility tool that surprisingly provides you with everything in HD quality to make them more attractive.


Price: Free

Developer: Rainy

Operating System: Windows XP

4. Gadgetarian

Gadgetarian is also another cool gadget that can help users to well-organized their Desktop Widgets. This website is able to host a variety of standardized Windows desktop gadgets. After mounting this software, there will be found preinstalled gadgets. But users will be allowed to be loaded with many additional gadgets from their official website and also from the software itself by default.

You are not required to restart your PC, all you need to do is only give a right-click on the desktop and explore all the top-trending “Gadgets” options. You also can “Personalize” the screen with the help of the “Screen Resolution” option. It’s not a detached program and enables all native gadget functions on Windows. By doing this, you can utilize all the Windows gadgets without compromising the reliability of the Operating System.


Price: Free

Developer: Windows Live Gadgets

Operating System: Windows 7/Windows8/Windows10

5. Gadgets Revived

It is a website that hosts a variety of Desktop Gadgets galleries from third-party apps. Likewise, to the official gallery, all the gadgets are available for free and are belongings of their respective authors. Even all the available gadgets are checked manually by the authors to make sure of their reliability. They work to fulfill all expectations about gadgets and show them as an original and untouched gadget for users.

This project is typically created to help users restore Desktop Gadgets for their Windows. It runs a very casual sidebar gadgets package to operate all original features. Most of its prominent features include Control Panel items, a gadget gallery, and its super-fast Windows Search results. Furthermore, up to 900 high-quality gadgets are presented there to be downloaded.


Price: Free

Developer: Todd Anglin

Operating System: Windows 7/Windows 8+/Windows 10/Windows 11

6. Win10 Widgets

This is a widespread widget collection specially made for computer Operating Systems. A number of attractive and modern widgets are available on this software. It also offers a full pack of preinstalled tools that make it more valuable among users. Surprisingly, these widgets don’t require a bequest Windows gadget engine to route the device easily.

In addition, it’s compatible with monitoring your disks, setup, weather, and more in this pack. It can launch your desktop into an organized manner by placing a comprehensive collection of files and folders at a location where you are able to find all the data easily when required. Besides, it’s a handy tool as well that provides Weather broadcast, WiFi options, battery optimization, music play, and more only at a glance.


Price: Free

Developer: TJ Markham

Operating System: Windows 10

7. ClocX

Clocx is a unique analog clock application launched for Microsoft Windows. It is programming based on C++ language that ensures trivial executable binary. It performs all of its functions with optimal speed, even taking a low memory usage. The application provides you with a free hand to choose from an extensive range of styles. Even all the available ranges contain a high-quality resolution and also display an eye-catchy and attractive interface.

It also offers recurring alarms that help you to play a sound file plus introduce a message box as well as run an application according to your choice. Besides all this, the program comprises several advanced features, including anti-aliasing, transparency, customizable priority, click-through, calendar display, and more others like that. You also can transform and configure the backgrounds and can choose ClocX transparent from even 256 levels of transparency.


Price: Free

Developer: BonSoft

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista

8. Rainlendar

This application is a lightweight and highly-customized calendar tool made for your desktop. It is a valuable calendar available on the tray bar that helps you to remember your important dates or schedules. It contains a wonderful skin system, attractive designs, and transparency too.

It lets users download hundreds of themes from its Official Site, configure visualization settings, set up alarms, and set events as well. It is an independent platform that can run on multiple platforms. Additionally, its display can be customized through skins and even with a mixture of multiple skins.

It is probably run-able with other calendar applications also—it expenditures the customary iCalendar format to accumulate its events and to swiftly transfer them among applications. You can also use it online to comprehend your Outlook appointments directly from its official sites, and even it doesn’t need to be installed. Moreover, it has a lot of users due to its easy-to-use interface and all its functionalities, even for free.


Price: Free

Developer: Softonic servers

Operating System: Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux

9. Desktop Ticker

Desktop Ticker is a besat scrolling RSS feed display that can be placed anywhere on your desktop. It is an unobtrusive but promptly accessible and exceedingly customizable news crawl. It has an easy-to-use interface that offers lots of options and features for your ease. It provides lots of feeds, follows news, stocks, and much of other feeds, and also lets you subscribe to all these too.

Its small dock-style crossing point resembles a ticker tape with small directional arrows for quick scrolling forward or going to the back again. Its Options dialog lease users to configure updates, change color and sound schemes, or other items like always-on-top. It handles almost all popular feeds, including feeds supplied as samples, for instance, BBC News.

The operators can hand-picked their feeds, interchange them up or down and set them in list order, delete feeds, or add new ones by posting in URLs with the help of the compact Feed Manager. They also can edit stock symbols in place of stock feeds, the display’s default desktop spot in Float, and allows to could fix it at the top or bottom side of the desktop.


Price: Free

Developer: Mike Batt

Operating System: Windows7/8/10, Windows Vista/XP

10. AveDesk

This is a freeware widget engine that runs self-contained widgets called “Avedesk.” This application represents desktop attractive from pretty icons and makes them more usable. It drives with two different hardware-accelerated effects intended for flipping and ultimate a desklet. Its graphics card is proficiently used for alpha-blended surfaces.

AveDesk also includes some cool and sufficient desklets to acquire full advantage of its remarkable functioning. Its major features contain WordSeacher, Translator, Chalkboard, and others. Additionally, it also contains an exclusive library of themes, alpha-blended controls, multimonitor support, and a new scriptable desklet.


Price: Free

Developer: Andreas Verhoeven

Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista

11. DesktopX

DesktopX is a desktop enhancement program that lets users make their own custom desktops. It contains a complete widget engine as well as a desktop object system. This revolutionary program has the capacity to transform the Windows desktop into a well-organized manner completely. It can be used to create innovative computer screens for films and TV.

It also enhances the functionalities of your desktop Windows by providing the capacity to have authentic objects on the desktop. These objects contain clocks, stock tickers, living creatures, calendars, weather monitors, and thousands of other “widgets” or objects as well. These all are accessible online for free download. Moreover, this application has an easy-to-use interface that makes it easy for users to easily utilize all of its functions.


Price: $14.95

Developer: Stardock

Operating System: Windows/Windows XP

12. Widget Launcher

Widget Launcher, formerly known as Widgets HD, is the latest and up-to-date generation of Desktop Gadgets. This redesigned Widget Launcher is included many other advanced features than ever before. It also supports lots of extensions and allows to download of supplementary skins and widgets in the Microsoft Store. With its ultimate customization options, the Launcher lets you improve your desktop display that was never before.

It provides instant access to amazing features. These features may include world clocks, weather, calculators, RSS feeds, calendars, CPU, monitor, and much more like that. The application contains two diverse and beautiful skins so that you can easily personalize your widgets according to your wish, available in multiple colors. Besides, If you are a developer, it allows you to utilize its built-in tools like a beta to repair extensions that you create.


Price: Free

Developer: Allen Chan

Operating System: Windows 10

Final Words

In this article, you will find a variety of Desktop Widgets with their ultimate features and remarkable specifications. You are free to pick any of the above by evaluating them through available information. All the software is easy-to-use and accessible specifically for Windows.

In fact, these all are an open-source and handy tool that gives super-fast access to every function. Hope that after reading this article will be able to pick the best one for you and also make a well-organized desktop display for your computer.

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