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Have you ever heard about any fake identities? perhaps you might experience this over the internet. Making a fake identity is not a means to deceive others. It is something in the way of protection and security. In the present time, everyone knows about online scams like internet frauds, ID hacking, spying, information stealing, etc. So it is necessary to make and use fake identities on the internet rather than providing your real details. This fake ID will be very valuable in many scenarios.

Everyone who uses the internet is scared of whether their provided information won’t be used for illegal purposes. To avoid such difficulties and fears like identity theft, it is necessary to create a fictitious identity. It can assist you in ensuring whether the services are as advertised before supplying the real ones. Always remember that do not use such fake IDs for any legal or official purposes; otherwise, it will cause you severe issues, and you can face harsh legal consequences.

List of Online Fake Identity Generator Software

There are plenty of software available in the market that can create fake identities, but most of them need the details of your debit card or some other way to gain your information. That is why I am sharing some of the best online fake identity generator software that `are free and easy to use, as they do not ask for your personal info.


1. dCode

dCode is an excellent software for creating a fictitious profile. It gives you an identity based on your gender, name, nickname, year of birth, birthplace, workplace, job or profession, and other factors. Furthermore, dCode is more than simply a free fake id generator; it also grooms your personality by asking you questions about common difficulties, myths, etc.

As you may be aware, creating a new identity is a lengthy process of selecting a new name, background, occupation, nationality, and other characteristics at random in order to build a new profile. By giving you the option of pre-determined IDs, this generator helps you to speed through the process. There is also a fake email address associated with these identities.


2. FakePerson Generator

FakePerson Generator provides sophisticated identification credentials by providing substantial data about yourself. It does not, however, support login or mass creation. Driving license information, passport information, security, and personal likes and dislikes are just a few of the components that make up your bio-data.

It keeps information such as your favorite or, instead, your new avatar’s favorite color, song, hobby, and so on. In addition, the FakePerson Generator has advanced choices for selecting an image for the identity you create. For safety considerations, most people use stock photos. But have no fear: this is a safe zone for people of all identities.

3. ColorSchemer

ColorSchemer is one of the marvelous fake identity generator software. It can transform your identity with completely valid information in both personal details like name, age, gender, phone number, etc., and in account details like email, password, username, etc. It generates the name randomly by choosing the alphabets you feed in this.

Despite the fact that the names are taken from the public identities provided on the internet, the new avatar can easily be given a unique name. Moreover, the financial information such as credit card and bank account information it creates is false but accurate. This is useful for logging in to sites that require a registration fee or a trial period that must be completed within a certain number of days. It has a simple, user-friendly interface and protects your privacy and security. The credential details you enter on this software are encrypted with high security for assurance.

4. FauxID

FauxID is an excellent fake identity generator that has abundant features regarding identity modification. It has the ability to change your state, nationality, financial details and even provides a fake social media or internet identity. It does not require the true information and can easily work on the fake information provided by you and turn it into a new look.

The unique function of this software is its QR Code Scanning system that may show your profile as real and valid. The new identity will have a new name, complete residential address, race, age, bank details, profession and job details, etc. It is one of unique quality; it gives a URL after entering the details of your new identity. You can save this URL as a bookmark and can show it to anyone who is dubious about your identity. One drawback of this software is that FauxID saves your information in an online database and ensures that your data is kept on file forever. So, it would be best if you exercise caution when using this false id generator.

5. Fakena

Fakena is a simple False Person Generator software that lets you make up fake names. On the landing page, there is only one clickable button that is ‘Generate Fake Name.’ Simply click on it to be sent to the details page, which has all of the fake goods you require. To make a new fake name profile, click the ‘Generate New Fake Name’ option. Like the others on this list, it can only produce one profile at a time.


Maybe its ‘Permalink for this page’ button shows a 404 error means a not accessible link to the page. But you can see the print preview. However, it contains pop-up ads. So make sure you edit that part before you submit your fake details as a hard copy if you ever need to. The identity you generated on this will remain for 30 days, so bookmark it, but it will vanish out within the provided time span. Therefore, the best way is to take a screenshot to save this for a long time.

