What Does KEKW Mean?

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What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Meme’? Whenever I hear this word, the first image that comes to my mind is a girl eating ice cream in front of a burning house or a Spanish guy laughing out loud. In the Modern era, memes are the wide-spreading idea, behavior, or style that spreads through imitation from one another within a culture and are a source of laughter as well. The slangs LOL, ROFL are used for expressing laughter. KEKW is also one of those laughing expressions.

How to Pronounce KEKW?


Did you guys know about the word LOL? If yes, then you can easily understand the meaning of KEK, as it also represents laughter. KEKW comes from the word KEK, which is the Korean word that describes laughter. Some people used the word LOL which is equivalent to KEK. If you send LOL in a chat box in the Korean language, people will see KEK in place of that LOL word because different countries used to pronounce it according to their culture.

We have told you the origin of the phrase KEK, so let us tell you that the word W comes behind KEK. W is used to exaggerate certain Twitch emotes. So we pronounce KEKW separately as KEK W.


What does KEKW Mean?

Do you want to know what KEKW is? KEKW was emoted (emotion in a theatrical manner) for the Twitch (emoji-like icons) extension called the Frankerfacez extension. If you have been through the emoji icons, you will see that word around the whole chat. It will come into the conversation when something funny happens on the screen and when someone is misplaying a game. We can say KEKW as a laughter expression used in different countries with different words.

The Story behind the Origin of KEKW Emote

In 2007, a Spanish guy “Juan Joya Borja,” laughed uncontrollably at an incident on a TV show during an interview, became viral. People will now use that as a meme to express laughter or something funny. People will make memes on that video with different subtitles because of that viral show. On August 21st, 2019, the website Frankerfacez custom Twitch emote user-submitted KEKW emote based on a still image of Borja laughing. How can you use KEKW?

KEKW emote pops up when something funny or embarrassing happens in the Twitch chat. You can write KEKW in chat to represent laughter if you don’t want to use emote. Then you enter KEKW in the discussion, and that emote generates in the conversation. For example, “What a Hilarious game, KEKW.” You must have to subscribe to a streamer that uses KEKW emote.

Why has KEKW Emotes become so Popular?

KEKW became the 11th most famous Franker face emote used in chat last year during a pandemic. It is used on thousands of platforms when something funny happens. People love to laugh, whether they are laughing at someone or something. For this purpose, they use the KEKW emotes to show laughter expressions. This emoji or emote has become famous worldwide.

KEKW Variations

KEKW reminds us of the rational standard in the twitch chat. Like LOL becomes LULZ, KEKW is also evolving day by day. This term import into different sites like Twitter leads to several variations while popping up. People usually attach W at the end of the word. Some people are using KEKWhat, or KEKWow, for instance. It does not represent any meaning; it enhances the term.

Final Words

Sometimes random actions done by people become trends which in this case has become laughing slang. People around the World are extensively using KEKW in their conversations. The Twitch emote KEKW will most likely remain unchanged for a long time.

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