6. Getnewidentity.com

This is a powerful and free software that not only provide a fake name but can generate the fake credit cards of multiple banks for testing purpose. It offers the user to create fake credit card details, including VISA, MasterCard, JCB, etc. Furthermore, this software also provides complete fake user information for generating credit card details.

The incredible feature of this software includes the facility of providing several fake names, address details, email IDs, and credit card information. Basically, it is not only used for the creation of fake identities, but it allows access to the whole collection of fake credit card details.

7. Fake Name Generator

This is also one of the best user-friendly software that has more distinct generator options. Its process is very simple; you just need to choose the gender and one of the countries from the country-specific name set. After this, simply press the Generate button to get an entirely fictitious name ID. You obtain entire information about your fictitious identity, including email address and location.

This software includes other arbitrary items such as ID card numbers and other favorites, i.e., color, vehicle, and so on. Its other impressive feature is it can generate the QR Code and save your file in jpeg format. You can get your fake identity after scanning this QR code. The peculiarity of this software is a button adjacent to the Generate button that allows you to control the percentage of male and female profiles created each time you press the Generate button.

8. Namegenerator

It is not only a fake identity generator, but it also makes a fake business card for you. It has a different process than other fake identity software. When you open its site, you find many ready-made name cards with different designs that you can change according to your requirement. Because it does not show any setting, and there is no option for you to specify your preferences.

One thing strange about this site is that it has a registered domain for India, but it gives the US to choice. There are not plenty of options as nine distinct business card styles are provided, and you have to pick from them. Each card has different typography and backdrop. There is not any solution to save all of these cards as a single file. When you click the Print Preview button, it will show everything. For further use, you either have to take a screenshot and edit it or print the entire page.

9. Online Name Generator

This is an all-in-one fake identity generator software that assists you in generating catchy names for yourself. This software can generate multiple identities for you, such as character name, business name, and even nicknames with different categories. However, it does not create a fake profile of any sort.

If you want to create a fake name, then go under the”Random name generator” category in the drop-down menu of business name. After a while, it will generate a new fake name for you. However, it can be used by those people who just want a different name for themselves. In a list to your left, you can see all of the names you have generated. To see additional names, simply keep clicking on the Generate button. This will create an entirely new fake identity for you.

10. SpinXO

SpinXO is a unique type of fake identity generating software as it gives you the most options for generating usernames. It contains a “SPIN” Button on which a user can click to get 30 incredibly creative username ideas instantly. You need to provide some data such as name, nickname, hobbies, interests, words, or numbers.

After you have filled in all of these details, it will provide you with a number of alternative usernames. These usernames can be used on any social networking website or service. You may use these identities on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and a variety of other social media platforms.

11. User INFO Generator

It is a very well-known software in the list of fake identity generator software. It does not solely create the fake name but assists in generating plenty of fictitious information with the name. Basically, its feature is to provide the whole detail of a person as in a real profile. It provides the details with fake phone number, address, email account, and credit card info.

Mostly it provides the address of North America; you just choose the option available at the sidebar and create an entire fake identity. Its user-friendly interface is very simple; you can build your fake ID by clicking the two or three buttons within a couple of minutes.

12. Uinames

This software is listed as one of the best fake identity generator software because it is easy, simple, and ads-free. You simply visit the site and click on the Space Bar as instructed. This software meets you with a new fake profile, including a new name and picture. You can set your location, gender and even produce multiple numbers of fake profiles at a time.

For getting multiple profiles, you need to click the option “More” given under the profile picture. This leads you to the collection of profile pictures. You can download and save the images as you need. One thing you must be careful about when you create your fake profile as this software uses real people’s faces on Twitter.

Final Words

Though fake identity software sounds not good, it can help you protect and secure your privacy and prevent you from becoming prey to internet scams or fraud. These available software are secure and safe to use as they not only protect your identity but also provide you with such fake identities with which you can enjoy online entertainment and social media platforms.

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